The Face-Painter Ch. 04


With my head spinning from what had just happened with Zoey, I raced home; my mind going a mile a minute; which was about as fast as I was driving as well!

I had gone back to my mother’s to retrieve my misplaced laptop…….only to find my baby sister with her lips wrapped around some young guy’s cock! It had been tremendously exciting to just watch her; my little 18-year old sister hungrily sucking cock like a porn star. I’d watched her until the kid shot off in her mouth and watched her thirstily swallow every drop of his load; and then watched as she asked if he wanted to go again! Fuck; that had been hot to listen to.

The little twerp had then tried to grab her and persuade her to let him fuck. Hearing her adamantly refuse as she tried to pull out of his clutching grasp was all it took for me to burst in and set the little fucker straight. With his tail between his legs, and his pants halfway to his ankles, the scrawny little punk high-tailed it out of there.

I had tried to be the mature big brother and try and set Zoey straight, only eventually it had dawned on her that I had been watching her suck him off for some time before I made my presence known. With no way to deny it, the conversation had turned; with her explaining to me that although she loved to suck cock, she was still a virgin. With her dressed in her school cheerleading uniform, it didn’t take much effort for her to overcome my dwindling willpower before she ended up on her knees in front of me, those beautiful lips of hers sliding up and down my brick-hard erection. With me guiding her, it didn’t take very long before I fed her a nice big protein smoothie.

With both of us temporarily satisfied but still hungry for more, Zoey quickly persuaded me to take her on as my cock-sucking student; willing to do anything I wanted if I instructed her on the fine art of orally pleasing a man. As you can guess, it didn’t take too much coaxing to convince me. With our first “official” cock-sucking lesson about to start, my mother had called home; her evening out unfortunately cut short. I had to get out of there in a hurry and at the risk of being caught, I’d let Zoey briefly suck my cock for a minute just before I left. With her loving lips and magical tongue eagerly sucking on my thrusting erection, it took every bit of willpower I had to pull it out from between those beautiful soft lips and hers and leave. The final glimpse I had as I closed the door behind me was of Zoey, her hands sliding down the front of her cheerleading sweater and lifting those full round 36DDs of hers towards me in offering.

Now, still feeling incredibly aroused, and with my half-hard dick still stirring beneath my shorts, I raced home, anxious to achieve some much-needed relief for my overflowing balls. I had intended on doing some work tonight, but that plan had gone for a shit. The way I felt right now, after everything that had happened today, I knew I’d have to jerk off at least twice before my overheated libido would start to cool down.

I pulled into my driveway and slammed Sally into park, hurriedly shutting off the engine as I got out of the car feeling horny and frustrated at having to leave my mother’s house so quickly; the vision of my busty little sister still on her knees, eagerly willing to continue sucking my cock. I looked over to Margaret’s house next to mine and noticed a couple of lights still on. Thinking back on that fantastic hand-job she’d given me earlier in the day had me thinking of calling on her. Not wanting to over-press my luck, I headed inside my own house, but not before taking another look over my shoulder at the warm inviting glow emanating from her windows.

Flicking on a couple of lights, I dropped my keys in a little bowl I keep near the front door and headed for my computer, my half-hard dick still calling out for satisfaction. I booted up my computer but couldn’t get the picture out of my mind of Margaret’s magical hands, glistening sensuously with massage oil, stroking luxuriously up and down my throbbing cock. And that hungry look in her eyes as I shot off one of my big loads all over my chest and stomach. “Oh fuck it,” I said to myself as I picked up my phone and punched in her number.

“Hello,” her sexy mature voice came over the phone.

“Margaret, it’s Connor.”

“Connor, is everything okay?” Her voice carried genuine concern; it was rare that I called her at this time of night.

“Yeah, everything’s fine,” I said quickly to alleviate her momentary alarm. “It’s just that….well….my hamstring seems to be stiffening up again.”

“Oh, I see,” she said after a second or two; that warm lusty purr returning to her voice. “We can’t have that now, can we?”


“Maybe I should give you another treatment like I gave you earlier today?” she asked provocatively.

“I think that would be good.”

“Do you think one treatment will do it for tonight?” that sultry voice of hers was teasing me now.

“It’s really stiffened up pretty badly. I think I’m gonna need at least two treatments.” I’m sure she could feel my need for release coming right sex hikayeleri through the airwaves.

