The Ride

The RideI maneuvered my old hand me down pickup along the dark wooded back road that my GPS told me would lead to the small resort that I had booked for Shelly and I. Too bad that she wasn’t going to be there, that bitch, two hours before we were supposed to leave she called and told me that she was leaving me for that jock asshole Evan. Of course I couldn’t get my money back, so I grabbed a bottle of whiskey from my dad’s liquor cabinet and headed out alone to get drunk.The road twisted and turned through the mountains of western Massachusetts and probably would have made a great place to shoot one of those cheesy horror flicks that Shelly loved so much. You know, the kind where the couple’s car breaks down and some freak in a hockey mask butchers the screaming girlfriend with various garden tools. I smiled to myself at the thought of that bitch being attacked with a set of pruning shears. Naw, I wasn’t bitter at all.As I rounded a particularly sharp switchback I spotted a figure on the side of the road. As I got closer I could see that it was a girl with long dark hair in what appeared to be a very fancy dress standing on the side of the road with her thumb stuck out. I’d never picked up a hitchhiker before but this girl could be in some real trouble out here alone, not only from the bears and other wildlife that roamed this area, but from human predators as well, so I eased over to the side and stopped. As she approached the truck I could make out that she was a very pretty girl around my own age. She had flawless white skin and sad green eyes, her beautiful red hair cascaded down the back of her pink gown. “Hop in”, I invited as I reached over and unlocked the passenger side door. “I’m only going as far as Williamstown, is that okay”, I asked.With a nod, she settled into the passenger seat and I could smell her perfume, it was subtle and sweet. I tried to make small talk with her as I drove along the dark roads but she didn’t seem to be in the mood to talk, she just smiled and every now and then nodded her head, so we rode along in silence. Suddenly I felt her diminutive hand on my thigh. I looked down to see her softly stroking my leg and smiling. Okay, I thought, this could get interesting.Her hand traveled up my thigh slowly until it rested on my cock which was getting uncomfortably harder in my jeans. “What are you doing”, I asked incredulously as her fingers fumbled with my zipper. Still she just smiled silently as she fished my prick out of my pants. I couldn’t believe it, here was this strange girl who had yet to even speak to me let alone tell me her name, and she was giving me the best handjob of my life. Granted, hers was the first hand other than my own to touch me there, so technically this was my first handjob, but it was a good one. I was so lost in aksaray escort the sensation of her caressing my rod that I almost missed a couple of turns so I asked if she wanted to pull over for a bit. She nodded and pointed at what appeared to be not much more than a trail off to the right of the road. I almost missed it, but I got the truck slowed down and pulled onto it. The brush on each side of the path sc****d the sides of my truck as I drove slowly along. About half a mile in the path entered a small clearing where it seemed to end. I pulled over to the side and parked. My passenger smiled her approval and again without a word went back to stroking my stiff cock. “Let’s get a bit more comfortable”, I suggested and she smiled again. I reached behind the seat and grabbed the packing blanket that had been there since helping my buddy Joe move his parents. I got out of the truck, my hard cock swinging in the breeze and laid it out in the bed of the truck. While I got the blanket ready this strange new girl unzipped her gown and let it fall to the ground behind the truck, she wasn’t wearing anything beneath. Her body was amazing. She had smallish breasts tipped with puffy pink nipples and a sparse bed of flame red hair covering her mound. Now it was my turn to be speechless. I reached down from the truck and helped her up into the bed. I pulled her up into my arms and kissed her soft lips, they tasted of cherry lip gloss. Without breaking our lip lock we lowered onto the blanket. I kissed her lips, her chin, along the line of her jaw and eventually down the side of her neck. Her hands wove into my hair as I took one hard nipple into my mouth, sucking and licking the eraser like nub. I could feel her breath quicken and soft tremors ripple through her body as I toyed with her firm young titties.” Hot damn, I’m going to get laid this weekend after all”, I recall thinking, maybe I could even get this young beauty to come to the resort with me.My hands worked their way down the taut flesh of her belly, her skin silky smooth against my finger tips. I reached her fur covered mound and relished in the feel of its silky strands. Moving down further I cupped the warm swollen lips of her sex, her moist heat radiating against my palm. I let one finger slip between those perfect lips to explore the hot wet flesh hidden inside. Scooping up some of the juice leaking from her hole I slid my finger up along the furrow of her pussy. Her whole body jerked as if shocked by electricity as my finger rubbed across her clit. I slid one finger and then a second into her tight canal, her muscles gripping my fingers as I fucked them in and out of her love tunnel, all the while I alternated suckling on one breast then kissing my way to the other. She began to slowly buck against my escort aksaray hand as I alternated between teasing her clit and fucking her with my fingers. Her grinding became