The Blue Life Ch. 15: Terri and Sally


This is a work of fiction. All characters are 18+. The story involves themes of Incest, BDSM, Dominance/submission and bisexuality. If any of that offends you, just move on to the next story. Comments, Favorites, and Ratings are appreciated. Thanks again to John for his help in editing and proofreading. Much appreciated.


I rolled onto my back on the bed. I had just fucked Mrs. Whitehall up the butt. It was her first time having anal sex, but judging from her reaction, it won’t be her last. Then again, I had some help getting her off. Because Sally Whitehall’s gorgeous, punk, teen daughter joined us, eating her mother to orgasm. And then licking her clit again, while I had my dick in her mom’s backdoor.

I’m Robert McMillan. I’m nearly twenty-two, and a College Senior, majoring in Math at West State. I still live at home with my parents, which is pretty dorky, I know. But my mother is a gorgeous forty-one year old MILF. Well, that’s hardly true. She’s not a Mother I’d Like to Fuck. She is the Mom I regularly enjoy fucking. Mom has been my lover and sexual submissive for most of this year. A few months ago, when we finally decided to come out and be open about our new relationship to my Dad, something unexpected and amazing happened, my father became our sexual submissive as well, both mine and Mom’s! This added a whole other dimension to our sex play and BDSM play. I’m still coming to terms with my bisexual side. But, I have to admit, I’m growing more and more sexually attracted to my father.

I hadn’t considered dating in months. Frankly, I’ve been too obsessed with fucking my Mom, and molding her into my dream sexual submissive. The thought of dating scared me, because I didn’t know how I could find a woman who could accept the incestuous relationship I have with my parents.

That was yesterday.

Now, there are three more women in my life! Three! I’m a pretty good looking guy. I’m six foot-two. And I stay in pretty good shape. But, I’m not that hot. I’m just very lucky, and on an incredible winning streak.

First, there’s Sally Whitehall. Sally has been my mother’s best friend for about twelve years now. She’s been divorced for the last six. She’s shorter than my Mom, only about five foot three. And she doesn’t have my mother’s classically beautiful features. But she’s got a pretty, round face. And a very curvy body, with massive, soft breasts with huge nipples, a big round butt, and not a gross fat belly, but a nice thick waist with a bit of a round belly. She’s not in great shape. But she’s still very sexy.

Next, there’s my girlfriend, Sondra. I really shouldn’t call her my girlfriend, because we haven’t been on one date yet. But, we have plans. And there’s a spark between us. She’s a Latina beauty, with long, straight, dark hair. She has flashing brown eyes, and a dark past. She has a lot experience with BDSM. I think she might have been majorly involved with an underground kink social scene. I need to find out more about that. I don’t know enough about her. She’s gorgeous, but in a different way than my mother or Sally. She’s not curvy like Sally. And she doesn’t have that statuesque swimsuit model’s physique that my mother has. Sondra is thinner, with a smaller bust and smaller butt. She just has smaller breasts. She’s a little taller than my mother, maybe five foot-ten, I’m guessing. Pretty tall for a woman. Anyway, Sondra is very bright. She owns her own shop. She’s a little older than me. She also figured out that my mother and I are lovers. And that didn’t scare her off! She’s not ecstatic about the idea. But, Sondra knows my mother too. Mom has been a customer in her shop. And Sondra is attracted to my mother as well. The thought of sharing my girlfriend with my mother excites me. But, right now, I don’t want to share her with my Dad. Call me selfish. And I have no clue how I will explain Jillian to Sondra. I’m not even sure I understand what’s going on with Jillian.

Finally, there is Terri. Terri is Sally’s eighteen year old High School Senior daughter. She has a figure like her mother’s, very generously endowed, with giant tits and a gorgeous, full ass. But, whereas her mother is sort of plump, Terri is very toned, with flat, hard abs, a super-tiny waist, and muscular thighs and arms. Her thin waist makes Terri’s breasts and ass look even bigger in contrast. She also has a rebellious teen spirit. Recently she dyed her hair bright blue, even her pubic hair! And she also got her nipples and clit pierced! She’s still a virgin, but seems to have a lot of experience with online porn and adult video chats.

