My Journey Pt. 11 – Teddy


I didn’t know what to do. I felt awful. I hung back in the bedroom for what seemed like forever but eventually I wandered out.

Jack was in the kitchen, clearly having just tossed back a shot of something and was pouring himself another. I looked over at Alex, who was standing in the living room, eyebrows raised and eyes wide open, and gave him a little shrug.

He shrugged back. Apparently he didn’t know what to do either.

“Are you…are you ok, Jack?” I asked meekly.

There was a long pause.

“Yeah……yeah, I’m good. Let’s get ready for some baseball.” He walked passed me and into the living room.

He was quiet most of the night, tossing back beers and a few shots. I just tried to disappear into the recliner.

He went to bed early, announcing he was “ready for bed” and walking out of the room.

This gave Alex and me a chance to talk. I found out that something had happened between Jim and Jack’s ex. I didn’t get much in the way of details but apparently Jim was on thin ice to begin with. Jack had made a deal with Jim and Alex that they weren’t to touch me unless he was around. Obviously Jim facefucking me against the wall violated that deal.

I had no idea. If I knew this deal was in place I never would have let it happen. I still felt terrible but not as guilty.

Alex and I talked about other stuff as well. I found out about his job, his wife, his hobbies. What a nice guy.

Eventually he fell asleep and I slipped under the covers with Jack. I fell asleep almost immediately.

I woke up the next morning to the smell of breakfast….mmmnnnn. I found a black tshirt in the closet and put it on. It made me feel less…. vulnerable.

Jack made a huge breakfast for us. It was fun just sitting around the table talking and laughing. It was as if the whole Jim incident never happened.

We spent the next couple hours just cleaning up, getting the trash and bottles out to the street for pickup, vacuuming the floors, hosing down the patio. It would have been overwhelming to do it all myself.

We ate lunch once the place was cleaned up. We pretty much polished off the rest of the food in the house. I felt better since the house was cleaned. I’m not a neat freak or anything but I didn’t like the mess. It didn’t feel right.

We slipped out to the grocery store for more food, snacks, and drinks. I actually had to put on regular clothes to go out! Well, I had no underwear so i got a pair of cotton briefs out if the closet. Seriously, the material they make womens underwear out of is insanely soft!!! Honestly though, it was nice to just get out of the house and do something.

We got back to the house and dug right into the beer and snacks. The negative vibe from the night before was totally gone. I felt that nervous excitement I usually felt around Jack.

There was some sort of double header baseball thing on TV that evening that the guys were all excited about. I prepped some frozen pizzas, wings, and bowls of chips for us to enjoy.

While putting the snacks out on the table, Jack said, “I bet you’d look awesome in the black teddy hanging in the closet!”

I was a little taken back by this. I could feel my face get red. Jack just looked at me and raised his eyebrows.

But he was right. It did look good on me. It was made of a stretchy kind of lace that kind of looked like a one piece bathing suit, low cut in the chest and high cut at the thighs, that was mostly see through. The crotch had a snap that opened the bottom.

I slid on a pair of thigh highs and stood in front of the mirror. I looked awesome! I decided to try the makeup thing again because, well, it made me feel pretty. I was still Anadolu Yakası Escort disappointed the shoes didn’t fit.

The guys gasped when they saw me. And who could blame them? I was adorable! It’s amazing what a little makeup can do.

I spent the next couple of hours keeping my boys full of beer and snacks, enjoying the compliments and gropes that they’d throw at me. I even tried to mimic a female voice, which I think I did pretty well. When I wasn’t playing waitress I sat on the couch between them and watched the game. I’d catch them eyeing me up and down in the corner of my eye.

The first game came to an end. The guys got up, went to the bathroom, and Jack ordered some pizzas. Good think too because I was starving!!

“Thirty minutes or less!” he said as he pulled a pipe and baggie out of the end table. Both of the guys were pretty drunk at this point. I had avoided drinking a lot because I didn’t want to deal with another hangover like the other night. Not that I didn’t drink, I just kept it under control. I was actually happy to see Jack pull out the pot.

I loved the way it made me feel. Such a different sensation compared to alcohol. I took a couple of deep hits and savored the tingling throughout my body.

