An Educational Experience Ch. 01


“Recent research has shown that 35.7% of children are already at risk for dropping out of school by the time they reach…”

Vanessa couldn’t help it – she yawned and stifled it badly. It wasn’t that she wasn’t impassioned on the subject of high school dropouts or finding solutions to the alarming statistics that translated into children’s lives. It was just that this conference was turning out to be nothing new and she was bored. Didn’t help that she hadn’t slept much the night before and the coffee at this hotel was lousy.

She looked around discreetly to see if anyone has noticed her yawn. People do so love to gossip at this “professional” meetings and she would detest being the subject of their idle banter. Fortune had smiled on her today, though, for everyone else was appeared to be busy struggling to maintain their own concentration. Except for him.

As she scanned the room, she found him looking directly at her, with an amused grin on his face. Looking over her shoulder and then back, she realized that it was indeed her he was smiling at and for some inexplicable reason, a wave of intense heat surged through her.

It was only a few minutes until a break in the conference. Everyone rushed for the door to get caffeine into their systems to stay awake and to use the restroom. He had to have a Diet Coke and was pleasantly surprised when he walked up to the break table to find the lady that he’d had watched from across the room reaching for a Diet Coke at the same time. He found myself wanting to know who she was and where she was from. After having come hundreds of miles alone to this conference, thoughts of being in this lovely sitting and spending the afternoons and evenings by himself were suddenly filled with possibility of companionship.

“Hi, I’m Trey and I hope you don’t think me to forward to ask your name. I saw you in the conference and you peaked my interest as someone I would like to meet.” He could see her blush as she looked up into his eyes. There was something in the meeting of their eyes that told him they would be friends. She had beautiful eyes and a smile to match and he felt his heart flutter as she told him her name was Vanessa. He asked if she were alone and she said yes…no one was with her. He grinned to himself thinking that she would not be alone if he had anything to do with it, at least for the rest of the weeklong conference.

As the break ended, Trey sat down so that he could see her out of the corner of his eye and loved the pretty smile she gave him when she saw that he was looking her way. He felt himself getting slightly aroused with the flirting they were doing, like a high school freshmen about to ask for a first date… As she looked his way from time to time and flashed him a smile, he could have sworn he noticed her nipples poking through the pretty silk blouse she was wearing. Hmmmmmmmmm… Nice size breasts and she HAD to be wearing a bra. Still her nipples were visible. Was it his imagination or was she enjoying this too???

Electricity. That was the first word that came to mind when she thought of Trey. She wasn’t one to believe in fate, but meeting here at what had promised to be just another dull, dry conference of youth professionals just made her skin tingle with omens and portents. When their hands had brushed, reaching for the same can of diet soda, the entire skin surface of her body responded. Sitting at her table, as the next speaker droned on, Vanessa closed her eyes and relived the exquisite shiver. And when he spoke, his voice had washed over her, like laying naked in a mountain stream, ice water cascading deliciously all around her.

She felt his eyes on her and it was turning the heat up in her sexual furnace. It had been so long – longer than she could remember since a man had had this kind of effect on her. Color rose in her face as she felt her nipples harden and warmth flood between her legs. Still she couldn’t help but smile at him, from time to time. It was flirting, she knew and some part of her herself was shocked at this bold response to a man she’d just met. But other parts of her wanted to know what his hands would feel like on her skin, what his mouth would taste like and….she found herself staring at his crotch. Wondering what delight he hid there, she looked up to find him smiling wickedly at her, fully aware of where her glance had fallen. Her face flamed red, but she didn’t looked away.

Trey twitched his big cock in his pants as she looked on. He waited for her to look up and smiled sensually at her. The passion in his eyes showed as she looked directly at him. Lunch break couldn’t come too soon! He day dreamed about what it would be like to hold her close and to kiss those red lips and to get lost in those eyes as they made mad passionate love. He had never been affected this way in all his years and it made him feel like a teen-age boy about to get his cherry busted. What was there about Vanessa that was so different from all the other ladies he had been with in this type setting acıbadem escort before? He had never strayed in all his 30 years of married life but he knew all ready that if he had a chance …tonight he would with this lady. She had captured his interest in the most interesting way.

