The Tradesman’s Entrance


I’ve worked as a carpet fitter for many years. It’s interesting work and it pays reasonably well too. There are, sometimes, other perks of the job as well. Some customers, not many, like to flirt and flirting can, and often does, lead to other things. In other words, some customers get turned on when they have a young, fit man, working and sweating on the floor of their home. There was one customer, John, who stuck out.

I first met John when I arrived at his door with four carpets for fitting. He answered the door with a big grin, introduced himself, shook my hand and welcomed me into his home. John looked like he was in his late fifties, slightly overweight and not unattractive. He looked in better shape than most men I’ve seen in their fifties. He offered me tea, which I declined in favor of a cool glass of water. I sweat a lot doing this kind of work, particularly if the house has the central heating on. I always prefer cool water so John went to get the water, and some ice, while I got my tools out and brought the first of the carpets in.

John left me in peace while I fitted the lounge carpet and I helped him move the furniture back in the room when I was finished. We also moved the furniture from the dining room, which was getting carpeted next. While I worked in the dining room, John stood watching me. I could feel his eyes on me. He talked while I worked. He told me he was a retired police officer and he wrote stories and cycled to keep himself active. I was particularly interested when he said he had published two books since he retired, two thrillers based around his experiences with the police. He asked me lots of questions about me and my life. I told him I was mid twenties, single and this was how I made my living. I also told him of my passion for making artisan yogurt, which has loads of health benefits. He was a friendly guy and seemed very interested in me.

Once I finished fitting the dining room I, again, helped him move the furniture back in. He kept looking at my chest and arms as we lifted the heavy furniture. I was wearing work trousers with padded knees and a thin, close-fitting t-shirt. I have to say, the t-shirt did show off my torso and back. I often look in people’s mirrors, when I’m working, and admire the reflection. I won’t always be muscular like this, I remind myself.

As we moved large and small items of furniture, I kept noticing John looking at me and he touched me several times. Innocent taps on the back or arms, surely didn’t mean anything and I quickly dismissed it.

The next carpet was the hall, stair and landing. I didn’t particularly like doing stairs. It takes longer and there’s more cutting involved. But at least there’s minimal furniture to move. John asked if he minded if he left me alone while he had a shower. Of course, I didn’t mind at all. His talking was making me lose concentration on what I was doing. What I didn’t expect was to see him walking naked from his bedroom to the bathroom. I was three-quarters of the way up the stairs working, when he walked past so I saw everything, including his cock which was about the same size as mine, long and slender. He didn’t hesitate, just walked from one room to the other and I got on with my work.

I was on the top landing tucking the carpet in the bathroom doorway when the door suddenly opened and John was standing there naked and his cock literally six inches from my face. He was also semi aroused. I got a fright when he opened the door. He stood there, apologizing but making no effort to cover himself. He touched my head as he walked round me and back into his bedroom. I felt myself going red in the face. My mind was in overdrive. The guy was standing naked with a semi stiff cock six inches from my mouth. I just wanted to reach up and touch his cock but no way could I do that. The golden rule is to never make the first move.

I wasn’t that attracted to older guys, preferring men of my own age. However, I always go weak at the knees whenever I see a naked cock. The more I thought about John the more turned on I was getting. God, will he make another move? I hope he does. Up to now all his advances amounted to touching me, staring at me and walking around naked. You could read anything you like into that. No, he needed to make his intentions crystal clear before I touched him. I could not afford to get into trouble by making any unwelcome advances or misinterpreting any signals. The client must always make the first, and second, and more, advances until there is absolutely no doubt that the client wants sex. Up to now, I had a very clean record and it was going to stay like that.

John came back out of the bedroom with his dressing gown around him. Again, he touched me as he walked past. He went to get me another glass of water and his finger touched my hand. Again, it could all be perfectly innocent. I took a long drink of the water. I had built up quite a sweat but at least the hard work was almost over. Just a small bedroom to do last.

If John was going to make a bursa escort move, he had better hurry up. Another twenty minutes and I would be finished. He stood at the top of the stairs, a coffee in his hand and talked to me again. He was flirting more, telling me that this kind of work must keep me fit and trim. He suggested that once I had finished, I would be very welcome to use the shower. That was kind of him, I thanked him for that and accepted. The bedroom didn’t take long, it was an easy one to fit. I stood downstairs, going round my work with John, letting him see the smooth edges and neat cutting that I had done. He was more than complimentary.

