Becoming Julie’s Governess Ch. 05


[This story will gain from your reading the earlier chapters first, but you may also read it on its own. There is content about bodily functions and behaviors that may offend some, so if that refers to you, please read no further. All characters are 18 or over.]

It took me a few days, but I was becoming used to my daughter Lesley’s assuming the position of my governess in place of Susan, who had moved on. I missed Susan, including her having become intimate with me, and I now wanted sex. I refused to consider trying to get any such attentions from my daughter. The idea still was obscene to me.

Susan had apparently introduced Lesley to the other governesses who were in her group of Not Your Usual Nannies. That afternoon, Lesley had invited Lori and Helene to join her at our home for tea. They brought their charges: the sandy-blonde Lori was the governess for fiftyish dark-haired Deborah, who had hired her to improve Deborah’s life, which had languished after her husband had passed away. An older woman, Jeanette, had hired Helene, whose red hair was flaming, to be governess for her son, 34-year-old Robert, who needed some supervision as he still lived at time and had trouble holding a permanent job.

Susan had previously had these governesses and their charges over for tea, and these get-togethers included disciplining of all three: Julie, Deborah, and Robert. These three looked to the teas as fearsome occasions when they were likely to be punished by one of the other governesses instead of their own.

Lesley continued a ritual Susan had inaugurated: having each governess take her charge’s temperature rectally. Lesley decided that it would be most embarrassing for them to get on all fours on the bed next to each other with their panties or shorts halfway down their thighs and their bottoms spread and exposed.

When the three had moved into this humiliating position, each governess dabbed some Vaseline on her subject and slowly inserted the thermometer into the respective anus. They did look delightfully childish in this posture, Lesley chuckled to herself.

Then the three removed the thermometers at the same time and examined both the temperatures and the metal tips. All had normal temperatures, but Lesley noticed that the tip of the thermometer that had been in Julie’s anus had some brown smudges.

“You’ve left some residue on the thermometer,” she said sternly to her mother, who cringed with shame. “I’m going to have to check your oil,” she added, with a grin at Lori and Helene. “Do you need to make a doody, sweetie?” she asked, as if speaking to a child who was still being toilet trained.

Julie, rather shamefacedly, nodded that she thought she might need to go to the toilet. Still on all fours, she felt Lesley’s rubber-gloved finger probe into her anal rosette. Lesley pushed her finger into Julie’s rear hole until it encountered a solid mass.

“Yes, you do have a doody in there,” Lesley announced as Julie’s face turned crimson. She reached down into the corner of the room where İstanbul Escort there was a plastic potty for a child that Susan had made Julie used for training and punishment.

“Sit down on the potty and make your doody,” Lesley ordered her mother.

Julie assumed the shameful position, crouching down on the potty, and first released some noisy farts and bowel noises before feeling a large turd slid right out of her anus and plop into the potty. Then she heard and felt her pee stream ping on the base of the potty as she released the contents of her bladder, which eventually tailed off.

“If you are finished,” Lesley continued, in her best governess tone, “you may take some toilet tissue and wipe from your front back through your legs and clean your hiney hole, too.”

Julie wiped herself between her legs in front of all them and asked permission to pull up her panties.

“No, not yet,” Lesley replied, “you will get back on the bed on all fours with the others.” She looked at Helene and Lori. “This would be a good time for disciplining if anyone has been naughty and needs that attention,” Lesley said to her colleagues, knowing of course that this would frighten Robert and Deborah as well as Julie, in their vulnerable positions on the bed.

“Debbie has been mostly good today,” Lori announced, using the diminutive to embarrass her fiftyish subject. “But she didn’t want to get up and get dressed at the time we have established for that,” Lori added. “And she continues to wear those awful granny panties,” a remark that caused Deborah to wince in embarrassment.

Helene said that Robert had been a good boy, a phrase that wounded him, since his mother had kept him in short pants

“Well then,” Lesley proposed, “do you feel Deborah needs some discipline regarding her unfortunate panties, Lori?”

“Yes,” Lori snapped, “she definitely does. Would you like to impose it?”

Lesley reflected and then smilingly responded that she would accept the assignment.

She opened a drawer in her bureau as they were in the bedroom and took out a rather charming pair of French pale blue hicut panties.

“Deborah,” she said, “you may get off the bed and come over here and stand in front of me.”

When Deborah had complied with that direction, Lesley told her to slip off her panties. Since they had already been down on her thighs, it was not revealing anything more for her to remove them entirely, which she then did.

“Now put these on,” Lesley said firmly, handing her the attractive French undies.

Deborah pulled the panties up and was surprised that they fit quite well. She did not know that Lesley had ordered and received some panties she intended for Julie to wear and as Deborah was about the same age as Lesley’s mom and similar in physique—she was in her early 50s and Julie in her late 40s—Lesley had figured the panties would fit her.

“Now do you need to pee, Debbie?” Lesley asked, aware that Deborah would be shamed by the query as well as by Lesley’s use Bayan Escort of the diminutive.

“I’m afraid I do, Miss Lesley,” Deborah answered in a soft scared voice.