“Oh, I see,” she said in a breathy whisper. I could sense she was already getting inspired by the thought of a prolonged session. “Maybe we should try some other methods of treatment as well. Would you like that?”

“What did you have in mind?” I asked as I felt my stiffening cock start to snake its way down the inside of my thigh.

“I think if we give that sore muscle a nice hot wet treatment; that would make it feel a lot better. If we keep it wrapped nice and tight in something hot and wet, we could see how it responds. And then if it starts to feel better, maybe we can try putting a little more pressure on it and see if that helps.” She paused for a second as I pictured where I’d like to try putting my ‘sore muscle’. “You know, sometimes the best thing for a sore muscle is to keep working it, to just keep using it so the blood flows where it’s needed and after a while, you’ll notice it’ll start to feel better.”

I had the feeling this was gonna feel a hell of a lot better. “I was about to try treating it myself,” I said teasingly, “but I think you might have something there.”

“Oh, don’t do that, dear,” she said seductively in that soft mature voice of hers. “I’ve got just what you need for that hot wet treatment. It’s better if you let me take care of that for you.”

“When can we start?”

“Can you give me about twenty minutes?”


“I’ll leave the door open; just come in and lock it behind you.”

“Okay,” I said with a big grin on my face as I put down the phone. With visions of Margaret, my sisters and my mother spinning through my head, I stripped off my clothes and took a quick shower. I wanted to make sure I removed every possible trace of my little rendezvous with Zoey; her perfume, traces of lipstick or anything else that could be used as evidence against me. I soaped myself thoroughly, especially my half-hard dick. Running a brush quickly through my hair and brushing my teeth; I was ready to go. I pulled on another pair of shorts and a t-shirt; just in case another neighbor happened to be out for a late-night stroll. Checking the time and seeing that twenty minutes had just passed, I locked my own door behind me and then strolled across the yard to Margaret’s.

“Hello,” I said softly as I slipped inside and locked the door. She was nowhere to be seen but as I stepped further inside, I could see light coming from her bedroom. I walked in to find the room warmly glowing with one little lamp on her makeup table being assisted by a number of flickering candles placed around the room. She had also put on some soft background music. The effect was wonderfully enchanting; it made me feel like I was in an erotic spa. She had turned the covers of her king-size bed down to the bottom, exposing the crisp linen sheets beneath. It looked like she had fluffed up the pillows and stacked them against the headboard. I heard a small sound and my eyes flicked over to the closed door to the en-suite bathroom; a sliver of light coming from beneath.

“Margaret?” I said as I took a couple of steps into the room.

“I’ll be right out, Connor. If you want to get comfortable and take your position on the bed, we can get started right away.” Jesus, now that was an offer I couldn’t refuse!

“Okay,” I said as I peeled off my t-shirt and shorts and set them on the little chair by her dressing table. I climbed onto the bed and lay back against the headboard, the stack of pillows putting me in a perfect position to look at her when she came out of the bathroom opposite. I reached down and gave my cock a couple of strokes to limber it up. I was already about half-hard from what had happened earlier with Zoey and, anticipating what was about to happen now. With my cock lying heavily on my abdomen, I slipped both hands behind my head and rested back against the pillows as I waited eagerly for Margaret. It was only another minute or so before I heard the bathroom door crack open and the light inside flick off as she started to emerge.

“Oh fuck,” I mumbled softly as she slowly moved across the room towards me. Margaret looked so fucking hot I couldn’t believe it. I’m sure my eyes were big as saucers as I swept my gaze over her voluptuous mature body. She was wearing a corset made of silvery-white satin with black piping around the edges and along the vertical underwire that gave it its incredible shape. It hugged her tall buxom body deliciously as it seemed molded to every succulent curve and inviting valley. Thin black straps running over each shoulder helped support the curving scalloped cups that sensuously carried the impressive weight of her tremendous breasts. Those cups barely covered the area of her nipples and the heavily structured fabric pushed those incredible tits together and up spectacularly. The ample swells of soft warm flesh seemed to be almost ready to spill over the confining cups, her deep dark line of inviting cleavage a magnet for my gaze.

“Do you like this old thing?” she asked coquettishly as she stopped and porno hikayeleri put her hands on her hips. Her imposing stance allowed me to feast my eyes on the rest of her body as I looked her over from head to toe……and back again.

