The Black Trousers


Wear trousers, get fucked. A simple equation, but it worked for Emily.

Jeans were a possible, as long as they were tight-fitting. Her baggy cords were a probably not, unless he hadn’t seen her for a while. But the black trousers were a near-certainty.

There was nothing amazingly ‘fuck me’ about them, they were just plain black, close-fitting polyester trousers, but Emily knew how much they turned Jamie on. If she wore them, and he saw her wearing them, he simply couldn’t keep his hands off her.

When she asked him why, Jamie said it was simple. Jeans or cords were an obstacle. With trousers made of cotton or polyester, the material was thin, so when he sidled up behind her he could grab hold of her bum and feel the outline of her knickers beneath. A short, flimsy skirt was even better, he said, but not always practical.

Emily’s perception of the trousers changed completely once he told her this. Before, she’d thought of them as just semi-smart office clothes. Now if she wore them to work, she found herself walking around with a secret confidence. She became conscious of the thin, sheer fabric clinging tightly to her legs; imagined his eyes on her wherever she went.

Even better, Jamie left home each morning before she was dressed, so Emily could put the trousers on without him knowing about it. If she feared the day at work was going to be dull, she could fetch out some of her sexy underwear, slip on the black trousers, and counterbalance the boredom with anticipation.

A little knot of secret excitement would form in the pit of her stomach as soon as Emily put the trousers on, and the fact Jamie was oblivious only served to intensify that feeling. Her expectation would build through the day.

Sometimes it would get too much, and Emily would find herself sneaking off to the toilets mid-afternoon. Locking herself into a cubicle, she’d slowly unhook the fastener and slide the zipper of her trousers open. Imagining it was Jamie’s hands rather than her own, she’d reach inside her panties, seek out her pussy with her fingers, and rub her clit hard against her pubic bone for adana escort the few fast strokes it would take to make her come.

The last couple of hours at the desk were thus rendered more tolerable, and if she timed it right, by the time she’d get home her anticipation would have built to the brink again.

That particular evening Emily was in the kitchen, ostensibly preparing dinner. She made sure she was standing at the worktop, facing the wall. With her back to the hallway, she knew that when Jamie walked in the first thing he’d look at was her arse. Once he did that, he’d see what she was wearing and, well, dinner would have to wait.

After a few minutes, Emily heard the front door being unlocked. She heard the sound of it being closed again, of keys being put on the table. Then nothing. Emily waited. She became vaguely aware that Jamie was now in the kitchen with her, but she refused to turn around.

Suddenly she felt him there, behind her.

“You’re a bad girl, Em,” he said quietly. “You know what happens to you when you wear those trousers.”

As his body pressed against hers, Emily thrilled to discover he was hard already. She smiled in anticipation.

“I know what happens to you when I wear these trousers,” she retorted.

Sliding his hands around Emily’s waist and under the hem of her top, Jamie didn’t waste a moment. Searching for the clasp of the trousers he begin to unfasten them, kissing the back of her neck as he did so. A surge of pleasure coursed down her spine and through her crotch.

Easing down the zip, Jamie let her trousers fall open. She felt him slide his hands inside, over the firmness of her belly. From the top of Emily’s thighs, either side of her knickers, he pushed his fingers round, forcing the trousers down over her hips, letting them fall to the floor.

Kneeling behind her, Jamie ran his fingers up Emily’s bare legs until they encountered the start of her panties. With his right hand he lifted them, holding the material to one side to kiss her bum, pressing his mouth against her naked eskişehir escort flesh, pushing his face into the curves of her arse. His day’s growth of stubble grazed across the smoothness of her bum and the friction sent another shiver through her.

Carefully, almost respectfully, Jamie freed Emily’s feet from the crumpled heap of her trousers. Then he pushed her legs apart slightly, enabling him to twist below her and raise his head up to between her thighs. Forcing her knickers aside, he began to go down on her, further moistening her already slippery cunt, searching out her clit with his tongue as his fingers ran up inside her knickers to explore her arse.

Emily felt her pussy getting wetter, and readied herself, sure that Jamie wouldn’t make her wait much longer. Almost immediately, he reached round and up to take hold of her panties, dragging them down to her knees. Returning his mouth to her cunt, Jamie continued savouring her, lubricating her, and then he quickly unbuckled his trousers and wrestled them off along with his boxers. Emily watched as he slipped out from beneath her. Wearing only his shirt, Jamie moved to stand behind her.

With his hands on her waist, Jamie manouevred his rigid cock into the crack of Emily’s arse. She exhaled as he pressed himself hard against her, and again as he began kissing her neck, his hands forcing their way up under her top to find her tits. Pushing his hands inside her bra, Jamie groped Emily’s breasts, as he slowly ground his dick between her ass cheeks.

Still exploring her tits with one hand, Jamie began snaking the other back down Emily’s stomach. She shivered at the feeling of his fingertips gently brushing against her skin, moving down over her ribs, her belly, and finally the start of her pussy. Then he veered away, returning his attention to her hips instead. She felt him grab at her ass, then wrap his fingers around his manhood and guide it down between her buttocks. Emily adjusted her feet slightly, spreading her legs in anticipation.

Jamie stepped backwards briefly, and Emily sakarya escort listened with a mixture of desire and frustration as he began playing with himself. As he increased his tempo, she could feel hers building too. Emily closed her eyes as Jamie’s unoccupied hand moved down across her arse and between her legs, insinuating his fingertips along the slit of her pussy, searching out her rock-hard clit.

She opened herself to him again, demanding him, and in one move, Jamie pushed forward and slid his shaft between her pussy lips. His fingers dipped down to stroke her clit.

“Oh God,” Emily gasped as he drove himself into her, “Oh Jamie!”

Harder and harder he fucked her, deeper and deeper. Pushed up onto tiptoes by the force of his thrusting, Emily tried to stop herself, to hold on just a little longer till the point that Jamie exploded between her legs, but it was impossible. Her orgasm overwhelmed her.

“Fuck,” Emily whimpered as she started to come, softly to begin with, then suddenly intensifying. “Oh fuck, Jamie! Come inside me! Please, Jamie!”

Burying his cock into her cunt, Jamie held onto Emily as she twisted and writhed. Her pussy wall tensed and shivered around his shaft, and finally, as she reached the peak of her climax, Emily got what she wanted. With a stifled moan, pushing her even more forcefully against the worktop, lifting her off her feet, Jamie erupted inside her, his spunk spurting furiously up into her deliciously wet pussy.

Emily trembled, lost to the sensation of Jamie emptying his load into her. She loved it that he came so hard for so long, loved that she could make him lose control just by wearing those trousers. His heart was pounding as though it might burst. Perhaps the black trousers should come with a health warning, she smiled to herself.

Gradually his convulsions slowed, and he relaxed his hold on her. Her feet touched the floor once more, and she felt his cock begin to soften. As his warm, sticky cum started seeping down her leg, Emily felt the trousers on the floor next to her foot. She quickly kicked them away across the kitchen floor.

“What are you doing?” Jamie whispered.

“Saving you from yourself,” she replied.

Given what they did to Jamie, it was probable her black trousers would end up spattered in his cum one day soon, but Emily wanted to keep them pristine for as long as she could. She’d not found a suitably flimsy skirt yet…

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