An Incest Birthday Ch. 27


Another personal record on pages with 65. I kept adding to the story with almost every movie I watched this week. you can probably guess what movies and tv shows I was watching by the way I’ve written some of the scenes. Enjoy.


“You wanna tell dad? Are you sure?” I asked.

“Yes, he deserves to know, especially if we’re leaving.”

“That’s true, it wouldn’t be fair. Well have you thought about how you wanna tell him?”

“I don’t know, but we definitely have to wait until after the vacation.”

“Oh yeah that’s a no brainer, telling him before that will for sure mess up their anniversary. What about mom, Aunt Lisa, Stephanie, and Chris, do we tell dad about them too?”

“No, it’s not our place to tell him other people’s business, we just tell him about us.”

“And you’re absolutely sure you wanna do this?”

“Yes. I can’t leave knowing we’re still lying to dad about us.”

“Then I’m with you 100%. Now we have another great talk to look forward to.”

“We have another one? What’s the first?”

“Mom and Aunt Lisa tomorrow; they’re not gonna let us off the hook.”

“Oh yeah, that one won’t be as hard as the talk with dad though.”

“That’s easy for us to say, we’re the ones leaving.”

“We can finish all this tomorrow, I’m exhausted, but still tingling…”

“You’re welcome. We should go to sleep though, long day ahead of us.”

We squeezed together in the now finally aired out and cold room under the blanket. Once Rita got comfortable she could fall asleep in an instant, but I had to lie there for a while, so I did my usual stare at the ceiling as Rita found a position she could fall asleep in.

“Goodnight Randy, I love you.”

“I love you too Rita, goodnight.”

She kissed me on the cheek and was soon asleep. I thought about the big decisions we had coming up and wondered if we were making the right choices. I knew one thing for sure, whatever we did, wherever we went, and whatever decision we made, we’d do it together.


I woke up the next day to an empty bed, which wasn’t unusual, but I’d somehow gotten my boxers on, and I definitely didn’t remember putting them back on. Not only were my boxers back on, but the room was absolutely spotless, I mean it had never been that clean as long as it’s been my room. All the clothes were put up, the video games were neat and organized, the windows and desks had been wiped off, everything had even been dusted. I felt like I was in the twilight zone. My phone beeped and snapped me from examining the room, I had a missed call from Ashley at 8:30. Usually I could hear my phone while I was sleep, but apparently this time I was out cold. I started to call her back, but just waking up I figured I’d wait a little bit and put the phone back down. About the same time I put the phone down Tibbles pushed the door open with his head and hopped on the bed, and Rita came in behind him in a towel.

“Good morning Randy!” Rita said extra bubbly.

“Well someone’s in a good mood. What time did you get up? How come you didn’t wake me?”

“You wouldn’t get up. I woke up fully energized at 7:30, I’ve been up cleaning since.”

“I don’t remember putting my boxers back on, do you know something about that?”

“Yeah I put them back on you; it was a lot harder than you think. You were out cold, you didn’t even wake up when I started sucking your cock.”

I jerked at what she said. “What? I slept through a blowjob?”

“A really good one too, about as good as last night, oh, and I’m sorry about your back.”

I got up and grabbed her hand mirror and matched it up with the mirror hanging on the door and looked at my back, it looked like Freddy Krueger tried to kill me in my sleep. “Jeez…”

“I’m sorry! It’s your fault too! Amazing sex will do that to you! I woke up feeling like the energizer bunny and you slept like a Snorlax on Nyquil.”

“What? Ok, next time I’ll tone it down for my back’s sake.”

“No, I’ll control myself, I’ll put some gloves on or something, or I’ll scratch the bed…”

“I was joking. It happens sometimes, I’ll just take it as a compliment.”

“Don’t joke like that, you can’t take my sex away from me,” she said as she dropped the towel.

“I never get tired of seeing that,” I said as I checked her out, noticing that she got rid of her landing strip for a now cleanly shaven pussy.

“And I never get tired of showing you, gotta look good for my manz.”

I laughed at what she said as my phone beeped again reminding that I never checked out the missed call from Ashley. I grabbed my phone and slid the notification off my front screen. “Oh, Ashley called while I was sleep, probably to make sure we’re still coming.”

“Yeah she called me too. It’s almost like she’s trying too hard.”

“I’d rather her try too hard than not at all, I’ll tell her to cool it though.”

Rita went from spot to spot in the room, not even bothering to go to her clothes drawer, just walking around in the buff, butt cheeks and tits swinging as free as they could.

“I take you’re still istanbul escort naked because dad isn’t here?”

“Eeeeeeeeeeexactly, he left for work a half hour after I got up.”