He told me to go up to his bedroom and get undressed for my shower. I thought it would be much easier to get undressed in the bathroom, but did as I was told. I just knew he would be walking up the stairs just at the moment I walked naked from his bedroom. Just as I saw him naked earlier, he got the same view of my naked body. I smiled and went into the bathroom, turning on the shower. It is very rare for a customer to let a tradesman have a shower. This is the best confirmation so far that he is coming on to me. I shouldn’t really do this, not with a fifty something guy. But I was getting turned on, so what if he was in his fifties? He’s got a nice looking body and an interesting cock, what would be wrong in getting to know him better?

I heard the bathroom door open and John walked in with a towel for me. I turned round and thanked him. He was naked again. He was standing outside the shower and he was watching me. No, he needs to make the first move. He stood there, looking at me and telling me I had a fabulous body. I smiled at him, thanking him for the compliment. I stood, facing him with the water cascading over my body. He was staring at my cock. I spent a lot of time washing my cock and pulling the foreskin back. It was starting to stiffen. Here I was doing a show for the guy and I was getting more and more turned on.

He asked me if I would mind if he came in and joined me in the shower. I just smiled and washed my foreskin again. He got the message. I stood back as he walked into the shower. His cock was nudging my leg. He squeezed some shower gel onto his hands and washed my back. I moaned with pleasure, encouraging him to wash my ass. I spread my legs as he stroked my back and ass. Once or twice I felt his finger over my ass hole. I turned around so I was facing him. He was about the same height as me. His cock rubbed against mine as he ran his soapy hands over my chest and stomach. I closed my eyes, enjoying the sensations. This was nice, I was glad it had turned out like this.

His hands, very slowly and carefully, moved down towards my cock. Finally, I felt his hands on my cock. Very carefully, he pulled my foreskin back, exposing the head. He rubbed his thumb over my head, I was getting really stiff now. I had my confirmation; he was touching my cock and we were naked together in a small shower, so yes, he had made his intention clear. I pushed my cock against his, reaching down to wank us both. He put his arms around me, water pouring over us as I wanked us both. His cock was a similar size to mine, now they were both erect and crushed together as he thrust against me. We stood there for ages, enjoying the sexy feeling of being with another man in the shower.

He took my hand and led me out of the shower and switched it off. I stood there, letting him dry me off. I took the other towel and did the same to John, taking particular care of his cock. He led me to his bedroom, pulling the covers back. We stood, holding each other tightly, enjoying each other’s strong body and our cocks touching. I knelt down, taking his cock in my hand. I pulled his foreskin back, wanking him slowly. I lightly touched his head with my tongue. Carefully, I teased his head, squeezing a little precum and licking it. His purple head was beautifully shaped and I traced the contours with my tongue. I licked and kissed right up and down his shaft and slowly slipped his cock between my lips. His head slipped in and out of my mouth as I wanked him.

He held my shoulders, I looked up and he was standing with his eyes shut. He looked like he was enjoying what I was doing to him. John pulled me up and kissed me. He thrust his tongue in my mouth. He was clearly turned on. He did have a nice body, and a lovely cock. I was seriously enjoying what he was doing to me and getting really turned on.

We stood, hugging each other. Our cocks were touching and sent thrills through my body. He wanked both our cocks, at the same time. He was good with his wrist action. John knew what he was doing and I was getting more and more excited. He pulled me on to the bed. I lay down on my back and he knelt astride the top of my legs. His balls were rubbing against mine. He sat there, wanking us both. I closed my eyes, rubbing my nipples with my fingers. I felt his hand move up my stomach, moving my hand so he malatya escort could play with my nipple. I get really turned on at that. My nipples are very sensitive. He moved closer and licked my other nipple while keeping the rhythm going with his hand on our cocks. I could easily come like that, it was seriously very pleasant.

