Evening of Cum Fun


25 Aug 13 (John Mav)

The venue was practically empty, in fact, apart from the remaining bar staff, there was only one other table left occupied. It had been a great SHQ meeting up until now, a good mix of couples and single ladies with the occasional TV/TS thrown into the mix; even the few lucky single guys that had got an invite had been well turned out and behaved themselves, impeccably.

Currently Jan was sitting at a table with her husband and two of those lucky single males; She was dressed in a gorgeous, fitted little black number that showed a decent amount of her ample cleavage. When she sat down, the slit up the side ensured that the gentlemen opposite her got a good view of her stocking tops and suspenders.

All through the evening she had been ensuring that her two guests had been getting a good view, with lots of languid stretching and leg crossovers; she enjoyed being a tease and the fact that Kev was here with her, just made it a bit more exciting. She could feel deep between her thighs that little tingle of excitement building and it only heightened as she thought to herself, ‘These guys know they are coming back tonight, but they have no idea how naughty I really want to be’.

“Excuse me ladies and gents, can I ask you to drink up, please, we need to close the bar now?”

Jan glanced back, as the sexy young, 25ish, barman who had been serving them all night asked the other table to drink up; catching his eye, as he moved towards her table, she crossed her legs once more and gave him a perfect sighting of her firm stocking clad thighs.

Knowing he couldn’t help but see, she leaned over to Kev and said, just loud enough for him to hear, “Ask the nice young man if he can give us twenty minutes, please? Then if he wants, he can join us at the hotel for a quick after work drink.”

The other two guys, John and Jim, looked at each other and grinned knowing exactly what she was up to.

As the barman approached the table, he leaned over, full of confidence, and said to her, “You can stay your twenty minutes. It will be worth it for another view of those legs.”

“Mmm, you are a cheeky young thing aren’t you, but OK.” She indicated to John and Jim to slide round the table so they could see, and as all three men watched her she stretched out her legs and slid forwards on her seat, her dress rode higher and higher until her sheer, nearly black, seamed stocking tops with the six strap black suspender belt were clearly visible.

She was avidly watching their faces, enjoying the full attention of three clearly aroused gentlemen, there was a slight intake of breath, before she slid forward a little bit more and they had a full view of her thighs above the stocking line. Then, with a parting of her legs, she let them see her fully shaved moist pussy encased in its sheer, see through black lace panties.

She had never been this brave before, but the evening had gone so well. She was so aroused at all the views and compliments she had been getting and the horny thoughts and ideas she had been having for days now that she just let go, on the spur of the moment.

The young man simply stared at them all and then sheepishly said, “My name’s Gary and I’ll be back in twenty minutes,” while trying to adjust himself before heading back to the bar.

John looked at Kev, “Were you expecting that Kev? Your wife is being a horny little minx tonight.”

“What are you playing at Jan? Getting ideas?”

Jan hadn’t really moved yet, simply slid around slightly, so the bar staff couldn’t see her; the dress was still high on her thighs and she had slipped her hand between them to slightly cover her pussy from view. Giving what could only be described as a little throat purr, she murmured, “Yes, and you are all going to do what I tell you tonight!”

“Oh really?” came from three voices, all at once.

“Yes, but there will be ground rules, and I will tell you all in the room, with that young man as well.”

Jan was feeling a little flushed and excited, as they all stood at the bar getting a final drink before heading up to the hotel room. On the walk back to the hotel from the bar the three guys had been sauntering along behind her and Kev. She had known without looking, that they were all enjoying the view of her seamed, nylon clad legs.

She had particularly enjoyed the moment Kev had cheekily slid his hand down over her swaying rump and slid her dress higher, so they all got a good view of her stocking tops and a little ‘flash of flesh’ above them.

Now, here she stood in their hotel bar next to Kev, with the other three hovering immediately behind her, there was nobody else in the bar area and the barman couldn’t see anything from over the counter.

Kev was busy sorting money for the drinks so she decided to be a little cheeky on her own. Sliding her hands off the bar and down her sides, she slowly hitched her dress up higher and higher. She felt it rise over the cheeks of her ass and knew she was now standing in a hotel bar, surrounded urfa escort by several very horny men, with her stocking clad legs and nearly naked ass on show. She swore she could almost feel the heat pulsing from her aroused pussy.