Her feet were clad in pointy 4″ high black stilettos with a sexy broad strap that wrapped around her ankle. The added height of the narrow heels only added to the allure of her already tall imposing form. They made her look like a striking sexy amazon, the extra inches of heel bringing her just under my own height.

The long white columns of her toned legs were sensually encased in sheer black gossamer stockings, the lacy tops ending high on her thighs where they were connected to her corset by black ribbon-like garters. There were a few inches of creamy white thigh showing before black lace high-cut panties drew your eye upwards; their V-like shape accentuating her wide womanly hips. The panties showed a lot hip before disappearing beneath the bottom of the corset.

The glistening silvery satin drew my eyes to where it nipped in tightly at her waist before the vertical black ribbing flared out over her broad hips. My eyes took in the whole look of the stunning corset, her buxom hourglass figure emphasized majestically by the incredibly sexy garment.

“Do I like it?” I repeated her statement as I felt a stiffening surge go through my cock as my eyes raked hungrily over her gorgeous body. Like I had said earlier, this was definitely one of those times where I looked at her and thought, “Yes…..this is a woman who could teach you a lot about yourself.” Fuck, could she ever! But to her question of whether I liked it or not, I answered with a fairly obvious reply. “Like it? I love it!”

She tilted her head provocatively as my eyes travelled upward, her long auburn trusses flowing seductively over her shoulders. She had fluffed up her hair when she was in the bathroom; and it looked wild and incredibly sexy. She had put on some brilliant red lipstick, that wide mouth of hers an enticing red slash just seeming to be beckoning for a hard cock to slip inside. She’d touched up her eye makeup and looked subtly erotic. It was just enough to be deliciously alluring; but not so much as to look cheap or trampy.

She brought her hands up and pushed her deep red tresses back over her shoulders. As she did, my eyes were immediately drawn to her long regal neck; another jolt of blood surging into my cock as I looked at the black lace choker adorning the smooth pale skin of her neck. Oh man, did that ever look hot! It was about an inch wide and circled her neck sensually. I couldn’t take my eyes off it; it was a simple yet stunning finishing touch to her whole sexy outfit.

“Margaret, you look…….just incredible,” I said breathlessly as my eyes continued to roam over her gorgeous tall body.

“It’s a good thing you did come over,” she said flirtatiously as she nodded towards my midsection. “Yes, it looks like that muscle of yours is really stiffening up like you said.” My eyes followed hers down to where we both watched my filling cock start to lift itself off my stomach as my surging blood flowed into it. She sidled closer to the bed as we both watched the big mushroom head get darker and darker as it became totally engorged. Just looking at her had my dick thrusting totally upright, the thick gnarled shaft pulsing, the sensitive membranes of the pebbly glans alive with need; just aching to get into something hot and wet.

“You said something about a couple of different treatments you wanted to try?” I asked suggestively as I flexed my stomach muscles. I saw her eyes dance mischievously as that enflamed cylinder of flesh bobbed menacingly over my stomach, a glistening drop of pre-cum starting to distend from the damp red eye.

“Yes, I think we should give it a nice hot wet treatment first,” she said as she started to kneel on the bottom of the bed, “and then later maybe we can try to work it a little harder.” With my hands still clasped behind my head, I pulled my knees up and let them roll open to each side to give her easy access. The devilish look in her eyes as she crawled forward between my legs told me she didn’t need any persuading. Oh man, she looked so sexy as she moved closer and closer. Her face was a mask of pure lust as her tongue slid out and ran teasingly around her wide full mouth. I looked down at those huge tits of hers hanging below her as she moved forward on her hands and knees, the gorgeous corset helping to contain those big pendulous breasts. Knowing I’d get my hands on those babies soon enough sent another jolt through my groin, a pulsing gob of pre-cum drizzling from the enflamed tip onto my smooth stomach.

“Is that a little appetizer for me?” she asked as she leaned forward and moved my pulsing manhood slightly to the side.

I watched enthralled as her long tongue snaked deftly forward and licked warmly across the taut muscles of my stomach, the glistening slimy pre-cum disappearing back into her mouth.

“It’s all yours. Have as much as you want.” She gave me a naughty look seks hikayeleri as she swirled her tongue all over my abdomen. She settled down between my legs as if she expected to be there for some time…..which was perfectly all right with me; although I was so aroused from having to leave Zoey before I wanted to, that I knew it wouldn’t be long before I’d be blowing this load.

