Fun Foursome in France


Em and I had always had a very active sex life. We fucked a lot, even a dozen years into our marriage, and never shied from exchanging fantasies. We also engaged in a little light BDSM from time to time. One time, well past our 10th anniversary, while she was riding on top of me, I reached up with my left hand and squeezed her throat. Gently at first, but then harder, tighter. She moaned and quivered as she came on top of me. From then on, this “love choke” became a go-to move. It never failed to make her come.

Compared to others who’ve been married as long, I think our sex was outstanding—we could share thoughts and fantasies freely. At some point, we started talking about threesomes, foursomes, and swapping partners. We were up for anything, including me with another man, her with another woman, whatever. We were both non-judgmental of whatever the other one wanted—one of many signs that we are so well suited to each other sexually.

Em had a very sexually adventurous friend we often fantasized about, but after sex, she would mention that she could never actually do anything with her friend, that she would prefer a stranger if it ever came to that. I on the other hand preferred to think of a real person, or real people. But honestly, whatever heightened the fantasy for each of us was fine with me.

Last summer we took a trip to southern France. For one week we were free to be lovers again, not parents or “domestic life partners.” Each day we explored our shared passions, unfettered by the distractions of day to day life at home. We went to a nude beach, fucked hard on the balcony of our hotel, fucked on a deserted street while walking home from dinner, and generally reinvigorated the sexual energy that made our match so great.

As the trip was nearing its end, we spent our last night in an airport hotel next to Charles de Gaulle. It was a nice place, with a spa. We wondered down to the spa and were pleased to find no one else there. After soaking in the steam room, nude of course, we adjourned to the hallway outside the steam room, where I fucked her hard from behind while pulling her wrists back, wheelbarrow-style. We came simultaneously, as we often did, and then embraced sweetly afterward, as we often did. In a relatively new twist, I had started occasionally “cleaning her up” after sex; sometime on my own accord, sometime at her urging. This time, with some wine in me, I had no problem going down and licking my cum out of her pussy. It wasn’t something I thought I would like, but, as I said, I’m up for just about anything that keeps our sex exciting. I didn’t mind it, and she seemed to enjoy it.

After I cleaned her up we showered, which helped to wake me up a little, so we decided to go back into the steam room for another few minutes. We did not realize that while we had been in the shower, the steam room was no longer empty. We opened the door, naked of course, and found another couple had gone in for a steam. The woman was lying on her back, naked, on top of her towel. She had what I would call bouncy blond hair, past the shoulders, perky breasts, long legs, and a little runway strip of light brown pubic hair. The man, also naked, was sitting spread eagle on his towel. He had black wavy hair, was in good shape, and his thick cock was resting on his balls; he was also well-groomed. They both appeared to be in their early to mid 30s.

We were surprised to see them, and they us. “Bonjour,” the man said with a grin. Then he asked us something in French. “Non parlez Francais,” I said, and he shrugged his shoulders the way the French do, as if to say “No problem, whatever.” The woman was just grinning slyly at us as she lay on her back.

My wife is not usually given to modesty but it’s not every day you walk naked into a small steam room to see another naked couple staring at you. Instinctively, she covered her breasts with her hands, but quickly realized the futility of that effort. She is well endowed—voluptuous—with feminine hips and a thin triangle of dark brown pubic hair between her legs. We took our places on the other side of the small room, she lying on her back, like the other woman, I sitting on the bench below her. The other couple was no more than 6 feet away.

There was a brief awkward silence before the French couple started talking under their breath to each other. At this point the woman began rubbing her breasts slowly and squeezing her nipples gently to get them hard. Mission accomplished. I glanced up at Em and we grinned at each other. She then did the same thing. At this point I looked down to see “Francois” stroking his cock. They were looking at each other and chatting/giggling in French. He looked over at me and looked at my cock, which Bayan Escort Gaziantep was growing, and said something which I interpreted as “Your turn.” So I started stroking my cock as well.

