The Unique Mouse Ch. 03 – FINAL!


Info: This chapter includes scenes of quite detailed prostate orgasms – untouched.

Tags: College drama, college kids, college love, first time gay sex, gay anal, dildo, masturbation, gay bend, straight-to-gay, prostate orgasms, untouched orgasms

Remember, it is NOT a standalone story.

It needs to be read after chapter 01 and 02, which are luckily – fairly short! 🙂


Darien was thinking hard and fast.

He had a decision to make. Should he respond to the kiss? Should he pretend nothing happened? Or should he scold Keegan for overstepping the boundary?

They were not in a real relationship and tender pecks didn’t belong in the kind of “fuck-buddies” arrangement they had. The problem was even more complicated for Darien because Keegan was out of his league. Handsome, athletic, tall. And three days ago Darien himself didn’t even know he was somewhat bi-curious, didn’t know he could want a relationship with a man.

It was unknown waters he was sailing into, and he really was at a loss.

“Please, don’t get angry,” Keegan pleaded, and as if wanting to appease Darien, he put his hands on Darien’s nipples again, gently rubbing over them, almost like stroking a nervous cat, trying to put him at ease, to make him calm.

Darien let himself enjoy the feeling a bit, glad he had even more time to think. Keegan upped his game, and leaned down, putting his warm, wet mouth on Darien’s left nipple. Darien moaned quietly, feeling elated by the sensation. He loved it. Simply LOVED being touched and licked by Keegan. He could not even think about losing him.

His own heart was on the line, though, as he knew that he had already started to like Keegan.

Letting Keegan kiss him was a way leading to catastrophe. It was only a matter of time before Keegan would meet some interesting girl, or… a boy with an even more unique body. Then he would dump Darien without hesitation.

Darien’s heart squeezed painfully. He was about to push Keegan’s head away from his nipples, but he had a sudden realization – quite a pathetic one. He could have Keegan at least for some time! Maybe… Keegan would like him after all? Given enough time?

Why be such a pessimist, for God’s sake? And maybe miss the opportunity for something more?

Keegan was now tightly and heavenly latched on to Darien’s large nipple, so the smaller boy grabbed his head with both of his hands and pulled it back a bit.

They were now like five inches away. Keegan’s deep green eyes were a bit glazed over, his pupils dilated. Playing with Darien’s nipple had its usual effect on him.

So, Darien decided to act. He leaned down and… kissed Keegan’s full, beautiful mouth.

The bigger boy froze. His lips didn’t move at first, but Darien persisted, not wanting to back down, not wanting to fail.

Slowly Keegan responded to the kiss. Their lips moved, pressed against each other, slightly parted and finally the tips of their tongues met.

But at that moment, Keegan pulled back. They were eye to eye, their breathing quickened.

“What… what are you doing?” Keegan’s voice seemed a bit tense.

Darien shrugged. “I don’t know. But it was pleasant.” His voice was purposely light, like he didn’t care.

Keegan furrowed his eyebrow, and averted his gaze. “Okay, we should probably get going, your mom will get worried.”

Darien swallowed and nodded.

So, that was it? This topic was cut short, partially because of him, before they had a chance to explore it. He chickened out. He could choose a different answer, different tone. And now he felt disappointed. What should he expect? Their weird “thing” started not even three days ago, and as intense as it was, any ‘declaration of feelings’ would be ridiculously premature.

They drove in total silence, Darien looking through the car’s window, Keegan focused on the road.

As they parked on the side of the street, in front of Darien’s house, Keegan turned to him and said: “Your house is on my way to school. If you’d like, I could take you with me every day. We have the same classes, so the hours are the same. The ride home is more tricky, as I have Muay Thai training two times a week, and also I go to the gym. But in the morning… We can go together.”

Darien hesitated. “Well, people will notice.”

Keegan raised one eyebrow. “Do you care? They already know I defended you. And I will again, if needed, in the future. So, they can assume we are friends now or something. I will tell Jordan that you are going to study at UCLA, so we may want to get to know each other as we will both be majoring in psychology there.”

“Well, I must say that sounds reasonable. And since I already had troubles with Donell, how much worse can things turn out?” Darien said with a chuckle.

“Great, so it is settled. I will pick you up tomorrow…”

“Wait, we are suspended tomorrow!”

“We still need to get there by eight o’clock.”

