Subject: Taken by the Team I guess we can just start off telling you about myself to get that out of the way. First off, my name’s Jake. I’m 22, 180lbs moderately hairy, brown hair, hazel eyes, 5’9, and a 7in cut cock that is always hard, or so it seems. I graduated from college in May, though seeing as I’m still only about 10 minutes away, I still always find myself on campus with friends. Plus my friend Tom still lives there, in the on campus apartments. He’s 22 like myself, probably 200lbs, black hair, blue eyes, hairy, muscular body, and from lots of experience he has a 8.5in uc dick that I love to get drilled by. He plays on the football team at the college still, this being his last year he can. Tom is just as dirty and twisted as I am. The dirtier and sweatier the sex, the better. We fucking love swapping cum, piss, and sweat. I love licking his sweaty ass and pits. Usually after practice or a game, before showering he’ll just call me over and have fun before we share a shower together. This has all been going on for quite a while, for at least a copule years. Being his last year and really getting to know some of the guys on the team, he said that he had something for me and that I was to meet him after practice, around 9pm the following day. I met him down in the locker rooms by the field at that time. When I got down there that night I walked around the locker room looking for him, but couldn’t seem to find him. Finally I heard someone in the back of the locker room and I headed over. “There you are fucker” Tom grinned at me as I walked over, noticing that his hard cock was out and he was stroking it and that he was completely naked in the locker room. “Fuck yeah .. that’s how I like to see you” I told him. Tom laid down on the bench that he was sitting up, but his hands behind his head. “It’s all yours fucker” he smiled as I went over and dropped right down to my knees beside the bench. I started first just taking his gorgeous uc, sweaty dick into my mouth as far down as I could. Depending on the day, sometimes I could get the entire thing down my throat, others not. I came off his dick and licked down to his sweaty, hairy balls, taking them into my mouth, swirling my tongue around them. “Fuck yeah, Jake. You really know what the fuck you’re doing down there boy. Tom was moaning as I was taking good care of his sack. I knew what Tom wanted, as his legs started lifting up. I moved down from his balls and started in on his sweaty, hairy ass. FUCK did I love eating out his hole. It was always so fucking good and always got my cock rock hard, if it wasn’t already. My dick was now throbbing in my shorts and it definitely kızkalesi escort needed a release soon. After a few minutes I moved off his ass and started licking back up over his balls and cock, over his chest. Tom LOVED having his nippeles sucked and played with. It love him crazy. I straddled him, I could feel his hard cock on the back of my shorts as I licked at his nipples, sometimes jumping up to his pits, taking in the scent and sweat. His musty pits fucking made my cock throb so fucking hard. “So what’s the surprise” I asked Tom as I teased his nipples with my tongue. “That’s coming buddy, just keep it going” Tom moaned back to me with his eyes closed. As I sucked on his nipples and pits, I felt my ass getting wet and knew that Tom was letting out his hot piss. FUCK I LOVEEEE his piss. I moved around a little bit, letting his piss completely cover me, first my ass, then the front of my shorts, soaking my dick, then all over my shirt. While he was pissing I started stripping, going down to just my jock, letting his piss spray over me. I went down on his shaft, gulping down any remaining piss he had, finally saving some in my mouth to share while our tongues fought. “Dude, I fucking need ur cock in me” I told Tom, breaking from our kiss. “Thought you’d never fucking say it” he told me. We switched positions. I got down on my back laying on the bench. Tom pulled me down to the end so that my ass was perfectly lined up with his cock. He got down on his knees, pushing my legs up and gaining access to my wanting hole. His tongue shot out, and he starting licking deep into my sweaty ass. He was really fucking getting into it, getting his tongue as deep as it could go, slipping a finger or two in at the same time. He would occasionally spit on his cock and hand and stroke his dick while he ate out my hole. “Fuck yeah, Tom .. fucking it it … mmmmmmmmmmFUCK” I was moaning while Tom was working hard. He stood up after a few mintues, jacking his long dick with his spit, and spitting again on his hand and my ass getting me ready. He slowly put the head of his thick dick at the hole and started to push in. Going slowly, but not stopping until it was in. “MMM FUCK yeah .. your cock feels soo fucking good deep in my ass.” I was in fucking heaven. I fucking loved Tom’s dick, all 8.5 thick uc inches deep in me to his balls. As he started pumping me slowly first, then getting faster, I could hear sound in the background. “Here’s the rest of your suprise” Tom winked at me. My cock was throbbing at him fucking me and waiting to see what I was getting. Not even a minute later, Shane, tarsus escort Matt, Jay, and Ryan all walked in. They’re four other guys who are on the team that, never have I played with, but always thought they were fucking