Accidents and Revelations


Accidental Exposure…and revelation.

I got home from the office a bit early. Toeing off my heels with a sigh of relief as soon as I was through the door.

It was Easter weekend coming up, so our boss had let us all finish after lunch. Some of my work colleagues had travel plans and it made sense to let everyone go early.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that when my boss said everyone. He had actually meant it.

As the most junior in the office, I had half expected to be told I had to stay and finish up while the senior staff got the extra time off.

So, I was feeling pretty good and had plenty of energy when I got home to my little flat that I rented for a very reasonable rate.

I didn’t have any plans for the long weekend, but it was always nice to get some time off. I was still getting used to being employed full time and it was a bit of a shock to my system. Previously I had been at University. This was my first real job.

As I locked my door and then headed for the living room which had a kitchenette. I tried to think of something I could do besides staying at home and watching telly.

With very little money in my bank account and no real friends in the city. I had to think of something that wouldn’t involve spending my non-existent funds or require more than me myself and I.

So far, I had dated two of my co-workers but neither of them had inspired me to do more than try them out. I slept with one of them and then decide he was only after the sex and nothing more.

For now. I was pretty much alone in a new city where I was too shy to try going out on my own looking for companionship.


It was still a bright day and wouldn’t be dark for some time.

I decided a jog along the river would be a good start. I could relax into a decent pace while thinking about what else to do.

It took three paces to get to my small bedroom. Most of its space taken up by a double bed that I had unwisely treated myself to after my first paycheck had come in.

Slipping off my skirt, I stepped out of it and then wriggled out of my plain black tights. I took off my knickers along with the tights and dropped the lot into my laundry basket.

Bottomless, I walked to my bathroom. Undoing my blouse as I went and then hung it up. It was mostly wrinkle free and I had come to be economical. The blouse would be fine to wear one more time.

Hung as it was. On a hanger. The steam from my shower would pull out the rest of the wrinkles.

Reaching behind myself. I unclipped my bra and shrugged it off. Letting my pale c-cup breasts swing free at last. The lacy bra was expensive. All bras seemed to be, but I had spent a bit extra on three nice ones for my move to London. I hung it on the back of my bathroom door and turned to the mirror.

All I now had on was my jewellery and glasses.

My shoulder length Blonde hair hung loose. Slightly wavy with a few curls at the tips.

Picking up a hair bobble from next to the sink. I tied my hair up into a ponytail before taking out my dangly earrings and replacing them with studs. My neckless came off next and was placed next to the sink. Ready for my return.

As always. I took in my figure with a critical eye. I was twenty-three and still had a decent body. Helped by regular exercise. My figure was trim yet curvy in the right places.

I didn’t think of myself as vain. I did however like to check if I was getting flabby. My family tended to be on the larger side, it was natural to be a little paranoid.

I turned from side to side as I looked at my pale skinned body with its freckles that ran over my shoulders and part of my chest.

A few more freckles flecked my upper cheeks and the bridge of my small nose. I had light green eyes that had been compared to jade on a few occasions. Generally speaking, I was pretty. Not beautiful, but certainly pretty. The distinction once pointed out to me by an ex.

My breasts didn’t drop much when braless. They stood out from my body, topped with large pale pink areolas and dark pink nipples. They had a distinct upturn to them that I thought odd but the few men I had slept with thought very nice.

My tummy was mostly flat with a perfectly normal small curve at its base. Covering my vaginal area was a trimmed thatch of downy soft light blonde pubes which I kept tidy as I also shaved my pussy lips. Liking the extra sensitivity that gave them when I did get to have sex. Not that I was getting any right then, as my last proper relationship had ended when I finished University. And so far, I had only done it once since leaving.

I had pleasingly long legs that were slim enough to give me a significant thigh gap. Legs that were only blemished by a few freckles on my inner thighs.

Turning, I looked at my bum and smiled. I had a good shaped ass that had elicited a few compliments from boys and girls. It was rounded without sagging and looked firm yet soft.

Satisfied that I hadn’t expanded any since I last looked. I walked back to my room to pull on Ataşehir Escort a pair of sweatpants, a sports bra and plain dark blue sweatshirt that matched the pants.

