Assassin Ch. 03


Violet stood outside the Carver Hotel in the dark. Shielding her eyes from the lamp overhead, she looked up at the monolithic structure. It was apparently quite old and quite ornate. Inside, her would-be assassin, Elene, awaited her. She hoped she wasn’t walking into a trap. She could turn around right now and walk away. Strangely, she sensed that she needed to trust her. With resolve, she pushed through the revolving door and entered the lobby.

Several people in the lobby turned their heads to look at her. She was dressed in tight, light leather. They probably thought she was a hooker, or worse. She didn’t care. Loose fabric threw her off balance, and she wanted to be ready for anything.

She walked up to the counter and placed her bag on top. A severe looking attendant looked at her with disdain and, with barely concealed disgust, asked “Can I help you?”

“I’m looking for a friend. Room 514. Has she checked in yet?” she asked, ignoring him.

The man stared at her steadily for a moment, then turned and tapped on the terminal to his side. After a moment, he turned around. “Yes, she checked in half an hour ago. Would you like me to call ahead?” he asked, flatly.

“No, thank you. She’s expecting me.” She didn’t want to tip her off if it was, indeed, a trap. A girl needs to be cautious.

With that, Violet turned and crossed the lobby, stopping in front of the bank of elevators. She jabbed one of the call buttons and watched the indicators above the elevators. A ding to her left indicated an elevator had arrived. She walked into the elevator, garnering looks from everyone. “Fifth floor, please,” she said, as she entered.

On the fifth floor, she exited the elevator alone. A sign directly ahead of her indicated that rooms 501-510 were to the left, while rooms 511-520 were to the right. She turned right and walked down the hall. Her gaze scanned the doors on either side, until at last she came to room 514 at the bend of the hall.

She knocked on the door and waited. After several seconds there was no response. She knocked again. Still nothing. Violet felt something wasn’t right here. She gingerly pushed against the door with her shoulder, as she slowly twisted the knob with her hand. She was ready to spring out of the way at the first sign of danger.

As the door opened, the sight that met her took a moment to register. Just inside the door sat two oversized recliners facing a large, flat panel television. One recliner was empty. In the other lay a slender woman, in a nightgown, tied to the chair, in the reclining position. She appeared to be completely immobilized. She had a large white bag over her head, fastened with what appeared to be a bungie cord. The bag rustled as the woman’s chest rose and fell in deep breaths.

“Elene?” Violet asked out loud, still not grasping the situation.

“Violet?” the woman answered, out of breath.

Violet went on alert. She crossed the room quickly. “I’ll get you out of there,” she said, kneeling beside the recliner.

A gruff voice behind her said, “I don’t think so.”

Violet spun around, ready to spring into action. She found herself staring down the barrel of a handgun instead. She followed the gleaming gun up and back toward its owner. She didn’t recognize the man, but he had gotten the drop on her, so that made him dangerous.

“Don’t be stupid,” Violet said, unflinching.

“Don’t be stupid? Honey, I’ve got you right where I want you. And you are a hard one to find. Who’s stupid?” the man answered, laughing.

“Then let her go, if it’s me you want,” Violet said defiantly.

“Give yourself up and I’ll consider it,” the man replied, waving his gun toward the empty recliner. She couldn’t rush the man. She’d be shot, then Elene would die. She was too far away from the doorway leading into the next room. She saw her only possible option, and dove behind the second recliner.

Her attacker was on her in an instant, pushing her to the ground. Pressing the gun against her cheek. “And I’m the one that’s stupid? I expected a lot more out of you. Carl!” he shouted over his shoulder.

A large man, with a shaved head, entered the room, wielding another gun. “You ready, Joe?”

“Yeah, tie her up.”

“No!” Violet shrieked, as the two men lifted her from the ground. The gun was placed against her temple as Joe whispered in her ear.

“You give yourself up willingly and we’ll let her go,” he said. Violet only stared back at him, but after a moment quit resisting. If she could free Elene, then she’d only have to worry about freeing herself.

“Now, that’s a good girl,” Joe said. The two men pushed her into the second recliner with enough force to cause the footrest to pop outwards and the back of the armchair to fold back. Joe trained his gun on her as Carl moved to restrain her. She had no choice. She looked over at Elene. She was breathing heavily and didn’t have a lot of time. It was the only way.

