The Reunion


It has been months. Months of waiting, months of yearning, months of trying to distract ourselves from the reality of our enforced separation, months of not succeeding.

Taking a deep breath, trying hard to contain my excitement, the anticipation, the lust which is coursing through my whole body – my cheeks flushed, my pulse raised… I enter the lift and select the correct floor. Someone else follows me in and we exchange the customary smile and nod, everyone is happy to be getting back to normal again. I think to myself: I bet they aren’t as happy as I am…! They get out the floor below yours and I check my reflection in the mirror quickly – I can see the naked desire in my eyes, I know you will see it too. The lift arrives, and I emerge onto the landing, momentarily confused as to which way to turn, but then I see your door. I take one more deep breath and knock lightly, after a brief moment the door opens, and you are standing there…

You open the door to let me in and I enter your room, putting my bags down while you make sure the door is closed firmly, locked, then, finally, after all this time, we are alone together again. For a few long seconds we just look at each other, savouring this moment we have waited for so long. Then you stride towards me and our lips lock together, we are kissing passionately, our hands feeling each other’s bodies beneath too many clothes, urgently undressing as we kiss fiercely, desperately, trying to make up for all those evenings lost, those lonely months.

Within seconds we are naked and you throw me back on the bed, leaning over and kissing me gently now, holding my breasts and lightly running your fingers over my nipples – I lie back and sigh with pleasure and desire, anticipating your lips and tongue travelling down over my body towards my pussy which is already soaking wet and ready for your touch, your kiss, more ready than it’s ever been. You hold my legs tightly and little by little approach my soft, warm pussy, then flick your tongue on my clit causing me to cry out with the pleasure of it. You slowly start to lick and suck me there, softly at first then harder, using your teeth just a little as you move your fingers inside me too – fucking me deliberately hard now and feeling me building up already to an incredible orgasm. I cum straight away then, but repeatedly, over what feels like an age – and my whole body shakes with satisfaction and contentment to finally be here again with you, to be home.

We embrace and laugh together at how wonderful it feels, then you Maltepe Escort show me what you have waiting for me – your rock-hard erection so ready for me after all this time. I look into your eyes and bite my lower lip, you know exactly what I want, and roughly now you stand up over me and hold the back of my head, forcing me to take you deep inside my mouth, fucking me down my throat while I fondly your balls and moan with the pleasure of it – we do this for a minute then you throw me back on the bed again and take out the restraints…

Securing my arms and legs to the bed posts so I almost can’t move at all, you slowly take out the toys and show them to me, one by one… the anticipation is killing me now and I moan and writhe waiting for you to decide how my punishment will start – which of the vibrators, whips, nipple clamps… will come first. You show me the nipple clamps now, turning them up high so they will really bite, especially as it has been several months since I have felt them. You attach them one by one and I cry out in pain and pleasure, you hit me hard and fast to make sure I know exactly who is in charge and I whimper softly but inside I have never been so turned on, so ready for your punishment. You take the whip now and tease my breasts and pussy with it, before delivering a few hard blows over my thighs and belly. Then you flip me over and pull my arse up, holding my neck down so I am totally exposed to you, totally yours for the taking… you hit me hard with the whip, the paddle, then your hand until my arse is bright red, then pulling me to the edge of the bed you push the small vibrator into my arse and turn it up to full power, then slam your rock hard dick into me so that I cry out – it feels so incredibly good that it is almost too much to take, but I don’t ever want you to stop… You fuck me hard and fast, over and over, interspersing the thrusts with regularly slapping my arse, pulling the chain of the nipple clamps, and fucking me in the arse with the vibrator too. I cum over and over then you cum too, so incredibly hard I feel you explode inside me. We collapse together on the bed, panting and laughing and so content together – no one and nothing else exists right now, just the two of us, and that is exactly how it should be.