John moved round to position himself so that we were facing each other’s cock. I slowly rubbed his cock, squeezing it as I pulled his foreskin back. He moaned as my lips went to work on his head. He was giving me a really nice blow job in return, as I took care of his cock. I felt his hands stroking my ass, his fingers exploring and causing shivers to run up my back. I felt him slide a finger inside me, enjoying the sensation. Then he inserted another finger, slowly fucking me with his fingers. He was wanting to fuck me, I was sure of it. Should I let him? His fingers were giving me a lot of pleasure, I knew his hard cock would thrill me even more.

As if anticipating my agreement, he reached into his bedside cupboard and took out a tube of gel and smeared it over my ass. His fingers slipped in and out quite easily with the gel. I took the tube and rubbed it over his cock. His lovely cock felt so nice in my hands. In a moment, this cock will be inside me, I couldn’t wait. I turned onto my knees. He had a tall mirror at the side of the bed, I looked at my reflection. I was naked, with an older guy who had a throbbing hard cock kneeling behind me, ready to take me. I was ready for him and moaned as I felt his head against my hole. He pushed, very gently, and I relaxed. I turned my head so I could see the two of us in the mirror. God, it was a very sexy sight. I relaxed more and more as he slipped further into me. And then; I felt his balls against my ass. His cock was right inside me. It felt fantastic.

“Come on John, give me your cock. Let me feel you slipping in and out of me, give me a good fucking” I moaned as I enjoyed what he was doing to me.

He got a rhythm going and I was enjoying it as he pulled almost out and then slowly thrust fully inside me again. I tightened my muscles, trying to make it nicer for him. God, I wanted this. I had a big grin on my face, as he fucked me slow and hard. I felt him thrust quicker. I moaned louder as he pounded me, I could feel his cock stiffen and then he groaned as he spurted his hot sexy spunk inside me. I could feel every spurt as he came. I felt his spunk dripping out of me as he continued to fuck me, groaning louder and louder. He collapsed on top of me. I like the weight of a man on top of me. I could feel his cock soften and slowly slip out of me. God, I love that sensation. A soft cock slipping out of me and spunk dripping down my legs. He moved to let me turn onto my back. He lay on top of me. I wrapped my arms and legs around him, holding him tighter against me. He was still breathing heavily in my ear.

He asked me how I would like to come. I held his head in both hands and guided him down to my cock. I relaxed as he took me in his mouth. I looked at the mirror again, seeing my cock disappear in and out of his mouth. I watched my reflection in the mirror as I played with my nipples. John knew how to suck a cock. I wondered how much experience he had in his fifty odd years.

His tongue was all over my cock head. He squeezed and wanked me sending thrills right through my body. I was close. He fondled my balls as he wanked me. I felt myself stiffen, he knew what that meant as his mouth did more amazing things to me. He wanked me faster, pumping my cock. I exploded in his mouth. He pulled my foreskin right back and squeezed my cock. It felt amazing as I spurted several times into his mouth. He swallowed it, moaning as he continued to pump the last drop of my spunk. Wow, that was nice, really nice.

I was glad I had finished fitting the carpets before we did this. I just wanted to cuddle up and go to sleep. I love the feeling after coming. It’s like a drug to me. I feel all warm and cozy. He lay on top of me, my legs hooked around him, our spent cocks touching and his head on my shoulder. I put my arms around him and started to drift away.

An hour later, I had recovered. I thanked John as we dressed. I hadn’t expected this but was really glad we did it. I kissed him and he responded warmly. I picked up my tools and loaded them into the van. I reminded him that if the carpets needed stretching, just to call the shop. He reached in and kissed me as I started the engine. He was a lovely guy, he gave me one of the best blow jobs I have ever had. You can’t beat age for experience. I waved to him as I saw him in my mirror, standing at the end of his garden, waving back at me.

I didn’t give John another thought as I got on with my life. It was a one-off nice experience, to be remembered fondly. I wish all guys were as gentle and caring as John was. Sometimes guys just get rough. I like hot, tender, gentle sex with a guy, not rough sex. Maybe I should çanakkale escort meet more men like John, middle-aged and experienced lovers.

