Subject: A HOT HOLIDAY IN AUSTRALIA – PART 12 A HOT HOLIDAY IN AUSTRALIA – PART 12 Monday Pt Augusta to Streaky Bay I got up about 7.30am, packed and checked out of the motel. I found the local McDonalds and had breakfast there. Then, driving west, I headed for Streaky Bay, about 4 hours drive straight across Eyre Peninsula. I knew that the scenery would be a bit desolate and monotonous on this drive. The small towns along the way would be a welcome relief. After passing through Iron Knob, I decided to take a break at Kimba, the next town. Kimba is famous for being the town that is halfway across Australia in terms of distance. I resisted the urge to take a selfie with the Halfway Across Australia sign and headed for the roadhouse. It was quite busy there with lots of camper vans in the car park. I bought a cup of coffee and a small cake and took my time to give myself a decent break from driving. Heading out of town I passed the Big Galah, a giant statue of one of Australia’s native birds. I didn’t take a selfie of that either. The drive was easy with minimal traffic on the road. I didn’t find it necessary to overtake anyone. Since I wasn’t in any hurry, I stopped again in the small town of Minnipa and bought a Coca Cola at the general store. As I was making good time, I decided to have a look at Pildappa Rock about 15km north of the town. Shaped like a pink wave, it was formed about 1500 million years ago by water run-off seeping into the soil and eating away at the rock face. It’s a popular tourist attraction and there were a few other visitors there when I pulled up. It really was worth seeing and I took a few photos. Coming back to the car, a middle-aged guy with a beard was sitting on the bonnet of his car, having a drink from the cup of a vacuum flask. He spoke to me and we exchanged pleasantries. He was from Brisbane and was heading for Perth. He would also be staying in Streaky Bay tonight. ‘Maybe I’ll see you there’, he said, as I was leaving, making me wonder if there was extra meaning under his words. He was kind of interesting, especially with that ginger beard. Anyway, time would tell. I finished the drive to Streaky Bay, arriving there about 3.00pm. I checked out the motels and opted for one close to the town jetty. They had a room and I booked two nights and got settled in. I had a rest after all the driving and, about 5pm, I went for a walk down to the jetty. There were a lot of people fishing and many were quite friendly, greeting me as though they knew me. As the sun went down, the colours in the sky were superb. There was an aroma of hot fish and chips in the air, which made me feel hungry. I walked up to the main pub in town for dinner. The area is known for its seafood and I had a plateful of King George Whiting, a legendary South Australian fish. The taste was superb. Afterwards, kocaeli escort I walked back to my motel and watched television for a while. It was nice to have a restful evening after my hectic experiences in Port Augusta. When my attention on a TV program flagged, I checked my phone for messages. There weren’t any and I turned on the gay dating apps to see if there were any interesting guys in the area – just for ‘research’, of course! A familiar face was at the top of the listing, showing he was only a few metres from me. It was the bearded guy I’d met at Pildappa Rock. He must be staying here at this motel, too. There were a couple of other listings but neither showed a photograph. Closeted locals, I guessed. You probably had to be careful in these small country communities where homophobia might still be a problem. A message suddenly came through from one of the guys without a photo. ‘Are you visiting here?’ he asked. He was 49 and said he was a local tradesman. He didn’t say what his trade was and I didn’t ask, as he probably wanted to stay as anonymous as possible. ‘What do you like to do?’ he asked. ‘I’m bottom in sex – kissing, sucking and being fucked is my thing’, I replied. ‘Great! I’m top’, he said. ‘Want to meet?’ he said. ‘Maybe’, I said, ‘but I prefer to at least see a photo first’. ‘I don’t have a photo but I could meet you in the carpark at the jetty’, he said. He didn’t sound like a serial killer and it was only a short walk down to the jetty. I’d noticed when I left the pub after dinner that the area there was well-lit. I agreed to at least meet him and told him to look out for me on foot. When I got to the carpark, I could see three parked cars under the bright lighting. As I approached, one of the doors on the closest car to me opened and a quite tall man got out. He waved to me. We shook hands and walked over towards the seashore. The sea was calm and waves were breaking gently. It was a really calming sound. He was just over 6 foot, lean and was about the age he said he was. ‘So, what do you think?’ he asked, sounding as if he was ready for rejection. ‘You’ve got yourself a fuck tonight, if that’s what you’re looking for’, I said, smiling. ‘Thanks, mate’, he said, sounding relieved. ‘I’m so horny I could burst’. I invited him back to my motel room but he wasn’t keen on that idea. Instead, he told me that he had access to a shed nearby. He was looking after a friend’s property while he was away. He said he would drive me there. We got into his car, which was littered with papers on the dashboard. He saw me looking at the mess. ‘Been meaning to clean that up’, he said, sheepishly. There were papers all over the floor of the car, too, that hadn’t been cleaned up in a long time. There was a slight odour of stale takeaway food as well. I began to wonder if I’d made a mistake with this kocaeli escort bayan guy. We drove for a few minutes away from the jetty and turned into a quiet residential street. He pulled into a driveway and we got out. The house was in darkness. ‘I keep my tools here in the shed’, he said. ‘My mate is my business partner’. We walked around the side of the shed into the backyard. A couple of trees with low branches loomed up in the darkness. He got out some keys and opened the side door of the shed and turned the light on. Inside it was neat and tidy. What looked like electrical gear was stored on a long bench that ran down the side of the shed. There was linoleum on the floor and it all looked very clean. He reached up above the door and turned on a heater. OK, here?’ he asked. ‘It’s quite safe’. ‘Yes, fine’, I said. ‘I guess we won’t be lying down, though’. ‘Hang on a minute’, he said and disappeared out of the shed’s side door. I heard a car door open and then shut again and he returned with what looked like a sleeping bag. ‘I got the lube, too’, he said. ‘You don’t want me to use a condom, do you?’ he said, sounding hopeful. ‘No, I’m OK’, I said. ‘That’s good’, he said. ‘I hate using condoms’. He put the sleeping bag down on the floor and spread it out. Then he came over to me and groped my crotch. I ran my hands over his chest and he reached down to kiss me. He explored my mouth with his tongue. It felt very nice. He pulled the zipper on my jeans down and felt inside. My cock was hard already and he pulled it out and looked down. ‘Wow, nice one’, he said. He squatted down and started sucking it. I could tell he knew what he was doing and closed my eyes, enjoying the feeling. After a couple of minutes, he stood up and started taking off his clothes. I did the same and we were soon naked. The heater had been surprisingly efficient in that short time and it was nearly warm enough to be naked. He was slim with a lightly hairy chest and belly. His cock was about seven inches, cut and quite thick. I squatted down and took him in my mouth. He groaned and steadied himself with one of his hands on my left shoulder. I deep-throated him for a while and then concentrated on sucking the head. ‘Oh, stop!’ he said, pulling his cock out of my mouth. ‘You’ll make me cum’. ‘Ready to fuck then?’ I asked. ‘Yes, please,’ he said, reaching for the lube. ‘Do it any position you want’, I said. ‘I like them all’. ‘I’d like to do you on your back,’ he said. I lay down on the sleeping bag. The floor was hard underneath but it would be OK for a short time. He put some lube on my hole and on his cock, lifted my legs and slapped my hole with his cock. ‘Fuck that feels good already’, he said. I smiled back at him. ‘Go for it’, I said. He concentrated on sticking the head of his yahya kaptan escort cock into my hole and, grunting with effort, pushed it in deeper. It felt really hot and very, very good. I pushed back against him and the rest of his cock slid in right up to his balls. ‘That’s great!’ he said. He started steadily fucking, holding my legs up by the ankles. I enjoyed looking up at the pleasure on his face. He started looking down, enjoying seeing his cock sliding in and out of me. ‘Can I go a bit harder?’ he asked. ‘Sure, I can take it. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you if it’s too much’. He fucked a bit harder but not too heavy. Sliding in and out of me in that steady rhythm felt really nice. He kept that up for about 5 minutes and then started breathing heavier. ‘Do you want me to pull out before I cum?’ he asked. ‘Not if you’d prefer to cum inside me’, I said. ‘You can if you want to’. ‘Oh, fuck’, he said. ‘I’ve hardly ever done that, I love it’. ‘Then shoot every last drop into me and leave it in there’, I said. He started to fuck a little harder and I could see in his eyes that he was close to cumming. I squeezed my ass muscles a little on his cock and he gasped. ‘I’m cumming’, he said. ‘Oh, fuck, oh fuck!’ I could feel his cock surging inside me as he shot his load. He closed his eyes and arched his back. I could tell how good it felt just by looking at him. It felt pretty good to me, too. Then he looked down at me. ‘That was wonderful’, he said. ‘I really needed that’. ‘I’m not in a hurry if you’ve got another one in you’, I said. ‘No, I’m a once-a-day man’, he replied. ‘Do you want to cum, too?’ he asked me. ‘No, I think I’m OK’, I replied. ‘It couldn’t possibly equal the feeling of you cumming inside me.’ He looked really pleased that I had said that. I could feel his cock starting to go down inside me. He looked down and carefully pulled it out of my hole. He had to close his eyes as the still sensitive head came out. We got up and he got some paper towels from the work bench next to a sink and gave them to me to clean up with. As we drove back to my motel, he said, ‘I couldn’t believe my luck when you answered me online. I haven’t met anyone in months and months.’ ‘Well, I’m glad I did answer’, I said. ‘That felt really good. I might go to sleep with your cum still inside me’. ‘Really?’ he said. ‘That’s awesome’. He dropped me off just past the motel. Maybe he knew someone who worked there and didn’t want them to see him with me. ‘Thanks for that’, he said, through the open car window. ‘I feel so much better now!’ He drove off and I realized I didn’t even know his name. I got back to my room and had a shower and got into bed. I had decided not to go to sleep with his cum inside me after all. There was far too much of it. To be continued…. Comments welcome at ail. You might also enjoy my previous stories ‘A Hot Holiday In Pakistan’ and ‘A Hot Holiday in Europe’. They are also here in the ‘Encounters’ section of Nifty. 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