Subject: An-exchange-student-completes-a-family-18 Dear reader, This story and all characters in it are fiction, though many of the places here in the Chicago area are real. Thanks to Nifty for providing a platform for aspiring authors. fty/donate.html Feel free to send my any feedback, ideas, thoughts, fantasies/desires, at all, and I hope you enjoy this story. =========== Cast of characters prior to this chapter: -Josh Johnson: The story is told from his POV. He’s early 30’s, white, and has a cock that bends downwards at the middle, which is the thickest point. Imagine a 3-d boomerang pointed down, or better yet — a cobra head prepared to strike. He thinks of himself as straight or maybe bi. -Ollie (Johnson): Josh’s son, 12 years old. 4″ dick that tapers at the head like his dad’s but has a slight upward angle and thickness distributed along the length. Pink nipples, he’s pinkish in general but his asshole is more brown than pink. -Jerico: Ollie’s best friend for years, also 12. Jerico is the son of Iraqi refugees and has olive skin, thick dark wavy hair and hazel eyes. He’s a little smaller than Ollie. He’s also about 4″ hard and is uncut. Jerico moved into Josh’s house now that his parents kicked him out for being gay. He’s clingy and gets jealous easily. -Qing: 17yo Chinese foreign exchange student from Hong Kong. He’s skinny enough to have a little tailbone bump. He has spiky dark public hair, purplish balls and is cut with a dark purplish mushroom cockhead. His cock is smaller than Josh’s but bigger than the 12 year olds’ cocks. His asshole looks well-used since his father and older brother have been fucking him daily since his was 9 years old until he left for this exchange program. He loved it and misses it. -Manny: Early 20’s, 5’5″ short muscular Latino top. He has a two-color scorpion tattoo, and his cock is larger than Qing’s. It’s uncut with a flared red head hiding under that foreskin. He met the others at the pizzeria where he works. He’s a verbal top who likes to give it rough. -Isaac: Manny’s boyfriend. Tall, skinny, and very dark black with a beautiful tight high ass. Broad shoulders and skinny waist, and a long cock that points straight out ahead. He’s deliciously fragrant. – Dr. Jayesh Begam: Isaac and Manny’s doctor who we met last chapter. Indian man, looks like a younger Vivek Murthy (current US Surgeon General), with a long cock and hair running partway up the shaft. His asshole is a surprising light pink in contrast with his dark skin. – Vijay (Begam): Dr. Begam’s 8 year old son, a slight Indian boy. His prepubescent uncut cock is about 2″ and his balls have not dropped. Like his dad, his asshole is also light pink in contrast with his dark skin, looking like a nice target. – Francisco, the very fat male Mexican nurse at the clinic. Has a small dark “football-shaped” cock. =========== The next day I got a text from Isaac, asking if he could come over. He said he wanted to apologize and explain. I thought about his tight beautiful black ass and how his long cock would point the way straight out when he walked naked, bouncing left and right with each step. He was such a beautiful boy even if he was older. Then I thought — he’s in his 20’s. Dr. Begam is maybe 35 or 40… I thought, maybe I’m bi, not just a straight kiddie lover. I’d never thought of myself that way, though it made sense. My whole life I’d often found a few grown men attractive but assumed all men did to some degree and just suppressed it like I did. My interest in women probably satisfied me enough that I’d never given it much thought. I’d not even thought I was a kiddie lover until recently. I texted Dr. Begam to cancel our meeting that night since it conflicted with Isaac’s availability. He replied that it would work better for him as well to reschedule. He said that after working so late for two nights in a row he needed to spend an evening with his son. There was a wink emoji. That evening Isaac showed up in the Mitsubishi, with no sign of Manny. I had just assumed they were both coming. Isaac was wearing a tight red tank top and a different pair of basketball shorts, the material too loose to make out anything other than the curve at the top of his ass cheeks, but with the underwear waistline plainly visible. This was his basic uniform, I thought. I invited him in and ushered him into my “work from home” office. Isaac sat, his long shorts folding over at the knees to deny me any chance to peek up his leg. It looked like his skinny shins and arms, with the dark hair underneath as he lifted them behind his head, were the best view I was going to have for this conversation. In the small room I started picking up the very faint aphrodisiac of black boy sweat. Isaac began, “Josh, me and Manny are SO lucky you’re cool with what happened with us, and with your boys having sex with men. We’d probably be in jail right now otherwise.” He paused then said, “When I first met you, you know Manny and I were planning to have sex with your son behind your back, in your home. It was stupid. I mean, Manny’d already done it by then and he invited me to come and do it