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Subject: Ashton and Noah Chapter V Ashton and Noah Chapter V Okay, here we go again with the usual stuff that precedes the story. This story has sexual interactions betwixt an adult and a minor. If you’re not allowed to read this story because of age/location/religion/whatever, stop reading. If this stuff offends you, why are you even here? Go fly a kite. As the author of this story, I give a license to Nifty to display this story on their servers. This story is not to be displayed on any other website. Nifty needs all the help it can get. Please, consider a donation so you can continue to enjoy the many stories. Give `til it hurts! I was slumbering with Noah in my arms. We were still cuddled on the pool table. A few things conspired to wake me up. First, I wasn’t drunk. Sleeping on a pool table when you’re sober? It’s very uncomfortable. Sleeping on a pool table when you’re drunk? It’s much more comfortable. My neck ached. My back and ass itched from the felt of the table. Also, there was a persistent beeping sound. I finally identified it as someone at the front door, ringing for me via the intercom. Carefully, so Noah wouldn’t bang his head, I slipped off the table. I cleared my throat and hit the button that connected me with whoever was outside. “Yeah?” Not too polite, but I didn’t care. “Mister Ridgeway, we’re from Social Services, here for a random and unannounced visit and inspection per the orders of the court.” Fighting down the panic that threatened to overwhelm me, I calmly responded with “Yeah. I’m downstairs. Give me a minute.” Shaking Noah’s shoulder, I was able to wake him. Quickly, we got dressed, and I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw that we looked normal, with nothing amiss or anything that would give away what we’d been doing. My neck ached, but I had bigger fish to fry. I had Noah sit on the couch in the front room, and I opened the door. Two women stood in front of me. They were dressed in pantsuits and carried clipboards. They announced themselves as Hardy and Jensen. “Welcome. Come on in. I’ll be happy to take you around and show you what you need to see.” I waved my arm to the couches where Noah was sitting. He waved and flashed his trademark smile that melted my heart. “We’ll have an interview with the minor first. We’ll then have him take us on an inspection tour of the house. We’ll then have an interview with you. You are not to be present for the tour or interview as we don’t want him to be influenced by your presence.” Jensen said this while Hardy made notes. “Sure. I understand. I’ll be in the kitchen, getting things ready for dinner.” I indicated where I’d be and ambled off into the kitchen. Though I could see Noah being questioned, I couldn’t hear what they were saying. I pulled two steaks out of the fridge, and placed them in marinade. I hummed to myself as I scrubbed potatoes and set them boiling. I went around the kitchen, getting everything together for dinner. Out on the back deck, once the grill was hot enough, I placed the steaks on the grill. Noah stepped out, followed by Jensen and Hardy. Their faces showed no emotion, so I had no idea how good or bad things were. “We now wish to speak to you, Mister Ridgeway,” Hardy said. “We’ll talk to you inside.” “Sure thing,” I said, wiping my hands on the towel I had brought outside with me. Quickly coaching Noah on how to finish the steaks, I went inside. I sat in the chair I called the Captain’s Chair. It reminded me of Captain’s Picard’s chair from the Enterprise. “We’re concerned with a few things we’ve seen.” Keeping my poker face, but internally squirming, I gestured for them to continue. “We’ve toured the cabin, and we didn’t see any toiletries for Noah. Are you making him wash with just başakşehir escort water?” Relieved, I said “No. Not at all. When we got ready for court this morning, he took a bar of soap from the master bathroom, and washed in his. Good kid that he is, he returned it to my sink. Tomorrow, when he’s at school, I intend to go to the store, and purchase things he needs now that he’s in my custody. Shampoo, body wash, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and whatever else he needs.” “And how has he been brushing his teeth since he’s been staying with you?” Hardy queried, looking at me like I was about to confess to several crimes. “We’ve actually been sharing a toothbrush. I didn’t see the harm in it until I knew one way or the other what would happen in court.” I sounded smooth, and I hoped the answers were satisfactory. The questioning continued. Would I take him to school? Would I make him lunches for school? What limits would I place on him for school nights? The questions sounded varied and irrelevant, but I answered them to be fully cooperative. Finally, as I was seeing them to the door, Noah came back in, steaks on a platter. Taking them from him, I led him into the kitchen. I hadn’t set the table, but I didn’t care. We ate at the kitchen island. Our stools were close to