more desperate as I went and I was pretty sure that she was close to cumming so I kept it up until finally she clamped down on my hand with her thighs as her whole body shuddered and her hot juice flooded my hand. As her orgasm began to subside and I was able to free my hand from the vice like grip of her thighs I practically ripped off my t-shirt and jeans. Lust seemed to fill her eyes as I positioned myself between her smooth milky white thighs. My cock was so hard that it ached as I guided it towards her sopping wet honey pot. I pushed the head into her tight wet hole, overwhelmed by the sensation of her twat seemingly sucking me into her. I had imagined doing this many times when I fisted my cock at night when my parents had gone to sleep, but my imagination had done little to prepare me for the real thing. I pushed some more and half of my prick slid into her, another push and I could feel her pubic hair mingling with mine. She wrapped her longlegs around me as I began to slowly pump into her, urging me to fuck her harder, but also making me slow down when I began to jackhammer her cunt like a dog in heat. She was in control and I was okay with it as long as my cock was inside that amazing hole between her thighs. I can’t tell you how long it was before I could feel my seed boiling over in my nuts, time seemed to stand still but in reality, it probably wasn’t very long at all. There was no holding back, try as I might to delay it I could feel the cum rising in my shaft like a flood that would not be denied. Grabbing her waist I plunged my cock as far into her as it would go and let go. Rope after steamy rope of my cum flooded the teenaged pussy below me as I came. Breathless I kept pumping my seed into her until there was no more to give. Finally, I rolled off of this teenaged beauty and lay beside her in a satisfied dazed staring up at the countless stars in the early summer sky with her head resting on my chest. When I woke, some hours later judging from the glow of the sun rising through the trees to my east, I was alone and naked in the back of my truck. I gathered my clothes and dressed while looking for some sign as to where the sweet young redhead had gone, but there was no sign that she had even been there. I searched the surrounding woods the best I could, but couldn’t find a trace of her but for the faint lingering of her perfume in the cab of my pickup.After about an hour of searching and waiting I resigned myself to the fact that she was gone, so I put the truck and gear and made my way back to the main road. A few miles further up I spotted a small diner on the right aksaray escort bayan and pulled in for some coffee and something to eat. There were only a couple of cars in the lot as I pulled in. The place was a dump, but the smell of coffee and home fries filled the joint. I sat at the counter and the old waitress came over to take my order.”Coffee and some scrambled eggs please”, I requested.As she wrote down my order, something about her seemed oddly familiar. I brushed it off as just needing some food and caffeine after the last night. “Excuse me ma’am”, I asked as she turned away, “did you see a girl come by here this morning?””I can’t say that I have, what did she look like?””Long red hair and the most beautiful green eyes. Oh, and she was wearing a pink dress.”The small pad that now contained my breakfast order fell to the floor and the old lady turned white. “George, come out here”, she screamed to the back of the diner.This old guy wearing a beat up looking Red Sox cap and an apron came out of the kitchen, “what the hell is it woman?”She went to him looking as if she were going to cry at any moment and whispered in his ear.George seemed to go pale then motioned her into the back. The old timer then approached the counter and sat next to me. “Boy, tell me about this girl that yer lookin’ for.”I described my mystery girl as best that I could, without going into any of the more intimate details. I could see sadness in the old man’s eyes as I went.Finally he turned to me and explained, “That girl that you spent the night with is my daughter, Theresa.”I looked at the old man, judging him to be at least seventy years old, there was no way he could have a daughter that young, and I told him so.Not to be deterred he continued. “Son, trust me she is my daughter, or was. Ya’see, fifty years ago last night, Theresa was heading to Williamstown for the prom with her boyfriend Ray. They got into a fight along the way because she wouldn’t let him have his way with her. The asshole kicked her out of his car a few miles back down the road, about the place where you picked her up. Well, she decided to thumb a ride the rest of the way into town and…” The old man seemed to choke up but he continued, ” Three niggers happened to be driving up to Williamstown that night. I know it’s not right to call them that but it is what it is and they were what they were. Well, they picked up Theresa and brought her to that clearing where you woke up.”Goosebumps were raising on my skin as I waited for the old man to continue.”They ****d and killed my little girl that night, now every so often, around this time of year some boy, like yourself comes in asking about the girl that he’s spent the night with in a clearing just up the road. When you last saw her was she happy?””Yes sir, she was smiling as we fell asleep”, I answered as honestly as I could, “I think that she felt safe and loved.”The old woman appeared with my breakfast and after a nod from her husband she set the plate and coffee on the counter in front of me. “It’s on the house.”

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