A Happy Couple


All characters in this story are older than 18 when they perform these sexual acts. Also there is a 99.9% gay male in female lingerie, a female penetrating a 99.9% gay male with a strapless dildo, impregnation, a marriage proposal, and two happy people in a monogamous relationship. If you don’t like any of what you just read then I don’t think this story is for you. However if it is I hope you enjoy reading it. Now on with the show!


John was not fat, but he was very chubby and stood at around 6 feet. That and he had a massive ass, that begged to be pounded, which made him look bigger than he was. Currently he is spread on the bed with a black corset on that made his chest look like he had delectable B cups. A garter belt was secured around his waist and kept the black stockings on his long, thick legs and made them look smooth. His penis was so hard, and his large balls so full, it looked painful. Normally his nine inch dick would be pounding in my willing pussy, but our situation is very strange. He is absolutely gay. No joke; he was disgusted by vaginas. He is a friend of mine through my sister, and I am older than him by 2 years. However, ever since we got drunk together one night when he turned 21, and had the most wonderful sex I’ve had in a while, we haven’t been able to let one another go.

I am still confused how my pussy or boobs are anything special, but I am not complaining. I do have to deal with a bit more anal doggy style then with any other partner I’ve ever had, but I’ve been able to do what I’ve never could convince my other partners to do. I always wanted to peg a man, and now that I am able and that he encourages it I can’t get enough of it.

Back to the situation at hand, I am lubing up his dildo of choice for the night once I secured it inside me seeing how it was a strapless strap on dildo. I love feeling this bit of power over him every once in a while especially when he is so eager at the sight with his girlfriend with a dick that he pulls his legs back to his chest and exposes his asshole. I smirk at the lusty look in his eyes as I lower my face to his puckered hole and stick my tongue in to help lube him up. He moans as I swirl it around and into him. I don’t particularly care for the taste, but I don’t hate it when I see him start to writhe and look at me with such lust.

When I remove my tongue I place the tip of my strap-on to his hole and wait until he opens his eyes. Once I am sure he is looking at me I force it all in with one powerful thrust and he lets out a loud moan. I am kind enough to let him adjust to the larger size he had chosen for his dildo before deciding to tease him for a bit. I wait and wait until he finally wraps his legs around my waist and uses his heels that are digging into my ass and forcing me to move.

I start out slow but his moaning for me is too much and a start to move faster and harder into him. God, seeing the dildo being devoured by his ass, güvenilir bahis feeling the movements of the section of the dildo inside of me, and seeing his flesh ripple as I pound into him as he is dressed so femininely are some of the most erotic things I have ever experienced. He reaches up and forces me into a passionate kisses that has me feeling the need to pound into him more. He moans out even louder as I finally get to his P-spot, and by then I am quivering. I know I am getting close, but I want for him to come first. I need for him to come first and spray us both in his thick cum.

He cries out for me to fuck him even harder and I know that he will soon be cumming. I do as he wishes and as I do I move my hand to jerk off his dick… I know if I don’t do this I will cum before him this time. I feel it twitch in my hand and I aim it right for my body. It sprays and sprays and keeps going as I continue to pound into him to extend his orgasm for as long as I can; it is also for me because I am riding mine out.

When I am sure we are both done I remove the dildo from his ass, and I chuckle as I hear him whine at the sensation of being empty. I go to remove it from my body, but then come up with a better idea.

“Come on honey, I need to have you clean me up after you dirtied my cock with your ass, and soaked me with you cream.” I straddle his chest and inch closer on my knees till my dildo is right in front of his mouth.

“Oh how mean of me,” he says with mock appall, “Let me clean that up for you.” He starts to give my dildo a blow job which turns the darned thing back on and it moves within me. I groan out and I can’t help but let him do his thing. He slowly moves his way down the dildo until he has his lips pressed to the base. He suddenly pushes me forward and as I lay in my new position on my back he licks his come off my body till he meets my lips and makes me taste him.

I wrap my arms around his neck as we make out and he frots with the dildo still secured inside of me. Without any warning he lifts my legs, removes my strapless strap on from between my legs, and before I have a chance to moan at its loss he stabs his newly hardened penis is pounding into me. Thank god for the dildo or this would be much more painful what with me not being prepared.

He moans out very loudly and says things that sound like, “God this is fucking great,” or “Why did I never go after you before Emily?”

I love the feeling of his large body pressing down on me and seeing his lustful look as his skin slaps against mine and causes those lovely waves of his flesh. I just wrap my legs around his waist and lick at my fingers. I take two of them from one hand and three from another and let John watch me as I suck and coat five fingers with my saliva at once. This causes him to pound into me faster, which catches me off guard and I let out a moan so loud that I am glad I don’t have neighbors.