Sally told me that she wanted me to take Terri’s virginity, and teach her innocent daughter about sex. Even though Terri is a virgin. I’m not sure how innocent or naive she is. Terri seems interested in having sex with me. And, I think she’s hot. And the idea of being with a virgin is appealing on some level. But, Terri doesn’t know about my Dad. And I don’t know how I will explain Terri to Sondra. My life is blissfully complicated. güvenilir bahis

I was exhausted. I had just had an amazing orgasm, fucking into Sally Whitehall’s gorgeous, fat ass. She had begun the day being both frightened of anal sex, but also excited and eager to break that taboo with her Dominant, or as she likes to call me, her Daddy. Sally was completely inexperienced with Dominance and submission. But seems to love the idea of being freed of her inhibitions, by being free of the responsibility that goes along with having a choice. She has offered that responsibility to me. I’m not a very experienced Dominant. But I’m enthusiastically learning and experimenting.

It was an emotionally and physically draining day. I ended up choosing to include Terri in with Sally’s first BDSM training and love making, because that was fantasy of both Sally and (as I came to learn) Terri too. And the idea of being with a mother and daughter was too hot to pass up. Frankly, a lot of the blood that I generally use for thinking was busy occupying other parts of my body, when I invited Terri to join us. It was fun, but it was exhausting.

I lay on my back. I had just rolled off of Sally, who was still on her hands and knees in the middle of the King-sized bed. Terri, was sitting on the bed, cross-legged near the head.

Sally crawled forward and kissed her daughter, a little awkwardly, but passionately. Sally said, “Oh my, that was so wicked. So beautiful. Terri, thank you. I’ve never cum so hard in my life. My butt and my clit are still tingling.”

Terri ran her fingers through her mother’s hair. “You are welcome. Thank you for making me cum too, Mom. That’s such a weird thing to say. But it was great. Now what?”

Sally smiled. “Now it’s time for Daddy’s little sluts to clean his cock,” she said. Sally turned to me and gently pulled the condom off my shriveling dick. “Daddy, I drank your last load from the condom. Can I smear this load on our titties?”

I chuckled. “Yes, Pretty Sally, you have your fun.”

Sally lifted the condom to see how much of myself I had emptied into the tip. Terri interrupted with a whining, “Guh-ross, Mom! You are not going to rub Bobby’s spuzz on my tits! Ick!”

Sally paused. She thought for a second. I could see the wheels turning in her head. Then she smiled at her daughter. “OK. Give Mommy a big kiss, Terri. You gave me some wonderful orgasms. Thank you. But, you can go sleep in your room now.”

Terri scowled at me, like I was to blame for something. She complained, “Bu-but, Mom! I thought me and you and Bobby would, like, play more and stuff. I thought like I should probably get to sleep with you guys. Like, this bed is big enough. Y’know?”

Sally sighed. “Sweetie, I have a cum fetish. I love cum. I love drinking cum. I love having cum sprayed on my tits or ass or face. I love milking it out of my man’s dick. I love it. You don’t have to like cum as much as I do. But you are not going to watch me love up my Master’s cum and make faces or say that it’s gross.”

“I’m sorry, Mom. OK?”, Terri said, not exactly sarcastically, but in that way where you know a kid isn’t really sorry at all. “I just don’t like spuzz, OK?”

“No, it is not OK, young lady. What don’t you like about it?”

“It’s gooey, and it tastes like salty snot,” Terri said.

“Sweetie, it’s an acquired taste, and you are going to acquire it.” Sally was firm on that point.

Terri shifted on the bed nervously. She asked, “What is that supposed to mean?”

“Did you like beer the first time you tasted it?”

“I’m only eighteen, Mom,”

“That doesn’t mean you sometimes don’t sneak my beers. I can count, Terri. I notice when you take my beer.”

“OK, beer was gross at first, and now it tastes pretty good,” Terri admitted.

“It’s the same thing with cum, you will get to loving it. Part of being a good lover is learning how to suck cock. And a key to good cock sucking isn’t just swallowing cum, it’s worshiping that cock and all the joy and pleasure it can give you, especially your man’s cum.”

“All right, Mom! I get it. You can smear Bobby’s spuzz on our boobies.” Terri was tired of being lectured.

Sally looked at me. “Sir? Do you like that word, spuzz?”

I shrugged my shoulders. “It makes me laugh. I guess it’s kind of cute.”

Sally sneered. “It sounds disrespectful to me, Daddy.” Then she turned to her daughter, and Sally said, “Terri, you are so sexy. But, I’m not sure about these new piercings you have. How long have you had those?” Sally touched one of the studs in Terri’s nipples. Terri also has a matching stud through her clitoris.

“Just a few weeks, Mom.”

“Bobby, what do you think of these?” Sally, tugged on the stud, which made Terri wince.

“I think they look good on Terri. Actually, I think they are sexy as fuck. I don’t think they would look as good on you, Sally. Your nipples are too big. And they’re just not your style.”

