A Little Bit… Naughty!


I met Heather using an online dating app. We matched, hit it off and chatted for a couple of days before arranging to meet. She was divorced, like me, and a mother of two young children. Typically, despite our best-laid plans, real life continued to get in the way. So one or other of us kept cancelling.Unexpectedly, I was offered two free tickets to Matilda The Musical and we set a date in stone — one that neither of us would break. We arranged to meet after work, for a drink, before grabbing a bite to eat in time to make the 7.30pm show.When she walked in, she looked even more amazing than her pictures online. She greeted me with a warm hug like an old, dear friend. “Wow, you look amazing!” I said as we broke from our embrace.“Oh, don’t lie,” she smiled “I’ve just come from work, and haven’t had time to change.”Regardless, she did look amazing. A pair of dark blue cropped trousers hugged her thighs before flowing loosely until ending a few inches above her ankles. A black, loose-fitting top reveal just the tiniest hint of cleavage but was mainly concealed beneath a matching suit jacket. As the first warm weather was upon us, she wore a pair of black, plaited thong sandals, showcasing her delicate, beautifully pedicured feet.We sat and drank, chatting easily. I laughed at her jokes, tried my best to make her smile and felt perfectly at ease in her company. As we talked, I couldn’t help but admire this dynamic, gorgeous and wonderfully successful women.Heather is 40, a self-employed interior designer with a passion for Bauhaus. She has a brilliant mind, and keen wit — particularly when it comes to double entendres. She’s a hair’s breadth over five feet tall, with dark blonde hair cut into a modern bob that frames her slightly rounded face. Her smile could melt the frostiest of hearts, while her deep blue eyes sparkle with every joke behind a pair of stylish, black-framed glasses.Before I knew it, we had to rush off and quickly grab a burger from the ever-popular Shakeshack. Still, I couldn’t help but laugh as a surge of ketchup and burger juice squirted all down the front of her shirt.Heather rolled her eyes, but still managed to make a joke out of the situation.“I always enjoy some meat juice all over my face and chest,” she grinned, “just usually not this early.”After scoffing our food down, and allowing Heather a few moments to clean up her shirt, we dashed to the theatre in time for the show. We laughed, cheered and sang along with the joyous delight that is Matilda The Musical. All too soon the show was over and we emerged back into the warm, humid night around Seven Dials.Strolling down the street, Heather effortlessly slid her arm through mine and pulled me closer to her.“I’ve had a really wonderful time tonight. Shall we grab a drink before I head home?”“I’d love to,” I replied. So we stopped and at the Crown & Anchor for a nightcap. Once again, we chatted easily in the crowded pub. Our bodies pressed closer together than ever and her smile illuminated the gloomy interior. Her hand kept grasping my arm as she leaned in to talk to me and I could feel there was a real connection between us. Sadly, our drinks ended and Heather announced that she should be going.Gallantly, I offered to walk her back to Charring Cross for her train. As soon as we left, Heather once again slipped her arm through mine, pulling me tight, our hips brushing against one another’s. Pulling my arm free, I slipped it around her waist, holding her closely — delightfully she did the same.Loving the physical contact and desperate for more I stopped walking. We turned to face one another and without saying a word, I knew we both wanted to kiss. Slowly, I leaned in just as she did. Tenderly our lips touched and we kissed softly, lingering for just a second or two before parting. As I looked up I was met by those sparkling eyes and a wide, inviting grin.I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity and swiftly leaned back in. Our lips touched, warmly, greeting one another in a passionate embrace. I pulled her body even tighter, as I felt her lips part, willing my tongue to enter. The moment the tip of my tongue lightly eased between her fulsome lips an enormous crack of lightning ripped across the sky, immediately followed by a deep, soul-shaking rumble of thunder. The heavens opened and a deluge descended instantaneously. Still, we kissed, my tongue caressing Heather’s as her body squirmed against mine. Finally, we broke for air as the rain hammered down. Her dark-blonde hair was already soaked, and my shirt stuck to my skin as if I’d just jumped in a pool. But we didn’t care. We kissed again, deeply, wonderfully and intensely while we got wetter and wetter and everyone else ran for shelter.Eventually, we came up for air and smiled at one another.“Well my train home is going to be pretty miserable now,” Heather only half-joked, “We’re absolutely soaked!”“I know you need to head home, but… if you’d like… I live about two minutes away…”“Trying to take me home now?” şişli escort she grinned.