But How Do You Know? Ch. 02


But How Does She Know?

This is a sequel to ‘But How Do You Know?’ where I gave a lesbian friend the chance to try straight sex before she married her girlfriend. It follows on directly from it, but I’m sure you can pick up the major plot points if you have not read the original.

Chapter 2 – Paige and Charlie

I watched the two girls kiss slowly. They were passionate, but in no rush. Their kisses were confident, full of meaning and love; I felt like a voyeur. Their hands were now moving as well, touching and teasing each other. As my eyes drank in the sight of Paige rubbing her fingers through Charlie’s slick, wet folds, I focussed my mind and said to myself “Meatloaf singing naked on a trampoline.”


Earlier that week I had been in a far less good place. I had just left a meeting that had been late starting, had overrun, had produced a lot of work for everyone to do and had still to produce any answers for the problem the meeting had been set up to resolve. I wasn’t surprised, just angry. I should have got started with the work from the meeting but instead I brought up the list of jobs that might be available in the next 12 months and allowed myself a little fantasy about getting out of this office.

I was disturbed by a different fantasy sitting herself on the edge of my desk. “Fuuuuuck me, that was boring.” Paige had been in the same meeting as me and we had made eye contact a few times to express our displeasure that something that could have been sorted by an email a week ago was still not going to be fixed even after we had completed this pointless busy-work.

Paige launched into a dissection of the personal flaws of half the people in the meeting, occasionally veering back to the actual topic to propose some very valid solutions, before going back into ad hominem attacks on senior team members. I was glad there was some space around my desk so no one would be able to hear her. I was only half listening though. As usual, I was thinking about what she had looked like with my cum dripping out of her mouth and onto her tits after the second time I had fucked her, some 6 months previously.

Paige had been about to get married to Charlie, a union I thoroughly approved of, but she had been nervous about making such a big commitment without testing all of the options for love and lust. It turned out (luckily for me) that I was one of the options, and I was thoroughly tried out as a result. There were happy endings all round as I had got to do some deviant stuff to my pretty, lesbian friend, she had enjoyed that deviance as much as me but had been reassured that she was right in marrying Charlie, and Charlie was none-the-wiser to any of this. Like I said – happy endings.

After that incredible night, Paige and I had kept to our agreement that it was a one-time thing, she had married Charlie and I had pounded my way through a small handful of Tinder girls, disappointed that none of them had had Paige’s enthusiasm or honesty. Mostly, our relationship was unchanged. And that was fine with me. My initial reluctance to jump in bed with Paige had been, at least in part, because I didn’t want to mess up a good friendship. So now she was sitting on my desk in her jeans (she took great pleasure in dismissing the office dress policy), looking casual and understated, but still attractive and desirable.

“…anyway, we drinking tonight?” Paige finished her rant and looked at me.

“Ok,” I said “but not a gay bar this time. I’m not in the mood for Kate Nash.”


A few hours later, Paige and I were sat in the snug corner of a bar not far from the office sipping our second pint. Neither of us could stay long and, it being a Wednesday, we weren’t expecting to make it a session. Paige obviously wanted to tell me something. She had a pensive expression on her face whenever the conversation paused and I knew she was trying to get something out. Eventually I called her on it.

“What is it, Paige? I’ve never seen you this quiet. You going to tell me you’re pregnant?” I joked.

I didn’t joke; I fucked up. The poor girl went white as a sheet, stiff as a board, then red as a rose; all in the space of one sip of cider.

“Oh shit! Sorry! I didn’t…”

“I’m not fucking pregnant you fucking belter!” she interrupted me. If I was pregnant, do you think I would be downing pints with you? And, in case you forgot, I am married to a girl! Use you Biology GCSE to explain that one to me!”

“Well, when a mummy and a daddy love each other very much…” I began with a grin on my face, but she cut me off again.

“Arsehole.” She grinned. “I’m not pregnant. But… we have… Charlie and I have… we have decided we want to have a baby.”

“Wow!” I said, eyebrows lifting on my forehead. “Wow, that’s a big deal. I think you will make great parents and I can’t think of a happier couple. But… wow.” I was really pleased for Paige and Charlie. They were going to bursa bayan eskort be excellent, but this was still momentous news. “Wait, how… what do you mean ‘have a baby’? Like ‘HAVE’ a baby? Or adopt a baby? Or…” That pensive look came back onto Paige’s face.

