A One for Two


Millie sipped at her coffee as she settled back into bed. She opened her E-Book to read while awaiting a phone call from her sister Becky. The two ladies were widows, having lost their husbands in a traffic accident when returning from a hunting trip. That had happened four years prior and they were just returning to a more normal life after the gnawing grief of losing loved husbands.

Millie lived on the family farm, she and her husband Hank moving there to look after her mother after her father died, and then making it their permanent home when her mother passed on as well. They leased out most of their farmland to others and had fenced off a few acres around the farmhouse. They modernized the house, spruced up the yard with flowers and shrubs and added a swimming pool. They had vegetable gardens, a chicken coop and a few barnyard animals so that Hank could play farmer, which he was not. They were living a contented life before the fatal accident.

Her sister Becky lived in the nearby town. She owned and lived in the apartment that she and her husband had purchased just before his death.

The ladies were in their mid-fifties, their children out on their own to faraway places and they were now trying to adjust to this new order of life. They had always been close to each other, almost having the mind-meld of twins although Becky was older by two years. There was virtually nothing that could come up in life that they could not discuss in complete candour. They had supported each other through these trying years.

They had recently agreed that Becky would sell her apartment and move in with Millie on the family farm. But during the process of coming to that agreement, the desire, or at least the thoughts of seeking sex again had emerged from the dark abyss of their lives. They had enjoyed active sex lives before and during marriage and some of those memories seeped back into their thoughts.

They were double dating with two men whom they had known before marriage. Both of the guys were single status, one widowed and the other divorced. There had been no thought of anything other than male companionship, maybe sex but certainly not marriage. The goodnight kisses had gradually increased in length and intimacy. They admitted to each other that the pleasant romances might soon be consummated.

They had been on a date the previous night and had enjoyed dinner at a ‘dine and dance’ club. Millie had whispered to Becky as they said goodnight that this might be the night. Whatever happened would be reported to the other next morning.

The phone rang, Millie could barely contain herself; she had so much to relate but said, “Hi Beck, how did it go last night?”

Becky responded, “Well, maybe not what I was expecting, but we did it!” They giggled, having discussed the possibilities for some time and how it would feel to have a different man on you and in you after years bedding one man only. She continued, “And how about you? You looked like you were ready to eat him when we parted last night.”

“Oh I didn’t, did I?” Millie exclaimed. “I thought I was looking pretty cool and under control. Bart must have recognized it as well, he didn’t waste any time. But yes, we did it too!”

Becky continued, “So, tell me all about it, I want details on your night before I tell you my weird tale.”

Millie said, “Weird? Tell me what kind of sex do you class as weird? But okay, I’ll tell you my story but maybe with not as much detail as you seem to be seeking.”

She settled back, took a sip of coffee and said, “Well, you were right about how I was feeling. When we danced, his hands felt so soft and yet strong, drifting over my body like a warm wind. I allowed him to pull me close, his knee worked between my legs and I pushed my hips forward to feel his erection. He responded, ‘Oh God Millie, I want you.’ I was so damn hot, my entire body was on fire and I knew that he was going to get what I wanted him to get.

On the way home he stopped at Silver Lake. We had been there on our first and only date before I married Hank. I must have told you back then. We had walked on the beach and kissed a bit. He had tried to get me into the back seat of his car and I refused. He became angry and drove me home and never asked me out again.

I was much more amenable this time. I let him feel my breasts and bum while we hot kissed. I’m ashamed at how much I rubbed on his erection; I wanted to hold it in my hand. When we returned to the car he smiled and put his hand on the handle to the rear door and said, ‘Remember?’ I said, ‘open it.’

I was so excited and very nervous, but also very curious, it has been that long. He was very much in command, smooth and gentle but insistent at the same time. I just forgot about everything else and let him do what he wanted. His hands were relentless, we kissed crazily while he somehow managed to get into my blouse and bra and suddenly he was kissing my breasts and nipples. I just lay back and shut my eyes and mind, surrendering poker oyna to all of the beautiful touches and feelings. I had forgotten how good it felt to have my nipples sucked. He took my panties off and I found myself in the corner of the seat with my knees up and legs spread. His fingers were gentle as he touched and probed my pussy. He is very skilled. I cringed with pleasure.