too.” He looked down, ashamed. I said, “We’re all really lucky it all worked out, and Dr. Begam too.” Isaac added quietly, “I don’t know if what we did with Dr. Begam’s son was right.” I said, “Yeah, I’m not sure either. He’s 8 and I don’t know if he enjoyed it or was just trying to please his dad.” Isaac said, “I didn’t even think the doctor swung that way.” I said, “You probably never picked it up because I don’t think he likes adults at all.” He chuckled. Isaac said, “But I wanted to say, that you’re a cool dude and I don’t want to lie to you about anything anymore.” I said, “Is there anything you’re still lying to me about?” He said, “No. But… No.” He looked up at me and said, “Did Dr. Begam give you all PrEP?” I said, “The three boys, yeah. He gave us prescriptions he’d already written out that night we all visited him. I filled them already and they’ve started taking it.” He said, “Good, what about you?” I replied, “I don’t think I’m at risk? I’m a top.” Isaac said, “It’s always possible though.” “Hmm, ” I replied. I didn’t think I had any real risk, if I stuck to plunging my cock only into women and PrEP-protected holes. Isaac said, “Look, I have to warn you about Manny. Remember when he said it never even OCCURRED to him to şişli travesti stop taking meds to infect someone? That was a lie.” I looked at him wide-eyed. He continued, “You’re all ok for now. He just stopped taking them the night after Dr. Begam’s house. He’s probably not even infectious yet but he WILL be. After that night, he can’t stop thinking about infecting an 8 year old. He talks about it all the time. About how much the thought of infecting his own doctor’s kid with HIV turns him on.” “Jesus!” I exclaimed. “Does the doctor know?” He replied, “Not yet. I have to have this conversation with him too.” I said, “We can both talk to him if you want. But, this doesn’t even make sense to me. Why would he do this?” Isaac said, “I have to explain Manny. I love him with all my heart. But he’s kind of a twisted pervert. When we met, he was still negative and I was positive. He was actually seeking out HIV positive people online and he found me. My profile there said I was positive and his didn’t say. We hooked up and he lied and said he was positive too. Then he said he was a versatile top but he wanted me to fuck him. Anyway, I was on my meds so he didn’t get it from ME. That night or ever.” He cleared his throat and continued, “He wanted me to cum in him and I did. You can probably imagine, he was all, “‘Give me that AIDS cum from that big black dick’ and stuff like that.” We hooked up again though and he told me the truth. I told him I was on meds and not contagious and he told me he wished that I was. We stayed in touch and he would tell me about this guy or that guy….and he finally found a guy who wasn’t on meds and was as much into that fetish as he was.” He sighed. “He still calls that guy his ‘AIDS Daddy’. And when Manny got sick…” He paused and looked at me. Then he looked at the floor. He changed the subject. “You know with HIV when you first get infected, you’re REALLY infectious. It’s called ‘seroconversion.’ The virus attacks your immune system before it can even react. Then your body gets it somewhat under control within a few weeks hopefully, and then the meds do the rest of the work. But in those days right after you get infected… before the tests can even catch it, you’re a Weapon of Mass Destruction. So…” he trailed off. It sounded like he was working up to say something important. He looked at me. “Yeah?” I prompted. “So when Manny got sick he and his AIDS Daddy went to Steamworks to celebrate.” I had heard about Steamworks, the gay bathhouse in Boystown where men went to have sex, but I didn’t really understand how it worked. Was it like a brothel? Isaac was looking at me. “What does that mean?” I asked. Manny said, “He went to fuck and infect as many guys as possible while he was a WMD. He must have gone there every day for weeks. Sometimes when he’s horny he still tells me stories about this one or that one. The 16 year old visiting Chicago from Wisconsin with a fake ID, the closeted med student that he absolutely assured he was negative, the married guy who said it was his first time with a man…they had no idea.” I said, “How can he feel okay about that?” Isaac said, “He says if they were in Steamworks getting fucked without protection it’s their own fault. That they should have known what they were getting into.” I said, “Wow, I didn’t even know that was a fetish.” It really bothered me that hearing this made my cock so hard. I said, “So why does he tell YOU these stories when he gets horny?” He looked at me, realizing he had to admit more than he wanted to. He stammered, “Well, no one can do anything about it now, I mean it’s all in the past anyway.” I said, “Is it? You just told me he’s going off his meds.” I saw a sign of that panic I’d seen the other day in Manny’s car at the curb. He recovered and said, “See, that’s why I had to tell you!” I steered the conversation back. “It turns you on when he tells you these stories, doesn’t it?” He was silent, looking