Charlie Gets a Tittyfuck Facial


Steve and George were due at eight and they had asked that I be completely shaved, and shiny with oil. I got ready as I normally did – a nice shower with rose shower cream, which I would massage luxuriously into my breasts and nipples, imagining the fondling they would get later. I’d soap my pussy with huge care, make sure my ass was in perfect condition just in case, and resist all temptation to turn the shower head on my little pussy. It was hoping for a treat later, I didn’t want to take the edge off. Once I’d done all that I covered myself generously with oil, rubbing it into all the little cracks and crevices and moaning a little bit in pleasure as I treated my clit to its share.

The two guys were no sooner in the room than they had me face down, ass up in the air and Steve was feeling my pussy and my tits from behind, stroking and groping and fondling, with wet oily hands.

“Oh very nice Baby,” he was saying, “very nice indeed. Oh Yeah… lovely pussy, let’s see what you can do for George and Steve, Baby…”

I moaned a little, enjoying the feeling of my fingered pussy, warm with oil and lust, being tweaked between his delicious question fingers. I pushed back onto his hand, enjoying him delving roughly into my soft, hungry flesh. And I moaned again as George’s slid his long, slim cock into my throat, filling my face with the luscious sense and taste of mancock, manballs, manlust..

Straight down it went, into my throat, and he held my head on tight against his balls. “Suck that, baby,’ he said, ‘i can see you’re gagging for it.”

I wasn’t gagging, I’ve learned to overcome that – but I pretended to. I could see he liked that. “Aw yes, choke on my fat cock honey…” so I kept up the pretense and made little squeaking noise to excite him.

“Oh she’s a horny little prickteaser. Make her cum, Steve…, punish her horny ass,” and as Eskort Kız I swallowed on his turgid cock, feeling my throat muscles contract around it, Steve’s insistent fingers parted and probed my pussy lips and slipped into my vagina. He had one had in me, working me, pleasuring me, the other rolling my little clitty, rubbing the hood and sliding in and out of my hungry pussy. He was groping and probing and pulling and rubbing, and my cum was building up. I started to moan as the spasms began, and Steve was in me feeling them build…

“Come on baby,” he was urging, “we can see how much you want it… work for Daddy and you can have your reward…”

I moaned and wriggled. He was turning my pussy on so fast I was poring juices onto his hands.

“Here she cums, good girl Baby, look at her George, look how slutty she is, she’s wet as a whore… come on honey baby, sweetie, cum like a good little girl for Daddy and Uncle George…” and I’m moaning and cumming as the cock comes out of my mouth and I can moan and beg at last…”oh God, I’m on the edge, Oh Christ, Oh God that’s good, oh keep your fingers in me Daddy, feel Baby’s pussy…” and his hands are in me and my pussy petals are on fire…

And then they’ve pulled me so I’m kneeling upright, and I feel my contracting pussy lowered onto a very long fat, rigid cock, filling my cunt utterly, like a ship in port, as I spasm and grip, holding me hard and rigid, as far in as it will go. My orgasm heightens as the fingers rub and probe at my clit, and then as I moan and scream Steve pushes my oiled titties together from behind and George starts to rub his prick between them, tittyfucking me like a whore.

I don’t do tittyfucking. I start to fight – it’s in the agreement. My cum is still sending spasms through my pussy but I start to fight, and that’s when I remember there are two of them and one of me.

“Keep still, you nad little baby,” says Steve, and now George is holding my titties together, fucking hard with an intense expression on his face whilst George is putting handcuffs on me.

“Jed…,” I shout, but if he’s here he’s enjoying it as he doesn’t come and stop anything, and to be honest I don’t want to use me escape word as my orgasm is still pretty intense and I want to at least let that finish. The giant cock in my pussy is stretching me in every direction and I want it fucking me now, hard, harder than ever before. I wand it thrusting into my soft flesh, plundering me and taking me and using me and ravishing me… it’s right on my G-spot and I moan again and start to thrust back onto it. Jesus christ it’s a huge cock, but the curve on it – shit, my G-spot. I wail, “oh God Steve your cock is fabulous…” and he giggles, “that’s right Baby, you like that don’t you? Fuck Daddy’s giant cock, honey, whilst Uncle George has his little game…”

“Oh God yes, fuck my pussy Daddy. I want your cock in me, I want it all… fuck me daddy…”

“Daddy knows you love it, Baby. Tell Uncle George how you love it, Baby.

I am lost to the cock. It is fucking my G-spot and I am so wet and hungry that I’d do anything. “Oh Uncle George Fuck my tits, I love your hot cock thrusting at me…God that’s gorgeous…”

“George isn’t looking at me at all, he’s looking at my tits,” oh yeahh,” he says, “great tits, lovely tits, oh God yeahhhh…” He is thrusting and groaning faster and faster. It is surprisingly quite a turn-on, feeling his hot cock rushing up and down between my tits as Steve fucks me and fondles my clit lie he’s kneading dough. I looked down and I could see his cock-head popped though, pulling back again, popping through as he plunged faster and harder between my tits. As he fucked he cried, “Baby, honey, you’re going to get George’s cum all over you you little slutty baby, beg for it honey…” and then with a tortured moan he jerked and squirted, spurting his cum onto my face and chin in a great creamy fountain.

He jerked and came for about half a minute as Steve fucked me. I was covered in it – all over my face. “Oh Baby, you bad girl, you ditty girl, look what you did to Uncle George’s dick… oh you look so beautiful with all that cum on you but we think you need to be taught a lesson…”

And then I was face down over his knee and he was spanking me, fast and sharp and hard and hot, as Steve’s giant cock wspurted cum on my back, my neck and my hair , and I writhed and moaned, deprived of my full orgasm at the last, hungry for cock…

“Oh God please,” i begged then, handcuffs out behind me, “please finish me. I’ve got to cum…” but these two were masters at the came.

They had booked the whole evening, which is about as long as it took to empty their balls of his juices, but never once did they let me orgasm. Steve and George, it turned out, were most turned on by seeing me covered in their cum. They alternated between fucking my titties and wanking, spurting on my face and tits every time till I was positively dripping. When they had absolutely no more left they called Jed over and, to my annoyance, asked Jed to cum on me too. Jed wasn’t he rolled me onto my back and slid his vast fat cock hard and quickly into my oiled butthole, thrusting fast and hard until he was ready then spurting his load all over my back… and watching him do it they came again, spurting more delicious juice onto my face.

Afterwards I licked all three of them clean, feeding on their limp cocks until I could coax just a little more out of them, and then they allowed me what they called Clover’s special treat, when I rode their semi-limp cocks one at a time, increasingly desperate and gasping, until they brought me begging and grateful to my own orgasm.


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