With a knife, Carl quickly bore güvenilir bahis holes through the thin material at the back of the recliner and weaved a piece of cord through them. He worked his way down to the wooden handles. He forced Violet’s arm into the tangle of cord and pulled it tight. Despite its appearance, it held her like steel, all the way from the pit of her arm, to her wrist. He repeated the same procedure with her other arm. It was only a couple of minutes work, but to Violet it was taking forever.

Carl then tied each leg, at the knee and ankle, to the struts supporting the footrest. Violet struggled once she was bound, but couldn’t move at all. Carl left the room, but returned a moment later carrying a clear plastic bag. He inflated it and placed it over her head, fastening it around her neck with a thin bungie cord.

“I’m going to do you like you do all your targets,” Joe said, waving the gun, indicating the plastic bag.

She was completely in their hands. For the first time in her entire career, fear was taking hold of her. Even when she was with Elene, she didn’t feel real fear. In a quivering voice she said, “Okay, you’ve got me. Now, let her go.”

Joe stepped over and leaned down close to her face. “Now, now. Why would I do that? I’ve got two high paying targets right here, in my grasp.”

“You son of a bitch. You promised!” Violet said angrily, tugging at her restraints.

Joe mimed confusion, shrugging his shoulders. “I don’t remember promising. Carl, you remember me promising?”

“Nah, Joe, I don’t think ya did.”

“I didn’t promise nothing. And since you care about her so much…” Joe pushed the footrest with the ball of his foot, folding it down and bringing the back into the upright position. He then pushed the bottom edge of the recliner, turning it to face Elene.

“You son of a bitch, ” she said, tears running down her face. She could see Elene breathing hard and fast. She wasn’t doing well. She didn’t know how much time she had, but if she was going to save them both, she’d have to come up with something fast.

The man put his gun away. “Carl, I think we’re done here.” Joe opened the door, stepped out into the hall, and waited for Carl. Violet’s mind was racing. If they left, she’d have no chance. She’d have to think of something fast, and she didn’t like what she was coming up with.

“Before you go,” Violet blurted out. “Can you do me one last favor?”

“Me do you a favor?” Carl asked, incredulously.

“Um, could you unzip my top, so I can breathe easier?” she asked. God, she felt dirty, but it was the only thing she could think of. “It’s so tight.”

The man eyed her for moment, apparently taking in her slight figure and generous breasts, wrapped in the tight-fitting catsuit. “Sure, why not,” he replied.

He leaned down, grasping the zipper just under her chin. He slowly unzipped the front of the catsuit, her breasts pulling the material to the sides as he did so. He stood there for a moment, looking down at her, then he reached underneath the material and massaged one of her breasts. She could feel the warmth of his fingers. After a moment, his other hand joined in, gently kneading the other.

“Hey, Carl, you coming, or what?” she heard Joe call from the doorway. Carl instantly straightened, looking flustered. Damn, it was working.

“What? Oh. Yeah, uh, you go on ahead. I’m going to make sure we’re good here,” Carl replied, stumbling over his words.

Joe eyed him for a moment. “Fine, I’ll meet up with you later,” Joe replied, pulling the door closed, until only his face could be seen. “Don’t do anything stupid.” And with that, he closed the door. Violet breathed a sigh of relief.

Carl didn’t waste any time. He immediately went to work, massaging her breasts again. “Oh, that feels so good,” Violet said, feigning pleasure.

“Really?” Carl said, stopping what he was doing.

“Oh, yes. Don’t stop,” she said.

Carl took this as a positive sign and freed one of her breasts from the confines of the suit. He immediately began suckling her nipple. She had never liked it, which made her seduction routine that much more difficult. Still, she let out a fake moan, which egged the man on even more.

She could feel his free hand slowly working its way underneath the tight leather towards her groin. There was nothing she could do to stop him, and if this plan was to work, it wouldn’t be the only part of his body making its way down there. She opened her eyes and performed a visual check on Elene. She was still breathing hard and fast. She hoped she could hang on.

Suddenly, Violet stiffened as a bolt of pleasure shot through her. Carl had apparently found his mark. She let out a gasp and rocked her hips. She couldn’t believe how good it felt. She shouldn’t be enjoying this… she had to concentrate. But the pleasure continued as Carl sank two fingers into her. She struggled to remain in control. Her body was betraying her at the worst türkçe bahis time. She had to take control.