“I’ve never been suspended Kartal Escort before, what is it like?”

Keegan gave him a strange glare. “And how should I know? I’ve never been suspended either.”

Darien looked confused and lowered his eyes. “I’m sorry, it was kind of rude to assume you were,” he muttered.

Keegan sighed. “I heard from one of the guys that he was left alone in an empty classroom with some books to study or some other extra assignments. I have no idea what they are planning to do with two people at one time, but we will see.”

Darien nodded. “Yep, I hope they let us go for lunch at least.”

“I really don’t know. We should prepare and take some sandwiches.”

“Ok, I better go, Keegan. Thanks again for… defending me. You kept your promise, I appreciate it, even though you paid a price for it, which is not cool.”

Keegan glanced at him, but soon again looked at the road ahead.

“It’s okay. No problem. Defending you gave me pleasure, almost as much as touching you.”

Darien swallowed hard. The mere mention of that went straight to his dick.

“Keegan… if you want to pick me up a bit earlier, so we have… extra time for… some extracurricular activities, I wouldn’t mind.”

Intensely green eyes turned at him. Keegan smirked a bit.

“Great. I will be here at 7:30 then.”

Darien responded with a smirk and got out of the car.

As they said, so they did.

The next morning Darien was so aroused that he actually went to the car with a full erection. Keegan noticed that from the start. His eyebrows were raised, as he asked:

“Wow you tented hard! Somebody is impatient?”

“Will you make me come untouched again, Keegan?”

Keegan grinned helplessly. “God, you are the best Darien. I really like that instead of ‘Hi, how are you, what’s up?’ – you ask if I will help you come untouched! You are something special!”

“I am, am I?” Darien responded with a smirk.

“Let’s not waste any time then. Because you can be sure as hell, I’m going to do everything in my power to help you achieve that,” Keegan answered with such zeal, that Darien felt his dick throbbing eagerly.

Five minutes later, Keegan parked the car behind the warehouse. They both jumped to the back seat and Darien took off his T-shirt and undershirt for the first time.

Keegan looked at his delicate frame, shoulder and beautifully shaped collarbones.

He hesitated for a moment. He slowly leaned down, and his face was now just over Darien’s face. The smaller boy froze. They were looking each other in the eyes from a very short distance.

Darien could hear his own shortened breath. He waited, not knowing what Keegan wanted? Why did he hover above him as if planning to kiss him?

“But I have one condition,” Keegan finally whispered.

‘What… what condition?” Darien could hear his voice become a bit squeaky.

“Let me kiss you for a bit.”

Darien knew this had “bad idea” written all over it, but he felt himself nodding. The next second, Keegan’s warm and wet mouth was on him. Despite his previous objections, his own mouth opened without hesitation and welcomed Keegan’s tongue inside with a quiet moan.

At first, Darien was a bit overwhelmed, but within seconds he started kissing Keegan back with growing passion. Soon they almost sucked one another, Keegan’s large body somewhat grinding against Darien’s small frame, their lips opened wide, hungrily tasting, tongues diving deep, pushing, rubbing against each other.

It was so good that Darien’s blood was rustling in his ears; his heart pounding, he dug his fingers into Keegan thick, black hair, pulling him closer, almost aggressively, demanding even more intensive kisses. Their teeth grated a bit, and finally Keegan put an end to it, lowering his mouth to Darien’s delicate neck.

“You smell so nice…” he murmured.

Darien moaned, his hands tentatively pushing Keegan’s head lower, toward his swollen, now insatiable, tingling nipples. They were so erect that they looked almost like tiny penises, dark pink, skin very warm, electrifying to the touch.

“My beauties…” Keegan muttered.

He kissed the aching nub, then swiped the tip of his tongue over it. Darien gasped, as tingles spread from the bundle of nerves.

“Perfection,” Keegan mumbled, closing his mouth over one of them. Darien made a loud cry, his body trembling with longing for this touch. He was like an instrument in Keegan’s hand, perfectly tuned, tautening as a string.

And Keegan wanted to play, he thrust his hips, rubbed them on Darien thigh, almost impossibly aroused, just by feeling these scorching hot nipples he sucked deep in his mouth.

It went on, the caresses, fondling, rolling, sucking, Darien was louder and louder, trembling so intensely, that he was actually glad that Keegan’s heavy body was grounding him to the seat. He felt like he was on the verge of going crazy, exploding from intense pleasure. His nipples were so over-sensitized that he almost Tuzla Escort felt like they were made of the same flesh as his dick.