“Well that’s what I wanted to talk to you about. We want you to be involved. We want you to be the donor…”

That gave me a reason to stop talking and think for a second. This was a much bigger deal than it had been a moment before. Being a sperm donor for Paige opened up a thousand ethical questions that I had to shoot through in my mind. We sat in silence for a solid few moments while I contemplated the implications and formulated a list of questions that I wanted to ask. When I was done, I held Paige’s hand and told her that I believed in her and Charlie as a couple and I would be honoured to help them start a family. I asked a few of my questions and then had my expectations confounded. Twice.

“Are you ready to be pregnant, I don’t think they’ll let you play football once you start showing?” I asked. Paige shook her head.

“Nope, nope, nope, nooope. You will not find any babies inside me! I am not interested in that side of things, at all.” My brain clicked through the implied meaning of this.

“Charlie?! You mean Charlie is going to be the mum?”

“No, dickhead. We are both going to be the mum. Charlie is going to carry the baby.”

“Oh, well that will be a riot. Women get treated like pin cushions when they go into IVF and Charlie is so scared of needles she won’t even get her ears pierced. She will be a fucking nightmare.” I thought back to the time that we had all been out together and a friend had given themselves an insulin injection. Charlie had fainted like it was 1899 and her corset was too tight. I was about to go a little faint myself.

“Jesus, you’re thick. Do you think we will get IVF? Not a chance. And Charlie wouldn’t want it anyway. She would probably object to the amount of single use plastics and complain about the lack of a hemp-derived alternative, let alone anything else involved in the process. No, she wants a… natural conception.”


“She needs you to cum in her, you fucking idiot.”

I was happy I had the clarity I needed. I was also pretty happy with how the conversation had ended up. Charlie was cute, and the chance to get into her was worth jumping at, let alone the obligation to help a friend in need.

We talked for another hour about the plan. I had assumed that Paige would want to set me up me up with her wife then leave us to it, but she surprised me again by insisting that she be there for the main event. This was fine by me. I also asked why, if Charlie was to be the ‘recipient’, she didn’t ask one of her own male friends to do the deed. Paige said that as she was not having any biological input to the process, she had been allowed to pick the candidate. Paige had chosen me firstly because she saw a lot of similarities between us, which was probably true. Then she said a lot of nice things about my ‘genetic potential’ that boiled down to ‘not quite as strong as Thor or as smart as Iron Man, but better than Ant Man in every regard. Finally, she admitted that she had had an amazing time with me before she got married and knew I would take care of Charlie who, I learned, had also never had sex with a guy. Having learned my lesson last time, I did not mention virginity.


Two days later I was arriving at the girls’ flat, feeling a little nervous, but also like I was about to jizz in my pants. The only thing that keeps men in check under normal conditions is that they do not know for sure if they are going to have sex at the end of any social interaction. The uncertainty forces them into a socially acceptable state. In this case, the whole reason I was there was to nail my friend’s wife. Knowing that should have put my mind at ease but instead I could feel the beat of my heart in the tip of my cock.

Thankfully Paige could spot my nervousness and, from the moment she opened the door, kept the jokes flowing which stopped the whole thing being awkward. Which was a good thing, as I could tell that Charlie was a little nervous too. That was no surprise; Charlie was all-the-way-gay and as far as I was aware had never even kissed a guy before. That had been why Paige wanted to be present for the action, to ensure that her beloved Charlie was ok throughout.

As we sat in the living room and drank some wine, I could tell that the girls had dressed up for the occasion (albeit subtly). Paige was in jeans (as always) but had on a ‘going out’ top that I didn’t recognise. Its lower cut showed much more of her chest that she would normally reveal. She also had on a light sheen of makeup which was very rare. I could smell her signature clean and sporty fragrance and it had the same impact on me as it usually did at work. bursa evi olan escort Charlie was more obviously dressed up. She had a little more makeup on than Paige, an extra dose of her intoxicating, musky perfume and her strawberry blonde hair was partly pinned up. She was wearing a pretty, flowery dress which was unusual as she usually lived in her jeans, like her beau. It was of a modest length but as she sat on the sofa with her legs curled under her, the hem rose well up her thigh and I thought about her and Paige’s ‘No Hair Below The Eyebrows’ rule. I already knew what Charlie’s intimate area looked like as I had seen the photos of Paige stretching her open with her fingers, but the idea that I may soon get my hands on them made my tongue dry in my mouth.