“Fuck me, Carl.” She looked up into his eyes as he abruptly stopped and stood up, as if she’d said, “I’m a sofa, Carl.”

“What?” Carl said.

“Give me one last fuck,” Violet said, trying to make herself sound alluring.

“I don’t know if I should,” Carl said, rubbing his chin and looked absently toward the door. She was losing him.

“Unzip your pants, bring your cock over here, and let me help you decide,” she said. God, if this worked…

Carl stood there for a moment, apparently contemplating her offer. Finally, after what seemed to be an eternity, he made his decision. He slowly unzipped his pants, then slowly took them off as well, tossing them to one side. Violet took a good look at him. He was a pretty well built guy, actually.

He made his way over to the side of the recliner. “Now what?” he asked.

Violet responded by reaching out with her right hand. Her arms were bound so tight that she could only just reach the tip of his penis. Carl got the gist of what she was trying to do and moved forward. She grasped him firmly and he immediately began to harden. She could hear him let out a pent up breath.

“It’d be easier if you’d loosen these a bit…” Violet said, looking into his eyes.

Carl seemed to think about it from a moment, then frowned. “No, I better not.” She had hoped he would have loosened her restraints, but no. She’d have to fall back on plan B, but that required time. Time she didn’t know if Elene, or herself, had.

She began stroking his manhood. Unfortunately, she couldn’t move her hand too much, but that didn’t seem to bother Carl in the least. He continued to harden. She’d have to be careful. She didn’t want him to come.

After a few minutes work he was rock hard and he had begun lightly rocking his hips. It was time to launch phase 2 of plan B. And not a moment too soon. Her own breathing had deepened and she could see Elene breathing incredibly deep and fast.

“Okay, Carl. Have you considered my proposal?” she said, still stroking his cock.

“Wha?” was the only thing Carl could say.

She let go of him. “Get over here and fuck me.”

Carl obeyed and walked around to the front of recliner. He looked down. She guessed he was processing the fact that her legs were tied together, making entry impossible. At least she hoped so. He didn’t seem incredibly bright.

After a few seconds Carl picked up his switchblade, then turned to her. He quickly cut the ropes binding her legs to the chair. She could feel her circulation returning quickly. Carl then took the knife and slipped it between the fabric and her bare skin. She could feel the cold blade slide along her abdomen. In a quick motion he sliced through the fabric and exposed her sex.

Violet let out a gasp as Carl then pushed the back of the chair down, putting her in the reclining position. Carl quickly climbed on top of her. She could only make out the top of the Elene’s bag over his shoulder. She was worried she wouldn’t be able to see her at all.

Carl grasped his penis in his hand, giving it a few strokes. He then slowly guided it into her. Violet stiffened as he did so. She did not want this man inside her, let alone to come inside her. But if she or Elene had any chance at all, she would have to make him do just that.

He slowly pumped her, propping himself up with his arms. It actually felt quite good. She had to concentrate to stay focused. She could feel him sliding deeply inside of her. The deeper the better, she thought to herself. Anything to make him come quickly.

But he didn’t come quickly. She wasn’t sure how much time had passed, but it had to be 10 minutes or so. Her breaths were coming faster now and deep. Her heart was beating hard in her chest. Her fingers had started to tingle. Of what she could see of Elene, her bag was rustling very fast now, as if she were panting. Elene didn’t have much time left. Violet realized that she didn’t either. Soon she would be too weak to execute her plan.

Five more minutes passed. She could feel a tickle growing at the small of her back. She had to fight to remain in control. She did not expect this to feel this good. Carl was apparently taking his time. She needed to speed things along before it was too late.

Violent locked her legs around Carl’s backside, driving him deeper inside of her. He let out a grunt as she did so. She hoped that the deeper penetration would make him come sooner. Unfortunately, it also had heightened her own pleasure. She tilted her head back and let out a breathless moan. The tickle that had started at the small of her back had been slowly making it’s way around her hips. She couldn’t come.

As the minutes ticked by her breathing got deeper and faster. Her heart was now beating very hard and fast. Both her hands and feet had gone numb, and it would only get worse. This was using up far too güvenilir bahis siteleri much of her air. If he didn’t come soon, she’d be done for.

