After the show: Made to fuck


After the show: Made to fuckA continuation of “Made to Fuck” found here: crowd had urged us on, and my erection simply wouldn’t go away. Jess had subsided, but in a few minutes she’d started wriggling again. I wonder what they’d given her. My cum had been leaking out around my cock, and down my legs, over my balls. Her budding breasts were tight against my chest. I tried to tell myself no, but I wanted her again. And so I began pumping my little girl’s cunt again, her legs urging me on, moaning wantonly in my ear. I was enjoying every moment of it, somehow convincing myself it wasn’t wrong. It took longer this time, and Jess had already cum several times as I pumped her. God her pussy was so tight. Eventually, I came again, explosively, loudly, to great roars of applause. I remembered shortly after that a wet cloth going over my nose and mouth…..Somehow, Jess and I awoke in a hotel room. We were dressed, lying in separate beds. Clean. My wallet was on the nightstand, along with my car keys. Nothing had been stolen from us, at least not materially. Jess was stirring too. She opened her eyes, looking around, I’m sure getting her bearings. And then her eyes widened. She turned to me, her face flushing. My eyes filled with tears. I wanted to say something, but there were no words. I tried to smile at her, and she ducked her head. Was she angry? Ashamed? I couldn’t tell. I only feared things would never be the same again.Next to my car keys I found a valet parking ticket. I guessed that was from whomever had d**gged us. I thought of asking at the desk who had checked us in. I thought of going to the police. But at each thought, I realized I’d have to recount what had happened, and I simply couldn’t do that. Even worse, Jess would have to tell, as well. So I couldn’t. I picked up my things and stood up. The room spun briefly, but I was okay.“Want to go home?” I asked her.She only nodded, not speaking. She got up and headed for the room door. She waited there for me to open it, and then we stepped out. We found our way to the lobby, and then I gave the ticket to the valet. I tried not to imagine everyone was staring at us with leering smiles on their faces. Jess still didn’t say a word.“Geeze, what day is it, even?” I wondered to myself. I glanced at a newspaper. It was Tuesday. We’d been out two days. The car was brought and I didn’t even tip the valet. He didn’t act surprised, and I didn’t care. I just wanted to get us home. I suppose it was fortunate I’d taken this week off, like always, to spend the week after Father’s Day with Jess.I recognized the part of town, and was able to make it home. Jess sat on the other side of the car, staring out the window. I was getting gaziantep escort bayan worried about her. We rode home in silence, and even after we pulled into the driveway, and walked into our home, she still didn’t speak.“Are you hungry?” I asked her. We hadn’t eaten in two days. She just shook her head, and finally said, “I need a shower.” With that, she ran up the stairs, leaving me heartbroken. I went to the refrigerator. I wasn’t really hungry either, honestly. But a cold beer seemed just the thing. I pulled one out, and went to the family room. I plopped down on the sofa, propped my feet on the coffee table, and flipped on the TV, scanning channels. I desperately wanted something to occupy my mind.I sat staring at the TV. Upstairs, I could hear the water running. It ran for a very long time. My mind drifted. The TV couldn’t keep my attention. Always I was hearing Jess’s moans in my ears, and the feeling of her tight little cunt wrapped around my cock. I imagined I heard her moaning upstairs now, and thoughts of her, nude, in that shower, came unbidden. In fact, I’d not seen her nude for a very long time. I thought she was too old for that. So the scene in my mind was of my own imagining. Without thinking, my hand was on my crotch. Something happened on the TV. It brought me back to the present. I was suddenly horrified to think I’d been imagining her nude and that I’d been aroused. My God.I didn’t notice when the water shut off, or how long it had been. But I was just finishing my beer when Jess came down in a terry robe, her hair wet. She was totally precious. For the first time, it seemed, she looked at me. Then she smiled, her Jess smile, and came and sat next to me on the sofa, curled up, leaning against me.Automatically, I put her arm around her, and hugged her closer. She snuggled in. I kissed the top of her head, and told her I loved her. She told me she loved me too, and seemed to cuddle in even closer. We sat that way for awhile, not speaking. And then she whispered, “you fucked me.”I was shocked to hear that word come from my Jess. I sighed. I didn’t move to look at her. I couldn’t. “I’m so sorry, baby, I didn’t want-““I know. They made you. You only did it because they made you.”I didn’t say anything. I was glad she seemed to understand. She was still so close, head on my shoulder.And then she whispered, “why?”I wasn’t quite sure what she meant. “I suppose they got a thrill out of it, I don’t-““No, that’s not what I meant. Why did you only fuck me because they made you? You didn’t want to. Why?”I was stunned. I still was also confused. What did she mean? “It’s wrong for me to fuck you, Jess. Of course I didn’t want to. And you’re so young.”“I don’t feel young, Daddy. So you really escort bayan didn’t want to.” There was a quaver in her voice.The truth was, of course, eventually I DID want to. But how could I admit that? I tried something different. “Jess, you are such a beautiful girl. I should say young lady. Anyone would find you attractive.”