It was about a month later when I got into work, first thing in the morning, to pick up my carpets and paperwork for the day. I was surprised that there was a line for John, to stretch his bedroom carpet. I smiled as I looked over his line. I wondered if he would be in touch again. Anticipating another great sexual adventure, I put him to the last job, once all the other jobs had been done. If I’m going to come in John’s mouth again, I don’t want to think about more jobs still to be done afterwards. No, I wanted to come together and then lie in each other’s arms and snooze for an hour afterwards.

I pulled up at John’s house that afternoon and he met me just as he did the last time. A warm smile and firm handshake. We hadn’t gone through the door before he asked me if I would like a cool, iced glass of water. I smiled and accepted. I picked up my tools from the van and followed him into his home.

He walked up the stairs to the bedroom, which he had cleared of furniture to make it easier to stretch the carpet. That was useful and I thanked him. It didn’t take long to stretch and I trimmed a small strip of carpet and tucked it back down again. It looked perfect. I turned around, looking for John. He was standing in the doorway, naked and wanking his cock. I was still on my knees. He looked magnificent, standing there with a big, stiff cock for me. I crawled on my knees closer to him and reached for his cock. He stopped wanking as my hand took over. I wanked his cock, licking the head and teasing his balls. I took his full length to the back of my throat and slowly wanked him.

He stopped me and asked me to undress. I didn’t hesitate, I stripped off in double quick time, my clothes discarded on the floor, and stood beside him, our cocks touching. We rubbed our bodies against each other, he had a very hairy chest and I ran my fingers over his chest, teasing his nipples. He reached down and took both cocks in his hand and slowly wanked them. God, I was so turned on, so was he and he breathed heavily in my ear as he kissed my neck, my next most sensitive area. I wanted him, I wanted his cock.

He led me through to his bedroom and I stood as he rubbed the gel over my ass and his cock. I knelt down on the floor and lay across the bed, my ass ready for him. His hands were all over me as he positioned his cock. I was moaning with expectation. This man was going to fuck me. I wanted it badly. I relaxed for him, feeling his head stretching my ass. I looked at our reflection in the mirror, God it was so sexy. I pushed back to meet his thrusts and he pushed deeper inside me. I wanted all his cock in me, every bit. I smiled as I felt his balls against me. I had taken all of his cock. I moaned as he slowly fucked me. Like before, he made long slow strokes, almost coming out and then pushing further into me. I felt his breathing getting heavier. He was close, very close.

At that moment, the front door opened. I froze as I heard it close and a woman’s voice calling for John. His wife? I thought he was single. I never considered that he might have a wife; he said absolutely nothing about it. John quickly pulled out of me. His wife was coming up the stairs. Fuck, my clothes are in the next door bedroom. I left them on the floor when I undressed. Both of us panicked. I wondered if I should hide while he gets rid of her. Tell her some story about the van breaking down or something. John just stood there, frozen with fear. She was getting closer and I was still on my knees, over the bed. What the fuck do I do now?

She reached the top of the stairs and froze when she saw us. Two naked men in the middle of her bedroom. We were fucked. She stood there, not saying anything, just staring, as her brain tried to comprehend what was going on. I stood up, covering my hard cock. She saw it, and John’s cock which was rapidly deflating. Was this the first time she had caught her man with another guy?

“You bastard,” she screamed, walking towards John and slapping him.

I tried to get out of her road, hoping to make my way past her and into the bedroom next door for my clothes. She was having none of it. She stood back in the doorway, preventing me from getting past her. John said nothing, he stared at the ground and looked terrified. She let rip with a whole lot of swearing and slaps. She even slapped me.

“You dirty bastards. The pair of you. You filthy bastards, doing this to me again,” and she slapped us both again. She demanded to know who was fucking who. John said he was fucking me and that earned me another slap.

“You,” she roared at me. “Can’t you get someone your own age?”

I tried to open the door but she was having none of it. She stood with her back to the door, preventing me from leaving. She stood with her arms folded, determined. I wondered what she was going to do. I’m fucked if she reports me to the shop and she looks like she would. Caught with an older man, I’ll get the sack. I stood in front of her, my head bowed, just like John’s head and she let rip with a vicious diatribe. She was right, we shouldn’t have done this. I had no idea he was married or else I would never have got involved. I tried to explain it was John who led me on.

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