And definitely linked with it tightly.

The orgasm came soon.

This time it was so powerful that his body arched, almost lifting Keegan body weight with his muscle spasm. It was overwhelmingly strong. He screamed so loud that Keegan was afraid for a moment that somebody would hear him and think Keegan was murdering the smaller boy.

Darien was quivering intensely, so Keegan held him tight to his chest. He pressed the boy’s head to his neck and stroked it rhythmically. He obviously liked giving this kind of aftercare to Darien; he loved the feeling of his small body squeezed by his side, the sound of Darien’s rasped breath, the jasmine smell of his hair. He loved the weight of his small hand on his chest, and the small movements of his fingers, probably trying to stroke him back, but having no strength to do so.

After a couple of minutes, Keegan noticed… that Darien went weirdly quiet, his body totally relaxed, much more heavy leaning on him.

“Darien? Are you sleeping”

“Mmmm…” The smaller boy mumbled, he lifted my head and stared at him through blurry eyes.


“Darien, we don’t have much time, you cannot sleep, I’m sorry, I would let you sleep if we were after class, but we are suspended, and… “

“Yes! Yes! I’m sorry… I would like to reciprocate.” He suddenly sat and looked at Keegan’s still quite impressive erection tenting in his jeans.

“Darien, you don’t have to…”

“I want to. Very much. You gave me like… this epic, cosmic, mind-blowing orgasm, so the least I can give you is relief.”

Keegan smirked and nodded. “I’m so elated that you liked it. I told you, your nipples are a miracle of nature. I hope I can give you not one but many such orgasms…”

Darien’s eyes fixed for a second on the bigger boy’s eyes. He unzipped Keegan pants and freed his erection. And then he lowered himself between his knees.

Keegan’s eyes opened wider. He didn’t expect that. Darien’s eyes never left his face as he closed his mouth over the big, red mushroom head of Keegan’s dick, swirling his tongue over it, while lowering even more.

“Oh, Darien, wow…that’s nice…”

Darien hummed quietly. He held the dick at the base as he sucked with stronger force again, this time going about halfway with his mouth and using his hand for the rest. He felt Keegan’s throbbing cock pressing to the back of his throat, so he deepened the suction. He really gave it all he had, fighting through the gag reflex. He bobbed his head as quickly and forcefully as he could, feeling Keegan’s body tensing up, his breath becoming more labored, and his finger squeezing on Darien’s nipples.

“Darien…I’m gonna…”

But Darien only put more effort into his actions, sucking intensely, pressing his flattened tongue to the back of Keegan’s dick, and increasing the pressure, to add more stimuli.

And then he heard Keegan’s loud moan, then felt it… and choked a bit, as a very impressive load of jizz went into his mouth. He tried to swallow it, but it was just too much. Part of it flooded from his mouth, but he managed to catch it trying not to leave any droplets on Keegan’s pants.

Keegan was gasping for air, and gently stroking Darien’s hair.

His pupils were dilated. “Thanks, Darien. You’re good, seriously!”

Darien smirked. “Beginner’s luck. But I kind of… tried it on a… sausage before.”

Keegan snorted. “What? Are you serious?”

“Yes. I was curious to know how deep I can take it. So, I tried to relax my throat and after many attempts, I had … half-success.”

“Wow, you are really amazing”!” Keegan eyed him with sincere admiration. The boy was something special. “I love your enthusiasm,” he hesitated, and added in a more quiet voice: “And I like you.”

Darien blinked and bit his lower lip. It was now or never. He could take this chance… “I like you too, Keegan.”

The silence between them went a while, but was… weirdly pleasant and warm. Keegan slowly raised his hand and brushed over Darien’s cheek. Darien held his breath for a second and then leaned, closing the distance. Their lips met and the kiss this time was more slow and almost tender. When they separated, the smaller boy mumbled:

“We should probably go. Our… suspension starts in… five minutes.”

“Fuck,” Keegan cussed and they both changed their seats, moving back to the front again.

As he started the engine, they exchanged one more look with each other, and both simultaneously smiled.

Their punishment didn’t seem that awful anymore.


The suspension wasn’t hard at all. They were told to sit down in the same empty classroom, and they both received the same book to read, with the assignment to write a simple essay about the first chapter.