at the floor, rocking slightly. He probably regretted he’d ever come in the first place. I decided to go where the horniness took me. I pulled my shorts leg up a bit, letting the tapered head of my hard cock peek out. I said, “Just like it turns me on to think about them, right?” He lifted his eyes over and they immediately caught my cockhead staring at him. After his look of shock wore off, he grinned at me. “Tell me about the 16 year old from Wisconsin,” I said. Isaac pulled one of his loose basketball shorts legs up into his crotch to reveal a semi-hard cock which was quickly growing along his leg like a snake creeping forward. He lightly stroked the top with the back of his fingers and said, “He was a whiteboy, blond, about Manny’s height, 5’5 and skinny.” I put my own fingers under my cockhead from the outside and stroked there as he spoke. “Manny cruised him and got him into a room. The boy THANKED Manny for RESCUING him from talking to some old guy. The boy didn’t understand that he didn’t have to be polite in that place. Like grandpa was probably going to offer him some cookies or some shit. He was easy prey for Manny.” He laughed. “So Manny says, “‘You’re not from here, are you?’ and the boy tells him about how his family is visiting the ‘big city’ and he went out with some cousins and ditched them so he could check out Steamworks by himself. He tells Manny he’s ‘experimented’ a few times with his friends back home in Waukesha, or Wausau or Waunakee or Wau-ever.” So anyway, Manny puts him at ease, starts touching him, and eventually Manny’s fucking him. He cums in the boy. When they’re done, the boy thinks Manny’s his friend and wants to hang out with him.” My stroking slowed, disappointed that Isaac had skipped over all the sexy details. Isaac said, “Oh, the story’s not over yet!” He stood and pulled his shorts down and said, “Bet you want to get comfortable too.” I took off my shorts and shirt and Isaac continued stripping. We sat back down opposite each other, naked and jacking. I admired his dark crinkly sack and beautiful dark head as he jacked it. Isaac continued, “So Manny walks him around the whole place like a tour guide, acting like he’s protecting him from the predatory grandpas. Only, HE’s the predator. The boy gets boned up again, Manny brings him back to the room and fucks him again. But Manny fingers him first and uses a long fingernail deep in that tight hole to make beylikdüzü travesti him bleed.” Isaac looked up from my cock into my eyes, raised his brows and said, “His AIDS daddy told him not to trim his nails for just that reason.” He licked his lip and stared back at my cock as he jacked and continued, “So he fucks him again. The boy’s crushing on him pretty fast, as fast as a 16 year old can in an hour anyway,” I said, “That can be pretty fast.” Isaac says, “yep. So, he holds him and he cums in him again. He doesn’t let the boy cum though. The boy hasn’t cum the whole night. Isaac wants to keep him really horny. He says, ‘You love cock in that ass, don’t you? We should get you some more.’ He heads out and bumps into his AIDS Daddy as planned and tells the boy, ‘You should let this guy, he really knows how to fuck!'” I started picking up a little speed on my fist stroking and Isaac gave me a devilish smile and went on. “He convinces the boy to take AIDS Daddy’s load. I guess AIDS Daddy had a little meth or something, gave him a booty bump. Manny never messed with that.” He looked at me and said emphatically, “STILL never messes with that. Neither of us do!” He paused, then continued, “So anyway, the boy’s getting really horny from the bump and not cumming. But he says he has to leave soon, because it’ll take a long time with the bus and train. Manny tells him to relax, he has plenty of time because Manny will drive him back. Manny tells him some of those grandpas are actually really good fucks. That the boy can just lie on his stomach and take loads, he doesn’t even need to see them. The boy’s getting hornier and he agrees. Now meanwhile AIDS Daddy has been finding his friends, the real twisted ones — he knows who they are — and he gets them into the room, like a bouncer, to all fuck the boy.” Isaac looked at me jacking and said, “You’re really enjoying this aren’t you?” I said, “Fuck yeah. Its only a story, right?” Even though I was sure Isaac was telling the truth. “Yeah,” said Isaac coyly. He got up and came close. His smell was delicious as he sat on the overstuffed arm of the chair next to me. I said, “I love your ass Isaac. Can’t stop thinking about it.” I put a hand on his waist, then felt down and he adjusted so he was sitting on the arm with just one cheek, his asshole suspended for me to fondle. I put some of my precum on his hole and rubbed it as he stroked. I admired the shiny blackness of his wet ass. He reached back to contribute more precum from his own cock. He said, “So the first guy looks fine. He looks like he goes to the gym way too much. He has a biohazard tattoo on his spine below the neckline where a shirt would cover it and his ass is kinda flat. HE cums in the boy. The next one has a