Blackmailed Fiancee : Part 5

Blackmailed Fiancee : Part 5It had been 8 months since I had seen or heard from Leon or Al it was a relief I thought everything was behind me now and everything was going to be ok. Even though the sex was great I knew what I did was wrong, but I have to admit there were times when I still thought about how Leon treated me and how he used me and every time I would catch myself thinking about it I would get very sexually excited.My husband was traveling almost every week so I was left alone a lot of times, so I spent a lot of my time at my parents and going to church with them and when my husband was at home our sex life just wasnt that great, we had sex almost every week but it was unfullfilling to me. It was mid may now and the weather was warm again I had been to my parents after I got off work and had stayed at their house until almost dark, as I pulled into our driveway it was dark and everything seemed normal. As I was walking to the house I thought I heard something but as I looked around I didnt see anything. I had left the porch light on so there were some light.I had gotten almost to the porch when I seen something move out of the corner of my eye, I jumped very scared as I saw a man coming around the corner of our house. About the same time the man spoke and said hey girl remember me, immediately I recognized him as Leon. Angrily I said what are you doing here. Leon said whats the matter girl didnt you miss me. I said you need to leave now, youre not suppossed to be here.Leon smiled and said damn bitch I just got out of prison I thought you would alanya escort be glad to see me, I asked why have you been in prison and he said that dont matter. Leons eyes were looking at my body as we talked. Leon said damn girl you looking good, your husband is out of town aint he. I said thats none of your business. Leon said it dont matter I know he is, I been watching your house for a while. I could smell alcohol on Leons breath as he talked.Leons hand reached out to touch my hair as I pulled back from him. I said you need to leave now. Leon said tell me something girl. Did you let Al fuck you. I couldnt believe he asked me that. I said why did you give him my number you promised you wouldnt do anything like that. Leon said I had to borrow money from him to pay my lawyer and he said that if I give him your number I wouldnt have to pay it back.Leon looked at me smiling and asked again did you let Al fuck you, I was very embarrased by him asking me but still didnt answer him. Leon still smiling said damn girl I believe you did. How did that black dick feel girl. I was still to embarrased to reply. Softly I said you need to leave now. Leon said I think your getting turned on aint you girl you cant stand me talking to you like this can you. My breathing had become heavier and my body was starting to shake as he talked to me.I think Leon could sense what was happening to me, Leon said did you cum for Al like you did me. I said softly please stop. Leon said you like black dicks dont you girl, it turns you on just thinking about them dont it. I think escort alanya your little white pussy needs a good fucking dont it, Please stop I pleaded softly.Leon said lets go inside girl, I softly said no please we cant. Leon said come on girl I know you want to and took my arm and guided me toward the door, my body was shaking out of control every step we took. As soon as we were in the house Leon begin to take off his clothes saying yeah bitch I knew you couldnt resist my black dick. It was amazing how this ugly black man could control me. As soon as he was naked he ordered me over to the sofa where he stood and made me get on my knees.He took his cock in his hand and stroked it in front of me making me stare at it closely as he did so. Leon said this big black dick is what you want aint it girl. He grabbed me by my hair and said now stroke it bitch you look at that black dick real close. Leon made me look at his cock close up before putting one leg on the sofa. He then ordered me under his legs where he made me look at his balls close up.Leon then said now suck it bitch, I kissed and licked his cock and balls for a long while while Leon talked dirty to me. The feel and taste of his hard cock on my tongue was so exciting I was so turned on by the sight of his huge cock and balls, after I had sucked him for a good while Leon madse me stand up as he sat on the sofa stroking his cock. Leon said now bitch take off your clothes so I can see that little body of yours. My hands were shaking as I took off my clothes. I could tell my pussy was very wet, alanya escort bayan my panties were stuck to my pussy as I pulled them downAs soon as I was naked Leon made me touch my breast for him after I had done this he made me touch and play with my pussy in front of him something I had never done before. Then Leon ordered me over to him where he kissed me sticking his tongue deep in my mouth while fingering my pussy, I could hear the sguishing sound as he stuck one then two and finally three fingers in me causing me to moan out load.Leon then made me straddle him sliding his big cock deep inside me it only took a few seconds for me to have my first climax, Leon said damn bitch you like this black dick dont you, you like me fucking your little married pussy dont you. Leon fucked me in several positions causing me to have several orgasms, before finally shooting his load onto my stomach.After we were finished Leon said you might be married to your little white boy but your pussy belongs to me. Leon made me lick his cock clean before making me go clean up after I had cleaned up he made me get some hand lotion and come back in the living room as we sat on the sofa he took the lotion and rubbed it on my pussy and played with my pussy until it was real wet he then worked his finger to my butthole and played with it I tried to stop him but he wouldnt listen he finally slowly inserted his finger in my butt something I have never allowed anyone to touch before, he worked his finger in and out for several minutes. He then stuck his thumb in my pussy while fingering my ass at the same time it didnt take long before I had an incrediable orgasm. Leon said damn you are one hot little bitchLeon made me walk him to the door naked when he left as he kissed me he said now remember your pussy belongs to me

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