Then it happened, she twitched slightly, and glanced at Kevin who smiled at her, but both his hands were on the bar. One of the others had taken the opportunity to slide his hand over her nylons, gently caressing her thigh;

‘Oh my God this is making me so fucking horny,’ she thought to herself.

Glancing around, she slowly parted her thighs just a little and then nearly orgasmed where she stood. Two of the guys had a hand on each thigh, gently stroking and teasing, but it was the third one that slid ever so slowly and gently up her inner thigh, tracing along the line of her stocking top as the curve of a thumb glanced along her moist swollen lips.

Jan thought her knees would buckle there and then, she hadn’t intended things to go this far this quick, but it was so exciting and she was so horny, she didn’t care. Leaning into Kev, a slight half sigh half moan escaped her and she whispered, “Can we go up now please?”

She slid her dress back down over her firm ripe ass glancing at the others to see if she could guess which one had stroked her pussy but was met with innocent looking, if flushed, faces from the three reprobates behind her.

Everybody grabbed their drinks and headed for the elevator, Jan not quite trusting her equilibrium hung onto Kev as they entered; Kev moved to the back and Jan leaned into him, pushing her ass into his groin as she faced the other three. He slid his arms around her holding their drinks and it caused her dress to rise again.

Parting her legs slightly for balance Jan looked at the three of them and asked, “So you cheeky gentleman enjoyed your fun at the bar then?”

Three quick nods of excitement and a couple of “oh, yes” confirmed that.

“Well from now on it is my turn for fun, do you all have hard cocks for me?”

Three more nods, and some trouser adjustments, made her flush with excitement and run her tongue along her glossy red lips.

“Good boys. Now, when we get in the room, I am going to nip into the bathroom for a minute and when I come out I expect to see you all lined up on the bed for me, yes? Ok Kev?”

“Yes Jan,” came four voices, as Kev gave her his unconditional permission to take this as far as she wanted. That simple statement from her had already gone further than they discussed in advance.

Jan stepped firmly out of the arms of her husband and towards the three of them. She knew there was probably CCTV in the elevator, but what the hell.

“Right, just so you understand, this is now my fantasy and I am in total control. You will only get to do the things I ask you to do, when I ask you to do them.”

She carefully stroked each hard cock, through the combination of jeans and trousers before moving back to Kev and feeling her favorite firm cock as she pushed back against him. The lift ‘pinged’ and as the doors parted, Kev said, “Room 435 guys. Lead the way.”

She watched them turn away and head up the corridor; she admired them from behind, all of them neat and tidy, well presented you might say; the two guys from SHQ whom they had been talking to for ages, showing a bit more confidence, as expected, not too much nerves and John had promised her he at least, would ensure his cock and balls were completely nude for her, whether she decided to see them or not.

Jim was another proposition and they had shared many mutual fantasies over their time on SHQ, now was time for a little payback; the young man from the bar was understandably more nervous and showing it, constantly glancing around as if he expected candid camera to jump out at any moment. She was sure he had jumped when she had cupped his cock in the lift.

She hadn’t planned on inviting anybody else, but it was a spur of the moment decision and could have gone so completely wrong, but she was determined now to enjoy it to the fullest.

She slipped her arm around her husband, hand sliding into his loose trouser pocket she could feel his firm excitement at the proceedings so far. “Are you ‘OK’ with this Kev?” He stopped, turned to glance at her and leant in to give her a firm hard kiss, their tongues exploring for a while.

As she savored his taste, her hand gripped his cock through the thin fabric, feeling it throb, he leaned away from her. “I think that answers your question. I can’t believe how sexy you look right now and I can’t wait for you to see them all.”

She looked back up the corridor, and the guys had stopped at the door. “Thank you for this dear, and right now I feel so fucking horny and sexy, as well.”

Catching up with the others, Kev opened the door and ushered everybody in, only turning on the side lights in the bedroom and ensuring the door was locked. Jan looked at them all, “Remember what I said,” and slipped balıkesir escort into the bathroom.

The four guys were now left alone in the small bedroom space, they all looked at each other sheepishly and Kev wondered who would break first. One of the things he and Jan had fantasized about was that she wanted to hear them discussing her.

