Camping In Australia – How I was teased, Used And Seduced By Two Hot Girls – Part 22


It was the autumn right after I had finished school and I suddenly got a lot of time on my hands. I had recently turned eighteen and planned to use this chance to travel somewhere. I had always had the dream to visit Australia once and check out the famous camping life there. Because I had neither a girlfriend nor a friend whom I wanted to travel for three months in a very confined space, I travelled alone. Sure, I was nervous but also proud that I had made the decision.Immediately after landing in Sydney, I took a bus to a local company that rented campers. I had saved enough money to rent a nice little camper from working part-time for the last two years of school. It was a converted Toyota Van with a little kitchen, that could be accessed through the trunk, and transformed into a bed at night. Besides that, I had a little chemical toilet, which I decided to use only in case of an emergency. After unpacking my stuff, I started my journey heading north along the East Coast to Brisbane.Let me tell you about something very interesting that took place after the first week of my trip. It was right before the golden hour on the thirteenth day, when I decided to settle down on a nice little camping place located directly at the beach. The beach itself was surrounded by green hills, therefore it felt very isolated. With no other camper or human in sight, I was alone in paradise. I parked my van with the trunk facing the ocean so that I could enjoy the sunset later from bed. The camping site itself was very basic, it featured a portable WC, a single open little cold shower (which was luxurious, trust me), and a remnant from previous campers, a firepit in the sand, which I didn’t plan on using.Right as I started cooking, I heard a noise from a car in the distance. Crap, I had rejoiced too soon, hoping I could have this little Eden all to myself… Shortly afterwards, I saw a camper emerging from between the hills and heading towards the camping site. It was a real camper, not a van like mine. It was one of those with a tiny house built right on top of a car, at least felt like that in comparison. Those things were amazing – and expensive.I sighed. Maybe I was a little too selfish not wanting to share this amazing place. So, I decided to be polite and not grumpy to whoever would step out of the damn huge camper. I bet they were rich, or at least old. The camper parked a few meters away from mine, leaving the shower and firepit between us. The distance was just right, enough for things not to get awkward if you know what I mean – comfort zone. Because of the gradually setting sun, it was hard to spot who was in the camper, but I was at least counting two people. I really hoped that they weren’t total creeps. I set a mental reminder to lock the van at night, just to be sure.When the motor gave its last wail the door on the driver’s side opened. I tried not to make my gaping too obvious and decided to focus more on my pasta instead, which I had miserably neglected in the last couple of minutes. To my surprise, a beautiful young lady with long blonde-brown hair stepped out of the car. She was wearing shorts (and I mean short!) and a tight white crop top accompanied by an astonishing pair of breasts (DD was my guess). Besides that, she had a pretty but stern face and was in at least her mid-twenties, only a few years older than me. Luckily, she hadn’t noticed me yet and was enjoying the impressive sight of the ocean.Suddenly the door of the passenger seat opened and to my surprise again another girl stepped out of the camper. She was Asian, had shoulder-length black hair, and was definitely younger and more bahis siteleri petite than the other woman, but all the more beautiful to look at. She also wore blue shorts, paired with a loose greenish tank top, which was knotted right above her belly button. I wasn’t exactly sure if she was wearing a bra underneath.The other woman, who was no longer enjoying the view, suddenly looked over to me and headed straight into my direction. A shiver ran down my spine. Was I checking them out too aggressively? I tried to look innocent and continued cooking. I heard her steps getting louder and louder as I was trying to devote my full attention to cutting my onions as if my life was depending on it. Suddenly she stopped and said: “Hey!”I turned towards her with what I hoped would look like an innocent smile, only to notice that my eyes were beginning to tear. Fuck. “Hey,” I quickly replied while trying to rub my eyes dry. I guess it was still too obvious because she made a startled face at first but then looked down to the cooking utensils and the onions and gave me a knowing smile. “My name is Cathy, and this is,” she pointed towards the other girl, “Claire.” When she turned around my eyes fell onto her impressive cleavage. I was in shock, those breasts were huge, perfect in every matter. I realized that she had meanwhile asked for my name. I really needed to focus on the conversation but my language centre wasn’t working correctly. It took me much longer than usual to reply:“Mmm-y name is Jack. Nice to meet you.” She seemed to be amused by my shyness, giving me an intense look, checking me out from top to bottom. A smirk appeared on her face when she said: “Nice to meet you indeed.” She turned around and left me dumbfounded. On this occasion, I could not help but notice her sexy walk and her stunning ass, which jiggled slightly when walking. I had to overcome myself to look away and to once again focus on finishing my pasta. Fortunately, cooking pasta didn’t require much attention anyway. After I had put the pasta into the pot on the gas stove I was essentially done. As I was waiting for the water to boil, I noticed a movement in the corner of my eyes and saw the girls disappearing into their camper.After five minutes or so, they came back out, both wearing matching sets of bikinis. My jaw literally dropped to the floor. Cathy’s huge boobs nearly fell out of her top and the strips seemed like they would burst any minute. Besides that, she had a sportive body with slight curves. Claire on the other hand was slender but definitely also attractive. For her size, she had fairly large breasts which I found very appealing.Apparently, I was once again too careless, because when I looked at Cathy again, she was staring back at me. She smiled mischievously, and both started walking towards the ocean. Was that an approval to watch, or am I going to be roasted for