Francois then got up and walked over to his lady friend, who sat up and took his cock in her mouth. At this he looked at us. Em and my eyes locked, I raised an eyebrow, she nodded enthusiastically, and it was on. We mimicked the other couple. As Em sucked my cock I rubbed her breast and pinched her nipple. Shes huddered a bit and made a little moan. Francois appeared to like this and kind of chuckled as he looked at us.

He was grinning as he looked at us and asked me a question in French, which I took to be “This is pretty good, eh?” I answered back “Oui. This is awesome.” But apparently that wasn’t his question, because he looked down at his lady and said something, then pulled his cock out of her mouth and walked over towards us. Em was still sucking me but slowed down as she watched him move our way. His cock was hard, probably 8 inches long and plenty thick, and was bobbing back and forth as he walked.

He got over to us and said something and made a “switch” gesture with his hands—so it now became obvious that what he had asked me was “Do you want to switch partners?” And I had said “Oui.” I looked down at Em and asked if she was ok with it, and she said she was if I was. Our moment of truth had arrived. We had talked during sex many times about being with other people, but neither of us thought it would actually happen. Now, I leaned down to give her a kiss before she started sucking another man’s cock.

Our eyes and tongues met simultaneously—with Francois’ cock standing inches away. It was as close as I had ever been to another man’s cock, and I couldn’t resist touching it. I took it in my left hand and with my right I guided Em’s head forward so she could take it in her mouth. It was an incredible turn-on to watch my beautiful, sex-loving wife suck this man’s large cock. I just knelt there for a second watching. She went at it vigorously, with her mouth and her right hand. He moaned in pleasure and said something in French.

She was looking at me as she sucked. I can’t imagine what the look on my face was like. After about ten seconds, I licked my lips a little and she pulled her mouth off and said, “You want to try a little?” I didn’t say anything but moved forward ever so slightly, and now the tables turned and her left hand went to the back of my head and guided me onto his cock, which she held in her right. I had sucked one of her dildos during previous sessions of ours, so I had a general idea what to do, but the real thing was very different. It was warm, and wet with her saliva, and big. He muttered something again, and Em whispered to me, “That is so fucking hot.” She kept her hand on the back of my hand, and was gently pushing it as I moved back and forth on his cock, which only heightened the excitement because it added an element of force and control—as if she were making me do this. I grabbed his cock with my right hand and stroked it as I sucked. I couldn’t take his full length but went as close to the base as I could; stroking it with my hand helped a bit. Then she took her hand off the back of my head and moved her mouth towards the confluence of my mouth and his cock, and said “OK, honey, I think our other friend is getting lonely over there.” I stopped sucking/stroking and said, “Oh, right, I completely forgot about her. She needs some TLC as well.” But Em surprised me when she said, “You stay here. I’ll help her out.”

This was certainly a little different than I had envisioned our first foursome to go. Em walked over to “Marie”, who had been rubbing her clit pretty furiously watching our little suckfest, and knelt down between her legs and proceeded to lick her pussy as if she were an experienced pro. Francois and I were watching with rapt attention as my wife licked and then fingered his partner’s pussy, to her obvious and audible delight. Marie went from zero to 60 in about 5.3 seconds, moaning and rubbing her tits and squeezing her nipples the way Em liked to do when I ate her out. I was just kneeling there, holding Francois’ cock in my hand while we enjoyed the show our ladies were putting on. But soon I felt a little slap on my cheek, which stunned me, and looked up at Francois, who said something and pointed at his softening cock. But watching the ladies in action let me know I had had enough of cock-sucking for one day, so I got up and said to him as I did, “I think we need to re-focus our activities over there,” pointing to our beautiful partners.

Em was still going at it on Marie’s pussy and didn’t even look back at us as we walked over. Marie’s eyes were rolled back in her head so she didn’t see us coming either. Francois said something to me and pointed at Em’s round ass, which was perfectly positioned as she was bent over Marie’s pussy. I said, “Sure, be my guest.” And he slid his cock into my wife’s pussy in one smooth motion. Well, that got her attention. She said “Oh!” and turned her head back toward us, where she met my gaze and realized in an instant that she was being fucked by another man. She smiled blissfully as he rocked back and forth, in and out, and resumed her work on Marie.

