Book 03: A Match Made – Ch. 04


** October 18th, 2014 **

Lissy and Kara

We woke slowly on Saturday, sleepy, stretchy, warm, sore, and happy to be next to each other. After sufficient stretching and other languid movement, we turned to each other, murmured morning greetings, and kissed, ignoring the other’s morning mouth. Hells bells, we share every other damn thing.

“Morning lover. What are we doing today?”

Still foggy brained, I had to think for a minute.

“Um, how about you go start coffee and I’ll turn the shower on. Then come join me. I’m thinking Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks. Then the gym, maybe. That sound okay with you?”

Cat-quick, she moved that last sixteenth of an inch closer, purred contentedly, stretched again, slithered her arms down my neck and around my back, kissed me, open mouthed, and said, “I kinda thought brekky in bed sounded delicious.” Gawd!! This kid of mine. Just about never a lack of energy and certainly never a lack of lust. Though, because her insatiable lust is directed at me, I can hardly complain. Much!

“Okay, okay, you win. Let’s get out of bed and get in the shower. Then it will be downstairs to find something we can scrounge to make breakfast.”

“Does breakfast come before or after you do, miss?” Honest to god, I couldn’t help myself. I giggled. BIG mistake. She pounced, holding me close, her mouth pressed to mine, and ditto for her hips. Kitty didn’t know what the hell to do. It all happened too quickly for her to find and put on her goggles. She was beaming, dripping, knowing she and her kitty were going to be doing the dance of love. Again. She never seemed too tired either. I don’t exactly get the dynamic of that, but who am I to argue.

My bladder came to my rescue, sort of. “Blondie, I have got to pee. Urgently. If you recall, I brought three children into the world, which pretty much wrecked my bladder.”

She rolled the blues but turned me loose.

As I headed to the pot, I said over my shoulder, “Why don’t you come turn the shower on? I’ll be there in a jiffy.”

She blew me a kiss as she stepped into the shower. The water came on a second later. And I was done a few seconds later. I wiped and hurried to join Ms. Sexy. Reaching for her under the steamy hot water, we kissed again. She purred into the kiss and relaxed against me, her arms circling my waist.

“Majorly yummy, lover,” she purred when the kiss ended. Kara grabbed the loofah and soaped it up with the liquid soap I kept in the hanging basket thingy, and I grabbed the bar soap from its resting place. We began soaping each other up, giggling and making cooing noises like we usually do when we shower together.

Pieces parts were cleaned, one bending to clean legs and feet, then the other. I turned around first to give Kara access to my back, butt and lower legs, and she did the same for me. Much time was spent on my breasts by my insatiable slut, and we were both careful with still sore flesh in our kitties.

I knew what was coming and waited. She looked up at me, saw my smirk, and said, “No fair. I want to taste test and make sure I’ve washed all the soap from your body. And you know it’s coming.”

A step ahead of my brat, I said, as I pushed her toward the shower bench, “You’ll be cumming from my oral exam, pet.”

She squealed and spread her legs. “Pet thanks a most generous miss for her largesse.” Largesse? Kara? Really?

She rolled her hips as I ministered to her, grunting now and then, moaning softly occasionally, and pulling my hair so my face was nearly imbedded in her pussy. So I had a pretty good idea when her orgasm was about to crest. I took her clit whole in my mouth and sucked for all I was worth. Kara screamed, froze, rocked, lifted her legs on my back, rocked some more, moaned again, called my name, and let the pleasure roll through her. Even after all that happened Friday night, I was in seventh heaven to be able to pleasure the love of my life again this morning.

When it finally receded, I rose up, held her close to me, as she put her head on my shoulder.

“You are amazing. That was… I mean, after all we’ve done, that may have been the best orgasm you’ve ever given me.” Whoa!! Really now… that’s pretty awesome, isn’t it, for her to tell me that?

“Thank you, lover. Now let’s get a move on, throw some clothes on, and head to the gym.”

“You fucking suck. I can barely move, and as thorough as you were with me, I’m sore as all hell. And you want me to work out? Torture, Lissy, and I didn’t know you had it in you.” I snickered.

“Come on, blondie, I’ll help you to your feet, dry you off, and you can sit and wait while I dry myself. Then we’ll dress.”

She alternated between moaning and purring as I dried her. She really does love the intimacy of me drying her hair with a towel, and then running the towel all over her fit form, drying every inch of her, kisses included at no additional charge. Plus, she giggles like mad when Maltepe Escort I kiss her toes after drying them. You didn’t know that, did ya? Now you do.