“Now, I know the perfect place to put this for a nice hot wet treatment.” I watched with a pleased smile on my face as Margaret wrapped her long willowy fingers around my cock and brought it towards her mouth. With her hand wrapped around the thick root, she held it straight up and brought her face forwards until the hot tip of my engorged dick was right below her mouth. She slowly let her lips form a little “O” and then I watched as a thick wad of her saliva drizzled forth right onto the dark crimson crown.

“Oh fuck,” I muttered under my breath as her hot wet spit started to spread out over the pebbly membranes. She pushed more of her slick saliva forwards until another long strand temporarily spanned the few inches between my needy cock and her beautiful waiting mouth. It was incredibly arousing to see her drizzling that warm goo onto the broad crimson head, but it also felt amazingly erotic to feel the thick warm spit start to slide down over my upright shaft. I could see that it was equally as arousing for her as her eyes seemed glazed over with lust as the distending web of fluid finally snapped and fell onto my throbbing cock-head. I saw her mouth open wider as she lowered her face towards me; that wide sensual mouth of hers forming into an inviting target as she got closer and closer.

“That’s it,” I uttered softly as her lips finally made contact. I watched her lips start to stretch further and further open as they followed the spreading contours of the flared head. She went straight down and it felt so good when her lips followed the drizzly strands of her saliva downwards over the thick rope-like corona where she stopped; the massive mushroom head locked within her mouth.

“Mmmmmm,” she purred as her lips clamped down and she started to explore with her tongue. She rolled it slowly but insistently over every square inch of that plum-sized knob, mewing like a little kitten as her mature wet tongue made sweet oral love to my cock. I just lay back, hands still clasped behind my head, and savored the moment as she took her time. She slowly rolled her head from side to side, her lips distended outward from her face, my cock looking like a beautiful lance impaled deeply into her welcoming mouth. Her hot wet mouth worked slowly over the hot red helmet for a minute or two before I felt her take a deep breath and then start to go downwards. I watched her sink lower and lower, the thick shaft of my thrusting erection disappearing further and further into her face. She had worked up a big wad of saliva and I could feel the hot slimy coating she was applying to the surface of my dick as she went farther and farther down. She finally stopped; a good 7″ of my upright cock inside her mouth.

“Oh Margaret, that’s fantastic,” I said softly as she pressed her tongue firmly against the underside of my diamond-hard prick. She let the flat of her tongue play teasingly over the outer sheath of my pecker as she rolled and swirled it all around the protruding ventral ridge on the underside. She started to slide her mouth back upwards; her distended lips adhered beautifully to my pulsing shaft. My throbbing erection glistened erotically in the warm golden lamplight with a shimmering coating of her sticky saliva. When she got back until the thick ridge tugged lusciously against her tightly-wrapped lips, she dropped down again, her lips and tongue providing a buttery soft friction that had me climbing the walls already. She started into a smooth up and down rhythm, each time taking about 7″ deep into her vacuuming mouth.

With Margaret settling in to work on me with that succulent hot mouth of hers, I closed my eyes and thought about my sisters and mother. There is nothing like having one beautiful woman suck you off while fantasizing about the ones you’d like to fuck even more. I thought about that beautiful sculpted tall body of Emma as she gracefully lifted herself out of the pool, her wet suit clinging to her gorgeous body like a second skin; every sweet curve and stiff nipple fully on display. And my mother, in that titillating new outfit of hers; the tight sweater wrapping itself around those full heavy tits of hers while that tiny little skirt showed off her full lush ass and long tanned legs. Fuck……she looked so fucking hot. And then Zoey, my mind went back to our recent session with those full pouting lips of hers slurping enthusiastically back and forth over my rock-hard erection. Her little squeals and moans of pleasure still fresh in my mind as I thought about how eager she was to learn more; how hungry she was for more cock and cum. I couldn’t wait until we had a chance to get started on her first real cock-sucking lesson. With these thoughts running through my mind continuously, I felt Margaret hollow in her cheeks to press firmly against my sliding cock like a hot buttery glove. With my mind temporarily back in the moment at hand, I looked down at my buxom neighbor as she knelt between my spread legs, her head bobbing methodically up and down.

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