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Tricked mom bj – sonSo, I walked by my mom’s room and she was talking on the phone with her friend. The tone of her voice was different than normal so I decided to listen in on the conversation. She was telling her friend how hot of an experience it was. The experience she was talking about is the following — You see my mom likes to start off her Sunday mornings with a nice warm bath. She uses an eye shade to cover her eyes from the LED lights we have in the bathroom. When you are taking a bath it is normally pretty bright in your eyes even with them closed. Anyhow, she was explaining to her friend how this morning she started her routine and suddenly she heard someone walking into the bathroom. She called out and it was her husband. He started shaving and she went back to relaxing. She was about to doze off when suddenly she felt her breasts being fondled. She did not say a word and neither did her husband. She let him play her nipples until they got nice and hard. At this point she was so horny with this “friendly stranger” fondling her breasts that she sat up and reached for his penis. She pulled down his shorts and gave him a hungry for cock blowjob. It was like having sex with a stranger in her head she explained.”That was all I heard of the story and thought it was pretty cool hearing my mom talking dirty like that. I am 15 years old and it did not take much for me to get horny.The following Sunday she began her routine and started taking her bath. I was watching TV on the living room couch and my father was working on fixing something. After about 10 minutes of her being in the tub my father came to inform me that he was missing a part for the dishwasher and would have to go get a piece at the hardware store. “Let your mom know where I am” he told me before he left. A couple of minutes later it dawned on me, I had a great idea. My heart was racing at the thought. My mom does not lock the dock. We have shower curtains that are very dark and you cannot see anything through them at all. I slowly opened the door and walked in a bit. My mom did not ask who it was like she normal does when she hears someone come in. I carefully make my way to the bath tub and oh so slowly push the curtain aside to take a peak. Lucky me, she has her eye shade on and is almost fast asleep but not quite there yet. My eyes make their way to my bahis firmaları mom’s breasts. Wow, my first time seeing breasts other than internet porn. I could not believe how firm my mom’s breasts were at age 42. She had what I assume is a full B cup. My penis was instantly hard. I looked at her nipples and they were my favorite kind, the type with barely and round circles around the nipple. I dropped my shorts a bit so that my penis was able to get full hard without any constraint. I started stroking my penis and could not believe how horny it make me to be fully hard with my penis exposed right in front of my mom. She could remove that shade at any moment and see my rock hard cock staring back at her. Most of the blood was currently feeding the wrong head. I just had to do more. I remember the conversation she had with her friend the week prior and decided to try my luck. I reached out and gave my mom’s breast a soft squeeze. She jumped a little not expecting to be touched I assume but then she just smiled and put her arms to her side. That’s when her hands went from covering her pussy to exposing it. OMG wow , my mom had a nice little landing strip and her pussy lips looked tight like the teen pictures I checked out on the internet. No wonder my dad is a happy guy I thought to myself. Mom still takes care of herself and is still hot. Then to my second surprise her nipples got hard from my fondling , but her nipples were super long, they were almost half the length and size of a AA battery. Two perky , erect cylinders were reaching out for my pinching, tugging and twisting. Mmmmmmmm a little moan escapes my mom’s mouth. Suddenly she moves her hand and starts playing with her pussy while I continue working on her breasts and nipples. I watched in amazement as she rubs her clit back and forth. Nice and slow to start. Then she slide one finger a bit into her pussy and then pulled out. Back in again but further and back out. I watched her do this for a while and then suddenly her other hand grabs mine and guides it to her pussy. I started rubbing her clit like she was doing previously. MMMMMM a louder moan escapes her lips. I keep rubbing faster and faster , my mom now is grabbing her own tits and squeezing them and tugging on her nipples really hard. I thought that if I did that it would have hurt her but oh how I was canlı bahis wrong. Then my mom’s legs stretched out and her toes curled. She was having a really good