Subject: A Neglected Boy Chapter 15 Please support Nifty to keep these stories fty/donate.html This is my first story at Nifty. Thanks to Nifty staff for all your help. Your comments are always welcomed and appreciated at jacoblion@tutanota Please remember this is fiction and all the characters names are simply fabricated. **Note of interest** All locations are accurate including mileage, especially those sending emails; Thank you so much for your thoughts. It is you my readers that are driving the story . . . . Jacob Chapter 15 Kori and Jake A Story of Love jacoblion@tutanota . . . . . I pulled Kori to me and we lay entwined in each other’s arms . . . . . I could feel him and I didn’t want the feeling to stop and I didn’t want morning to come . . . . Chapter 15 . . . Morning comes quickly. I shut the alarm off and I knew Kori was awake. His hand was rubbing my stomach and going lower. He never stops trying. I slapped his hand and said NO! he just giggled and said . . . “It’s worth a try.” And I said . . . “Kori get up, go shower in your shower and get dressed then breakfast and chores.” Now! Geez I think the honeymoon period is over and I am starting to see what I am in for. I or should I say we needed to get chores done and order all the new furniture for his bedroom. Then make sure his homework was all finished. I wanted to take Kori home at 1 pm so he could have some time with his mother and I knew he would spend the afternoon with Peter. This morning breakfast was very easy. French toast with butter and maple syrup and OJ and coffee for me. So today I got the egg mixture and then it was up to Kori to make the French toast. OK he did a good job. As soon as breakfast was over we went to the den / my office to order all the things for his room. I told him to make sure that I had everything correct because when it arrived it wasn’t going back. One by one he watched as I made the order. Everything was correct. Payment time and Kori watched as the total hit the screen, $4,476.00. He looked at me and said . . . “Jake that is too much money let’s just put the other things back in the room and it will be ok.” I looked at his face and the disappointment it showed. I said . . . “Nah I like the new stuff, and hit the “Complete Order” button Done” The payoff was hug, a kiss on the cheek and another hug and a smile that just didn’t stop. Then it was the chatter a continuous nonstop verbalization of how he was going to help me and what we needed to do and how we would go to the horse shows. We went to the barn and took Finley out and worked him till noon and then turned him out to the large pasture. Kori turned back to look at the house and then showed me how his bedroom would see Finley when he was out. At that moment I realized that Kori and I equaled two but Finley was just one. It now seems that with all the new furniture for the bedroom that I will need another horse. Well I was already thinking about that four months ago. It was noon and time for lunch and to get Kori home. I let Kori make sandwiches and put some chips on the plates. He was cute and the way he arranged the cut sandwiches with the chips in the middle was like at a restaurant. We ate and talked about his furniture arriving Thursday or Friday and that we could spend next Saturday and Sunday morning making his room just as he wanted. Lunch finished I told Kori to get his things together and let’s get him home. I could tell he was not happy. He walked slow as he put his things in the truck. I walked over to him and gave him a hug, kissed the top of his head and told him to think of his room and all the fun we would have next weekend. Then I said be nice to your mom and I bet you can go see Peter later this afternoon. We drove up Raven Woods Rd. and I dropped Kori off at his driveway. As he walked to the steps I called to him and reminded him he had a phone and he knew how to text me. I drove in and pulled all the way in to the back door. I entered the house and it was if something was wrong. It was annoyingly quiet and I didn’t like it. I realized that I am always happy at school, I am in heaven when Kori is just chattering away and then it hit me . . . I just love kids. It is their constant movement, chatter, giggling and foolishness that has made my life so happy. Hell that’s why I’m a teacher. The Kori thing, well that is the extreme and I would never have thought that and eleven year old boy would become the love of my life. I went back to his bedroom and stood there looking at it. In my mind I could see all the furniture in and how he wants it. I see Kori sitting at his desk finishing his homework. I see Peter and Kori playing some game on his new xBox. (he doesn’t have one yet) I turn and walk to the hallway and look at the door to what will be Kori’s bathroom and his door. The two doors stand side by side. Kori bursa escort has to