Another Time and Place


She grabbed the headboard as we arrived to the time in our fucking that we just through all caution to the wind and fucked. That primal grunting hot soaked fucking. She love the idea of just being fuck, good and hard, by someone that loved to fuck and loved to fuck her most of all. While I like knowing, I have given her everything she wanted and now it was my turn to get off. She let anther orgasm wash over her as she noticed that I was building to mine. As I released myself inside her for the first time in a year, we exhaled and fell into each other’s arm.

She looked over at me and said “hi.” After having the thought that we might not have said anything to each other since meeting in as she came off the plane.

I laughed having the same though and said, “Well hello to you too.”

We had been at it for about two hours and there was going to be many hours more before the weekend was over. Well two hours not including the ride from the airport. She and I were both always so worked up by the time we met up in the airport on our past “engagements” that we would ether do it in the rental car parking lot or come very close to flying off the highway at 80 mph while trying to fuck on the way to the hotel room. Consequently, this time I rented a limo and we were both safely nude and bouncing on top of each other less than five minutes from stepping out of the automatic doors from the airport.

She likes my callused hands and rough demeanor and I like her soft curves and sexy brain. To paraphrase the Eagles ‘We had one thing in common, we were good in bed’ and on these weekends we were living life in the fast lane.

After we reintroduced ourselves to really good sex, Escort Bayan Antep I took her to the kitchen. I had her collect all the pillows blankets and sheet from the rest of the spar room in the sweet and bring them with her as I grabbed all the towels and the mattress. She made a nest as I brought out all the goods I had stock pilled. I laid down a large wood cutting board and then her nude body.

“I don’t know what I want to eat first.” I said.

She spread her legs and said, “how about you just give me a kiss before we eat?”

That sounded like a great idea until my tongue ran up her clit and I realized that if I didn’t stop now it would be two more hours before any other kind of eating could happen.

“Your witching powers could drive me to starvation, you wicked woman.”

She coyly ran her finger over her nipple then into mouth, biting her finger, and said, “you figured me out. Now shut up and feed me.”

Smiling at her I started to cut up food and open the drinks. We had watermelon and blue cheese, spicy olives, a verity of cheeses and other fruits and vegetables. We had a very nice red wine and beer. I started to feed her as she fed me. I dripped watermelon juice on her breast and I then licked it off. She took a put it in her mouth and kissed me letting the juice move between us.

We continued to drink and eat like this until we were both incredibly turned on. She could not take it anymore and she moved in to start something, but I held her back and pulled a box out from behind me. It had one very large chocolate donut in it. When she saw it she smiled and ran her finger along it scooping a large dollop of icing off. She reached down and rubbed it on my dick.

“Oh look! I made a mess. I guess I should clean it up.” She said as she took me into her mouth.

She made humming noises as if it was the best thing she had ever eaten. This had the desired out come as she could feel me getting hard inside her mouth. At this, I took some icing and spread it over her breasts and down her belly. Then I proceeded to lick my way back between her legs to finish what I had started earlier. I did this until she started to moan and then she rolled me over onto my back and climbed aboard my face. She took my dick back into her mouth and sat on my mouth grinding herself onto my face.

I can’t tell you how much I love this. My face wet from the folds of her cunt. The smell of her sex. My hands on her ass lapping and sucking her into a wriggling frenzy and the more I sucked and licked the deeper she would take me into her mouth. Finally, I suck her pearl into my mouth nibbled on it with my lips and laid into with my tongue. This made her scream with my dick in her mouth and that push me over the edge. I shot rope after rope of cum filling her mouth. At that, she jerked and started her own orgasm while swallowing every drop I gave her.

She kept milking my very sensitive post cum dick until I grabbed her head with both hands and slowly slide myself in and out of her mouth until be both came down.

She rolled off of me but laid her head on my lap and nuzzled up to my dick. We laid like this, lust letting the other fondle and explore their body. After some time she stood and help my old bones up. She slapped me on the ass and kissed me.

“We still got it” she said as she walk out onto the balcony.

It was a little chilly to be nude on the balcony this high up, but it gave us a reason to snuggle. Again, we started to explore each other’s bodies and it wasn’t long until she turd her back to me, put her hands on the railing, look over her shoulder and said, “Fuck me! Fuck me so hard that my screams will make the people on the street think you are killing me up here.”

And, fuck her I did. It was sexy, rough, loud, a little painful and it left marks. Mark on her ribs from me ramming my body into her so hard she was smashed against the railing. I was bleeding from several scratches she gave me as she reached back to take a hold of skin and yell one of the many vulgar slurs that she would scream at me for encouragement. Things like “Fuck me! Harder, you ass hole! Use that pussy! Fuck that pussy like a man! Own that pussy motherfucker!” At this, I would grab a hand full of hair and yanked her head back so I could whisper through gritted teeth “Take that dick you slut. Beg for this cock. Beg me like your my whore.” It was a hard anger fuck. The kind of fuck you can only have with that one person in your life that knows what needs to come out. For her and me these times happen once a year and this is where we both know we can get it out.

I don’t know if we passed out or if we finished and laid down I just could not remember, but the next thing I know I was waking up on the cold hard concert patio deck with her curled up on top of me.

“I love you.” I said, then stood and carried her to the bed.

We woke the next day and made love. For the rest of our vacation we made love, gave kisses, eat, laughed, drove through the countryside and made love whenever we wanted (also, wherever we wanted).

She said “I love you Jim Smith.”

“I love you baby.”

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