orgasm. Her body shook a few times as I continued to rub her clit. Not once did she says a word but she moaned a super deep moan like I had never heard before.Suddenly she sat up and I thought .. OH FUCK!! SHe is taking off her blindfold. Nope, she sat up and reached out searching for something. There we go… she found her husband’s son’s penis. This was the first time a girl or woman touched my penis. Oh my god it feels so goo….. oh wait fuck that! She put it in her mouth. That THAT feels good. Wow ,my first blow job I thought to myself. I can’t believe how hot it initially felt around my penis. Her mouth was so hot! SHe sucked my penis nice and slowly. Going deeper and deeper each time. Finally she got to the end of my penis. I could not believe how good my mother was at blowjobs. Sure this was my first one but I had seen enough videos to know that if a girl can fit all the penis into her mouth she was doing something right. SHe continued sucking on my dick for the next couple of minutes and I started thinking of how hot this was, my mom has my cock in her mouth!! At the thought of this I was about to cum. I guess my mom felt my penis getting hard and she stopped , stood up, turned around and bent over. Oh shit, I never thought this would happen. I almost panicked and ran but there was no time for that. She was reaching behind and pulled me toward her. I grabbed my cock and aimed it for her beautiful pink pussy. Ooops, missed, missed again. My mom giggled and said “what’s wrong hun, your first time?” in a joking manner. Ohhh if onnly she knew. Luckily the third time is a charm. My penis found her pussy. Wow, I thought her mom was hot to the touch. Her pussy was on fire compared to her mouth. I started pounding my mom doggy style. I looked down and what a sight!! My mom had her cute little butt perked upwards with her anus was staring sexily back at me. She suddenly reached around and started rubbing her anus like she did her clit. Wow. Mom you are a dirty girl. She started inserting her finger a bit and then she was finger fucking her anus while I was fucking her. As I was fucking her I could feel her finger through her anus on my penis as she played in her butt. bahis siteleri With this sight and feeling I could not hold it much longer. Fuck it I thought to myself. I’ve gone this far. She knew I was about to cum because she started finger fucking her ass at an amazing speed. She started cumming and her pussy squeezed my cock as she did. There was no stopping me at this point, I came what felt like a good 10 squirts of cum. She came together over and over. I slowly pulled out of her and cum started dripping out of her pussy and some feel into the tub water. But to my amazement she caught a bit as it dripped out and cupped it in her hand. She then licked her hand and put my penis back into her mouth to suck off all the cum that was on my penis. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm she simply moaned and then sat back down in the tub and went back to relaxing.No more pushing my luck, I got out of there as soon as I could and closed the door behind me. I went back to the couch and continued watching TV. About 10 minutes later my mom got out of the tub and got dressed. She entered the living room and sat down on the love seat next to the couch. Good morning she smiled. Good morning I replied. My mom was not acting weird or anything. She totally thought she just sucked and fucked her husband. My plan had worked perfectly……that is…. until my father walked in 5 minutes later with his missing part. “Finally,” he bitched “took the damn k** 20 minutes to find the damn part even when I had the model number.” “Oh fuck” I thought to myself. I could see her wheels turning.”You were at the hardware store?” my mom asked my Dad”Yeah, didn’t Jake tell you?” He replied.I looked at my mom and her face had about 10 different expressions on it at the same time. “Sorry mom, I forgot to tell you” I said to her.”That’s fine” she muttered, barely audible.”Anyhow, I’m gonna go keep working on the dishwasher” my father informed us.He walked out of the room and my mom and I sat in silence for what seemed like an eternity. We heard my father working on the dishwasher and that is when she looked at me and I looked at her. I was turning red. She simply stood up, walked over to me and put her hand on top of my pants on my penis. “Did you enjoy what just happened?” she asked in a soft voice.I could not answer with words. I simply sat there and smiled and nodded yes. At 15 years old my penis started getting hard again. She kept her hand there as my penis grew hard in her hand under my pants. She gave me a smile, kissed me on the lips, slipped me a bit of her tongue and walked out of the room.

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