“Ok, well since you’re already all clean I’m gonna go jump in the shower.”

“Don’t take too long, all this nakedness isn’t gonna look at itself.”

“As you wish your majesty,” I joked.

“Majesty, I can get used to that. You doing what I say on command…”

“Yeah, don’t put all your eggs in that basket,” I said as I grabbed my towel and headed out.”

I ran the shower and took my toothbrush and toothpaste in with me. I shampooed my hair first and then put the toothpaste on my toothbrush and brushed my teeth as I peed down the drain (every guy has done this at least 50 times). I kicked water around the drain to make sure I didn’t leave anything and rinsed the shampoo out, then put in the conditioner and grabbed my man loofah (yes, there are man loofahs, made by axe) and washed up while the conditioner sat in my hair. I reached out of the shower for the mouthwash bottle on the counter, knocking down the toothbrush holder and everyone’s toothbrush in the sink before I finally grabbed it, poured some in my mouth and swished it until it felt clean enough, and then all at once spit the mouthwash down the drain, rinsed my hair out, and washed all the body wash off. Again I kicked water at the drain to make sure I didn’t leave anything and got out of the shower feeling as clean as our room looked, despite the process of getting to that point. I wrapped the towel around me, cleaned my nose, q-tipped my ears, and fixed the mess I made around the sink and went back to our room, to a still naked Rita.

“What happened to a quick shower? My nakedness was getting lonely in here.”

“That was like fifteen minutes, it was the best I can do.”

“You did everything in the shower didn’t you?”

“I sure did, and it was great.”

“Why do guys do that? How can you just pee in the tub like that?”

“Easy, and we’re not peeing all over the walls or the shower curtain or anything, we’re peeing down the drain. Don’t try to act like women don’t do it, maybe not as often but you do.”

“Yeah, no, that’s disgusting.”

“Keep acting all innocent, we all know the truth.”

A few seconds later mom and Aunt Lisa poked their heads in the doorway. “Time for that talk.”

I was still in my towel and Rita was sitting in the computer chair and spun around so they could see she was completely naked. “Trying out a new lifestyle huh?” Aunt Lisa joked.

“Dad’s not here, I didn’t want clothes, therefore I stay naked,” Rita replied.

“Ok let’s stay on subject here. You two are serious about moving?” mom asked.

“Yeah we are, we’re really considering it,” I said.

“But why? I don’t get it, what’s so bad about here?”

“Nothing’s bad about here mom, it’s just that we can’t be us here. We’ve been here all our life, we can’t be a normal couple here, people know us here.”

“I can understand that, but you know you’ll never be a normal couple right?”

“We can try. That’s the whole reason behind moving, to be a normal couple,” Rita said.

“But can you just pick up and leave everything you know?” Aunt Lisa asked.

“We’re not saying it’s gonna be easy, we know it’s not, it’s gonna be hell leaving everything we know behind, be we look at it as making a new start into adulthood.”

“What about us? Will you come back to visit us? How often?”

“Yeah we’ll come back and visit. Once we get settled we’d try to come back at least once a month, and you can always come visit us too.”

“Once a month? We’re gonna have to up that by a few visits. And what about Stephanie and Chris, do they know you’re leaving? I wonder what they’d think,” mom said.

“They’re gonna come too. We talked with them yesterday about it,” I said.

“They’re gonna have the same talk with their parents then if that’s true.”

“While we’re here, there’s something else we wanna tell you,” Rita jumped in. “We thought about it, and we decided we wanna tell dad about us before we leave.”

“You mean actually tell him? Are you sure you wanna do that?” Aunt Lisa asked.

“He deserves to know. We’re gonna wait until after your vacation to tell him.”

“Well at least there’s that. Is he gonna know about me and your mom too?”

“No just us. Most of this is just us going off emotion, it might not even happen, but just in case it does we wanted you guys to know ahead of time.”

“So we have time to change your mind, perfect,” mom said.

“Have you decided where you wanted to go?” Aunt Lisa followed.

“We like Seattle. It’s a good city, and it’s far, but not too far.”

“Seattle? Yeah we’ll definitely be changing your minds,” mom said.

“Ok now that we’ve somewhat cleared that up, can you two please kindly exit the room so we can put some clothes on our slowly freezing naughty bits,” Rita said.

“She says put some clothes on, but she really means fuck,” Aunt Lisa said.”

“Oh I know, you two need a new hobby, or a new partner,” mom said.

“You’re just jealous şirinevler escort because I can get it whenever I want it,” Rita said back.

“Yeah we’ll see,” mom grinned as she and Aunt Lisa left the room.