I used a dry towel to dry myself. Kara looked at me with heavy, slitted, sleepy eyes. I smiled, knowing full well what I was going to do with her next.

Once we hit the bedroom, I led her to my bed, pushed her to her back, climbed over her, pulled the covers up, pulled her to me, smiled, and kissed her.

“Come put your head on my shoulder and go to sleep, lover. You’re all used up after your perfect orgasm.”

She purred for a moment, then kissed me, and whispered, “How did you know?”

Lips on lips, I murmured, “I am your miss after all.” I felt her smile.

“Pet is most fortunate to have you for my miss. Goodnight, lover.”

And with that, her eyes closed, she relaxed, and fell asleep, head on my shoulder. I lay still, my eyes closed, sleepy as well. All of last night happened on the thinnest of plans. This morning? I really did plan on a quick-ish shower, a breakfast out, and then to the gym. But… shrug. Smiling, I felt myself begin to drift, and let myself surrender to sleep.

My stomach woke me with its audible growl. I jerked awake. Kara was still on my shoulder, and her leg was thrown over mine as we lay together. And her fingers were doing that circle eight thing on my breasts she’d done not long ago. The blues stared as I blinked awake.

“Hey, welcome back. I see you’re the hungry girl too.” She kissed me, deeply, then lifted to look down at me. “I’ll throw something on and go get breakfast and coffee started. Stay here a moment or ten and come fully awake.” I nodded, she got up and headed for the closet. I rolled over, fully intending to fall back asleep, hungry or not. I heard the snicker as I drifted away.

Bacon! I woke to the glorious smell of bacon and coffee. And, a few minutes later, my gorgeous blonde strutted in with a tray!! There were a couple of plates and a gigantic mug of coffee. I must be in heaven!!

“What’s all this, baby?”

“Pet wanted to surprise her miss with breakfast in bed. There are buttered muffins, eggs the way you like them, plenty of bacon, and coffee.” She put the tray on my lap after I’d struggled to a sitting position, pushing a pillow to my back. “And a surprise.” She held up her surprise; I laughed hysterically. She’d pulled several strands of Twizzlers from the pocket in her robe. “For my miss.” I lifted my face for a kiss and she acquiesced. It was soft, her lips open. “I hope you enjoy. If you don’t mind, I’ll go get my plate and be right back.” I had the coffee to my lips and nodded, my eyes smiling.

Kara hurried out the door and reappeared shortly thereafter, a plate and her cup of coffee in hand. She laid the plate on the other side of the bed, scooted herself on to the mattress, sipped her coffee, and watched as I ate. I put my fork down, extended my arm, and said, “Give me your cup, honey, so you can eat something too.” Which she did, and we munched happily and quietly. Breakfast in bed was a very unexpected treat, and everything was perfect. “This is magnifico, sweets. Thank you so much. I can’t say I’m stuffed, but I am full. And my tummy isn’t barking at me anymore.”

“Yeah well, my eggs and bacon sure hit the spot. I’m so happy you enjoyed your surprise. It makes me happy that you’re enjoying it like you are. Hurry up and finish, then let’s get dressed and head to the gym.

I sighed. “Seriously? Right after we’ve eaten? Can’t we lounge a bit and talk? Or turn on the TV or something? I’m afraid if we go too soon, I’ll puke it all up.”

She shook her head. “One hour. I’ll take the plates downstairs, get us some fresh coffee, and be back so we can talk.”

That sounded totally excellent.


She brought her plate, stacked in on mine, put her cup on the tray, kissed me, took the tray, and headed out the door.

I lay my head on top of the pillow and purred contentedly. I was sure kitty was totally confused, expecting that she and her kitty would be loving. But fuel came first, at least this time.

There’s little doubt there would be plenty of time for more loving later today. And it was only Saturday.

A beautiful blonde appeared in my doorway, armed with two cups of coffee. She brought me mine, kissed me, and headed to the other end of the bed. Settled, she sipped hers as well.

I finally got to ask a question that had been on my mind since Monday, Columbus Day.

“Did you enjoy the way I put you through your paces on Monday, sexy?”