“You will then have to squat on the potty over there that Julie just used to make her doody,” Lesley said bluntly. “Do sit on it and wait for my further instructions before peeing.”

When Deborah had seated herself on the plastic child’s potty, Lesley walked over and told her what she would now be required to do: “You will pee right into these lovely new panties and let me know when you have finished.”

Deborah blanched at the order to pee her panties. She had been very pleased by the new panties, which she was now being made to soil. But she knew better than to protest, so she merely asked quietly, “May I begin to pee, Miss Lesley?”

“Yes, you may,” Lesley replied.

Then everyone heard a soft hiss as Deborah relaxed her urinary sphincter and let her pee burst out into her nice new panties. Soon all could hear it dripping through the crotch and hit the bottom of the plastic potty.

Deborah felt she had been forced to behave as a child who could not control her bladder well enough to avoid peeing in her panties.

Lesley seated herself in a chair and put a towel across her skirted lap.

“Come over here,” she said to Deborah when the latter had apparently finished peeing in her panties.

Deborah stood and was ashamed to be seen in the wet panties. She walked over and placed herself across Lesley’s lap with the wet parts of her panties apparent to all.

Lesley now picked up a small hairbrush and began spanking Deborah on the rear of the panties. She knew that the spanks would hurt more since they would hit the wet part of the panties and thus sting more.

When she had finished spanking Deborah, Lesley shot a glance at Lori, as the two had planned this treatment for Lori’s charge, Deborah. Lori then came over, had Deborah stand, gave her a kiss on the cheek, and took her hand to lead her off to the bathroom.

Once in the bathroom, Lori had Deborah slip off the soaked panties and show her red bottom.

“We’re going to get you cleaned up, sweetie,” Lori said, showing some feeling for the embarrassment and discomfort Deborah had experienced. She picked up a soft washcloth, which she had soaped up, and used to lightly clean Deborah off below the waist. When Deb had been cleaned and dried, Lori handed her another pair of the nice French hicut panties to put on.

“Don’t feel too resentful at Lesley,” Lori said to Deb. “She’s made you a present of a whole set of these nice panties that are in your precise size.”

Then Lori kissed Deb on the lips and let her fingers gently probe into Deborah’s bare sex. The fiftyish Deborah was not used to anyone stimulating her between her legs and she clasped Lori to her and kept kissing her governess by way of thanking her. Lori felt Deb getting wetter and then the characteristic movement of her hips let Lori know that Deb was about to orgasm, Eskort so Lori gave Deb’s clit a slight tweak and felt the woman cum.

Helene was sitting with Lesley and began to discuss how Robert had begun to behave more maturely. Lesley smiled and then asked her if she thought he might be one to give her mother a bit of fun. Julie had not had real sex with a man for ages. Helene giggled but said she would be happy to work with Lesley to facilitate an encounter.

So, Helene spoke about the possibility with Robert and found that he liked Julie, mostly because she did not make fun of him when they all were being embarrassed. Lesley then asked her mother how she would feel about becoming intimate with Robert. Julie blanched but then responded, “Do you really think he’s interested in me?”

Lesley told her that he was and that she and Helene would arrange for him to visit Julie in her bedroom.

Soon Robert walked slowly to Julie’s bedroom and knocked. She said, “Come in,” and when he entered, he saw Julie with her hair down and clad in a low-cut soft gold blouse that exposed her almost transparent bra and a tight pair of tan shorts that made her nice rounded bottom look even better. She patted the bed next to her to indicate he should join her sitting on the side.

She decided there was no reason to hold back despite their age difference, so she put her arms around him and drew him to her. Robert proceeded to kiss her gently and hold her in his arms, feeling her tits press on his chest. She unbuttoned his shirt and unbuckled his belt. He stood and stepped out of his trousers and slowly lifted his tee shirt over his head.

Then he turned and unbuttoned Julie’s blouse and unzipped her shorts. She slipped herself out of both and was now in bra and panties with her hardened nipples visible through the bra. Julie reached over to tug down Robert’s undershorts as he slid her lovely blue panties down and off exposing her trimmed brown bush.

They then cuddled and Julie appreciated that Robert was considerate and showed a lot of what seemed like real affection for her rather than just plunging into her with his admittedly lovely cock. She liked the warmth of being in his arms and Robert found himself entranced by the pleasure of being caressed in turn by a nice-looking woman who didn’t now seem so much older than he was.

After they had held each other and kissed for some time, Julie lay back on her bed and comfortably spread her attractive legs. Robert climbed on and mounted her as he began to kiss her labia and tease her now-expanded clit. Julie felt herself get even wetter than she already was and was delighted at the size of Robert’s hard-on.

Soon he slid it into her opening and drew it out and then in, each time moving further inside her vagina. Julie loved the feeling of being filled that she had missed for so long and held her arms around him. Robert placed his hands under her bottom and kept thrusting slowly and deliberately to postpone his orgasm and bring on Julie’s.

Julie felt it rising deep inside her and suddenly, “Oh my, this feels so good, Robert, oh keep doing that” and then she let out a loud “YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS” and felt Robert’s cock pump his cum deep inside her at that same moment. They exulted in their pleasure.

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