As soon as the lunch break started Trey couldn’t wait to ask Vanessa out for dinner. Several of the other ladies that were sitting with her had gone out the door and it occurred him that she had waited. He smiled as she looked up into his eyes. Just the look was sensual. Trey knew he had to find out just what there was about this female that had captured him. What would her scent be like? How would she taste? How would it be to caress and fondle her with long hours of kissing and petting and then to finally be able to know how compatible her appetite would be to his as they made hot, mad, passionate love!

“Vanessa, would you consider having dinner with me? I know a wonderful steak house about twenty miles from here that served the best steaks in the whole state. I would love to show you around the mountains and the steak house is on the river. I know I would enjoy your company if only you consider….” His heart was racing as he waited for her answer. He couldn’t help but get aroused as he look into her eyes and knew that somehow this was meant to be!

Dinner? She thought, as she looked up into the dark depths of his eyes. Is that what we’re talking about? It had been a long time, but she could still read passion when she saw it. Without a doubt she was certain how the evening would end if she went out with the intoxicating man. Seated, she was almost at eye level with what she was equally certain would be a satisfying package and for a moment she imagined herself unzipping those slacks and reaching in…

Vanessa shook herself and realized that she was once again staring at Trey’s crotch and that he was even more aware of it than he had been before. In fact if anyone in the room had been looking at them they would have known too. She blushed as she met his eyes again and had to swallow before she could trust her voice.

“I love steak,” she managed, feeling the breathless quality to her voice. “It sounds like fun.”

His broad smile made her knees quiver and she was glad that she was seated. If she’d been standing he would have had to catch her, to keep her from falling and while she craved his hands on her, she couldn’t bear to have her colleagues see her making a fool of herself with this stranger. It didn’t matter that she felt like a passion-struck fool – THEY didn’t need to know that. It was more than enough that Trey knew it.

And he did. She could tell. With his smile came and outstretched hand. “Great. It’s a date then!”

As if in a trance, she reached her own small hand towards his and felt it encompassed in his grasp. Large and strong, his fingers closed around hers and shivers ran up and down her spine. He held her just a moment or two longer than one might have expected and she felt his thumb gently caressing the pulse at her wrist and they locked their eyes on each other. Once more, heat flooded through Vanessa, coursing through every pore and pooling into delightful warmth between her legs. His hand was warm and she found herself imaging that hand between her legs, stroking, find the wet heat that he was creating in her…

Dinner? No….she didn’t think dinner was on either of their minds….

Trey hurriedly left the room having a difficult time as he went because of the erection he had in his pants. Luckily no one was between him and his car. He went back to his hotel and hurried to his room. As he lay across the bed thoughts of the woman he intended to make be his this evening filled his head. He still felt the passion as he opened the fly on his pants and gave this erection breathing space. How had she sooo turned him on as to cause him, a fifty year old male into masturbating to relief the pressure? Was it her eyes, or her body language? Was it the excitement that he has seen in her getting “nippled up” from his looking at her? NO one had ever excited him as much as this girl did… it seemed as if fate had been kind to both of them by allowing them to be together for the conference. He was anxious to hear about her. Her life, her favorite things and hobbies. Even the way she liked to make love. Trey was dying to hear it all.

He returned to the afternoon sessions of the conference and sat in his old seat. Trey couldn’t help but look her way and smiled constantly as she glanced his way. He could hear his heart beat and he thought that the noontime session in the hotel room would have taken care of his excitement until tonight but he had another thought coming. His excitement grew as the flirting built throughout the afternoon. When four o’clock came, he walked straight to Vanessa as the session closed. “I’ll be by to get you about 6 if that is agreeable. I’m looking forward to our getting away from the conference and the crowd ataşehir escort for just a little while.” He reach down and took her hand and gave a squeeze as he told her how much he was looking forward to her company. He looked in her eyes and she could feel the passion as he slowly walked away. Two hours and they would be alone together. What would the evening hold for two people very much compatible and hungry for the touch of the other????