Sally pulled Terri closer by the nipple türkçe bahis piercing. But she let go when Terri got close. And they hugged and kissed for a little while. Sally said, “Terri, did you enjoy making your mommy eat your pussy?”

“Duh, Mom,” Terri said, “like, I came all over your face.”

“Don’t ‘Duh’ your mother. And did you enjoy spanking your mother’s ass? Did that excite you?”

“Yeah, that was exciting. I liked it when you were calling me Mistress too. But-who did you think I really was?”

Sally blushed and said, “I don’t think I can say right now. But, my question is, did you enjoy Dominating your mother? Would you like to spank my ass or pussy again? Would you like to make me eat your pussy? Does that excite you?”

“Yeah, Mom. That was cool,” Terri said, “So, do you want me to be like my slave, Mom? I’ve sort of fantasized about that for a long time. It’s just, in my fantasies, a boy wasn’t here. Maybe when Bobby goes home, we could do some more?”

I looked at Sally and Terri through half closed eyes. Sally kissed her daughter, looked down at me, and then back at Terri. Sally said, “Well, my pussy, tits and especially my ass belong to my Master now. All my Sex will be directed by him.”

Terri said in a frustrated tone, “Jesus, Mom! You can’t be serious. You mean, I have to go back to being frustrated when I’m around you? I can only touch you, kiss you, or have sex with you when, ugh, Bobby is around?”

Sally reached down and stroked my chest hair. “That will be up to Daddy to decide for us both,” she said.

“Maaahhhhm,” she dragged out the word, “He might be YOUR Daddy, but he’s not mine!”

Sally turned back to Terri, “Before we decide what to do with the cum in this condom, you are going to clean your Master’s cock.”

“Mom,” Terri insisted, “he’s not my Master!.”

Sally looked at me as if she had been insulted. “Bobby, don’t you want my daughter?” Sally was confused. “Daddy? Master? I just assumed, since you made Terri do all those nasty things, that she was your…uh, Slut too? Aren’t you her Master?”

I touched Sally’s thigh. “Terri doesn’t want a Master. Terri is beautiful, and sexy beyond imagining. And if she wants to have sex with us, or make love with me, I’m open to that. But if she doesn’t want to be my submissive, I am not going to force her. She did all that nasty stuff with you, Sally, because she really wants you. And she enjoys having sex. And because she chose to do all that.”

Sally seemed disappointed. She said, “But aren’t you going to teach her? Don’t you want to have sex with Terri? She’s just a virgin. She’s not a Lesbian.”

“Sally, Terri is a gorgeous young woman. But she is at a place where she doesn’t want to be controlled by anyone.”

Sally laughed and rolled her eyes, “Tell me about it.”

“Mom, I’m right here,” Terri whined.

I continued, “Terri doesn’t want to be spanked or tied up. She just doesn’t want to be my submissive. And that’s cool.” Then I looked at Terri and said, “But Terri, you will have to respect that I am your mother’s Master. If you want to have sex with her, you will have to ask me. And especially if you want to Dominate your mother, spank her, and have her service you, you will have to ask me first. I am Sally’s Primary. She serves me.” I leaned and kissed her thigh. “She’s my Little Girl, and I own this Slut.”

Sally beamed with pride.

Terri crossed her arms and pouted. “That’s not fair.”

“Terri,” I explained, “it doesn’t have to be fair. But that’s just the way it is. But, I’m going to need your help too. I have other submissives to deal with. Your mother is not my primary. I probably won’t be over here more than once or twice a month.”

Sally looked at me with sad eyes, “I was hoping I would see you more often than that, Daddy.”

“Sally, I’m a student. And I have Blue and Red to tend to. I’m also going to be dating. And you will also spend time over at my house, Sally. You will sleep with me, and I will talk to Blue and Red about you sleeping with them.”

Terri and Sally both made the same sour face.

Terri got up and stood next to the bed. “Here’s the deal. This is very exciting. I get to be with a boy and kiss and lick my Mom’s pussy and stuff. But I’m not going to be just a sex toy for you two. And, Bobby, I am not going to ask you for permission for every little thing, especially not if my Mom and me want to get each other off.”

I shook my head. “Terri, you don’t have to ask my permission to have sex with anyone. But your mother does. I know, this will be confusing for us all. But, there will be plenty of times when you and your mother will get to make love with each other by yourselves. I find that thought very exciting. There will be times when Sally and I will be making love or involved with some form of Slut Training, and you won’t be invited to join us, Terri. You’re going to have to respect our privacy, and give us space. I hope there will be times when just you and I can get to know each other güvenilir bahis siteleri better, Terri. And that won’t mean just sex.”