As my eyes moved up her body, over her full curves, I realised she was watching me. Charlie gave a shy smile when our eyes met, I smiled back and held her gaze, steeling myself to take the next step. Paige was ahead of me, again.

“What about going next door? I’m excited to get this going.” She said, enthusiastically. Charlie and I mumbled our consent, still smiling at each other, and followed her through the small flat to the bedroom. Paige sat on the corner of the bed and patted the duvet next to her. “Come here, my love. She said, sweetly. I moved to sit on the bed but was swatted away. “Not you, fuck stick. Her! You get to stand… there.” Paige pointed to the side of the bed. I grudgingly moved out of the way so Charlie could sit next to her wife. Paige gently caressed her face and pulled her in for a kiss. I’d been friends with these two for a while and had seen them kiss before, but this time took my breath away. As their tongues twisted softly, their contrasting hair framed pretty faces and half shut eyes. I fucking love women and having two in front of me was the stuff of fantasy.

As Paige kissed down her lover’s neck, she began unbuttoning the front of the dress, exposing the cups of a black bra. Charlie shot her hands to pull the sides of the dress together, looking at me with a panicked expression. Paige reassured her with some soft words and more gentle kisses, reminding her that this was something she wanted and that I was nothing to be afraid of. Eventually, the front of Charlie’s dress was peeled away and I was able to see her full breasts, encased neatly in her pretty bra. Paige didn’t stop there and soon Charlie was sat on the edge of the bed in nothing but her bra and pants. To my delight, Paige then peeled off her own top, revealing her slim (if slightly boy-ish) figure. She did this with such a lack of self-consciousness that I was worried Charlie might guess that this was not the first time I had seen her naked. While the girls traded little kisses, Paige unbuttoned her jeans and wriggled herself free of them. To my great surprise, she was not wearing any underwear, which struck me as odd in jeans, but Jesus was it a thrill to watch her smooth-shaven mound appear and then get a glance at her sticky pink lips; she was obviously not the only one excited by what was happening.

We had not really discussed what the ground rules were for this evening’s event. From what I had seen so far, it seemed like Paige planned to have sex with Charlie, right in front of my eyes, but I had no idea what would be allowed on my part. Was I just to get it up, get it in and get it off as quickly as possible once my time came? Was I allowed to kiss Charlie? Was I allowed to touch Paige? I wished I had got some agreement before the clothes came off because it all seemed a little late now.

I looked down at my own trousers. My erection was painfully cramped within and I longed to release the constriction. But as I watched Paige rob Charlie of the last items of concealment, an idea entered my head. I might be able to wring more out of this than just dumping a load in Charlie. It would require a lot of willpower though.

I watched the two girls kiss slowly. They were passionate, but in no rush. Their kisses were confident, full of meaning and love; I felt like a voyeur. Their hands were now moving as well, touching and teasing each other. As my eyes drank in the sight of Paige rubbing her fingers through Charlie’s slick, wet folds, I focussed my mind and said to myself “Meatloaf singing naked on a trampoline.”

Using every ounce of willpower I possessed, I focussed on reducing my erection. I thought about getting dental treatment, I recited as much as I could remember of the opening scene from Super Troopers, I tried to guess what my credit card debt was at that exact moment. Slowly, reluctantly, my cock backed down until I could feel it heavy, but not rampant, within my boxers. The timing was perfect. Charlie broke the kiss and looked shyly towards me.

“I think I’m ready, P.” She shifted back on the bed a little and let her legs drop open, giving me an exquisite view of her pussy. I forced my eyes to focus bursa rus escort on the bedspread and ignore the wonderous sight in front of me while I pulled my shirt off, undid my trousers, then pulled everything to the floor.

The disappointment was palpable in both girls’ faces. Paige let out a slightly deflated ‘Oh’ when my weighty but soft cock bounced free. Charlie looked a little confused so I offered some explanation.