come out of his bedroom and open the door to the bathroom to go in. Ahhh! As I am looking at the bathroom wall there is plenty of room to cut another door between the two rooms. The bathroom will have two entrances one from the hall and one from Kori’s room. I just need to call Neil, oh and pay him for taking care of Finley while Kori and I were on spring break. I went to the kitchen and called Neil and invited him over for steak and backed potatoes, I know he can’t refuse. Neil arrived and I filled him on all that has happened. Neil had an idea about Kori’s trailer home. He said. . “Jake I have seen that place for years and I noticed about two weeks ago she was out in the yard picking things up as I passed by. What if we went up there and cut some of the trees back to let more light in and gave her a hand and really cleaned things up?” I thought that was a fantastic idea so it was that we would plan a day and would include Kori and Peter then have a BBQ. With that discussion over Neil and I went to look at the “Door Project” Neil said it was not a structural wall so no problem it would take about 6 hours. I asked when he could do it and he was ready then. He went home to get a readymade door frame it’s easy because the door is already hung in the frame. It’s really great when your friend is a contractor. It was a help project that means I hold this and that. I couldn’t believe it 4 � hours and it was completed. Not bad. We started at 2:30 and here it was 7 and steaks were on the grill and potatoes were in the oven and finished. As Neil and I ate we talked about Kori and the situation. He asked about the guardianship papers. I told Neil that I would have everything done by Thursday so Myrna could sign the papers and it would not cost her anything. The real big issue was how and when to tell Kori and how he was going to respond. I let Neil know that I was very nervous about the whole thing but that I wanted Kori here and never to go his uncle or to a foster home. Neil and I both know of several foster homes in our area of North Western Mass. that are really just places where the people are ripping the state off and the kids are pretty much neglected. Neil said he needed to get home that tomorrow is Sunday and he had promised to go with his mom to church. With Neil gone I straightened everything up and cleaned the kitchen. I took a walk out to the barn and did the evening chores with Finley and returned to an empty house. I didn’t like it, Think what you will, “I miss Kori.” TV was boring. I went to the basement and found the white paint and back up to Kori’s bathroom and painted the doorframe and baseboard that we had to cut and replaced. I finished and again just stood in his bedroom. It was now just after eleven and I was tired but restless. I showered and went to bed. Just as I was reaching to shut off the light my cell phone beeped. It was a text from Kori . . . “I miss you, I love you, and thank you.” That is all it said but it spoke volumes in only 9 words. As hard as I tried I could not hold back the tears. I simply text him back . . . “I love you too, now go to sleep stud muffin” . . . I was so restless. I tossed and turned and looked at the clock it said midnight then 1 am. I had finely gone to sleep and I was dreaming that I felt his hand on my side and rubbing my chest. It was so real my eyes opened and . . . . “Geeez OMG . . . Kori what the hell are you doing here? It’s the middle of the night.” Kori had climbed out his window and used the key to get in and then snuck quietly in my bed. Kori said . . . “I missed you too much and wanted to be with you for just a little while.” This can’t be we could both get in so much trouble. I had to explain . . . “Kori first I want you to know I love you and I missed you too. I think you need to know that this could have been a disaster. What if you had been found running down the road at three in the morning by a police officer or what if they had seen you unlocking my door at three in the morning? That would have made things for you and I very complicated and it may have ended up that you would not be able to visit never mind having your own room here. Geez Kori and on top of everything your naked! Put your clothes on I’m taking you home. Oh and you can crawl back in the window just like you crawled out. “I’m sorry Jake I won’t do it again.’ So Kori says . . . not believing it. I took Kori to just past his driveway and let him out. My heart was racing what if a cop came by and saw Kori getting out of my truck. I went home and maybe I had two hours of sleep. Sunday morning was already here. I needed coffee. I need lots of coffee. I just had a slice of toast with peanut butter. The day moved just about as slow as it could. I didn’t hear anything from bursa escort bayan Kori all day. He must have been mad at me. It was school in the morning and I knew I would see him to ride in with me so I decided to just go to bed. Just as I am turning out the light the phone beeps and it is Kori with a text . . . “I miss you, love you, see you in the morning” and that was all for the night. Monday morning came and it was the usual for me. Chores, breakfast, shower and out the door for school. Kori was at the end of the drive waiting and with a smile. He hopped in the truck and told me he and his mom had a good day and then Peter came over and they played ball and used his iPad. So overall the ride to school was good and I was looking forward to a good day. Pulled in the parking lot and it is all the same every day. The kids are playing, yelling, screaming hugging, wrestling always the same. The thing is that it is happiness and unless you’re a teacher you really can’t explain the feeling of being there. It’s like you can’t explain how it feels when you bungee jump, you have to do it to know the feeling. Class all day was a dream even lunch duty, playground duty, all day just great. What will tomorrow be? That is a good question. It was time for last bell and the kids were in line at the door. Really a very great day and I needed it to be. They all departed as they always did. The gentle knock told me that Kori was ready to go home. I looked and he was just standing smiling at me. Kori and I finished things in the classroom and went to the truck. I waved at a few other teachers as they were getting in their cars. We drove straight to Kori’s driveway and he jumped out thanked me for the ride and as he turned to walk away I heard him say . . . “I love you Jake.” And then there was a little wave. I drove in and all the way back to the backdoor. It was like any other day and the same routine. Chores, dinner TV and all that stuff just like any other day getting home from school. I didn’t see Kori Sunday and today was over and I thought maybe tonight would be better. Maybe I could just enjoy the evening. I was wrong. It wasn’t twenty minutes in the house and I missed him. The worst part of it was that Kori had now left some play clothes here. Perhaps that doesn’t sound like a big deal; but it is. Why? Because I can smell his scent he has a very distinct sweet body odor about him and even the collar on his shirt smells like strawberry. I feel sick to my stomach that is how much I miss him, how much I love him. I had to go to the kitchen and get some crackers I was nauseous and thought I was going to vomit. In my life I have never had this feeling. I just wanted tomorrow to come. My phone beeped . . . It was a text and a photo of Kori with the Charles W. Morgan in his room. He was smiling. The second text came telling me he had cleaned his room. I sent a text back “Good Boy” I didn’t say anything else. Tomorrow did come quickly. Kori was right there and he got in the truck smiled and said . . . “Jake it is hard not to be with you and I really can’t wait till weekend.” Ahhh. Now I felt better it was something we both could look forward to. It was off to school and the same routine. Tuesday and Wednesday went by so fast. I got home to find an email telling me that all Kori’s things would be in on Friday. I was much better Wednesday night and I had many things to do after chores. As I kept busy time passed quickly. Dinner and shower over I got a text from Kori and it said . . .”Hi Jake I just had my shower and wished you were with me, Love Ya.” I need to talk to Kori about what he can send and what not to send and how to erase all that from his phone. Thursday morning was here and that meant only one more day and Kori and I could have Saturday and Sunday morning together. As usual Kori was waiting for me and it was off to school. The usual . . . kids laughing, playing . . . the whole nine yards of them and their fun and games. The bell rang and then the lineup, the pushing and all that stuff. Class was great and it was outside for fun and games time and I had playground duty. The kids were playing ball and on the gym set when I heard Peter and Kori screaming at me to hurry there was a fight. I got to them and broke it up. Oh this was not good. It was Liam and Charlie. Liam is a very small 9 year old third grader and Charlie is a big 11 year old fifth grader. Liam’s nose was bleeding and he was crying. I was about to hit Charlie but just pushed him out of the way. I told Charlie to go to the office immediately. He began to say Liam started it. I interrupted him and told him not to say another word and to get to the office. I told Peter to go with Charlie and let Mr. Prince know I would be there as soon as I took Liam to the nurse. I got Liam to the nurse and let Helen know what had happened. escort bursa Helen told me that most likely Charlie would face suspension as he had already received many warnings. It was obvious that Liam was going to have a black eye. I sat with