We lie next to each other, close together, still basking in the glow of contentment that our time together always brings. Looking at you naked I feel the stirrings of desire again and I reach over and run my hand over the warm skin of your thigh, slowly Ümraniye Escort down towards your dick which is already starting to react to my touch, to anticipate what will come next…

You grab my wrist just roughly enough to let me know what you intend, then staring deep into my eyes pull me on top of you and hold my hands tightly while you thrust inside me, already ready for action again. I ride you hard and fast, gasping as I feel your hardness plunge into me over and over, crying out as you pinch my nipples and I feel a jolt of electricity go straight to my clit. Then you push me up and decisively flip me over onto my front, entering me again from behind, lying down on top of me and holding my arms down with yours so all I can do is take what you are giving to me. After a few moments you stand up again and slap my arse hard, then you spit on my arse and I feel you probing me there – rubbing around and inside with your fingers, getting me ready to take you there.

You hold me, tightly again, so I can’t move let alone push you away, then slowly but firmly you enter my hot, tight arse with your huge pulsing dick. It hurts more than a little and I cry out and push my face into the bed but that only drives you to thrust harder, deeper, until with a cry of pain (me) and pleasure (us both) you are all the way inside me, pinning me down to the bed. You fuck me hard there, holding me firm to the bed with one arm and fondling my pussy, rubbing my clit too with your free hand, until we both explode again into an incredible orgasm. I know I am totally yours to do exactly what you want with, and I have never been so happy.

I know we have more for each other tonight…

We decide to go out for something to eat, a few drinks, a short respite from the intenseness of the evening. We get into the large walk-in shower together and start to soap each other’s bodies… before very long at all we are kissing and fondling each other under the running water. You roughly turn me round and bend me over then enter me again from behind and I’m so sensitive now, it feels incredible, you pounding into me again, with the water running over us. I stroke and pull on your balls underneath and we enjoy the sensations for a few minutes, before I cum again hard and fast.

You withdraw, and we wash each other off properly and then get dry with the lovely big fluffy towels. You choose an outfit for me – a tight, sexy red and black dress with stockings and suspenders, and of course, no underwear… You are wearing a smart shirt and İstanbul Escort the soft jeans I love so much as they feel so good when I’m stroking your hard thighs through them.

We go out and find a small restaurant lit almost solely by candlelight, and are directed to a corner table far away from other diners – the waiter has clearly seen couples like us before… We sit opposite each other and our drinks quickly arrive – we talk and enjoy each other’s company for a little while, then our food arrives, and we enjoy that too with plenty of wine and light conversation, all while looking into each other’s eyes, knowing exactly what we are really thinking.

When the plates are cleared we are left alone – the place is almost empty, but the waiter seems in no hurry, then I discretely slip one stockinged foot out of a shoe and run it up your leg, along your thigh, to feel the growing bulge between your legs. I fondly you like that for a while then you move your chair next to me, kiss me hard and then start to stroke my thigh just above the top of my stocking, gently moving your fingers towards my pussy to feel how wet I am again, how ready for you. You slide your fingers inside and rub my g-spot until I am gasping with pleasure, unable to stop or hide the orgasm which comes quickly. Luckily the waiter has disappeared! We leave cash on the table then quickly exit, you are holding my hand and pulling me urgently back towards the hotel. It is a dark night but warm, and kiss passionately again outside the restaurant, then walk together until we spy a dark alleyway… we look at each other and know we are both thinking the same thing, we can’t wait a moment longer, your rock-hard erection is bursting out of your jeans and you need to be inside me right this second.

We move to a little way along the alleyway and you push me up against the rough brickwork. We kiss again urgently, our hands all over each other. Then you slide your hand down and lift my dress while I liberate your pulsing dick. I put one foot on a convenient piece of brick on the floor and you enter me swiftly, then fuck me hard and fast right there up against the wall – us both panting and moaning as quietly as we can to avoid any unwanted attention from the passers-by just a few feet away from us. We are so turned on by the risk of it we explode to orgasm together within moments, clinging to each other and laughing at the joy and release of fucking in the open, where anyone wondering into the alley could have seen us! We rearrange our clothes and try to look as if we have every reason to be emerging from the alleyway together onto the relatively busy street with huge smiles on our faces, and decide to go for another drink at the small cocktail bar just across the street…

What else will this evening bring?

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