No, I didn’t bother with panties. It would just be another thing to wash come laundry day. The baggy sweatpants were enough to protect my decency.

By the front door. I wriggled my feet into my running shoes and then tied them tightly with a double bow.

Clipping a bum bag around my waist. I unlocked my door and headed out. Dropping my house keys into the bag. Letting them join my purse and phone after double locking my door.

A brisk walk took me to the river’s edge where I did a few stretches as I listened to a bit of music. Katy Perry and the like would be todays running companions.

It was a popular place to jog. But not at this time. Most people still at work and missing the sunshine as it glittered off the river to give me a pleasant view for my run.


I love to run, and this route was familiar to me. I was soon at a steady pace that felt like I was almost floating. My long slim legs eating up the ground with ease as I let myself fly along the well recalled route.

My breathing was steady. My lungs drinking in the relatively fresh air. The riverbank and the smell from a slight breeze took away the city. It almost felt like home for a while.

A few boats were on the river and more were moored at certain places along the bank. Two young children waved at me as I passed their moored boat. Their parents looked around my age and smiled as I waved back. It felt friendly and nice. Complete strangers exchanging a fleeting pleasantry.

I crossed the bridge and smiled at two men fishing. I got a toothy smile from one along with a friendly nod. The other put his fingers to his mouth and gave a piercing wolf whistle.

“Oi” I objected with a scowl as I ran past.

He grinned and shrugged as if to say he couldn’t help it.

I shook my head in disgust while also feeling a little flattered. Not that I would ever admit that to anyone but myself.

Running back towards my home. I passed the same boat with the children. This time on the opposite bank. They saw me and waved again, joined by their parents. I waved back and smiled once more.

A bit distracted with waving. I didn’t see the small dog that suddenly ran out at me. Too late. I heard it’s snapping jaws and barking above the sound of my music.

I swerved around it and tried to up my pace at the same time.

Narrowly. It missed my flesh as its jaws snapped shut around the ankle of my sweatpants.

I let out a yelp as I went tumbling, glasses flying off my face.

My pants pulling down my legs to past my knees as the dog refused to let go. His head jerking back and forth on the material until it was all bunched around my ankles.

On my back with my lower half totally exposed and the breath knocked out of me. I kicked at the small dog in fright. My love of animals temporarily forgotten. It gave a yelp and bolted back up the embankment and into the trees.

I gulped air rapidly as I tried to get some reorientation. My heart was racing as I looked around for the glasses that had fallen from my face. On hands and knees, I found them and put them on.

It was the couple on the boat that I saw first. They had hands covering their children’s eyes and I could see their scowls of disgust and shock.

That was when I fully realised my state.

Scrambling to my feet with a massive blush. I yanked and pulled at my tracksuit bottoms. Covering my bare bum and trimmed triangle of pubic hair as fast as I could. Very sure that between the brief struggle and then looking for my glasses on all fours. They had had more than just a glimpse of my bum and shaved vaginal lips.

The waistband had snapped too, and I found that I had to hold the pants in place as I took off towards home. My face aflame with embarrassment and a knowledge that I would never be able to run this route again. Especially as I heard that wolf whistle again. This time accompanied by laughter from both of the men who had been on the bridge.

Cringing and almost ready to burst into tears. I ran as fast as I could while gripping my pants to my waist.


I scrambled to unlock my door and cursed at myself for double locking it. Needing both hands to twist the top handle while turning the key in the lock at the same time.

My ruined tracksuit pants slid down to expose my bare behind before I got the door open.

Having a significant thigh gap, my pussy lips could bee seen from behind. I heard a horn beep and glanced over my shoulder as I grabbed for my pants while also trying to step inside.

I got a brief look of a grinning man in a slow-moving car before I tripped on the slack material of one leg of my pants.

I ended up falling through my doorway with a yelp. Twisting myself around just enough to land on my exposed rear with a thump.

Even more ashamed. I kicked shut my door while on my back. Ataşehir Escort Bayan Desperate to shut out the world as I yanked my pants up my legs to finally cover myself again.

Safe at last. I lay there and covered my face with my hands.

“Oh GOD.” I wailed in dismay. Shaking my head from side to side as I tried to come to terms with what had happened.