Liam as Helen cleaned him up. I asked him what started the fight and who hit who first. Then the problem, it seems Charlie called Liam a sissy and with that Liam swung at Charlie and hit him in the chest. With that Charlie swung back and punched Liam in the nose. I left Liam with Helen and went to the office. Charlie was with Mr. Prince our vice principle and I had to tell him what had happened. With that Charlie piped up with “I told you so, he started it, he hit me first so I punched him back.” Then I said . . . “Charlie that’s not everything is it? Seems you called Liam a sissy and you have already been in trouble for bullying several times this year.” With that I left and needed to get back to class. The remainder of the day was fine and it was soon just about last bell. My phone rang and it was Helen the school nurse asking me to please come to her office after last bell. I told her I would see her in a few minutes. Kori was at my door and I asked him to please just stay while I went to see Helen. I walked in and Helen and Liam were sitting together. Liam was looking mad. I asked Helen what was up and was Liam Ok. Helen looked at me and told me Liam wouldn’t get on the bus. The bus was gone and Liam was still at school. Helen had called his home and there was no answer. Now I am looking at Helen like . . . so what am I supposed to do about it . . . then she said he has foster parents. Then Helen told Liam to sit still and asked me to step in the hall. It can’t get worse. Can it? Helen looked at me and said . . . “Mr. Roberts you know the list of foster parents we have, well Liam’s foster parents are the worst on the list. I don’t know if anyone is home or if they just won’t answer the phone. Here is the problem we have right now, if they will not come pick him up I have to let our “Dare” officer take him home now if he gets there and there is no one home then he has to call “child protective services” so I was wondering . . . well you know . . . You took Kori so maybe you could take Liam. Just for today and check if he will be Ok. I’m looking Helen directly in the face and I can’t believe what I’m hearing. I said . . . “Helen do you know what you’re asking? You know that Kori now rides with me to and from school, you are one of the few here that knew he spent spring break with me. Oh and by the way are you aware that his mother is dying? Now you’re asking me to get involved with another child.” Helen was a little taken with what I had just said. She didn’t know Myrna was dying. She was very upset. Still she looked at me and asked me to please take Liam home and check to see his foster parents were home. Finally, I agreed with this condition . . . if Liam’s foster parents were not at home then I would take him to my home and she would have to come to my house and either stay with him or take him with her or call “CPS” because I would not. Helen agreed. We went back to Liam and explained that no one answered the phone so Mr. Roberts will take you home. With that Liam had a big smile and said “Great, let’s go” Now I had to go collect Kori and explain this all to him. Liam and I went back to my classroom and Kori was at my desk relaxing in my chair as if he owned the place. He looked at me and then at Liam then back at me. I took a deep breath and explained everything to Kori. Kori looked at me with a smile and said the more the merrier. I need some advil. We went to the truck and I put Liam in the back seat. Kori was in front and buckled in. The good thing I guess is that Liam lives only a few houses past Kori’s trailer home. I told Kori I would drop him off first. Nope he would have none of that he wanted to stay till Liam was home. Well I guess that’s not a problem. We got to Liam’s house and it was just four o’clock. No one home! This is not what I want. We turned around; I called Helen and told her to meet me at my house. We drove in Kori’s drive way and Myrna was getting in the car and she said . . . “Oh Jake thank you so much you got my message?” I looked at Myrna and she looked terrible . . . and I said no I was late at school and had to take Liam home but there is no one there. Myrna looked back at me and said “Oh I wanted to ask you if you could keep Kori for the night I have to work late again and I really don’t feel good either but they have no one to work so I have to go.” Oh this is an impossible situation. I feel so bad for Myrna but now I have two kids and Helen coming to the house, chores . . . I had to say yes to Myrna, Kori was already back in the Truck with a grin ear to ear. He was telling Liam all about Finley and the house . . . and I was just beside myself. Where does this all end? Where? Just tell me Where ! Chapter 16 Next Kori and Jake A Story of Love Please let me know if you are enjoying the story, A Neglected ota

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