She sat in her seat for several moments after Trey had walked out of the room, ignoring the questioning glances of her colleagues at the table. Most of them knew she was married and had a family and couldn’t help but pick up on the electricity she was experiencing with this charming Southerner. Bottom line, it was none of their business. Gathering up her things, Vanessa smiled a farewell to her day’s companions and headed for her car.

The air was chilly for this late in spring, but she was grateful for its cool breeze. She knew her face was flushed and hoped the cold would help. They’d exchanged room numbers, since they were in the same hotel and she was in a hurry to get back to shower and change. Damn! She thought – she hadn’t brought anything date-like with her. In fact she wasn’t sure any more just what date attire was! It was a very good thing that the hotel was just down the road – she wasn’t really concentrating on her driving.

Fate or the luck of the draw had gotten her an incredible room for this weeklong seminar. Not only had it provided her with a room with a king size bed, but she was blessed with a hot tub on the oversized deck. A room of this type was most certainly not in her organization’s budget, but the hotel had messed up her reservation and given her this one as compensation. At the time, she hadn’t given it much thought, but as her thoughts drifted to Trey it all took on such rich meaning.

Deciding to forego the shower in favor of a relaxing rest in the spa, she turned on the jets and shrugged out of her clothing. Perhaps if she let it work the kinks out of her she would get her head on straight about Trey. It was worth a try at least.

The balcony had a privacy screen around the tub, so she just brought a towel out with her, enjoying the feel of the late afternoon air on her skin. She didn’t spend much time either in front of a mirror or at a gym and she had no illusions about her 47 yr old body. It had born three children; breast fed them and dealt with the indignities of weight gain and loss. She’d never really given any of that much though – she wasn’t a particularly vain woman.

But as she eased her muscles, stiff from a whole day of sitting into the warm and bubbling water, she giggled as she watched her full breasts float on the surface of the water.

“Now if someone could just bottle this….” She laughed to herself, watching them bob along, enjoying the feel of the water. Closing her eyes she leaned her had back against the edge of the tub and took several long, slow deep breaths. She had the jets set on high, because she liked a hard massage. One thrummed against the small of her back, sending delicious shivers up her spine while others were pointed at her sides. Yet another jet shot up from the bottom of the tub and she mused that if she moved just right…

‘Silly woman’, she chastised herself. But that didn’t stop her from cupping her breasts in her small hands and squeezing them gently together. Even in the warmth of the tub, she could feel heat growing between her thighs, her thoughts drifting to a dark haired man with a delightful accent.

Sitting in the cocoon of the tub, she didn’t try to figure out how he’d gotten to her. The fact that he had was all she needed right now. She was so starved for sex; she figured there was no harm in a little fantasy. Sliding down a little more on the seat, she felt the floor jet pulsing between her legs, caressing her pussy and even surging inside her. Her eyes still closed she imagined Trey there…imagined his hands on her breasts as she pulled and twisted at her already hard nipples. A soft moan escaped her lips at the image and sensation. She wondered what his mouth would taste like and ran her tongue over her lips, pretending to feel his touch there. A sharp intake of breath surprised her – she could almost feel his kiss. Turning around, she let the hard jet that had been at her back pound on her pussy, feeling her clit harden.

‘Damn…it’s been sooo long’ she moaned out loud, feeling a climax building. Her head fell back and she gave in to the rush of sensation, crying out as the sensations washed over her. The orgasm seemed to last forever, ripple after ripple of pleasure going through her and she didn’t move from the jet until she was sure it was done.

That was when she heard the sound of a man clearing his throat. As she looked up she saw Trey standing there. He had on a pair of shorts and a tee shirt and wore sandals. He also was sporting a huge erection in his shorts and was sooo excited that içerenköy escort she saw the tip of it sticking out the leg of his shorts.