Part of me felt ashamed and highly embarrassed. Yet another part of me was getting aroused as I replayed the events in my mind.

I hardly believed it myself as I let one hand slide over my breasts and tummy. Heading towards my sex.

I let out a small moan as I touched wet lips. I closed my eyes as I tried to deny what I was feeling but couldn’t help myself from playing with an increasingly sensitive and moist pussy.

Right there on my floor. Lying by my door. I pushed my loose pants down with my free hand as I started to masturbate properly.

My pussy was aching, and I had never felt this turned on before. Not on my own anyway.

Feverishly. I pulled up my top and sports bra to free my breasts. Pulling and tweaking each erect nipple as I continued to rub my clit. Interspacing the rubbing by plunging two fingers into myself.

My back arched in pleasure. My shoulders and feet the only parts of me touching the floor as with spread legs. I frigged myself off and mauled my own tits and nipples.

Panting harder than when I had been running. I gasped and moaned as my orgasm built so fast it felt like I was soon going to explode.

Biting my lower lip, I uttered a hiss of ecstatic pleasure as I came.

My juices flowed and covered my fingers as I spasmed. Jerking my hips up onto my thrusting fingers as I had the strongest orgasm I had ever had on my own.

“Ohh… oh Fuuucckkkkk.” I gasped out tiredly as I collapsed. Utterly spent. Letting the waves roll through me, riding the comedown with heavy breaths.


That night I made some pasta with one of the easy cooks in sauces. I had never really mastered cooking. Probably a good thing as I just had to stir in the sauce and didn’t have to think about it too much.

I was still pondering the day and trying to work out exactly why I had felt so turned on.

I had never been like some of my friends at Uni. Girls that would wear next to nothing going out or flash their boobs for fun. Even the less adventurous ones had worn less than me, as while I wasn’t a prude. I had never liked to show off my body like that.

All my skirts were just above the knee. My tops chosen to show less not more. My bra’s always a matching colour to my tops so that they didn’t stand out.

Sure. I felt comfortable naked in my own home and thought nothing of lounging around the flat in the nude. But that was when I was alone and where no one could see. Always with curtains firmly closed.

So, I was a bit confused why the accidental exposure had left me so wet. I had already come to the conclusion that was what it was. I just didn’t understand why.

Still thinking. I sat on my sofa to eat my pasta.

I had heard about women who got off on doing that kind of thing. Exhibitionists who loved people seeing them naked.

“I’m not like that.” I said aloud to myself as I flicked on the telly. Slightly fed up with the way my brain kept going in circles.

“or am I?” I asked as I watched a soap.

“Gggrrrr… don’t be silly.” I replied. Talking to myself and eventually having a full-blown conversation that was totally one-sided as it came to the conclusion that I might be a bit crazy.


“I’m not crazy.” I said as I placed my glasses beside my bed and turned off the bedside light.

Huffing to myself as I tried to get comfortable enough to sleep. Letting my fingers find my pussy in the hopes of relaxing enough to cum and then find slumber.

I tried thinking of the usual things that got me going but nothing seemed to work. I remained dry and even more frustrated. Even after thinking about earlier.

Unbidden. The thought flitted across my mind.

A naughty thought about taking a walk and exposing myself. “Just a bit.” I said aloud as if to clarify my intentions.

“no… no way.” I told my inner demon but still flung back the bed covers and turned on the light.

I looked at myself in my bedroom mirror. My eyes looked haunted by what I was thinking, I tried to shake off the feeling of dread that seemed to be in my belly. All while knowing that I was now getting aroused just by the thought of it.

“Fuck it.” I said as I pulled off my nighty and grabbed my coat. Wrapping myself in it as I walked towards my front door to find my shoes.

I HAD to know for sure.

My work heels were there by the door and I slipped into them.


Just standing on my doorstep in nothing but a tightly buttoned coat and a pair of heels made me feel something. Something forbidden yet spine tingling.

The pale beige coat was short and only came to the tops of my thighs. Showing off all Escort Ataşehir of my long legs. The last button before the hem was at crotch height. So, a small inverted V shape threatened to reveal my pussy lips if I lifted my arms or reached for anything. With this in mind, I kept my hands in its pockets to pull the material as low as it would go.