And then he went down on me!”

Becky cried out, “Oh damn, he didn’t did he? The first time, my God, I only had that two or three times in my married life. And then what?”

Millie continued, “It was excruciating, he licked me and tongued my clit but then sensed that I was close to getting off. He lifted up off of me and pulled his pants and undershorts down below his knees. I was about to protest that we should finish in my bed, but I made the mistake of grasping his penis. Oh it was so hard Becky, so hard. The feel of it in my hand washed away any thoughts of waiting. Not that Bart would have waited anyway; I couldn’t have stopped him.

He turned me around with my upper body over the front seat and me facing forward. He moved underneath me and pulled my butt down until I felt his penis between my legs. We worked his knob into me and he whispered, ‘take it Millie, nice and easy, I want it all in you.’

I wanted it in me too! I balanced my upper body with my boobs dangling over the front seat and worked my way down his shaft. Oh God, I could have sat on it all night. He pulled my cheeks apart so that I could feel all of it in me. My pussy was sucking on it.”

Becky interjected, “No more, no more, I’m going to come.”

Millie said, “Well that was about all anyway, I just held still and he laid into me, slow at first then faster and faster, and then he spanked my bum as we got off.” A pause, she was as excited as Becky, caught her breath and said, “So how was your night?”

Becky said, “If there could possibly be a complete reversal of your story it would be mine but at least we did it in a bed! But he was so damn shy, he would not make a first move, he left it all up to me.

I had to drag him to the bedroom, had to put his hand to my breasts, had to undress both of us. After I had him naked I had to beg him to lie back on the bed. He did have a full erection; there was no problem about that. My body was shaking when I straddled him and settled down over it. He still hadn’t made a move until I bent over him and fed him a nipple. He got more and more excited and sucked each nipple several times. I began to ride him and he soon joined in. I got off real quick, I guess from trying so hard.

But he kept going, like a damn energizer bunny. He rolled me over and got on top of me, still strumming away at me. I began to tire, it was something like when Bill had too much to drink and couldn’t get off. He was like a ‘choo-choo’ train before I finally recalled my trick with Bill and eased a finger up his butt. He jerked upwards and I felt him come. He looked horrified at first as if I had just shot him or something.

Then he settled down, we rolled around for a little while, kissing and feeling until I was ready for more. I wanted him to stay overnight but he jumped out of bed, dressed and was ready to leave. I pleaded with him, no shame at all in me, but no, he had to go, had an appointment in the early morning and away he went.”

Millie did not want to interrupt or laugh out loud throughout the tale and had kept quiet. As it ended and while smothering a laugh she said, “God Becky, write that all down so we can read it in a few years! But, did you enjoy it?”

“Damn right,” said Becky, “It was like starting all over with sex and it seemed that I knew more than he did which is kind of crazy as I only ever had a few lovers and one husband. Well, maybe more than a few lovers but how about you? Any plans to see Bart again?”

“Not sure,” Millie said, “he is one serious guy and wanted to stay over with me last night. I told him it would never happen and he drove me home and left a bit angry. He still doesn’t like ‘no’ for an answer. I would like to go to bed with him, but no sleepover for me. And as for starting sex all over, what can I say, I ended up getting laid in the back seat of a car in a lovers lane!”

It was a few month’s later. Becky had sold her apartment and the two ladies had just settled in to their childhood home.

They had broken up with their first “after marriage” lovers. Despite the partings they were open for more, the return to sex had made them feel alive and desirable.

It was a hot summer day and they were sitting on the shady side of the house on an outdoor veranda sipping beer. Becky exclaimed, “Who is that over by the chicken coop?”

Millie glanced over and said, “Oh, that’s Tommy, he’s a college student and the son of neighbours. I pay him to come over once or twice a week to look after the yard and gardens and in the early morning for the animals. He was raised on a farm and knows better than I what needs looking after. He’s a nice canlı poker oyna young guy. He works three part time jobs in the summer to make enough cash to get him through his next semester at school.”