“It’s not just girls that need foreplay to get in the mood you know. Boy’s need it to.” This couldn’t have been less true – if I hadn’t exerted a Herculean effort, I would have had a hard-on stiff enough to bang nails in with, but they weren’t to know that. There was a moment of silence while Charlie’s face fell as she contemplated what that might mean, but Paige’s lit up and with a deceptively innocent voice said,

“I could always try to get you hard?” We both knew she was more than capable of doing so, but she did a good job of hiding this. I gave a solemn nod of the head and walked towards her as she beckoned me over. Paige sat on the edge of the bed and I stood in front of her. She leant forward a little until my cock was millimetres from her lips while I rested my hands gently in her hair. With only a slight hesitation, Paige opened her mouth a sucked the end of my cock inside. All my ability to maintain the pretence left me and my shaft thickened and hardened in a moment, but it was too late. Paige was now committed and sucking firmly up and down my length. The sensation was exquisite, and the feeling of Charlie watching me while her wife sucked my cock was thrilling. I made eye contact with Charlie again but she hurriedly looked back down at Paige’s hollowed cheeks and glistening lips. Her eyes lingered, travelling over to my, now raging, erection. She considered it for a moment as the first third repeatedly disappeared into her lover’s mouth.

“Actually, maybe I’m not quite ready for it, P.” Charlie squeaked nervously. Paige took a momentary break and reassured her.

“It’s fine, Charlie; it’s no bigger than Leo.” When Paige clocked my rising eyebrow, she explained. “Leo is the one and only dildo we own. If it doesn’t vibrate then we don’t think there is much point.” I nodded my understanding and nudged my cock back towards Paige’s face but she continued, “It’s called Leo because ‘Romeo and Juliet’ era Leonardo Di Caprio is the most beautiful man either of us could think of, so his was the least off-putting name.” Charlie was not reassured though.

“Yes, but when we used Leo, it was you holding him in your hand. He wasn’t getting banged in by an 90kg lad, I’m not sure I am ready…”

Paige was more than a match for Charlie’s nerves, however. She moved away from me (which made me sad) and crawled over the bed to Charlie, gently pushing her lover back onto the bed. They kissed again which was wonderful to watch, especially as Paige was on all fours so I got to peek at the slippery lips of her pussy and her little rosebud above. Paige then worked her way down Charlie’s body, kissing as she went until her face was level with her partner’s pussy. I moved to where I could see better and was rewarded with the sight of Paige dragging her tongue up and through Charlie’s sweet, sticky trench. Wow.

Paige licked and teased and generally drove her wife wild over the next few minutes while I enjoyed the show. Gradually, fingers were introduced and soon Charlie was groaning as three of Paige’s fingers sawed in and out of her vagina. Once the temperature was sufficiently high, Paige went back to two fingers but rotated them so the tips were facing ‘up’ and started to beat a rhythm on the G-spot. At the same time, she attacked Charlie’s little pink clit with her tongue and lips. While the climax was building, I moved back behind Paige and ran both hands over her butt cheeks, enjoying their smooth, roundness. Paige’s didn’t even flinch, so I got bolder and ran my fingertips up her crack, just teasing between her lips and gently over her bum hole. Paige, still facedown in her wife, did a little wiggle of her hips, which I took to be encouragement so I slipped two fingers inside her, watching her tense slightly, then relax as I did so. I slowly pulled my fingers out and, because Paige couldn’t see me from her position and Charlie had her eyes screwed shut, I put my fingers in my mouth and savoured her taste. I had to have more.

I knelt on the bed and wedged my face into Paige from behind like a pig rooting for truffles. I displayed none of Paige’s teasing tactics, instead I ravished her with my mouth; kissing, licking, probing and sucking all the flesh I could reach. I ran my wet tongue around Paige’s tightest hole and was rewarded by her arching her back like a cat waking up from a nap. I did not linger though and continued to feast on her from every angle. At the other end of the action, Charlie was obviously relaxing and, from the sound of it, approaching orgasm. I relished in the beautiful taste of Paige and did everything I could get her off simultaneously, but it was not to be. The chance of winning a pussy eating contest to a lesbian with a head-start was always going to be slim, so Charlie definitely got there first, groaning and whispering as she arrived. It was beautiful (from what I could see with my head in the trough).

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