Subject: Bulldozer Man, Part 5 (gay, adult-youth) The next morning it was raining so all the workers were working inside constructing the house. I could see Bulldozer Man at his desk in the trailer shuffling papers and talking on the telephone and just seeing his muscular body made me hard. Fuck I was horny, Itook his and Jake’s underwear out the plastic bags I was kept them in and sniffed and strocked my throbbing cock. I could still smell the mansweat, funk and testosterone and it fueled my lust for these two hunks. I put a cigar capsule, I had stolen from my dad had, up ass and pretended they were fucking me. Even if their underwear had been the same, I could still identify whose was whose from their scent. I stuffed Jakes’s briefs down my throat until I gagged and shot a big load. In the afternoon, the rain stopped and I was able to spy on the workers as they pissed. Their big swinging dicks and their strong yellow streams made me long to be drenched in piss. Dub pissed about 5 times and took his time so that I got a good view each time. Damn his thick cock made me hard. Bulldozer Man stayed longer than the other workers so I thought this might be my cue to go over. Just as I was starting over, a red car pulled in and a hot blonde woman got out and went into the trailer. She was probably on her 30’s, long hair, big tits and a nice figure accentuated by a tight black dress. Damn she was hot! I went back up to my bedroom to spy. Bulldozer Man and the blonde starting kissing and he was massaging her big breasts. It made me horny just to see them doing this. The blonde went down on her knees and unzipped Bulldozer Man’s pants, took out his cock and started sucking him. He pulled her dress over her head, removed her bra and those big globes were freed. They were topped with two nicely protuding dark red nipples which Bulldozer pulled and pinched. He took all of his clothes off and laid her on the desk. I was now beating my cock raw. Suddenly he came over to the window, looked up toward my bedroom, waved for me to come over and then shut the blinds. I stuffed my hardon into some gym shorts and raced over there. I could hear the blonde moaning and I saw malatya escort Bulldozer Man kneeling before her prostrate body on the desk, licking her shaved pussy. I almost creamed then. He stood up and pushed his hard, veiny cock into her pink pussy lips. She moaned deeply and looked over at me and said “who’s the kid?” “Just a litte horny fuck who lives next door”, replied Bulldozer Man. He fucked her for a few minutes more as I stroked the hardon in my gym shorts. “Want a turn you little fuck?”, Bulldozer asked me? I was scared, but yes I wanted a turn. I was a little confused if I was to take a turn with her or be fucked by him. In any case, I wanted a turn! He took me by the neck and pulled me over to the blonde, pushed me on my knees and pressed my head into her hot pussy. I started licking and sucking her pussy. She was very clean and it tasted sweet. She was moaning and my cock was throbbing. Bulldozer Man stood beside her face and she started licking and sucking his magnificent cock. I reached up and started playing with her nipples as I had seen Bulldozer Man do and she loved it. I did to! I licked around her pink, swollen pussy lips and found what I guessed to be her clit. (I had read about that in the Penthouse Forum magazine I had hidden under my bed.) She started wriggling, moaning and begging for me to keep on licking her clit. I shared my tongue’s attention between her clit and sticking it inside her canal. She started squealing, her hips bucking up and down and I had to move my head quickly to keep up. She let out one big moan and I could feel her warm juices running down on my tongue and I lapped it up. My mouth was covered in her juice which made my cock twitch. I looked over at Bulldozer Man and he had a big smile on his face. He had enjoyed watching me eat out my first pussy, and maybe he was surprised that I was also interested in women. He opened up a desk drawer and pulled out a condom in a wrapper and tossed it to me. “Go for it”, he said with a big smile. I got the condom on and rubbed my dick over her pink pussy lips which caused her to spread her legs wide. I pushed my hard dick in her hot, wet maltepe escort cunt and it felt wonderful! My hips started instinctively pushing my dick in and pulling it out. Fuck, I was in heaven. Could it really feel better to fuck an ass? If so, it must be unbelievable as this was so magnificent! I leaned over her and started kissing, sucking and nibbling at her breasts and nipples. My cock was banging in and out I could feel my balls hit her thighs. All the time she was moaning and sucking Bulldozer Man’s dick. Bulldozer Man moved over behind me, bent down and started licking my hole. Fuck! I was scared I would climax and this would all be over, so I soldiered through and tried with all my might not to shoot my load. He tongue fucked me for some time all the while I kept pumping away at the hot, juicy pussy before me. Everytime I would thrust forward, my ass muscles would clench onto Bulldozer Man’s tongue in a sensation that was heavenly. Bulldozer Man stood up and started fingering my hole, again his finger being clinched every time I thrust into the blonde’s dripping cunt. When I pulled back, his finger would plunge deeper into my ass. He pulled my cheeks apart and put the head of his cock at my hole and started to push in. It was difficult with the movement of my fucking the blonde, so I stopped pumping for 30 seconds to let him enter. Fuck!, this felt great, my cock in a hot cunt and Bulldozer Man’s thick, veiny cock in my ass. He started fucking me and as he pushed forward, it in turn pushed my cock forward into her pussy and we pulled back together in a concerted motion. I was about to pass out from sensory overload and from trying to keep from shooting my load at that moment. After a while, Bulldozer Man pushed and pulled on my body until we started fucking in a non-concerted manner. When I was pushing forward into her pussy, he was pulling his cock out of my ass and when I was pulling my cock out, he was pushing his cock in my hole. Man this gave a whole different sensation. My ass would clench his cock hard as he was pulling out and it increased the pleasure in my ass. Finally I could not hold my orgasm mamak escort back any longer and I yelled out as I shot my load. Bulldozer Man just kept fucking me harder and harder and I collapsed onto the blonde. Bulldozer Man pulled me out of the blonde, pulled his cock out of my ass and moved in and started fucking the blonde. She was now really moaning as she was getting speared with his huge, thick cock. His balls were slapping her ass with a rhythmic sound that was a turn on. He leaned over and buried his face in her tits and licked and sucked. I was turned on watching Bulldozer Man’s beefy ass cheeks clench and unclench with the fucking motion. I kneeled behind him and started to tongue his sweaty crack. I dove in and found his hole and teased it with my tongue before plunging it deep in him. He was now moaning along with the blonde. His musky crack and hole were an aphrodisiac to me and my cock was hard again. The blonde’s pussy was good, but Bulldozer Man’s ass was heaven. Bulldozer Man moved up on the table and was lying on top of the blonde fucking her. She was writhing and moaning and crying out “Fuck me, fuck me, harder, deeper” and he was! He turned around to where he was lying on his back and the blonde was facing away from him riding his cock. He put his knees up, which gave me a good view of his hole, balls and his dick as it moved in and out of her cunt. I dove in and started licking his ass, up to his balls and kept my tongue so that it could lick the shaft of his cock as it was moving in and out of her pussy. I licked further up and licked her clit while she was riding his cock. This drove her wild and she started screaming and twitching and she had an orgasm. Bulldozer Man pushed her down and fucked her in a missionary position like a madman until he came with a roar. I think the whole trailer was shaking from the movement of the desk and the vibrations of his roar. He slowly pulled his dick out of her pussy, grabbed me by the neck and pushed my face into her pussy as his cum started slowly oozing out. I licked it up with gusto and my cock was rock hard. He noticed my hardon and said “Get the fuck home and jack that fucker off”. I dressed quickly and left, but I didn’t go home. I came back and cracked the door enough to see the two of them fucking again. This time in a more intimate, but still animal like fuck. Damn! I wanted to be there with them too! (Comments via email are welcome)

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