The whole school already knew what happened yesterday, and they all seemed to be on Keegan and Darien’s side, some Anadolu Yakası Escort teachers included, among them Ms. Hansen, who was supervising their suspension. She said from the beginning, that they don’t have to stress about this whole situation, and she left them there alone.

The news evidently spread even between some parents because during the first hour of his suspension Darien received a call from his own mother whom he kind of… forgot to notify that he was suspended for one day. But Keegan didn’t, apparently.

“Honey, why didn’t you tell me! You know Uncle Bart is a lawyer, we could ask him what to do! I saw the video clips! I already received a call from the second boy’s mother…”

“What? Keegan’s mother called you?”

Keegan, who was sitting next to him reading the book, snapped his head up and fixed his eyes on Darien, who grimaced.

“Yes. She watched the clips, and wanted me to know what happened in the principal’s office! Keegan recorded it and I listened to it, as his mother sent the file to me. The principal was really biased, and I’m going there today with Keegan’s mother to discuss it with him further…”

“Mother! We only have one month before the end of high school, please can you just let it go?!”

“Why didn’t you tell me you were bullied?!”

“Mom, it really was something I managed to deal with, and I survived to the end of the school year. I wish you just left it, and did not start a full-on-brawl…”

“A brawl?! Darien, Principal Roland was notified about your situation and not only ignored it but scolded you further, it is outrageous…”

“Mom, please! I really don’t want any troubles, and I will have troubles, the principal can make me…”

“Stop it! Not another word. I’m going there in one hour with Keegan’s mother and father, and we will have a talk about your suspension. We’ll at least make sure it will not be in your official school transcript.”

She hung up and Darien glanced at Keegan, who was watching him with raised eyebrows.

“Your mother called my mother, and they joined forces. They are about to storm the principal’s office in about one hour…” He snorted.

Keegan blinked. “What? I told my mother about the suspension, but she promised me not to make a big deal out of it…”

“I think she saw these video clips and that made her call my mother. And they are allies now… Principal Roland will have to deal with them all. Your father is also going…”

Keegan pressed his hands to his temples. “Fuck!”

They went silent for a bit. “At least they will make sure the suspension won’t be treated as something serious. We will not have that mentioned in our school transcript,” Darien murmured, but was unsure if he felt happy about it.

They spent the next two hours in a state of nervous apprehension; surely enough, the doors swung open, and Principal Roland stood at the doorstep.

“The suspension is over. Keegan, you can go home. You don’t have to go back to class today. Darien has a meeting with the school guidance counselor and your problem with being bullied will be discussed further during this meeting…” He said tersely, and added nothing more.

“Do you want me to wait for you?” Keegan asked quietly, but Darien shook his head. “No, it may take a while…”

So, they were separated and Darien went with Principal Roland who looked agitated and tense. He led him to the office of the school guidance counselor who was a middle-aged woman by the name of Ms. Peterson. She spent over an hour with Darien, asking him a series of questions about his bullying situations from the last year and his ways of coping with them.

Darien was not really into this conversation, as he was aware that he would soon start college life, leaving high school behind, but he politely discussed his problems, thus satisfying her need to be of use as a guidance counselor.

After they were done, it was already time when other kids were leaving school for the day, so Darien spent a couple of minutes with his classmates and shared with them the news about his suspension and how it ended.

As they approached the intersection, other kids went to the left, and he went to the right. He was just strolling, immersed in his thoughts, when he noticed three silhouettes emerging from the shadows of dense bushes on the side of the footpath.

He froze. It was Adam Donell, Declan Nash and Nathan Glenn.

Of course.

Darien swallowed hard. He was alone, this part of his usual road home was rarely traveled, and led among sparsely located private houses.

“And what do we have here…” Donell had a very malicious smirk on his face.

“The Mouse is not so brave without The Bull, huh?

“What do you want, Donell? Another one of your childish games?”

“Oooh, I like when you talk back. You make this so much sweeter for me.”

And… he slapped Darien in the face.

The smaller boy did not fall, but staggered a bit and was going to step back, but Nathan caught him and held him firmly in place.

“You are gonna pay for this, you dumbass…” Another slap.

Darien felt a mix of awful emotions. Fear, humiliation and anger. He was too small to fight these three; Donell was the biggest one of them, but the others were also noticeably larger than Darien.

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