Kara smiled at me, nodding. I watched as her eyes glazed and she went to her special place, reminiscing, reliving the emotions and feelings of that day. She shivered, blinked, looked at me as her eyes came back into focus, and said, “It was thrilling. I think that’s the best word for it… thrilling. You caught me completely by surprise, you wench. I was in a client’s Maltepe Escort Bayan office when your first mail came through. I suspected it was from you and just knew I shouldn’t peek to see what you wanted. But…” she shrugged, “curiosity got the better of me.”

I knew Kara wouldn’t be able to resist. How? Because I knew full well I wouldn’t have been able to if the situation was reversed. So it’s not like I took advantage of her. I just played to our intense emotional and physical connection.

She continued, “I knew I was flushed when I asked to be excused to use the restroom. And I was shaking like a leaf when I began to strip to remove my panties. I wasn’t sure I wouldn’t cum in the next second, and even though I didn’t, I knew better than to touch myself.”

I wanted to jump her bones and fuck her stupid, sore as I knew we both were. But I thought it might be way more fun to let this play out. Why? Hee hee… there would be plenty of time for romance later. After all, it was still early!!

“I love it, baby girl. Please go on”.

“What else do you want to know? We’ve already talked that day out.”

I was being selfish. This woman of mine is, if I may, a sexual powder keg, and being around me, as unlikely as it may seem to the outside world, seems to be the fuse that could be lit at any moment. You know this about me… I don’t begin to lie to myself and think I’m any big deal. But Kara does and that is all that matters to me.

“Well, to be candid, I already know how much you like to play this way. That’s part of why I don’t have us play like that too often.” I shrugged. “To me, that would be taking advantage of you. And… I’d prefer to pick my spots on when I might take advantage.”

Kara’s smile might have brightened all of Glenview.

“Melissa Eileen, the sight of you dampens my panties and tightens my nipples.” LOL… no surprise there. “Funny, our work may support us, but the eight hours or so a day we’re at work may keep both of us sane.” The smile changed a bit, and there was something in her eyes that gave me chills. “I don’t think you’d survive if we were together twenty four seven.” Her laugh was short and deep. “Though I’d pay really good money to find out!!”

I felt my knees tremble, as if I might collapse. Umm, had I been standing. Minor detail. The heat in blondie’s suddenly gray eyes smoldered and, as it always does, left me chilled and slightly short of breath.

“You are just too damn cute. Now please continue about last Monday. If I’m to tease and please you that way, I’d like to know what was going on in your adorable blonde head.”

“Simply put, you were out of town and I was going nuts with your seductive torture. I might have fucked a knot in a tree if there was one in your back yard. And while it was my ‘good fortune’ to have my appointment be in the northern suburbs, it also gave you the chance to further torture me.”

“Torture you? How so, baby?”

Gray eyes flashed for a moment. “You know goddamn well how. I had to abort my client meeting because I was so freaking turned on after losing my panties. And then I had to drive in that condition, my mind playing tricks on me with traffic on all sides, what was left of my rational mind doing its best to get me to your home in one piece.”

Delicious!! You can’t imagine the sight in front of me. The woman I love, in a robe, a now empty coffee cup, on the other end of my bed, flying high on pheromones and rampant sexual tension, forcing herself to maintain her composure and dignity. I wanted to tear the robe off of her and disassemble her, piece by delicious, delicate feminine piece.

I did my best to keep my voice steady. “If you care to know, it took every last bit of my self discipline to sit in those half assed, boring meetings, knowing full well you would be climbing the walls.” I had to pause to compose myself further. “And there were moments that, even if it cost me my job, I so wanted to change my reservation to come home early and surprise you.”

And, totally out of the blue, Kara began to cry. She lowered her head and brought her hands to her eyes. Stunned, I sat. It took a few minutes, but she wiped her tears away and sniffled. I passed her the box of Kleenex and got a wan half smile in return.

“Lissy, I wondered if you might do just that. And I can’t tell you how much I prayed that you would, even though I knew it was highly unlikely. ”

Here’s the thing. I’d gotten a promotion not long ago, and the bank decided to bring a bunch of people who had reached my new level together in one place, at one time, to train us all. Which Kara knew.

“I know, and I’m sorry. I wanted you with me in the worst way. It would have been silly, because they wouldn’t have let you sit in with me. But god how I missed you.”

We sat in silence, staring at each other, comfortable with the silence and each other. And then…

With a startling burst of energy, Escort Maltepe Kara bounded from the bed, took my hand, and proclaimed, “We need to get to the gym.”