As Francois pushed his cock deep into Em, she moaned loudly and pushed her fingers further into Marie, who now said “Oui! Oui! Oui!” I stood there stroking my cock, smiling at the sight, and realized I was going to come. So I took the last few steps over to where they were assembled, stepped up on the lower bench where Em was kneeling, and shot my load all over Marie’s stomach and tits. The French couple didn’t even seem to notice but Em said haltingly as she was being pushed back and forth by Francois’ hard cock, “That’s right baby…unh…come…unh…all over her…unh.” Marie actually did notice and smiled up at me as she rubbed my thick white syrup on her tits, murmuring something in French as she did.

I wasn’t bothered by the fact that I had jacked off in the midst of this fuck and lick fest, because I knew that would help me last longer when I got to take my turn—on whom was not yet clear. I sat down for a minute next to Marie to take it all in, and rubbed her left breast with my right hand to help work my cum into her skin.

Francois had grabbed Em’s hips hard while he pistoned in and out. It was a position I knew well and she loved. After what seemed like an eternity, Em raised her head up off of Marie’s pussy, and her moans shifted to the familiar cries I knew meant she was coming, which set Francois off, as it usually does to me when I’m where he was at this moment. He arched his back and looked up at the ceiling, grimacing and smiling as he unloaded his cum into my wife’s pussy.

The three of them were motionless for a moment, all breathing hard as they came down from their orgasms. It was quite a sight: on the left stood the muscular Frenchman, with his hands on my wife’s ass—to which he gave a quick, approving spank—in the middle, Em, on her knees on the first row bench with his body pressed against her ass and her hands holding onto Marie’s thighs, which were spread medium-width apart, and Marie lying on her back on the higher bench with her hands motionless on her tits. All were smiling as you do when you’ve just had an orgasm. It was an image I will never forget.

But then Francois slowly backed away and their positions shifted. Em moved to sit up on the higher bench, next to Marie, who now sat up as well. Em looked at me and said “Can you come clean me up?” I said nothing but immediately assumed the position Em had just had, with my face in between her legs. I had licked my own cum out of her a few times and found it enjoyable, but it didn’t happen a lot because usually my post-sex energy level wanes quickly. This time was different of course, since I had had a few minutes to recover, and because this was undoubtedly the hottest sexual experience of my life.

Even after all that had happened, I paused a second before “getting to work”, and watched another man’s cum slowly oozing out of her hole. It was a strange sight and feeling, but I quickly leaned forward and licked. His cum tasted not dissimilar to mine, not great but not unpleasant either (I don’t really know how to describe it but anyone who’s tasted it knows what I mean). Em of course loved this, and put both her hands on the top of my head to hold it there. I then slid two fingers easily into her well-lubed hole and found her g-spot as I had hundreds of times before. She instantly shuddered and said “Oh shit! Oh God!” and arched her back, pressing her pussy into my face as she came again.

I slowly backed my face away after she finished. I could feel the combination of hers and Francois’ juices on my mouth and nose. It was a pleasurable combination. Now it was my turn to fuck. Em was out of breath but panted “Can you fuck me now?” Before she even finished I was plunging my cock into her. She was now on her back, and I had pulled her ass off the bench, which left her legs dangling vicariously.

Francois, ever the gentleman, stood behind me and held her calves up, while I moved my hands up her body. Marie had rolled over and was kissing and fondling Em’s left breast. I took her right one firmly in my left hand, and put my right hand around her throat. Her eyes rolled back and she smiled and moaned as I squeezed tighter. This was our “love choke”, and it worked its magic yet again. I squeezed and pulsed, strengthening and loosening my grip slightly in rhythm to make sure she was getting some air. She got enough, a muffled grunt emanating from her mouth as she came again.