Once I am sure my fingers are coated enough türkçe bahis I remove them and John replaces them with his tongue as he stares into my eyes and knows exactly what I am going to do. Two of the fingers are to play with my exposed clit and the other three are for my puckered back door. I slowly enter in the first and John moans out and sucks and bites at one of my nipples. I insert a second finger, quickly followed by a third and I know this is just enough for me to be open to his anal penetration I know is coming soon while still giving him just enough squeeze and stretch to fit in and give us both the pleasure we seek out. He is enjoying himself so much today that I am sure my ass will be given a semen enema sooner rather than later. I remove my fingers once I know I am ready but still continue to play with my clit, “Come on boy I know you want to.” And I slide my ass covered fingers into his mouth. He moans and slides completely out of me as I remove my legs from around his waist.

Within five seconds of that, with the use of my vaginal fluids and my help, he shoves his penis into my ass with more care than he did with my vagina. We both groan out and when I remove my fingers from his mouth he kisses me, bottoms out, and puts the dildo back into my vaginal cavern to make it look like I had a penis again. All these sensations at once make me come and tighten around him and the dildo. He groans as this causes him to release his seed into my guts and causes me to come harder and by extension, John does as well.

When our ride is done, John stays inside my ass as he peers down at me with my fake penis and boob combo. He kisses me as he removes his penis before replacing his mouth with his member. I lick it eagerly and try and clear my juices from both holes off of it as well as the come that is now dribbling out of my anus. Once he is only covered in human saliva he removes it from my mouth and lays next to me and cuddles me. I love seeing him as I fuck him, but there is a certain charm to seeing him sexually satisfied as he is dressed in lingerie and lounging in bed with me in his big arms.

Once we have both regained our breath, he surprises me by picking me up carrying me into the bathroom, where he begins filling the tub up to give us each a nice relaxing bath. I enjoy this man so much and can’t see my life without him… but I know what I have to tell him next may cause him to leave…. However I will keep it quiet once again. When the tub is finished filling up, I slide in first and he slides in after me, but he slides in so that he impales himself on the dildo he insisted I leave in.

We both moan as he adjusts himself on my lap and once he starts moving I can’t help but be entranced by the way his ass bounces and splashes the water. I love the feel of his extra weight on me as he sometimes grinds himself into my lap or as he gets excited and picks up the pace. The more speed he adds to his riding of me the more force he adds in güvenilir bahis siteleri his descend which gives me more of an ass slap which I enjoy because of the extra pressure. I pull him back so my chest is pressed against his back and lick his neck and pinch at his exposed nipples as he adjusts himself back to the speed in which he was at before. Once he is back up to his normal speed I suck on his neck so I make sure I leave hickeys and I give him a hand job which encourages him to move closer to our orgasms.

He suddenly lifts off of me but not for long. He flips around and impales himself once again, but this time his penis entrances me as it bounces up and down and slaps my stomach. It is as erect as it can be but I jerk it off as I stare into his eyes and he stares into mine. He leans forward and captures me in a lusty kiss and I know that I won’t make it. I feel myself come and shortly after I feel wetness on my hands from his cum. He removes himself from my dildo and lies back in the tub covered in cum as I am.

I stare at him as we wash each other off with a mixture of washcloths and our tongues and I can’t help but feel I should mention my earlier thoughts to him. I take my dildo out and wash it a bit before I say, “John?” I decided to go for it as we are both beginning to dry ourselves off.

“Hm?” He replies and runs a towel through his hair.

“Will you marry me?” I am not looking at him. I just can’t stand to look in case there is rejection on his face. Suddenly I am being forced to the ground and my ass presented in the air.

“I was supposed to ask that,” he says as he plunges his dick into my pussy and I cry out in pleasured shock. He picks up his speed right out the gate and I am glad I am still soaking wet from my earlier arousal. I love the way he is pounding into me, sucking on my neck, touching me everywhere, and just keeping his body as close to me as he possibly can to keep us both pleasured. I love the way the fat on his body jiggles with each thrust and I can feel it on my back. I love the way his big thighs slap against mine as he takes each plunge. I love everything he does because I love him.

“I love you,” I moan out and that seemed to encourage him to a whole new level of speed I didn’t know he had.

“I love you too.” He says and I am so happy that with all he is doing to my vagina I cum and I cum hard. He seems to feel it with such a force that he cums in me too. We are both breathing hard as he pumps into me and I realize he doesn’t have a condom.

I look back at him and say, “I guess it is a good thing I am on the pill.”

He chuckles but turns my head so he can kiss me deeply and says, “I think it would be quite sexy to see my future wife with my child in her.”

I shiver with pleasure and smile, “So I guess I need to go shopping for an engagement ring tomorrow?” He nods and pulls out before carrying me off to bed so we can spoon. However, what I couldn’t know at that moment is that he would get his wish because I turned out to be part of the one percent that happened to have their birth control fail on them. I guess good things come in threes as well; I received a yes, great sex and a baby all on the same night.

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