Finally, after a sip of his beer, Jim looked at Kev, “Lucky guy Kev, Jan is one fucking sexy woman and I truly didn’t realize how much of a horny minx she was.”

“Yeah, I agree Kev. I know we had chatted loads of times about different things, but that show in the bar was absolutely mind blowing. And how does our friendly bar keep find things?”

Blushing slightly, from either beer or embarrassment, “Fuck me guys, you all know each other but I seriously thought I was going to blow my load in the lift when she grabbed me.”

Kev looked at them all. “Thanks guys, and it is much appreciated, I love my wife being appreciated in her stockings and finery.” Taking a sip of his beer, he put down the glass and stripped off his shirt. “Come on then, she’ll be mad if she comes out of there and we aren’t prepared.”

The others looked at each other for a couple of seconds and then there were shoes, shirts and trousers being slipped off all over.

Meanwhile, Jan had ensured the bathroom door wasn’t quite closed and she could hear everything. She couldn’t believe how aroused she was to hear her husband talk about her in a sexual manner with other men. She found herself slowly stroking her breasts through her dress as they discussed her.

She could hear the discarding of clothes, and made a decision not to tease the young lad too much at first, she didn’t want him to feel pressured. Re-applying her special deep red glossy lipstick, she intended to leave that in a few places tonight, she straightened her dress, checked her seams in the mirror and then flushed the loo as a cue to the guys she was coming out.

Stepping out of the bathroom and down the short little corridor, she stopped in the entrance away. Her mouth was dry, she was strangely nervous and despite hearing the discarding of items of clothing she hadn’t quite believed they would do it. Here she was looking into her bedroom for the night and there were four fully naked men before her.

Three guys were sitting on the end of the bed and she had to suppress a little giggle as she realized the young lad had his hands clasped before him, almost trying to cover his erection. Her eyes gleamed, he had nothing to worry about. He couldn’t hide the firm tip and at least two inches poking out. John and Jim were sitting there quite comfortably, both older and no longer in peek condition.

It was their confidence which thrilled her in a different manner. She grinned like a naughty teenager, as she realized that both of them had fully shaved cock and balls. Then there was Kev, he stood to the side of the bed, facing her, and she swore his cock was harder, fuller and more erect than she could remember seeing it before.

She moved into the room, feeling their eyes on her, enjoying the feeling of power she had over them at the present time.

“Thank you guys for doing this for us, I hope you will enjoy it as much as I anticipate we will.”

Glancing at Kev, she crooked her finger and he stepped towards her, “None of you are to say anything, touch me or yourselves at the moment,” and with that, she reached out, lips meeting, Jan kissed her husband deeply and passionately.

Taking total control, she turned him around and can now see the other three guys in the mirror.

As Kev probes her mouth with his tongue, her arousal deepens and she feels a deep luxurious purr issue from deep in her chest. Kev’s hands roam across her body. She feels his firm grip on her hips, then round stroking her ass, as all the while she watches the three guys watching her in the mirror.

Her hands reach round and she pushes Kev back so he is perched against the dresser top running along the wall. She can now glance into the mirror, from the side and see them all clearly.

Disengaging from Kevin’s warm passionate kiss, she looks in the mirror. “Gary,” he jerks his head toward her and she smiled. “Move your hands away love. Don’t you want me to see your cock?”

He looks at the others and they grin their encouragement, so he moved his hands to rest on his thighs.

“Thank you Gary, I do like to see a hard cock.”

“Jim, will you please step up here and help me out of this dress? And John, the camera is still in my bag. Will you get it out and take a couple of pictures of Jim undressing me please?”

A couple of muttered, “Yes Jan’s,” follow as they both move to their assigned roles.

“Mmm, you both look good, with your hard shaved cocks waving about.”

As Jan leans back in, to begin kissing Kev again, Jim moved up behind her; waiting till he heard the first click of the camera. From the side, he reached out and trabzon escort slowly slid the zip of Jan’s dress down her back, as she kisses and moves against Kev. It slid open a fraction revealing the strap of her lacy black bra, part of the matching set bought just for this night.

The camera clicked again and again and again as he moved to slide it from off Jan’s shoulders, letting it drop till it caught naturally against her hips.