The doorbell snapped me out of my trance. It was the delivery guy. I followed Jack to the front door so I could be of assistance with the pies forgetting that I was wearing lingerie and makeup. The delivery guy noticed me behind Jack and looked me up and down. He gave me a little grin. I’m not sure he realized I was a guy.

I returned his smile with a shy, sheepish grin, realizing how I looked. Did he really think I was a woman?

Before long we were standing around the table tearing into the pizzas and tossing back beers. Everything tasted amazing!

After getting my fill of pizza I grabbed a bag of chips to refill the bowl in the living room and got myself a fresh beer. As I filled the bowl with chips, Alex came up behind me, grabbed my hips, and playfully started dry humping me.

I stood up a little and looked to my side. Jack was there. He moved in front of me and began kissing me deeply. His hands fell to my ass and pulled me towards him so he could grind against me. From behind, Alex was still grinding and his hands were now playing with my nipples.

This was intense!! I could feel Alex’s cock rubbing against my ass crack and Jack’s rubbing against my own. I put my hands under the waistband of Jack’s shorts and pushed them down. He got the hint and kicked off his shorts and pulled his tshirt over his head.

The fumbling noises and brief break in the grinding behind me told me Alex has also stripped. But it didn’t take him long and his hands fell to my hips.

My knees were weak. I loved being squeezed between these two naked guys. I dropped to my knees between them.

I maneuvered a little so they were standing side by side and took turns sliding their cocks in and out of my mouth. Their moans were such a turn on, as was the cheering crowd from the TV behind me.

Jack was the first to pull away, grabbing his beer and sitting on the couch. Alex soon did the same. I quickly moved between them, working their cocks with my hands and mouth. I preferred them standing as I knelt in front of them but this was fun too.

Jack packed another bowl and took a hit before passing it to Alex. I got a nice deep hit too and went right back to alternating their cocks in my mouth.

Alex startled me when he got up and moved onto the floor behind me. He was dry humping me again, holding my hips as he worked his cock between my cheeks. I moved between Jack’s legs so I could concentrate Avrupa Yakası Escort on his cock and balls.

Alex stopped and started fumbling around with the teddy. He found the snaps and undid them, releasing my cock and balls from their lacy nest.

Without any warning, Alex buried his face in my ass!! I looked up at Jack with surprise! He just smiled. He knew. As Alex pushed his tongue into my tender hole, his hand began stroking my cock, milking me as he ate me.

This was so much more I tense then when Jack ate my ass. Alex was simultaneously spreading my ass, pushing his tongue inside my hole, and stroking my aching cock!

I remember moaning or mumbling something, though I don’t remember what or if it was even understandable. But it didn’t matter because Jack pulled my head back into his crotch and I moaned and mumbled on his shaft.

I sucked him with renewed vigor and energy. His cock tasted amazing. I was sucking and slurping on it when Alex pulled away, releasing my cock and slipping his magic tongue out of my ass.

However the assault wasn’t over. Moments later I felt the bulbous pressure pushing against my sopping wet hole. The head of his cock popped inside me.

I gasped! I sat up suddenly and looked Jack in the eyes again. He had a huge grin on his face. I’m sure my eyes were wide open as I grimaced from Alex sliding his rock hard cock into my tender hole.

I finally felt our balls touch. He ground against me, stirring into my guts and ensuring I took all of him before grabbing a fistful of my hair and slowly sliding in and out of me.

I was totally lost in the sensation when he pushed my face back into Jack’s crotch. By pulling and pushing on my head he was also fucking Jack, just using my mouth to do it.

Yup, I was being spit roasted and loving every second of it! Though Alex let go of my hair and let Jack hold my head, he’d periodically reach underneath me and stroke my cock, but he mostly pounded away at me from behind. It took me by surprise when he gave one final thrust and buried his cock deep inside me.

I could feel his cum squirting inside me as his cock pulsed with his orgasm. What a tremendous feeling to have a cock buried in my throat as another shot it’s load inside me.

Alex slid out of me, grabbed his beer off the table and sat in the recliner, watching from the side. Jack was no longer passive, enjoying watching me getting fucked. He now had two fistfuls of my hair and was roughly fucking my face. The name calling started again.

“Fucking cunt!”

“Filthy pig!”

“Dirty slut!”

The brutal facefucking limited my response to, ” Gluck! Gluck! Gluck! Gluck!”