“Uh, no… I mean… you could come by, dry off, borrow some fresh clothes and then head home. If you’d like.”“You know, I never thought I’d be going home with you tonight… but that does sound like a great idea. Thanks!”With arms wrapped tightly around each other’s waists, we wandered back to my flat through the torrential rain. Once inside, I headed swiftly to the bathroom to grab some clean, fluffy towels as I kicked off my sodden shoes.“Here you go,” I said, handing Heather a towel and leading her towards my bedroom. Opening my chest of draws and pointing to them I said: “Help yourself to anything that works for you. I’ll wait in the living room.”Heading to the bathroom I removed my drenched shirt and hung it up to dry. As I was drying my hair I heard Heather calling for me. Returning to the bedroom I was delighted and surprised to find her standing in just her underwear also drying her hair.Pulling me towards her, Heather leaned in to kiss me once again. This time her tongue lead the way, delving into my delighted mouth as our wet bodies pressed hard against each other. As we parted Heather smiled and asked:“What if I don’t want any more clothes?” I paused for a moment trying to think of some great comeback, or double entendre to fit the situation. While I searched for the proper words, Heather grabbed me close by my belt. We kissed once more as she fought to undo my drenched jeans but finally succeeded.While she fought with my stuck on jeans, I deftly reached behind her and with one hand flicked the catch on her bra allowing those wonderful breasts to burst free. Not those rock-solid, unmovable boobs of a twenty-something but the large, ripe tits of a forty-year-old mother-of-two. They swung free with delight and a personality all of their own and instantly my mouth went for one. As my hands kneaded the soft, delicate flesh, my tongue teased the nipple as I felt it rise to the clearly-welcome attention.Finally, I stumbled out of my jeans as Heather’s hands began exploring my already damp boxers. Quickly my dick rose to attention thanks to Heather’s nimble fingers.Pushing me free from her swaying tit, she began sinking to her knees with a smile from ear to ear.“Let’s see what we’re working with,” she grinned as she looped her fingers into the waistband of my underwear and slowly worked them down. Gradually my pubes sprang into view, followed by the shaft, as she inched the shorts further down. Down they went until finally, my fully erect cock burst free, almost smacking Heather in the face.“Woah! Now that’s a nice surprise!” she cried as her fingers carefully wrapped around my veiny length. Tenderly she began teasing my foreskin back and forth, seemingly loving the view so close to her face.I watched with delight as she leaned closer still, opening her mouth as wide as possible. Her snake-like tongue licked all around my swollen, purple head while one hand reached for my smooth, shaven balls. Slowly she slid my tip past her voluptuous lips and into the warm, wet sanctuary of her mouth. Her lips closed tightly around my dick and with the sheer force of her sucking and lips, she worked my foreskin. Meanwhile, one hand stroked the base of my shaft and the other tickled my balls. I was in heaven.Grabbing the shaft firmly, she leaned closer and closer, taking me deeper into her mouth. As just over half my length was inside her delicious mouth, she finally gagged as my cock bashed into the back of her throat. Yanking my dick out, she coughed and spluttered as she recovered.Between coughs, she gasped: “I thought I could take it all…”“Don’t worry, it feels amazing,” I assured her as she regained her composure and went back to sucking my dick. This time taking it slower.Soon she was back to working my foreskin with her mouth. She squeezed and tugged at my balls with one hand and played with my shaft with the other. Her head bobbed backwards and forwards, getting faster and faster.Before long I knew I wouldn’t last and lightly touched her cheek. Immediately those bright eyes met mine, while she still sucked me as hard as ever.“Oh god, I’m going to cum,” I gasped, “If you don’t… ugh… want… ugh… me… ugh, ugh… to cum in your… ugh… mouth…”With that, she sucked harder still and squeezed my tightening balls like they were oranges. My stomach tensed as I felt my orgasm rising, my balls tried to pull even tighter against my body as my dick grew even larger.“Oh yes! Yes, fuck yes!” I screamed as a jet of cum launched into Heather’s mouth, followed by another, then another and then one final one.Locking eyes with me once more, Heather slowly slid my cock out of her mouth, with a wonderful glint in her eyes. As my tip dragged across her lips, she made a show of licking them and smiling wickedly as she audibly swallowed every drop.As she stood up, I pulled her close, my now-softening dick pressing against her stomach as I kissed her deeply. My tongue ravished mecidiyeköy escort the inside of her mouth which was still ripe with the flavour of my cum.Together we fell onto the bed, our lips locked in a wonderful, lustful fight as I felt her large tits pressed against my chest. While we kissed, I eased her thighs apart and gently placed my hand between them.  