Trey said, “I just came by to see if you might be interested in leaving a little early this evening. I knocked and the door just opened so I just walked on in. I hope you don’t mind!” He grinned, as he looked her directly in the eye. He was wiggling his toe in the hot tub as she looked up. It was hard for her to keep her eyes off his hard manhood. She had only seen her hubby’s cock before and it was nothing like Trey’s. She could tell that it was much bigger around just from seeing the tip sticking below his shorts. It was as if someone else was speaking when she heard her own voice inviting him into the tub. Trey was so excited as he pulled the tee shirt over his head and hooked his fingers into his shorts to pull them down. He had boxers on and tugged them down, allowing his cock to spring free. Vanessa couldn’t help but stare. It was sticking straight out from his body and was about 7 or 8 inches long and almost as thick as her wrist. She thought …what would this feel like? She was a little frightened at the thought yet excited to know she had caused the hard on. She wanted to taste it…and as she looked, she could see a drop of pre-cum on the head. A sensual shiver went through her as she watched him slip his naked body into the warm water and slide close to her. What am I doing? Her sane mind questioned even as her turned on body felt his arm slide around her shoulders.

She closed her eyes as she felt his other arm reach for her, gently skimming over her floating breasts. She felt, but did not see his face coming closer to hers and realized that she was holding her breath. When the anticipated kiss did not happen, she opened her eyes to find his dark ones scrutinizing her face.

“This is happening a little fast for you, isn’t it?” he said, not taking his eyes off of hers for one moment. She nodded.

“You’ve never done this sort of thing before either, have you?” he continued, still gazing into her eyes, filling her with liquid warmth. Wordlessly, she shook her head.

Trey leaned back against the side of the hot tub and took a deep breath. His response to this woman had been so intense he hadn’t even considered the possibility that she hadn’t walked this path before. For that matter, he wasn’t all that experienced in the art of seduction himself. While he’d had a few extra-marital encounters in his life, it wasn’t a practice of his and certainly not with the sudden intensity of this one.

He glanced over at Vanessa and found that she was still staring at him. “Did I read you wrong?” he asked.

For a long moment, she was silent and he could actually see the battle raging in those lovely dark eyes. Finally she spoke in a firm, if quiet voice.

“No. You didn’t read me wrong.”

Relieved, he let go his breath in a rush. “I didn’t mean to intrude…it’s just that when the door opened and I heard the spa running…I just had to come and see you for myself…” His hand curled around her shoulder once more, fingers gently caressing the wet flesh. “I don’t know what it is….but you get to me, lady. Big time.”

Vanessa let her head sink back onto his arm, closing her eyes again, a soft smile playing across her lips. When they opened again, she turned and looked him straight in the eyes again. “This is probably going to be the biggest mistake of my life,” she whispered, licking her lips in what he knew was nervousness, but very sensual none the less. In the next moment, those lovely lips were pressing gently, tentatively against his own. The kiss was tender. Trey loved her taste and excitement build within him as the kiss lingered. Gently he pushed his tongue into her mouth and he could feel her opening to take him. French kissing had always turned him on and he loved the way Vanessa sucked gently on his tongue as he pumped it in and out. As he withdrew his tongue he was pleasantly surprised when he felt her sliding her tongue back into his mouth. Trey loved this. He sucked her tongue lightly and swirled his tongue around hers, as the kiss grew more passionate. This kind of slow, leisurely, intimate kissing had always been a particular favorite of his, only intensified by the fact that he was already excited with his hard cock sticking out and against the body of this lovely lady. Trey even felt a little light headed as they both seemed to get more into the kiss, holding each other ever closer. It felt as if their two bodies were melting into one as they stopped to look in each other’s eyes. He couldn’t help but smile and as he did Vanessa let out a sigh. Both began to laugh and Trey hugged her tightly as they held each other.

She blushed, even as she felt his fingers gently caressing her shoulder. There was a part of her mind that couldn’t accept this situation. That part of her wouldn’t accept her naked body in this hot tub, arms and legs entwining with those of a complete stranger. Yet there was another part of her, a deeper more primal self that knew this man. The most ancient of womanly knowledge that sensed a hunger that could match her own. Like lava bursting forth unheralded from a long dormant volcano, this voice shouted down her civilized self, shoved her in a closet, locked the door and tossed the key.

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