I looked up and down a deserted and dark street. The streetlights creating pools of light. A few windows still held a yellowish glow. Telling me some people were still awake even though it was well past midnight.

I was too afraid to walk down the main street, taking a side street towards the river and the place where I had my not so unfortunate accident.

My heels clicked on the pavement a little too loudly for my liking. My nerves built to a fever pitch as I walked slowly at first, then hurried my steps until I reached the riverbank and its hard packed earth.

Fallen leaves and twigs crunched or snapped underfoot as I headed under the overhanging tree limbs. The only light was from the moon and the other side of the riverbank. A street running parallel on that side with streetlighting.

Enough for me to see by for my walk.

I gulped as I steadied my nerves. My fingers going to the buttons of my coat.

I fumbled with the first few buttons. Undoing them until I reached my belt. Here I stopped. Unwilling to test myself fully. Already well aware how short the coat was.

I looked around and nodded to myself. My ears would tell me if anyone approached. Or so I hoped as I pulled open the top half of my coat and slid it partway off my shoulders. Exposing bare breasts to the cool night air.

My nipples pinged out. Hard as bullets and not just from the cool breeze that teased my bare tits as they swayed and jiggled from me walking.

I asked myself what I would do if someone saw me. Would I cover myself or would I try to leave myself exposed?

The answer was obvious. I would cover my nudity and run like hell. This was just an experiment. A test to see if this was what I needed and wanted. To see if I was really a secret exhibitionist and hadn’t realised it.

For a while it worked, and I felt like I was being very brave. I even felt a bit wet.

Then I got to the bridge and tweaked my coat closed. Too frightened to cross the well-lit area with my tits out. Placing my hands back in the pockets to again push the material a bit lower and cover my pussy. A pussy that tingled as I could feel the cool breeze teasing it but now dry from fear.

The top part, I left undone. My breasts swayed and pressed against the material, parting it down to my belt. Showing off a good amount of flesh as I hurried over the bridge and found myself hoping no one would come along.

“This is stupid.” I breathed out in annoyance as I walked along the other side. A walk that was more brightly lit by streetlights not too far away.

I realised that I didn’t want anyone to see me. But my pussy was tingling again. It felt wet. I know for sure because I touched it. A small jolt went through me when I did.

I glanced around. No one was close by. All I could hear was the occasional car on the nearby road.

I buttoned up as I headed home. Afraid to do more. Frightened by my own boldness.


I got home and toed off my shoes by the door. Hung my coat on the hook and headed back to bed feeling a bit strange. I slipped back under my covers without putting on my nighty. I didn’t want it. I wanted to be naked.

I felt slightly aroused by what I had done but nowhere near like I had been before.

Still. It allowed me to masturbate in my bed and relax me enough to sleep. So, a partial success if less than a full answer.

I slept deeply and dreamed odd things. Flashing short dreams that jumped around.

Me falling over and my skirt lifting to show me going commando. Me bending over at work and showing my braless tits to my boss as my top gaped open.

Me running naked through a street while a dark monster chased me through the night. Me at home with my legs open and a man pounding in and out of me.

Then finally I woke, my pussy had creamed in my sleep and I let out a sigh.

“Okay.. not good.” I said softly as I realised the connections and came to a conclusion. Clearly, I liked the thought of being caught or seen. Not just the thought of being brave enough to do that walk I had done. No, that wasn’t enough for me.

But I was also afraid. A deep and natural fear that told me I could never deliberately do what I obviously craved.

Feeling frustrated and more than a bit confused by it all. I took a long shower to clear my head.

“Well, I’ll just make do then.” I told myself as I dried my hair and brushed it out. Thinking that if I couldn’t bring myself to walk down the exhibitionist route. I would just go as far as I felt comfortable with.

With that in mind I reached for my bathrobe and then stopped myself.

“You’re at home and it’s not like you haven’t walked around naked before.” I said aloud as I left my robe on the hook and picked up my makeup kit.

I did my face as usual. Plain mascara and eyeliner, a tiny bit of foundation to hide my freckles and then some lippy.

All while looking at my naked body in the large mirror. Seeing my bare breasts wobble as I moved. Judging myself.

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