The second they closed the door Rita charged at me in a naked, jiggly blur. I had just enough time to catch her and flip her around in a body slam on the bed. My towel fell off on the spin and we were rolling around on the bed naked wrestling, we were doing actual moves, not that play around so I can sneak a feel of your ass kind of thing, I mean actual moves. She clotheslined me, then I powerbombed her, then she hit an RKO, and I followed up with a Rock Bottom, and then when we got tired, we ended up in the always classic sit on the others stomach holding their arms until they gave up, in this case she was sitting on my junk.

“Just like we used to wrestle,” Rita said.

“Uhh, not quite exactly how we used to, I don’t remember you sitting on my naked crotch.”

“I prefer it this way anyway, more contact, more distractions, more “accidental” grabbing.”

“Accidental? I knew something was up, noone “accidentally” grabs a cock seven times.”

“If you knew something was up then why didn’t you say anything.”

“Because you kept grabbing my cock, I’d be an idiot to say something!”

“Perv!” Rita said as she hopped off and tried to put me in a Crippler Crossface.

She was that close to getting it locked in before I slipped out of it and rolled over. I grabbed her flipped her upside down into a Tombstone Piledriver, both our crotches in each other’s faces.

“I can get used to moves like this,” she said as she flicked my cock with her tongue.

It made me tingle so much that I almost dropped her, so I slammed her and went back to moves I could control myself on, like a Spinebuster, or a Pedigree and so on. My glance went to the door as mom and Aunt Lisa poked their heads back in the room, I’m guessing because we were loud as hell, but that didn’t stop us in the least from wrestling.

“What the hell is going on in here!” we heard mom say.

“That actually looks like fun,” Aunt Lisa followed. “Remember the time we played naked twister for like seven hours straight?”

“Oh yeah, with the girl in France! That was a fun day! I still can’t believe how flexible she was.”

“Umm are you two done over there? You’re interrupting our exercise,” Rita said.

“If that’s exercise then I want a personal trainer,” Aunt Lisa joked.

“I got your personal trainer,” Rita said as she took off in a flying kick towards the door.

They left the room laughing as they no doubt got a look at Rita’s exposed crotch. “What in the hell was that! A flying naked Liu Kang jump kick?” I laughed.

“Something like that. It got them away from the door didn’t it?”

“Not for the reasons you think, but still effective, just don’t hit me with it.”

“I make no promises. You might just get a flying crotch to the face, if you’re lucky.”

“Sounds tempting, I’ll remember that for a rainy day, unless you catch me in my sleep.”

My phone rang again, the new ringtone I had for Ashley, I had forgotten to call her back with the mom talk and the naked wrestling, but she had it covered I guess.

“Hey Ashley, what’s up.”

“Hi Randy, what you up to this morning?”

“Nothing really, pretty much just waking up. It sounds weird with you actually being nice.”

“Well get used to it because that’s how I’m gonna be from now on.”

“That’s good. You calling to make sure we’re still coming?”

“I wasn’t, I hope you still are. I was calling to tell you to bring bathing suits.”

“Bathing suits? We weren’t planning on going to the pool, all that chlorine…”

“We’re not going to the pool, we’re all gonna get in the hot tub at my house.”

“Oh, hot tub, well that sounds a lot better. You tell Chris and Stephanie?”

“No I called you first, can you tell them? I’m still fixing up stuff here.”

“Yeah I’ll tell them, you have any more surprises we should know about?”

“Just be ready to get fat and tell some secrets, and maybe a drink or two? It’s part of a game.”

“That’s a BIG maybe, but we’ll see. We’ll be over around three ok?”

“Three is good, see you then.”

Rita snatched the phone out of my hand. “See you at three ASHLEY BEAR! Haha!”

“Dammit dad, I’m never gonna live that down…”

I hung up the phone laughing at Rita’s improve embarrassment of Ashley, wishing I’d thought of that. “Ok get a bathing suit, she has a hot tub we’re all getting in apparently.”

“A hot tub? Ok I can get excited about that. I haven’t been in one since we were at the cabin.”

“She said something about telling secrets too?”

“She must be talking about her, I’m not telling anything.”

“There’s a drinking game too I guess, but I’m not drinking, not after the last party.”

“You’re not leaving my sight this time, and if anything, you’ll be drinking beer, no liquor.”

“That’s it I guess, whatever else we’ll find out when we get there.”

“Now I have to wear a bathing suit taksim escort under my clothes, Hello Kitty it is.”

“That’s a messed up double standard. If girls wear stuff like Hello Kitty, Dora the Explorer, and Monster High, it’s cute and sexy and stuff, but if guys wear Transformers, Spongebob Squarepants, or Power Rangers then we’re little kids or nerds?”