each other, and we snuggled close together as we ate. When the dishwasher was loaded and had started its cycle, I decided we were in need of relaxation. “Come on, Noah. Let’s get to the top floor. You haven’t seen everything yet.” “I haven’t? Wonder what other wonderful surprises you’ve got for me,” he said, with a twinkle in his eye. On the top deck, there was a hot tub. The height ensured total privacy, and there was enough of a clearing that we’d have an excellent view of the night sky. The sun had gone down, but the sky was still laced with orange and pink. “Since we’re in a private place, we can skinny dip.” I began taking off my clothes. Noah showed no hesitation in getting naked with me. We slid into the hot water, and I slid down until my mouth was just above the water. Reaching over, I turned on the jets. Noah sat in front of me, between my legs, and I wrapped my arms around him. His back was nestled against my chest, and the jets were doing a good job of massaging my aching neck. As the sky went dark, stars came out and twinkled. First one, then two, then dozens of stars were winking at us. With no light pollution, I saw more stars than I usually did from my lawn at home. I gently kissed his neck, and began rubbing his chest. Oh how this beautiful sweet boy was a delight to hold, and oh how he turned me on! Noah sighed with pleasure, and turned around, straddling my legs. Our cocks were rock hard, and they ground together as he leaned in and kissed me. His tongue probed my mouth, and I let it slip in. He explored my mouth as I caressed his neck and shoulders, relishing the wonderfully smooth skin. I let my hands slide down his back, and stopped just above his ass. I leaned my head to one side as Noah began kissing my neck. Whether instinct, or because he could, he gently began to suck on my neck. Not hard enough to give me a hickey, but enough to give me shivers down my spine. “Oh, Noah. You kiss so wonderfully. You’re a natural at this!” I exhaled in his ear. “I love you so much, Ash. I’d go anywhere, learn anything just to please you.” He nuzzled my neck and kissed my lips again. “You’re doing a great job of pleasing me now.” I wrapped my hand around both our cocks and slowly began to jack them under the water. Noah moaned in my ear and squirmed in pleasure. I alternated how hard I was squeezing, firm and loose. I was enjoying the feelings pulsing through my body. From Noah’s gasps and moans halkalı escort of pleasure, he was enjoying it as well. Rotating, so Noah’s back was against the hot tub, I took a deep breath, and plunged my head under the water. I rubbed his throbbing boyhood against my cheek for a moment before opening my mouth and starting to suck it. Having had plenty of experience of giving head in a hot tub, I knew exactly what to do. I sucked on that beautiful uncut cock and distantly, through the water, I could hear Noah moaning my name. When I began to run out of breath, I stroked his rock hard dick and exhaled the air I was holding. Instead of breaking the surface to replenish my breath, I placed my mouth over one of the jets. It was shooting out air, but not too hard to hurt anyone. I took a few normal breaths before taking another deep breath and resumed sucking Noah’s cock. Digging his fingernails into my shoulders, I could tell Noah was really enjoying this. I also loved what was going on. I loved him. I loved that he was mine to love and pleasure. His four inch rod pulsated in my mouth. It fit so nicely. I didn’t know how long it would get when he hit puberty, but I’d still love to suck on every inch. I bobbed my head up and down on his cock, every so often, nuzzling my nose against his hair free pubic bone. Soon, he began squeezing my shoulders hard, and I knew he was close to his dry orgasm. I pulled my mouth off of his delicious cock, and went up for air. “Oh my god, Ash!” he exclaimed. “That felt so incredibly awesome! I loved it. Why’d you stop?” I pushed my wet hair out of my eyes. I smiled at him, and embraced him, kissing his soft cupid bow shaped lips. Not saying anything, I stood up, my six inch cock fully erect and bobbing close to Noah’s mouth. Before he could lean forward and start sucking it, I pulled him up, and carried him in my arms. “Let’s continue this inside,” I said in a husky voice. Looking at me, eyes full of trust and love, Noah nodded. Taking only a second to towel us more or less dry, I carried him to my bed. I laid him down, and straddled him, his cock rubbing in between my ass cheeks. “My cock is too big to fuck you with. We need to stretch your asshole first. But your cock is four inches long, not too thick, and very erect.” As I said this, I reached around and rubbed his cock. It twitched in response. “With some lube, you can put your cock in me no problem. Would you like to make love to me, Noah?” “I’d love to, Ash,” he said with a shy smile. Reaching over to the drawer of the nightstand, I pulled out some lube. I had brought it with me so I could finger myself when I jerked off. Now, I was going to put it to