Becky smiled and said, “He looks capable of looking after more than a farm. My God, what a build.”

“Settle down girl,” Millie laughed, “we have thirty years on him, and he pretty well has the pick of the young ladies in town. Although I hear that he has been wooing more than single girls.”

Becky brightened and asked, “What do you mean by that? What other ladies is he wooing? I gather you use ‘wooing’ as another term for ‘screwing’.”

Millie said, “There are stories that he has bedded several married gals, all of whom are apparently younger than us.”

She stood up and called out, “Hey Tommy, come over and meet my sister Becky. She is going to live here with me and you should meet her.”

Tommy dropped his hammer and stood up and stretched, smiling all the while. He trotted across the back lawn and up onto the veranda. A sweat stained muscle shirt and short shorts clung to his body. Becky’s hungry eyes drank in every nuance of this gorgeous young man. She extended her hand, “Hi Tommy, so nice to meet you.”

Tommy smiled graciously and said, “My pleasure, you are almost a twin to your beautiful sister.” His pleasure was obvious as he fixed his eyes on hers and then on her breasts nicely displayed in a sleeveless top. Their fingers lingered as if both reluctant to lose touch.

Millie was smirking despite herself and said, “Would you join us for a beer Tommy?” She laughed and said, “I do believe that you are old enough aren’t you?” This comment was meant as a reminder to her sister.

“You know I am Mrs. Ward, but thank you anyway, I have to finish up and get to my evening job. Another time maybe.” He smiled at Becky again and trotted off. Both ladies sighed simultaneously as they watched his powerful athletic body stride away.

Becky said, “Oh God, is it the mother in me that wants to hug him?”

Millie giggled and said, “I doubt there is any motherhood involved big sister, and I think you are thinking of more than a hug. I know that I am!”

There was a lot more to Tommy than either of his two admirers ever imagined. The son of a relatively poor farm family, he had evolved into a driven young man. Good looking with an appealing outlook on life, a top high school student, he had worked his butt off to be able to enrol in an excellent college. He seemed to be the type of young man that every father would pray his daughter would marry.

There was also a secretive darker side to him. Women were generally attracted to him and he had more than his share of opportunities for sex and took advantage of every one of them. However, the last thing he wanted was a committed relationship. It could only get in the way of he becoming a success.

He was very direct in his approach to making out with a woman. If the lady involved showed physical interest in him, he went for the brass ring, but backed off if it appeared that commitment was a condition of the sex. If sex did ensue he was as dedicated to pleasing his partner as pleasing himself. He loved to please horny women.

He had a reputation of sorts among the ladies in his world; it would be sex or nothing. The reaction among said ladies ranged from the bold ones that desired him at any cost, to those wanting no part of him, which were many of them. He believed ‘to each his own’, their choice. As a result, as most young single gals wanted more than to just get laid, his recent conquests had been with married gals seeking only a one-night stand or less.

As he finished up his work and rose to leave, he glanced back at the two ladies still sipping beer on the veranda. He knew that Becky was curious about him, and he was curious about her. However, two ladies in one house posed a poorly defined objective. It would be difficult to separate one from the other and Millie had shown very little interest in him over the years. So despite his interest in Becky he had erased her from his list of potential affairs.

He was not erased from Becky’s mind however, and her ongoing chatter and thoughts about him weakened the loins of both she and her sister.

The ladies watched their fantasy prey as he turned to wave at them as he left.

Becky moaned, “Did you see those pectorals? Those long powerful arms and big hands?”

Millie laughed, “All farmers’ sons have big hands and are powerful silly. And on top of which he works out and is a good athlete.”

Becky droned on, “And his hips and thighs. Can’t you imagine the feel of them between your legs as he mounts you?”

“You are losing your mind,” Millie exclaimed, “What makes you think that he would want to service either you or I? We are ancient in his world. Not going to happen.” She paused, “But it would be nice wouldn’t it!”

