A Pregnant Pause


Katie sat down on the overstuffed couch and sighed. As she attempted to get her feet up on the coffee table she was disgusted at her figure. Katie was once a slim, petite, and very cute blonde. Her husband was always telling her how great she looked and after years of trying to get pregnant, he continued to tell her how much he loved her. Katie, on the other hand, was disgusted at how she looked. Her ankles were swollen and her huge belly made every day tasks difficult. She couldn’t reach anything on the middle and top shelves in the kitchen and she waddled like a duck every time she walked around. Her red hair had gone from wavy curly to ringlet curly and her breasts were so enormous she felt like a porn star.

When Chad walked in the door he couldn’t help but smile. There was his beautiful pregnant wife. She was rubbing her belly and singing a slow lullaby to the babies. He removed his shoes and coat, keeping an eye on her. She was wearing those cute gray yoga pants and tank top. The elastic band of the pants was below her belly and the tank top barely covered her soft round breasts. Chad’s cock was so hard as he stared at her firm, bare, round tummy. There were no stretch marks at all and she was so perfect.

“Stop staring, I’m bahis siteleri ugly.”

Chad took 3 big steps towards Katie and knelt by her feet, massaging her bare feet with her large strong hands.

“You are gorgeous and my cock is so hard it’s going to burst. Don’t you dare say that.”

Chad leaned up and kissed Katie hard, his hands groping her breasts. He had had no idea how big they could get and as he rubbed her large nipples she whimpered. Her sex drive was through the roof the entire pregnancy yet she had almost always wanted it with clothes on, in the dark.

“Baby, not here.” Katie was protesting but Chad was not letting up.

He stood up and removed his business jacket. His hands fumbled with his pant zipper as his eyes stared into hers.

“I want you right now and don’t you dare say anything to protest.”

The moment Chad pulled down his pants and boxers Katie smiled. She had always loved sex with Chad yet at this moment she was being torn in two directions. She knew her pussy was dripping wet yet she didn’t want him to see her naked. Chad didn’t give her a choice as he yanked off her pants and slid deep inside her pussy. His eyes glazed over and he started thrusting hard and fast, her hot wet pussy pulsing canlı bahis siteleri against his member. She grabbed at her breasts, not noticing the wet spots that were forming where her nipples were.

“Oh fuck baby, you’re lactating.” Chad leaned up and pulled down her flimsy tank top, revealing the melon size breasts. He latched on hard to her left nipple, sucking the tip deep into his mouth. His left hand reached down to play with her clit. He flicked her clit ring back and forth, thinking to the time she had surprised him with it and then to only a few months later when she wanted to remove it, not thinking she was sexy enough to have it. He tasted the warm liquid. It didn’t have much taste but it was heavenly. Changing to her right nipple he looked up at his wife. She was squirming and moaning and panting. He knew she was close.

“Tell me what you need baby.” Chad whispered against her cleavage, begging her with his eyes to orgasm.

Without warning she came. It was intense and loud and amazing. She thrust her hips up hard and pinched her nipples, milk squirting out to land in droplets against her round belly. She was swearing and yelling as her pussy clamped down on Chad’s cock and wouldn’t let go.

She sat up and canlı bahis pushed him onto the floor, landing on top of him as she sat up, riding his cock as she wiggled against him.

“Again Chad, make me fucking cum again or you’ll never get this pussy again.”

Chad grinned. This was how she was before her body had been taken over by the pregnancy. This was the woman he loved and adored that was so horny they had fucked in the airport washroom the first and only time they were apart more then a day. Chad gripped her hips and bucked up hard. He loved her on top and watched as her breasts bounced. He reached behind to finger her ass, knowing this would drive her over the edge. It did.

“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.” Katie came hard again. She reached down to pinch his nipples, her pussy quivering with the sensations of the rough intense sex. Chad couldn’t hold back. He pumped up hard and fast, unloading his hot, fertile cum into her pussy.

He lay back and panted, trying to catch his breath. He wanted to stay like this forever, his lover and best friend resting on his body, two new lives growing inside her.

“I look horrible and gross.” Katie slid off her husband and grabbed her pants, leaning against the couch to slid them back on.

“We had rules. Only in bed. Only at night with the lights off.”

Katie stomped off to the bedroom, waddling more like it but she was trying to stomp. Chad pouted and sat up. It was good while it lasted.

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