Kara, seemingly energized after our workout, burst into the kitchen after she parked in my garage. I dragged my sore, nearly exhausted, and rapidly aging carcass into my heavenly cool kitchen. All praise the god of air conditioning. And be very wary of sitting in the blessed cool air for too long in still damp workout clothing.

Please don’t laugh… too hard. “Honey, do you want me to help you out of those wet things? You’re looking a bit peaked.” She’s young, she’s beautiful, she’s sexy, she’s fit, she’s young, I love her so much, and I wanted to swat her. Alas, that would require me to lift and move my arms and I wasn’t sure I could do either. Ah, youth!!

Yeah, yeah, I know… I had to lift and move my arms for Kara to take off my top. I managed somehow. And she ogled my body; nothing new there. She led us… me, mostly, to the bathroom and turned on the shower. She half pushed me in to let the steamy hot water do its wonders while she finished undressing.

She joined me, only to find me on the shower bench, sort of hunched over, exhausted and sore.

“What’s the matter, honey? You outdid yourself at the gym. I was so proud of you.”

“It’s been too long since I tortured myself like that. And I’m paying for it now.” I somehow managed to lift my head and smile wanly. “You go ahead and rinse off. It will give me time to ogle you for a change.” God love that woman!! She blushed, a full on blush, from the top of her head to well below her shoulders. “Maybe, if you can manage, you can keep your eyes on me while you’re washing yourself.” I managed a smirk. “I’d like that. And so would you, my little blonde exhibitionist.”

Steam from the hot water didn’t mean I couldn’t see her as she put on a show. She made sure to exaggerate her movements as she soaped up. All over. Cupped her generous, perky breasts. Lifted each arm slowly. Pursed her lips as she washed her pussy. Bent over to wash her behind, making sure to make eye contact. Stayed bent over as she washed shapely, firm calves and feet. And did her best to keep her eyes open as she lathered, washed, re-lathered and rewashed her hair. I hope I’ve given you a delicious description of her enticing, hopefully satisfying shower. I know I was turned on, dog ass tired as I was.

“Your turn, beautiful.”

“Okay, long as I don’t have to get off this bench.” She laughed.

“Tell ya what; if you can stand for a few seconds, I’ll drag the bench closer to the middle of the shower so I can wash you.” I sighed deeply but did as requested. I plopped myself back on the bench, Kara’s hands on my arm to steady me.

And she washed me. Remember, I was already tingling from Kara’s erotic show. She kept her eyes on me. And I felt myself begin to rejuvenate. Amazing what steamy hot water and a beautiful woman can do for a tired body. I stayed on the bench to conserve what energy there was and enjoyed my lover’s ministrations.

I know Kara enjoys me kissing her feet when I wash them, and she did the same to me today. I didn’t giggle, but it did feel good. Course, she couldn’t leave it at that. Oh nooooooo!! She sucked each one of my toes into her mouth, teased them with her tongue, and then turned them loose. Gawd!!

She pushed my legs apart when it seemed she finished cleansing me. I did something between a moan and a sigh.

“No?” she asked plaintively.

“Lover, you know I can’t resist your temptations, but I must ask. Can I have a very short rain check? I would really enjoy a nap and, of course, it would be even better if you’d join me. Though I know you may not be interested.”

Kara’s eyes clouded briefly, then she smiled and said, “Fine by me, honey.” She smirked and added, “I know I’ve kept you busy this weekend, so if you’re bushed you can get some sack time and get your energy back.” God bless that woman of mine!!

A nap did the trick, though I slept longer than I expected to. The sun hadn’t bid goodbye to the day, but it had begun to settle into a gorgeous palette of colors.

And I was still sore. Sore as all hell. The shower had done some good. Emphasis on some. But my muscles screamed in protest when I stretched. UGH! Tonight isn’t going to be much fun. I giggled. Kara was going to want to make love again tonight; there was no getting around that. Sore or not, you-know-who would have her way with me. It would be interesting to find out how much pheromones, or whatever chemicals are released during lovemaking, relieve the aches of old age and a maniacal workout.

I padded carefully down the stairs, “dressed” in a robe and slippers. I shivered a little from the air conditioned air. However, we were smack dab in the midst of a miserable summer heat spell. And the goddamned humidity that all too often accompanies the heat.

Kara was still in the robe she’d donned after our showers. She spied me, smiled brightly, and came out of the kitchen. I’d reached the bottom of the stairs and moved quickly, and cautiously, to kiss my blonde. As I approached, she opened and took off her robe. Holy mother of god!! How in the hell?

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