“Are you saying that you want to date me, Bobby?” Terri asked.

I sighed. “I’m not going to have time to date you, Terri. I have three, maybe four other subs to care for.”

Sally interrupted, “Three or four, Sir?”

“I don’t know if Mistress Sondra is going to want to be my submissive or not, for now, she’s just a girlfriend.”

Terri snorted. “Your girlfriend? Really? Does she know about you and Mom?”

I took Terri’s hand and held it. “Yeah, she does. She told me to make sure your mother had a good time getting her butt fucked for the first time.”

Sally leaned down and kissed my lips. “And you were perfect, Daddy. Better than perfect! You made me your Dirty Whore for Life, and you gave me my daughter to explore and love in a whole new way, all at the same time. It was wonderful. It was magic”

I looked up at Terri standing next to us. “And did you have a good time?”

Terri smiled ear to ear. “Fuck! It was the best. I don’t ever want it to stop. OK, Bobby, what do you want me to do?”

“Well, there are two things. First, do you have anybody taking you to the School Semi-Formal Dance?” I knew that Terri had bought an expensive dress and shoes for the dance. But she had broken up with her boyfriend. And now, that ex-boyfriend was planning on taking her best friend!

Terri shook her head. “I can’t go now. Tim isn’t taking me. All the boys in school think I’m some kind of skank. And I’m not going to show up by myself, like some loser.”

“What if you took me?”

“Bobby, it’s a High School Dance. You don’t want to go to that,” Terri insisted.

“Wouldn’t it be great revenge on Tim and Rebecca, if you showed up to the dance with a tall, handsome College Boy?”

“I think you’re too old, Bobby. School rules say I can’t bring a boy that’s more than two years older than me. We’d get kicked out.”

“Nobody is going to go checking IDs. And the school administrators still love me. I helped bring home the State Mathlete Championship my Senior Year. I was Captain of the Team!” Ha, Glory Days. I actually lettered in Math Team.

Sally chimed in, “I was going to volunteer to be one of the Dance Chaperones, before you and Tim broke up. I can be there as a chaperone and make sure you two don’t have any troubles from the other chaperons.”

“There you go! So, we won’t have any problems from the Dance Chaperons. And if you want to hang out with your friends, or dance with another boy, I can just chat with Sally.”

Terri blinked at me, like she was about to tear up. “You would do that for me, Bobby?”

“No,” I said, “I would do it for me. I would do it because I would get a chance to escort and dance with a gorgeous young woman. And I know what it’s like to have a hard time fitting in during High School. So, whatever I can do to rub it in some bully’s face, that’s gonna make my day.”

Terri bent down and kissed me passionately. She is not as good a kisser as her mother. But she has time to learn. She whispered in my ear, “Would you do it, if you got the chance to fuck a short, big tittied, virgin slut for the first time that same night?”

I laughed. And Sally lay down next to me and whispered in my other ear, “What did she say?”

I kissed Terri’s mother and said, “I’m not telling.”

“Oh, poo!” Sally pouted.

“Don’t give me any lip, Little Girl,” I said to Sally, a full grown woman in her late thirties, “or I will spank your pussy later.”

Sally giggled, “Promises, promises, Daddy.”

In a commanding but lighthearted tone, I said, “Pretty Sally, I want you to smear the spuzz in that condom on your fucking amazing tits, so Terri and I can lick it off in a bit. And Terri, would you please lick the spuzz off my cock? Because that would please your mother. And mother knows best. I promise I can make this fun for you.”

Sally smiled and sat up, and began dribbling the cum from the condom she had pulled off my dick onto her large, 42G sized breasts. Her nipples got visibly harder as she massaged my load into her tits.

Terri looked at me skeptically. She shook her head. “I don’t think you can make this fun, Bobby.”

I was laying on my back on the one side of the bed. Sally was kneeling in the middle. Terri was standing next to the bed, near me. I was still holding her hand. I pulled her toward me and simply said, “Kiss me.”

Terri looked back and forth between her mother and me. Maybe she was wondering if kissing me in front of her mother was a good idea, like maybe Sally might get jealous. Then she leaned down again and kissed me. Our kiss deepened, becoming more passionate, our mouths opening. Terri’s hand came up and touched my face, and trailed down to my chest. Then I whispered, “Now kiss me with your other lips.”

Terri looked at me quizzically. “What?”

“Kiss me with your pussy lips. Climb up on the bed and sit on my face.”

Terri looked shy for a moment. “In front of my Mom and everything, Bobby?”

I scooted into the middle of the bed, so that my legs hung down off the bottom at the knees. This put my head closer to the center of the bed.

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