Jan glanced back, “Well don’t leave it there Jim.” She watched as he sank to his knees behind her, before reaching out to hook his thumbs into the top and gently tug it down over her hips, his hands caressing her stockings and straps, as they wriggle her now crumpled dress down over her hips before allowing it to pool at her feet.

Jan was sighing and moaning, as Kev administered a long hard snog and then a slight squeak of excitement as she feels Jim caress her calf and gently lift a foot before moving the dress aside. He repeated this with the other side and then moved back to the bed. The dress dropped to the floor before the bed.

John moved to the center and took a couple more shots of Jan from behind, in just her heels, stockings, suspender belt, sheer lace panties and bra set, before also retreating to the bed, camera in hand.

“Mmm… well that was fun, but I think I’ve still got too many clothes on, don’t you guys?” Jan saunters forward towards the three guys on the bed, eyes drawn instinctively to their hard cocks, standing proud. Coming to stand before John she leaned down slightly, allowing him a view of her cleavage as she stretched out a hand to stroke his smooth balls.

She could feel the pressure throbbing in his veins that stand out firm and proud from the shaft. Quickly she grabs a hold of Jim as well, a different feel, thicker and uncut, she pulls the foreskin back to expose the purple engorged glans.

“Ooh, don’t you two feel delightful?” She glanced over her shoulder to see Kev stroking his large cock, carefully and rhythmically as he watched her.

Leaving Jim and John to contemplate their erections, she moved to Gary, the young lad looking a little more relaxed, but still having the ‘deer in the headlights’ look. “Enjoying yourself Gary?”

“God yes, Jan, you look stunning.”

Winking, she turns her back to him, “Please remove my bra for me then, sweetie.” Gary stood behind her and reached for the clasp. Expertly, he freed her gorgeous tits and slid the straps off her shoulders. Jan could feel the tip of his cock rubbing in the small of her back and it made her feel so fucking horny, before he can remove her bra she grabbed his hands and pulled them firmly onto her breasts and in a voice that sounded too husky to be her own said, “have some fun.”

Gary began to stroke her sensitive breasts from behind, hands caressing her flesh, kneading her, forcing her flushed breasts together; the bra then fell to the floor and glancing down she could see her firm ripe nipples.

Hearing a moan she glanced at Kev, transfixed as he watched another man slowly fondle and knead his wife’s ample bosom, his hand gliding back and forth along his shaft, the tip of his cock appearing for her with regularity. Stepping away from Gary she indicated he should sit back down.

She reached into her travel bag and removed four bottles of lube, throwing one to each of the men before her, “All right guys, lube up, I want to see you all wanking for me.”

Stripping off her now soaking sheer panties, that quite frankly weren’t hiding her modesty anyway, she perched herself into the little bucket seat of the hotel chair and with a leg stretched wide over each arm proceeded to give herself a nice fingering as she watched four very horny men slowly wanking themselves into rigid, pre-cum states of bliss.

Several minutes passed, all the guys were looking a little flushed, their cocks were hard, engorged and hands were occasionally stopping, so they could circle a little pre-cum around the tips of their members or drop down to cup and tug a little on their balls.

In the back of her mind, Jan couldn’t help thinking, how goddamn fucking horny the sight of all that pre-cum on cock tips was making her. As her fingers flicked across the bud of her clit, she shuddered slightly with a small release. She couldn’t wait any longer. “Kev, get me on the bed please, I need your cock inside me right now.”

One of the guys let out a little snort of laughter, as Kev with distinct haste, had a hold of his wife even before she’d finished the sentence. The three guys stood to one side as Jan was led between them. Kev clambered onto the bed and positioned himself so he was facing out into the room.

Jan, while feeling so horny, was a little lost with what to do. John, feeling brave whispered in her ear and a slow mischievous smile spread across her face. She slipped onto the bed and rolled onto her back and positioned her head so it was right at the edge of the bed, almost hanging off, arms stretched slightly to the side.

“Kev, spread my legs and slide in between please, I want you to lift me onto your cock and fuck your slut wife for these gentlemen.” Kev obediently did as instructed. Jan let a little murmur of pleasure slip from her lips, as she felt the tip of him pressed against the entrance to her wet cunt. God how she wanted that cock.

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