A familiar, warm, wetness greeted my advances despite the black cotton briefs she was still wearing.Eagerly, I stroked and massaged her through her ever-wetter underwear as we kissed and rolled on the bed. With every touch, a small murmur of appreciation snuck out from Heather’s mouth. By now I was desperate to see what lay hidden beneath that tortuous black veil, so broke from our kiss.While my fingers continued their dance, I looked at her and said smiling: “I want to taste you.”“Don’t let me stop you!” Heather cooed.Moving down the bed, I grabbed the top of her underwear and as she lifted her ass from the bed I pulled them off, tossing them to the floor. What a sight! Her smooth stomach led down to a small, immaculately groomed patch of dark-blonde pubes. She, or her bikini waxer, had expertly shaped the short hair into a perfect triangle, which acted almost like an arrow — as if I needed directions!Nestling between her lightly tanned thighs, I marvelled at the smooth, puffy lips. Already slightly parted, they offered just the tiniest glimpse of her incredible pink interior. Heather’s own personal scent filled my nostrils and I inhaled deeply. With each breath, I savoured the rich, heady aroma that drove me wild with desire.Grabbing a firm, memory foam pillow I asked Heather to lift her bum off the bed and rested the pillow carefully beneath her. Raising her hips slightly had now given me the perfect angle to devour her tantalising pussy.Pulling her legs further apart, I began lightly kissing the inside of her right thigh. Slowly working my way closer and closer to the prize. As my lips tenderly kissed its very edge, I stopped. Pulling back ever-so-slightly, I passed over her glistening slit, allowing my nose to lightly graze her desperate pussy. Then I began working my way very slowly down her left thigh.With every tiny kiss, Heather murmured gently, relishing this teasing. Finally, I don’t know who was more eager for this to end, but I knew I was desperate to taste her sweet nectar. Pausing my kissing, I firmly planted my mouth against her soft lips, pressing my tongue as hard as I could against her wet opening. Pushing my tongue as flat as possible, I took one long, slow lick from the very bottom all the way to the top. My tongue was instantly coated in the rich, delicious, tangy flavour of Heather’s wonderful pussy.“Ohhhh,” she moaned, revelling in the soft caress of my delicate attention.As her lips parted further, my tongue delved deeper and further inside her hot wetness. Lapping at her pussy, I gradually made my way up towards her clitoris. I was delighted to find it ready and eager for attention. Gently I closed my mouth around it and sucked softly.“Ohh… mmm… yes,” Heather muttered, as she trembled.Soon, I was sucking her clit firmly as her hips rocked back and forth, trying to escape the delicious tickle of my tongue on her swollen cherry. Finally, I relented and let her clit slip from my lips. Sinking further down, I shoved my tongue as deep into her hot opening as possible, slurping in her full flavour.Taking a break for a moment, just to catch my breath, I looked up to see Heather. Her eyes were closed as her head writhed from side to side. Pushing her legs further back, I took in the wonderful visage before me. Her lithe, sexy body, her large tits — each doing their own thing as she moved — and her bright pink pussy that begged to be licked. Then I spotted her dark, tight asshole, puckered and clenching, so decided to test my luck.As my nose rested at her now-dripping pussy, I tentatively placed my tongue against her most sensitive of areas. Gaining in confidence, I pressed harder, circling that sweet rosebud until it parted, sucking in the tip of my tongue.“Mmmm, yes… oh yes, fuck that’s nice. Oh, you are a dirty boy,” she muttered as I plunged deeper into her anus.Now her ass was nice and wet, I decided it was time to let her cum. Returning to her clit, I couldn’t help but notice how bright and swollen it was. My tongue teased it further as I sucked it strongly into my hot mouth.“Ohh yes! Yes!” Heather cried.Sucking harder and harder I could feel her body twitching with every flick of my tongue as her moans grew louder. They got louder still as first one and then a second finger slid into her scalding-hot pussy. Soon I had worked out a perfect rhythm as my fingers pushed deeper and deeper inside Heather as I sucked hard on her throbbing clit. “Oh my god, yes! Yes!… ohh,” she cried.As my fingers beckoned inside her, searching for that soft, spongy G-spot, my little finger only half-accidentally pushed against her slick asshole. With no problem, it slipped inside.“Oh fuck!” Heather screamed as I reached a perfect crescendo. Two fingers massaged her G-spot and another dived into her ass while my tongue and mouth worked her clit.