real skinny ass and his cock is fat and huge, hangs low and he has huge balls too. He’s so skinny his asshole still shows when he stands with his feet together. His asshole looks red and purple and lumpy too. I’ll never forget what that asshole looked like. He’s really veiny, his face too. You’ve seen photos like that with AIDS, right? Fuck, the other guys were cheering him on…” I interrupted and said, “I could make YOUR asshole lumpy.” “Mmm,” said Isaac. “Don’t you want to hear how it ends?” I said, “Yeah…maybe I can just rest it inside you while you tell me.” “Fuck,” he replied. I leaned back in the arm chair, and he moved to sit in my lap. He was tall enough that he slung one arm around my neck to lift himself higher, his armpit scent intoxicating me. I realized that the sexiest scent I’d ever experienced in my life was ‘horny black man’. Isaac spread one leg over each chair arm but I had an idea. I said, “Hold on, grab that mirror.” I pointed at the cheap long mirror that was hanging on the back of the door. Isaac turned to look at me and grinned, his full dark lips parting to show pearly white teeth. He got up and arranged the mirror so we could see ourselves in it. Then he got back on the chair, into my lap. His cock pointed forward, like a snake staring at its own reflection in the mirror. Mine pointed straight up, just below his asshole. I put an arm around his skinny body, feeling his ribs, and pointed my cobra with the other as he lowered himself onto it slowly. Watching it disappear into his body and feeling it happen at the same time was magical. I watched Isaac’s face as he sank onto it, and it was pure bliss. His brow furrowed slightly as the thickest part stretched him and then he relaxed again as the last inches disappeared. I felt his loose balls resting on my own balls, and I flexed inside him, causing him to grunt. I held him and gave his nipple a stroke prompting another grunt. I gave a recap: “So Mr. Disease is about to inFECT the sixteen year old at Steamworks like Manny wanted him to.” I flexed my cock inside his ass, prompting him. “Fuck yeah, it was a feeding frenzy with those fuckers. So this guy’s AIDS cock is huge but the boy already took 3 or 4 infected loads at that point and he’s loose.” Manny flexed his asshole around my cock and we both moaned. He continued, “That nasty fucker just shoves it in and the boy screams just a little. But then he pushes back on it.” Manny shoved down on my cock to demonstrate. I pushed back and we fucked for a few strokes as I watched us move in the mirror. He stopped and said, “I think the nasty fucker wanted to take his time but there was a crowd waiting. So after a few slow strokes he started pounding the boy. The boy was bouncing on the bed. And when he came he said, ‘Take my dirty cum! I’m breeding you, boy!’ You should have seen that lumpy asshole just pulsing when he came!” Isaac flexed his ass several times on my cock again and we did another couple of strokes in and out. In the mirror, Isaac’s hand was on his long dark cock, slowly stroking. Isaac said, “Nasty fucker pulled out and he said, ‘There’s blood’ and Manny said, ‘fucking hot!’ and the LOOK on that boy’s face…” I said, “This is a story Manny told you? It sounds like you were actually there.” Isaac ignored me and said, “The boy looked at Manny and he said, ‘Dirty cum, what did he mean?’ and Manny just said, ‘You want another dick?’ and the boy said ‘Yeah.'” I said, “Fucking hot!” Isaac looked at me in the mirror and said, “Maybe I WAS there.” His eyes narrowed. He added, “Maybe I was the next one to fuck that boy.” I wasn’t sure if Isaac istanbul travesti was telling the truth or embellishing the story now. Either way it was hot. My cock throbbed involuntarily. “How was it?” I asked. Isaac said, “No one but Manny and I knew for sure if I was infectious or not. Of course I was on meds and fine but…Manny told him, ‘Here’s a big black dick for you.'” I felt Isaac’s ass contract a a little. I flexed my cock in it. I loved this interplay. I slowly moved back and forth. Manny continued, “There WAS some blood. He was kind of destroyed. He was still so tight but cum poured out when I shoved it in.” In the mirror, Isaac closed his eyes and said, “I said to the boy, ‘It’s too late now. You might as well enjoy it.'” Isaac had picked up the pace stroking himself. “Manny told that boy, ‘You know you wanted this. What did you THINK was gonna happen to your cute ass with all these vultures here?’ He said, ‘you did it and now you’ll never have to worry about it again.'” I wish I could have seen the boy’s face but I was behind him. Finally he was just saying, ‘yeah, yeah, yeah!’ I think he stopped caring and just wanted to get fucked some more. So I made it explicit when I said, ‘You want my AIDS in you? Want my DISEASE?'” Isaac punctuated those word by squeezing my cock with his ass. “He just kept saying, ‘Yeah!'” Isaac was starting to stroke himself furiously now. I increased my slow thrusting, pushing down on the couch and then back up into Isaac’s hole faster. I watched myself in the mirror sliding in and out as Isaac’s hand whipped back and forth on his cock. Isaac warned me, “I’m close.” I said, “keep going.” He said, “I fucking BRED that little ass!” I said, “I’m going to breed YOUR fucking ass!” Isaac said, “Oh fuck!” His eyes were still closed and his face scrunched up. “Oh!” he said and I felt his asshole contract around my ass. Cum shot out of his cock onto the floor. It set me off and I started filling his hole with my own cream. With my cock and his asshole twitching almost in rhythm, it was amazing. Isaac was still sitting on my softening cock after we both had recovered. I said, “That wasn’t just a made up story, was it?” He replied hesitantly, “You know it wasn’t.” I asked, “And you WERE there, weren’t you?” He replied. “Yeah.” I asked, “What happened to the boy?” He replied, “Manny drove him to his relative’s place. I was in the car. Manny was all talk, assuring the kid that it was no big deal, it was gonna be alright because of the meds we have today. He told the kid he was a natural slut and so now he didn’t have to spend the rest of his life worrying he was going to get HIV. He reminded the kid how much he enjoyed taking load after load and said he had the freedom to do that all the time now. I don’t think that kid even knew he was given a booty bump. He looked scared though.” I asked, “Do you know if he ever got HIV?” Isaac said, “Yeah.” In the mirror I could see him looking down at the floor. I thought he looked ashamed. “I think he did. Manny got his social media info and was checking on him. Manny gave him a fake name so he couldn’t find Manny online though. Couldn’t find US, I mean. The kid posted a lot of stuff publicly. He posted a lot about his Chicago visit, and of course he left Steamworks out of it. He posted that he was sick with the flu about 2 weeks after he went back to whatever small town he came from. And then he stopped posting. We forgot about him but about a year later Manny remembered him and went to check his profile again. He had started posting about 4 months later about how depressed he was, and he had moved to Madison to live with some relative. I bet it’s because he could get better healthcare there. Or maybe his parents kicked him out when they found out, I don’t know.” There was a long pause as we both contemplated it. As if to punctuate the seriousness of the conversation, my soft cock slid out of Isaac with a soft pop. I asked Isaac, “How did Manny and his AIDS Daddy feel about that?” Isaac said, “We don’t talk to his AIDS Daddy anymore. They had a fight because he didn’t want Manny to start taking meds when he started really getting sick. He said he thought it would be hot to see Manny waste away and die of AIDS. That’s when I started being there for Manny, when he was sick and needed to figure out his own meds and what he wanted to do with his life after that. I love that bastard but I don’t want anyone else to get infected after seeing that. THAT’s why I had to tell you he was going off his meds. You know, after you get HIV it’s not really ‘sexy ever after.'” I asked, “And what did Manny think about those Steamworks visits?” He said, “I think it…I think it thrilled him. I think he got off on having that power over someone else’s life, to change it forever. It was like a triumph. And the others he felt the same way especially if he found out they got it.” I said, “You’ll have to tell me about those sometime too.” Isaac was silent. I said, “So it makes you horny to remember it anyway?” He replied, “It made you horny to hear it, right?” “Yeah,” I admitted. “Why?” I asked. He said, “I don’t know. I think maybe fucking is like the ultimate control over someone and bottoming is the ultimate surrender. So when you add HIV to that it just amps it up more.” “Maybe,” I said. “Maybe fucking a twelve year old is like that too.” Isaac replied, “Or an eight year old, like Vijay, even more.” “Maybe,” I replied. I said, “I’m not sure if Vijay even WANTS to get fucked or if he just does it to make his dad happy. To be honest, it turns me on more to imagine he’s doing it just because his Dad’s making him do it, and even more if I imagine Jay fucking him at home while he kicks and screams for Jay to stop. The control thing again, I guess.” Isaac said, “Yeah, maybe. Me too.” I said, “You know, I LOVE watching Manny fuck. He’s so savage and in control. But, I don’t know what we should do about this.” Isaac said, “Why don’t I tell him that you decided your kids are too young for PrEP so they’re not taking it? So he can get his thrill thinking he’s pozzing them but we’ll know better.” I said, “Yeah, maybe that’s better than having him go find other people at Steamworks again.” Isaac said, “As long as he doesn’t do both.” I said, “We have to make sure Vijay is protected, if that ever happens again.” Isaac said, “You know Manny’s going to try and do EVERYTHING he can to make that happen again while he’s off his meds.” I said, “Yeah, I imagine.” I agreed I’d talk with Dr. Begam at my appointment the next day and see if I could find out what if anything he was doing to protect Vijay from HIV.

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