“You think I’m pretty huh?” “Of course I do. The most beautiful girl in the world. I always tell you.”She purred at that, and put her arm over my chest and hugged me.When she leaned back, I looked down at her. She was beaming at me. Her robe had also gapped open, and I got a full view of her budding breast. Barely swelling, with a puffy pink nipple, nicely sized. I found myself staring, and forced myself to look away. Jess had been watching me. And she’d seen what I was looking at.She was staring into my eyes. Her lips were slightly parted. “Daddy,” she whispered, huskily. And then I was kissing her. She was completely irresistible.She kissed me bag with inexperienced passion. My mind was exploding. I knew it was WRONG. But I couldn’t stop. Before I knew what I was doing, my hand was inside her robe, caressing her small breast. My god. I thought my cock would explode. Her pink nipple hardened instantly in my hand, and I began to fondle and stroke it. Jess started moaning as I did.I saw her reach down and untie the belt on her robe, and it parted. I could see her full body now. She had the beginnings of a sweet patch of pubic hair below, blond like her hair. Her hips were narrow, still more like a girl than a woman. Her legs were long and thin.She was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen.I moved down her cheek kissing to her neck. She was leaning her head back, baring her throat to me. I was kissing, licking, sucking, my passion on fire. Her hands were in my hair, holding me too her. Her moans of pleasure continued as my hand found her other small breast.And then I was kissing down her nearly flat chest. I thought I would pass out from pleasure when my lips closed over her nipple. The sharp intake of her breath told me she liked it. I began licking and suckling, and her moans increased in volume and intensity.“Oh, Daddy,” she moaned, her hands pressing my face to her small tit. Her breathing was ragged, and her skin was begging to get splotchy. And in the back of my mind I wondered if she’d cum, just from this.She was panting and moaning. Her body started to heave, and then shudder, and then she was screaming. I kept my mouth latched to her nipple. And then I began to smell her nectar, and knew she’d cum, a nice wet one. God she was made for sex. When she subsided a bit, I moved back to kiss her mouth, and she nearly attacked me. Her tongue shot into my mouth, surprising me, as her own mouth sought my tongue. I gave it to her, and she was sucking on my tongue. My own hand had slid down her belly, and I was feeling the softness of her mons. Instinctively, she opened her legs, and then I was cupping her sex, as she ground it on my hand. She was sopping wet. “Jess,” I said, “want to try something?”She nodded, and moaned out a “Yes.”“Lie back. Open your legs. Daddy wants to give you a special gift.”“Fuck me?” She asked.“No, better. You’ll see.”She nodded again, then obediently laid back. She spread her legs, displaying her gorgeous little pussy for me. I smiled at her again, then leaned down and kissed her inner thigh. She shivered when my lips touched her. I took my time, kissing and sucking down to the crease of her leg. Her scent filled my nostrils, and there was a thin trickle of juice running from her. My tongue played in the crease of her leg, and her swelling lips were brushing my cheek. I could feel dampness. Jess was squirming. I knew she knew what I would do next.Tenderly, I kissed her labia. She shuddered and moaned, “Oh, Daddy!”I kissed all up and down her sex, lovingly, worshipping her. Then I gently pulled open her lips, and repeated my soft kisses all up and down her open slit. She was running a river by now, and practically purring in pleasure. When I finally licked her from her opening to her clit, she moaned her loudest yet, grabbing my head and thrusting her hips at me. I think she liked it. I repeated it several times, up and down, as her hips thrashed and bucked. And then my lips closed around her hard little clit, and I sucked.“Ohhhhhhhh!!!!! “ she screamed! She was bucking wildly. I continued sucking, and then licking her clit. Long slow licks up from the base, and then rapid ones over the top. She was practically whimpering. I suspected another orgasm was approaching her. That’s when I moved down to her opening. I sensed a momentary disappointment from her, but that changed when I rimmed her with the tip of my tongue, and then dipped it in her. She thrust her hips again, apparently wanting my tongue deeper. I closed my lips over her hole, and sucked, pushing my tongue deeper into her. “Yes!” she screamed. “God, yes! Oh my God. Oh that feels…..” And then her body was thrashing again. Her orgasm was explosive and wet. I was treated to a blast of her cum in my mouth, which I greedily swallowed. She kept screaming as I dipped my tongue in again, and then began caressing her clit with my thumb. She shuddered, and exploded again, another gush of fluid from her sweet pussy. She was panting now, and bathed in sweat, her body rigid. I looked up to see her mouth stretched open in a silent scream, her orgasm so intense she couldn’t even make a sound. After a few seconds her eyes rolled back. Her body went limp. She’d passed out. I kissed her once more lovingly on her sex, then gathered her in my arms, and cradled her on the sofa until her eyes fluttered open. …… to be continued.

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