Since I had already come not long before this, I was still pounding away and had plenty of fuel left in the tank. I moved my hand off her throat. Em was blissfully spent, but she never minded getting fucked even when she was “finished”, and just smiled with her eyes closed as I kept going. Marie was still on her side gently fondling Em’s tits, and it occurred to me that all this had happened and Marie’s pussy had not been penetrated. Without asking (I figured we had long since crossed that line), I removed myself from Em’s exhausted pussy and forcefully rolled Marie onto her back and resumed my thrusting, only this time in her pussy instead of my wife’s.

Marie had not had the workout Em had had, so her pussy was tighter and not cum-soaked. Em opened her eyes slightly and smiled at me as I fucked this young Frenchwoman with all my might. Francois had taken a seat on the lower bench in between my wife’s legs, stroking them and then putting two fingers inside her. Em mumbled, “Why don’t you fuck her in the ass?”, and again, I was in no mood to ask anyone’s permission about anything, so I quickly and forcefully rolled Marie over and positioned her knees under her so her ass was up in the air, and in an instant I slid my cock into her ass, somewhat more gently than I had been fucking her pussy.

It was tight but somehow lubricated enough so that I was able to get all the way in. She moaned loudly and I heard Francois chuckle, but I didn’t acknowledge him. At first slowly, but then with more force, I gave his partner’s asshole a pounding. Her noises were a mixture of pleasure and pain, mostly pleasure I hoped, but I didn’t really care. I brought my right hand down and spanked her right cheek hard, which made her squeal and Francois laugh even harder. I was getting carried away with this now, and was biting my lip and gritting my teeth as I pushed as deep inside her as was possible. Her squeals were high pitched and I took them to mean her body had taken over and she was coming. So was I.

Right then I noticed there was something in my ass. It was Francois’ finger. I quickly looked back to see what was going on, and he was still kneeling between Em’s legs but had shifted his attention from her to me. He was smiling at the sight of me forcefully ass-fucking his partner as he worked his finger in and out of my ass. Em was too spent to do anything and was just lying there smiling at me. It all looked and felt amazing, my ass clenched around his finger while I felt my dam about to break and pumped harder into Marie. I grunted out “Oh fuck!” as I came in her, the beautiful feeling of release amplified by the finger pushing against my prostate. I saw stars.

I hunched forward over Marie’s back as my cock slowly slid out of her ass. My knees were weak and I stumbled to my left and plopped down on the bench between her and Em. Marie was panting and stayed in her ass-up position. Francois quickly moved in where I had been and put his now-hard cock in the same small chute I had just showered with my cum. She moaned and squealed as he pushed into her and began to fuck her ass as hard as I had. The sound of his cock plowing into the hole just filled with my cum was muffled by her cries and his grunts. Em was on her side with her head in my lap as we watched and listened.

Francois leaned over and grabbed Marie’s blond hair, which brought her head up with a jerk, and he was now grunting and gritting his teeth the way I had been, only he was saying something in French and she was answering “Oui, oui, oui” in between breaths. Finally he let out a loud grunt and made one, two, three final slow thrusts into her. His cum, and mine, dribbled down between her legs and began to drip onto the floor, at which point he pulled out, knelt down and licked her pussy letting our juices run down into his mouth. He swallowed and smiled satisfyingly to himself.

He then sat down on the other side of her and we all silently reveled in the experience we had shared. Em looked up at me and said “I love you so much” and I leaned down and kissed her softly and gently on the lips. By this time, Marie had rolled over on her left side, nuzzling up to Francois as she caught her breath from the workout she had just been given. Em and I stood up and said “It’s time for us to go, we have an early flight in the morning. Thank you—merci beaucoup—for this.” They stood as well and Francois said, speaking in broken English for the first time, “How do you say in English—eet wuz awesome!” We all laughed, and Marie seemed punch-drunk as we exchanged two-cheek kisses and said “Au revoir.”

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