“Don’t stop… please. Ohh… ohh yes… yes! Yes!” Heather screamed as her hips bucked harder than ever. Her entire body convulsed, both her ass and pussy clamped hard on my fingers — begging them to stop — as a cascade of boiling cum surged across my hand and chin.“Fuck yes! Yes! Oh yes!” she cried as I slowed my actions and her body gradually relaxed, releasing my fingers.Lifting my head, I saw Heather staring at me, those eyes as radiant as ever, with beads of sweat pouring down her face and her cheeks flushed an almost beetroot shade. Her tits heaved up and down as she gasped for breath.Between desperate breaths, she asked: “Do you… have… a condom? I… want you… inside me.”Reaching for my bedside drawer I swiftly grabbed a condom and within seconds had my now-erect cock dressed. Edging between her legs, I carefully aimed for her now-wide-open cunt and pressed my head against her.“Oh wow… slowly, slowly,” she begged.Taking my time, I moved forward, easing into the hot, sweet, welcoming passage. Inch by inch I slid deeper inside Heather to her ever-increasing groans. Pulling back, the strong, muscular pussy walls gripped my dick strongly — almost holding me in place. Each veiny inch slid out before pushing back inside, deeper than before.“Ohh, ohh… gently., gently. Ohh!” moaned Heather as I plunged further inside. Back and forth I went, pulling almost all the way out and then diving deeper and harder than before. With each thrust, her body heaved, those awesome tits swayed. One rotating clockwise and the other anti-clockwise as my cock shoved harder and harder.  Soon, my smooth balls were slapping against her tight asshole as I drove in and out of that burning cunt.Having already cum, I knew I would last a while — despite how tight Heather was. Still, I savoured the looks of passion on her face and the moans emanating from her with every drive of my engorged cock.Soon I was slamming into Heather as hard as possible, her entire body rocking with each pounding. He cries grew louder as my speed increased.“Oh yes! Yes! Ohh fuck… yes!” she cried as I felt her pussy contract and clamp onto my pulsating dick.“I’m cumming. Oh yes, ohh fuck yes! Ohh, mmmm, ohh yes.”With that, a tsunami of burning hot cum gushed across my cock and balls as her sweaty body convulsed and bucked in the throes of passion. Sensing her need for relief, I eased my thrusting. Now, I  glided gently in and out of her with care and sensitivity. Gradually her body relaxed and her bright eyes opened once more.Leaning down, I kissed her deeply, allowing her tongue to bury itself in my mouth as she devoured my face — my cock still nestled deep inside her. Finally, she broke free, panting.“Are you going to cum? What if I turn around?”Pulling out, I watched as Heather quickly spun around onto her hands and knees offering me an exquisite view of her sexy ass and gushing pussy. Now she was so, so wet I easily slipped my full length straight inside, driving her body forward. Bracing herself, Heather placed one hand on the headboard, swiftly followed by another as I crashed into her.Quickly the sounds of slapping flesh filled the air as I pummelled into her sweet, delicious cunt. My thighs crashing into her ass as my dick drove deeper than ever. Holding her cheeks apart, I marvelled at that cute asshole winking at me with each and every thrust. In and out I went, as those velvety smooth walls stroked and massaged my throbbing cock.Before too long, that teasing asshole drove me to distraction. Quickly I coated my thumb with the juices dripping from Heather’s ravaged pussy. Softly, I placed my now-slick thumb against her rosebud and held it there, while I continued to fuck her hard.Without a word from me, Heather suddenly pushed back hard from the headboard, popping my thumb right into her ass.“Oh yes, you dirty boy!” she murmured as I circled my thumb around her tight muscular sphincter.Her asshole sucking on my thumb was enough to drive me over the edge and I could tell I was on the verge of another orgasm. My balls contracted, my stomach knotted and my cock swelled bigger than ever.“Oh fuck Heather, I’m…” I began.“Oh yes! Cum for me, cum for me,” she implored, as I grabbed her hips and pounded into her.Within seconds I could hold back no longer and with a giant roar, I launched a torrent of cum deep into the condom.“Ugh, ugh! Ugh! Yes!” I screamed as I emptied my balls.Finally, I stopped and allowed my cock to slip out of Heather’s tight pussy as I collapsed onto the bed, trying to catch my breath. Heather quickly turned around and dropped onto the bed alongside me, resting her head on my chest as my arm wrapped around her.Minutes passed as we both slowed our breathing and recovered. Once I could focus again I realised that Heather was gently sobbing. Obviously concerned I asked: “Are you ok?”Between sobs, but without looking at me, Heather replied: “I’m fine… no, much better than fine. That was just… my first time since my son was born.”

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