“Those shorts should be illegal in public,” Becky continued as if Millie had not responded internet casino to her last exclamation about this suddenly very desirable man. “I could see his bulge in them. It was about a foot from my eyes and it was moving around. And he knew that I was checking it out. He was interested little sister, I know he was.”

“Well, I admit that he showed interest, how could he not with all that drool running out of your mouth!” Millie responded. However, she was having a few fantasies of her own.

Life continued during the long hot days of summer, the ladies being sure to be home when the young stud was scheduled for work. They preened and dressed in provocative shorts and halter-tops, with the occasional bikini day thrown in with hopes of luring him into their swimming pool. Occasionally he would accept an invitation for a beer. Becky did her best to further entice him with hints of bare breast or spread legs.

But he always had somewhere to go and if he joined them for a beer, it was only for a few minutes before he left. The women were almost panting as they watched his lithe legs and hard butt walk away. But it was fun too; it helped fill their days and allowed their minds to run wild with thoughts of bedding him. Millie was now thinking about inviting her former lover Bart over for a night including a sleepover.

Tommy was now thinking about Becky as a sex objective, based on new interest coming his way from her sister. They had similar builds with Becky being a little thicker and heavier through the waist. They were both in good shape, short and stocky and full breasted. There was very little left to the imagination when they wore bikinis. Tommy’s lust was never totally based on appearances but more on the amount of erotic interest that he perceived a woman was showing towards him. Mrs. Ward, Millie, was definitely showing interest.

The conversations between the three of them had strayed into suggestive talk and phrases. They sprinkled in ‘double entendres’ concerning oral sex or sexual positions or experiences.

Becky would ask, “How many women have you had?”

Tommy’s grinning response, “Lifetime or just this month?”

Millie asked, “Have you ever had group sex?”

Tommy’s answer, “Not really, although I have often thought about a threesome. How about you two?”

Millie said coyly, “Well, we have chatted about a threesome recently.”

He was confident that he would be successful if he managed to isolate either of them one on one. But now he was thinking bigger and felt that an attempt to have sex with both of them at one time might be achievable. He had been unusually cautious in his approach towards a threesome.

And so it came to pass that Tommy surprised the gals one late afternoon by accepting their invitation to join them for a dip in their pool. His only condition was that, as he did not have a bathing suit, they would have to accept him swimming in his undershorts. Becky exclaimed, “No problem Tommy, Millie will avert her eyes!”

They all laughed as they escorted him through a bedroom with a sliding glass door opening to the pool deck.

Both women were wearing a halter-top and shorts combination but did not want to take the time to fetch their bikinis.

Tommy smiled at them as he pulled off his muscle shirt, kicked off his shoes and pushed his tight shorts down his powerful legs. He was a horny woman’s dream; he looked totally elegant to the two staring sisters, their focus on his netted undershorts. They were right out of a porn magazine advert. There was more space than netting and his more than adequate penis was clearly showing coiled up under the waistband with a pair of big balls bulging beneath. He posed teasingly as the sisters stood frozen in time.

This was evolving into a perfect storm of sex. On the one side were two attractive widowed ladies, recovering from four years of abstinence and having worked themselves up with fantasies about sex.

On the other side a handsome and virile young man who sought only sex from women.

There would be no loser here.

He hooked his thumbs in the waistband of the undershorts and said, “Any real need to wear these ladies?”

Millie, still staring at what appeared to be a sausage uncoiling in the shorts said, “What? Sorry Tommy, what did you say?”

Tommy said, “Let’s swim naked is what I was leading up to. Or at the very least you ladies could remove your tops; then we’d be almost even.” He grinned at them while pulling his flimsy shorts off and diving into the pool. He swam a length and on his return lap noted they were both topless and lowering themselves into the pool at the shallow end.

Millie giggled nervously as she slipped into the water and whispered to Becky, “Did you see what popped out of those shorts before he dove in? He was getting hard and it might be out of our league!”

Becky replied, “If you are scared of it, leave him to me.”

Millie croaked out, “Dream on.”

Tommy reached them just as the water level was licking at their tits. He stood in front of them as if blocking their way. Four erect nipples were trembling a few inches from his body as the ladies in turn peered down between his legs.

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