“That’s life Randy, why would you wear Spongebob Squarepants anyway?”

“I was just using it as an example, you get my point.”

She struck a pose in her bikini. “You don’t like seeing me in stuff like this?”

“Of course I do, who wouldn’t? I guess women pull it off better.”

I pulled on my wolf swimming shorts a few second before Stephanie and Chris came in.

“What no knock, just barge right in?” Rita said as she fixed her bikini.

“Yep. We’re practically family what do we need to knock for?” Chris asked.

“Because if you came in any sooner you would’ve seen some naked family ass!”

“Fuck! Taking all day parking!” Stephanie complained as she punched Chris in the arm.

“Why are you putting on bathing suits anyway?” Chris asked again.

“Ashley has a hot tub she wants us all to get in, I take it you don’t have one on?”

“Nope, she never called us. She doesn’t have my number to tell me anyway.”

“Well we have lots of extras, Steph can use my Supergirl bathing suit, I haven’t worn that one as much, Randy you should give Chris your Spongebob Squarepants shorts,” Rita laughed.

“I’m not wearing…wait what? Why do you have Spongebob Squarepants shorts?”

“I don’t, it was a joke from earlier that Rita WON’T SEEM TO LET GO!” I said as I grabbed a pillow from the bed and flung it at her.

“I was about to say man, weird. Do you have a pair you haven’t worn yet?”

“He doesn’t buy swimsuits like we do, just use one of his other pair,” Stephanie said.

“I’m not putting on something he had his naked balls in!”

“You don’t have a choice, either that, or you wear the shorts you have on.”

“Then I’ll be wearing these shorts in the hot tub, I’ll be ok on the way home.”

“Chris you are such a baby, it’s just a pair of shorts. What about you Steph, you care about getting in a bathing suit I had my naked puss in?” Rita asked smiled.

“Not at all. It wouldn’t be the first time my naked puss came close to yours,” Stephanie grinned.

“We have a little time to play Super Mario before we leave, Steph you can change in the bathroom, you don’t need to be stripping down in front of everyone.”

“That was the plan. Well pick me one of the toads,” she said as she left the room.

We got fully dressed, me in cargo shorts and a black t-shirt and Rita in a denim skirt with a tweety bird spaghetti strap and set up the game just as Stephanie came back in. how she put that bathing suit on so fast I’ll never know. We loaded up our last save and we’re playing right where we left off, with everybody with a power except Chris, courtesy of my flower stealing.

“Ashley said there’d be some secret spilling,” I told Stephanie and Chris.

“Maybe from her, I still don’t trust her. I have plenty of questions though,” Chris responded.

“I think she knows that’s coming, a stranger can tell you don’t trust her.”

“Am I unjustified? If she’s serious about changing then she has nothing to worry about.”

“Just remember, we’re giving her the benefit of the doubt. Don’t go in looking for something to criticize her about, I don’t want her to say we never even gave her a chance.”

“Ok man, GIMME THE FIRE FLOWER! YES ABOUT TIME! Like I was saying, ok man, I won’t go in starting trouble, but if she gets exposed as a liar in any way I’m outta there.”

“Me too, after what she did I’ll be damned if it happens again,” Stephanie said.

“She knows the deal, and by the way she’s been acting I think she’s ready to answer any questions you have for her Chris, wasn’t there an item box around here?” Rita asked.

“Yeah we already opened it, we got the raccoon thing remember? I’m more concerned about the other three than I am Ashley, who says they have to change like Ashley?” I said.

“Noone, all the more reason we should be suspicious. I’m just too paranoid about stuff like this, it never seems to go our way if you haven’t noticed,” Chris said.

“Why are we getting so worked up? It’s just hanging out at her house, if anything happens we can smash their faces in, or just leave, it’s not like we’re stuck there,” Rita said.

“True. She gave up all the incriminating stuff, she has nothing on you,” Stephanie added.

“I guess we’ll just have to wait till we get there, nothing we can do about it now,” I said.

We played the game for about another hour or so before we called it quits and decided to head over there. We checked and made sure we had our phones and stuff and headed downstairs where mom and Aunt Lisa were on the couch watching Desperate Housewives, go figure.

“We’re heading over to Ashley’s now, be back around ten or so,” I said.

They muted the TV and looked at us in the way we knew they were being completely serious. “When you guys get over there, you watch her, be careful. She pulled a stunt like this before, just because the circumstances are different doesn’t mean she completely is. Her little nice act could just be temporary. Watch each other’s back and if she tries something, leave,” mom said.

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