SMOKING hot. Shane walked up to Tom. “Fuck yeah, sexy” he said, slapping Tom’s ass, making out with him quick, while Tom still slid in my ass. Shane rubbed Tom’s ass, sticking his fingers up it a few times. Shane was about 6’2, at least 210lbs of what seemed like solid muscle, and by the looks of the tent in his jeans he was packing a nice dick. Matt walked over to my face. He pulled down his basketball shorts, letting his semi hard shaft out. Pulling the shorts completely off, he straddled my face and sat his balls down in my mouth. FUCK they tasted soo fucking good. Tom must’ve told all of them to show up hot and sweaty, because Matt definitely was. His dick kept growing until it was 9inches completely hard. Matt positioned his dick in front of my mouth. I graciously opened and he started fucking my face good with that hard dick. I gagged a few times when he shoved it all the way in, but he made it slow and good, letting me suck it hard. Tom was still fucking my ass, Shane and him making out, Shane who had compeltely stipped down, and as I said showing his smooth muscular body, fucking toned too, with a 9in uc meat, fucking pouring with precum with Tom’s hand wrapped around it. Matt took off his shirt while his dick still in my mouth, exposing his hariy and perfectly defined pecs. I reached up and played with his nipples while Ryan moved foward, stripping out of his clothes. Ryan is about 6’3, 210lbs brn/blu, with a 8in cut dick that he shoved into Matt’s mouth. Jay had moved around to the side of us. He too completely stripped down to nothing. He was about 7.5uc and fucking hairy which was such a huge turn on. He was smaller than the other guys, about 5’10, 195lbs brn/brn, though his body was still toned just like theirs were. Then he just started fucking pissing over all of us. FUUUUCK I was in heaven. I was getting slammed by Tom, had Matt’s dick down my throat, and Matt was sucking Ryan and Shane was now behind Tom, eating out his hot ass. Jay was pissing a hot stream still all over us, moving around, pissing over Matt’s dick as it slid into my mouth. Matt came off Ryan’s dick and took Jay’s pissing cock down his throat, swallowing it good, until it started leaking out over his chest and dripping down over my face. I slid my mouth off Matt’s dick, getting any of the dripping piss I could. After Jay stopped pissing, Matt got off me and they all moved around where Tom anamur escort was, Tom pulled out of my ass, quickly to be replaced by Shane’s 9inches. He fucking slammed his cock deep into my ass until I could feel his heavy balls slapping my ass. Matt and Ryan stepped to either side of me and just let their piss streams flow. They fucking covered my hard cock, which I also started pissing, shotting it up covering Shane’s chest as he fucked my ass. Matt and Ryan pissed all over my cock, chest, and face, letting both streams in my mouth. Jay came around and sucked their piss from my mouth, then stood over me, lowering his sweaty hole over me. “FUCKING SUCK MY HOLE PIG” he told me as he grinded his ass on my face. Shane pulled out of my ass, Ryan replacing it with his pissing dick. He fucking slammed my hole hard. After Ryan, Matt, and then Jay both took turns fucking me. For at least 45 mintues, all five of the guys just took turns fucking slamming my ass, shoving their dicks in my mouth, and unloading their piss all over me. When Shane got back in my ass, he fucking picked me up, letting me slide down good on his dick. I was fully down on his 9 inches when Ryan came up behind me and eased his 8 inches in me. “OHHH FUUUUUUUUUCKING HELL” I screamed, it fucking hurt. “Don’t worry, buddy, it’ll be ok” Tom smiled at me moving my head towards his, making out again. Fuck I was in fucking love with Tom and would do whatever he wanted. After a few mintues I got used to the huge dicks in my ass and we moved over, although difficult, to the bench. Ryan laid down, me on top of him, and Shane standing, both dicks fucking my ass. “FUCKING SHIT DUDE, I’m gunna fucking blow … FUUUUUUUUCK” Shane cried out as he began pumping his seed into my hole. “SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT” Ryan cried and I could tell he was unloading his seed in me, both those huge cocks filling me up. WHen they were finished, they pulled out. I coudl feel the cum in me, and a little bit leaking out of my hole. My ass was then replaced by Jay’s dick where it only took a few minutes of my cum filled ass to get him to unload, and then Matt, and then finally Tom. All five guys shot in my ass. I was jacking my dick hard. Ryan, Matt, Jay, and Shane got their shit together, fucking spit on my face, in my mouth. “Thanks guy” they all said in one form or another as they got dressed. They all shot their tongues down my throat quick, slapped Tom’s ass, and headed out. “Fuck yeah buddy. I told you I had a suprise for you.” “Fuck Tom. You’re the fucking greatest.” I told Tom. He went down to my stretched and cum filled ass and started sucking their cum out. FUCK I was completely filled. When Tom had his mouth full, I could still feel cum leaking out of my ass. Tom got over me and made out, snowballing all 5 loads together as I shot my load between us. “I fucking love you Tom” “Me too Jake” Let me know if you ail In the new england area guys, where are you?

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