better use. I was experienced in what I was about to do. Staring into Noah’s deep blue eyes, I squeezed some lube into my right palm, and again reached behind me. I applied some lube to Noah’s dick and gave it a few strokes to make sure it was properly slick. With the remaining lube, I slicked up my asshole. I took hold of his cock, and teased myself a moment with his deliciously lubricated mushroom shaped head. Slowly, so it wouldn’t be a shock to either of us, I slid down his pole, bit by bit. Not caring about how slick it was, Noah took my hands. I clasped them to my chest, so they were close to my heart. “Your cock fits beautifully, Noah. You’re a beautiful boy with a beautiful dick.” I remained still, so we could enjoy the pleasurable feelings of him being inside me. I squeezed his hands. “Ash…never have I imagined that sex could feel this nice. Your butt wrapped on my penis is tight but hot and nice. Is there more?” “Yeah. Depends on how long it’ll take you to orgasm.” I breathed out this answer, thoroughly entranced by the feelings coursing şirinevler escort through my body. Slowly, I began to slide up and down his hard cock. We said nothing, just enjoying this first coupling together. The first of what I hoped would be many and as pleasurable. I relished the feeling of his cock sliding in and out of me, delighting in feeling it throb and pulse. Each throb and pulse of Noah’s cock in me, made my own cock throb harder. Soon, Noah was orgasming. His cock throbbed like crazy in me, and he cried out, mewing like a puppy. I clenched my ass cheeks together, tightening the pressure on his pulsating cock, and when he was finished, I laid down beside him, my still erect cock pointing straight in the air, his own cock softening. “Wow,” Noah breathed. “That was…indescribable. Can we do that again?” “We have all the time in the world, beautiful Noah. Of course we can. We have from now, until the end of time. You can make love to me, and I can make love to you when you’re ready.” Yawning, Noah rolled onto his side, and grasped my still hard cock. Slowly, he began to stroke it, alternating between kissing me, and sucking my nipple. It was a matter of minutes before I began to breathe heavy, my orgasm building. Sensing I was close to cumming, Noah increased the speed of his jacking of my cock. Gasping, I convulsed as my orgasm rolled over me. My cock pulsed for a second then began shooting cum into the air which landed all over Noah’s hand and my stomach. I always shoot a lot of cum, so soon it was puddled on my stomach. I didn’t even count the ropes of cum. I was busy enjoying the orgasm the beautiful and lovely naked boy twelve year old boy beside me was giving me. Once again, Noah ran his hands through the cum on my stomach. Once again, he tasted his fingers. I remembered my first time tasting semen. I’d enjoyed it so much, I tasted it whenever I came. Noah seemed to enjoy the taste as well. When I could stand, I went into the bathroom, and wiped the cum off my stomach with a towel. I went back to the bed, and wiped Noah’s hand and his cock which was flaccid and asleep on top of his ball sack. Tossing the towel into the bathroom, I crawled back into bed with him. “This has been the greatest day of my life, Ashton. I love you so much. I love your food. I love your body. I love the sex we had. I love how you shoot so much. I want to be in bed with you forever.” “We’ll have plenty of time for sex,” I said, pulling him close to me, so we could cuddle together. “Tomorrow morning, we’ll get up, and you’ll go to school.” “Aaa-asssh,” he whined, dragging the one syllable into two. “Do I have to go to school? I don’t like it.” “Yeah, you do,” I said, giving him a squeeze. “I didn’t like school when I was your age, but I still went. It was because of school that I discovered I loved to write. It started me off on the path that led me to be in bed with you. Besides, I have to be a responsible guardian and all that.” Sighing, I could feel Noah nod. “I know,” he said. “I just figured I could give it a shot.” “It was a good try. Let’s get some sleep.” Using one hand to set the alarm on the nightstand, I also hit the button on the house remote to lock the doors and set the alarm. Rubbing Noah’s back, I smiled in the darkness. I was pretty happy. Perhaps the happiest I’d ever been. Although I’d been dating guys since I was fifteen, and having sex with guys since I was sixteen, I’d always had a thing for young boys like Noah. Slim, slender, with gorgeous eyes and body. It felt like fate had brought us together. Well, there it is for Chapter V. I hope you liked it. I’ve begun on Chapter VI, and hope to get it up in a week. The next few days, I’ll have a guest in from out of state. Naked times will follow, so I’ll be busy, and my hands will be full, IF you know what I mean. Questions? Comments? Smart remarks? Waffle recipes? The atomic weight of cobalt? Directions on how to make root beer? The difference between ketchup and tomato smoothie?

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