At long last, Carl began pushing into her harder and harder, grunting with each thrust. She hoped this was it, she was so close herself. It took all her concentration not to give into the pleasure. Finally, she could feel him tense and thrust into her hard and deep. After a few moments, she could feel his orgasm, followed by a warmth spreading inside her. Carl collapsed on top of her, breathing heavily.

Fortunately, she did not come, but it had been close. If it had gone on even a minute longer… Now, she just needed to put the last part of her plan into motion. She hoped he fall for it. She’d have to hurry, her air was running out.

“Carl, I want you to make me come,” she said, breathlessly. She hoped this would work.

“You didn’t?” Carl said, raising back up. He got to his feet.

“No, Carl, and I so very badly want to.”

“Oh, well, um.” Carl didn’t seem to know what to do.

After a moment, Carl knelt down, pushing the footrest down, bringing the chair back into the upright position. He then slipped two fingers into Violet’s swollen sex. Violet stiffened again as he did so. She was still extremely aroused and he hadn’t done what she’d hoped he’d do. Her plan was falling apart. Her breaths were coming even faster now and she couldn’t feel her arms and legs. She hoped they would still obey her commands.

After only a minute, she was on the edge of orgasm. “Carl, carl,” she said, in a gasp, trying to remain composed. “Lick me. I like to be licked.”

“Oh yeah?” he said.

With a smile on his face, he removed his fingers and stuck his tongue in between her pussy lips. At that exact moment, Violet brought both her legs together with all the strength she could muster. Carl immediately reacted, flailing his arms, trying to pry her legs apart. The chair upended and flipped over onto it’s back. Carl was kicking the base of the chair in an effort to free himself. Violet quickly twisted her hips and an audible crunch could be heard as she snapped Carl’s neck.

She released the dead man and collapsed, panting. It had taken a lot of her strength and she didn’t know if she could do what needed to be done next. She brought her legs up toward her body, as if she were an contortionist trying to put her legs behind her head. She could only bring them up part way before she relaxed again, breathing hard. She tried again, but just couldn’t do it.

Then she looked up at Elene. Her bag was barely inflating and deflating. This gave Violet the strength she needed. She rolled her hips backwards, grasped her own bag between her calves and then pulled it off of her head. She sat there, breathing hard for a moment. Now she needed to free Elene.

She crossed her right leg over her knee and placed the heel of her stiletto, into the knot binding her left hand. With a few tugs, she was able to free herself. She then untied her right hand. She was instantly up and at Elene’s side. She had the bag off her head in just a moment more.

Violet watched as Elene’s breathing deepened once again and color came back into her face. She busied herself untying Elene’s bindings. She had just untied her legs when she heard her say, “Violet?”

“Yes, Elene, I’m here,” Violet said, placing her hand on Elene’s cheek.

“What happened?” she asked.

Violet quickly untied one of Elene’s arms. “I was… I was able to get loose.”

Elene looked over at the naked, dead body on the floor. “I see.”

Just as Violet unbound Elene’s other arm, she heard the door open behind her. “Carl, what the fuck are you…” she heard Joe say.

In a flash she was across the room. She knocked the gun from his hand and it went skidding across the floor. She dodged as he countered with a right hook and kicked him in the jaw with the ball of her foot. His eyes rolled back in his head as he slowly sank to the floor.

Violet turned and looked over her shoulder. Elene was now sitting up, rubbing her ankles. “Elene, pack your things. I’ve got an idea.”

In less than five minutes Elene emerged from the bedroom, dressed in a dark suit. She tossed a dark red catsuit to Violet. “I hope this fits.”

“I think it should,” Violet replied with a smile. “But we’re not leaving yet.”

“Oh?” For the first time, Elene noticed the Violet was doing something with the recliner.

Violet spun it around, revealing Joe strapped down, tied exactly as he had them tied earlier. A gag was inserted into his mouth, stifling his angry shouts. Violet reached beside her and retrieved the clear plastic bag from the other recliner. She quickly shook it, inflating it, and brought it down over his head. She fastened it in place with one of the bungie cords.

Joe let out a muffled cry as the reality of his situation sank in.

“Good riddance, let us be rid of him,” Elene said, spitting at him. Joe just snarled at her and continued with his muffled shouts.

“Not quite yet.”

“Oh? You have something else in mind?” Elene said, clearly surprised.

“Oh, yes.” She turned and looked at Joe with a smile. His eyes widened in fear.

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