I was basically just holding on, letting Jack released his frustrations on my throat until he held my face down for one last thrust.

“Filthy anal whoooorrreee!!!!” He pumped his load straight down my throat, holding my face tight in his crotch. I slapped his thighs for release but he ignored it, letting me up moments before I passed out.

As I came off his cock, Jack pulled me up by my hair until our lips met, his tongue pushing into my mouth, tasting his own cum as I gasped for air.

“That was hot as FUCK!!” Alex announced as he headed off to the bathroom. I fell to Jack’s side, still trying to catch my breath.

Jack was breathing heavily too as he polished off his beer before also heading off to the bathroom. I soon followed, shocked my the mess my makeup had become.

I tried to, well, clean Alex’s contribution up as best I could. There was just so much of it. (I’m trying to not be gross). I straightened up my makeup a little and fuxed my hair. I really didn’t want to cleanup İstanbul Escort too much, mostly because I just didn’t want to be bothered. We don’t give women enough credit.

Jack and Alex were in the kitchen, picking at the pizza again, where I joined them. A few more slices, a few more beers.

Back in the living room, I sat down to drink my beer and eat some chips. Alex sat next I me and began playing with my cock. I hadn’t gotten off yet and was still insanely horny!! His hand felt great. Jack plopped into the recliner.

The handjob turned into a make out session which ended with Alex sucking my cock. It felt good to sit back and get some attention. He slid between my legs and nibbled at my balls between licks.

He slowly pulled me off the couch so he was below me, with me kneeling above his mouth and facing his feet. Kneeling over him with my hands in the floor placed his cock a foot or so from my mouth.

It only.made sense at this point to take his cock in my mouth. It was my first 69…and I liked it! And I got into it. I had to do a lot of thrusting since his head was on the floor, which limited his movement but I devoured his cock!

I wasn’t even paying attention when Jack slipped in behind me and pressed his cock into my ass. He held my head down as he slammed into my guts. I yelled out but Alex’s cock muffled my screams.

Jack pounded into me. On every thrust my cock would go into Alex’s throat then slide out on the backstroke!! It was amazing! It also set me off relatively quickly and soon I was unloading in Alex’s mouth!

Apparently Jack either didn’t know or didn’t care that I just had an amazing orgasm. He kept pounding away.

“Fucking….stupid….filthy…..bitch…..dirty…. whore…. slut…”

Alex apparently liked the action too because he soon shot off in my mouth, which went right down my throat because Jack was holding my head down.

I don’t know if Alex signalled he had come or Jack just wanted to change positions, but Jack’s arm went around my neck and he lifted me up off Alex. We ended up with Jack on his knees leaning against the recliner and me in kind of a sitting position in his lap, leaning back against him.

His cock never left my ass. He kept his arm around my neck.

As Jack rammed me from below, Alex crawled over and started sucking my cock again while squeezing my balls. The feeling was indescribable.

Jack continued to hammer away at my ass until his grip on my throat tightened and he unloaded inside me.


He released his grip on my throat and I think that’s when he realized what Alex was doing. I was getting the blowjob of a lifetime with Jack still buried inside me.

Jack grabbed my hair and pulled my head back so my ear was next to his mouth.

“What do you like better, faggot? Sucking cock or getting sucked my a man? I’ll bet you like getting fucked in the ass too, don’t you, you faggy little bitch! I don’t know what I like better, fucking your queer bitch mouth or your slutty faggot ass?”

Bam!! I was cumming. I was cumming hard. Jack covered my mouth with his hand, muffling my screams.

“That’s it, faggot!! Feed him your slimy cocksucker cum!”

I collapsed, completely spent, Jack’s limp cock still in my ass. He pushed me off of his lap. I fell onto my side on the floor, still twitching from the most intense orgasm of my life, his sticky load oozing out of my ass.

I lay on the floor, black teddy now bunched up around my waist, watching the guys head into the kitchen. I savored the feeling of my fresh orgasm, the ache of being roughly fucked in the ass by two men, and the taste of their cum that still lingered in my mouth.

I felt like a whore, a used up piece of slutty meat, good only for pleasing men with my mouth and asshole. The name calling and rough handling made me feel like a useless fucktoy, the cum ooozing out of my ass, a tribute to the slut I had become.

And i loved that feeling.

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