that later? Halfway there, Cathy suddenly stopped, and I quickly turned around to look at the slowly boiling water again. After a few seconds, I heard her saying, surprisingly close: “Hey pretty boy, you wanna join us swimming?”My heart skipped a beat. Yes, yes I definitely wanted to, but then I looked at the pot again and remembered my empty stomach. So, I turned around and replied: “Thank you very much, but I have to watch out for the pasta. You never know when it decides to boil over,” and gave her a wink.I must have sounded like a total dumbass, because she looked at me strangely, maybe curiously, and said with a mournful voice: “Oh right, that’s sad.” I was once again under the impression that her eyes wandered over me like I was prey, and canlı bahis siteleri she was the predator.She turned around to join Claire who was already starting to go into the water. Fuck, I thought. What an opportunity. Why did I choose pasta instead of swimming with two goddesses? In hindsight, I didn’t really get it. The sun was about to slowly go down when my lunch/dinner was ready. I grabbed a bowl and a spoon and decided to eat at the firepit. Someone kind had left small logs there to sit on.As I was eating my pasta, which was extra delicious since I haven’t had the chance to eat something since my early breakfast. I was barely finished when the two girls came out of the water and walked towards their camper, probably to get a towel and dry up. I sighed; they were from heaven, and I had thrown away the golden ticket to join. I was going to get a third bowl of pasta when I saw Cathy approaching, wearing her old clothes again, Claire following right behind.They both had a bag in their hands and as I was wondering what could be inside, they already made themselves comfortable at the firepit, right next to me. While rummaging in her bag Cathy casually said, “I hope you don’t mind us joining you? You made us hungry, sitting there and eating.”I felt bamboozled but tried to make a better stand than last time. “No, no problem”, I answered with a hopefully confident expression. Not that I could have done anything against it, or ever wanted to.“That’s very kind of you,” Claire responded with a sweet voice. “I’m Claire by the way.”“I’m Jack, but you probably already know.”“So, what is a pretty boy like you doing here alone in Australia?” It was Cathy who was asking once again, a smile on her face.I wasn’t sure whether she wanted to know why I was here or why I was alone, but I decided to ignore the latter. “I finished school and wanted to explore the world a little, and you both?”She just replied, “Oh that’s cute,” ignoring my question and trying to salvage another lunch box from her bag. Because she leaned forward while doing so I had a phenomenal view of her cleavage. It was hypnotic.I was quickly imagining what it would feel like to squeeze her soft big boobs and noticed an instant response in my pants. “Hey pretty boy,” she said while coming up. “A campfire this evening would be nice, right?” she asked or rather stated because I really didn’t have the feeling that my opinion was of any relevance. So, I simply nodded in return. “Good, but sadly I think we don’t have enough wood. Would you be so kind and fetch something?”Was I being used? It definitely felt like it. However, I was carving to spend more time besides those two beauties and said: “Ok, why not.”Because I was done eating anyway, I went back to my van to quickly wash my bowl. Thereafter I grabbed a cord and headed to the beach to gather some driftwood. I planned to tie multiple branches together with the cord allowing me to transport more wood at once. After fifteen minutes or so, I looked back to the camping site. Cathy who must have been watching me waved with a big smile. I wasn’t sure if I liked the situation or not. Does she think I am her puppy? Anyhow, I returned a rather unenthusiastic wave.After roughly half an hour, I had collected a significant amount of dry wood which was now pressing against my back. It was definitely heavy, and I was relieved when I was able to throw it off near the fire pit. “Well done, pretty boy”, said Cathy and added, “We aren’t as strong as you are, and it would have taken us hours to collect nearly as much. Right Claire?” Claire who had been on her phone since dinner simply nodded.I remembered canlı bahis earlier when I wasn’t sure whether she was wearing a bra underneath her tank top or not, but oh man, she definitely was not! As she continued reading something on her phone she leaned forward and I was able to see a lot! Not all, but a lot. The whole side of her right breast was peeking out. It was amazing. I really had a thing for sideboobs, but I had never seen one this beautiful in real life. As if she could read my mind, she casually twitched causing her shirt to slip slightly to her left revealing her right nipple. It was small, petite, and perfectly round. Wow, that was fucking hot. If that wasn’t enough, she then looked up directly into my face and said: “Oops, sorry,” slowly gliding her shirt over a breast again. Was that on purpose? Am I being toyed with? Cathy on the other hand didn’t seem to have noticed this short intermezzo or at least pretended to.Either way, I needed to clear my mind and to calm something else quickly and decided to go for a swim. I was sweaty from collecting the dry wood anyway. So, I headed towards my van and grabbed some swimming pants. After a careful change of clothes behind my van, out of sight of the ladies, I headed towards the ocean. I really hoped that Cathy and Claire wouldn’t notice the bulge inside my pants, but neither seemed to. Cathy only wished me a ‘nice swim, pretty boy.’ I still wasn’t sure if I liked this pretty boy thing. She was clearly making fun of me, right? The water was refreshing, and I felt a sudden relief. The fog inside my mind settled and I was able to think rationally again. I sighed as I swam a little towards the horizon.The next time I looked at the beach the two girls were gone, probably back in their camper. I began hoping they might join me swimming for a second round, but as the minutes were passing, I was getting cold and the girls were nowhere to be seen. Therefore, I left the water a bit frustrated, and I went to my van. After a short drying and changing back into normal clothes I wasn’t sure what I would like to do next. I decided to continue reading my Sci-Fi novel and headed back to the fire pit.Right after turning the first page, the door of the girl’s camper was opened and Cathy’s head peeked out. “Hey, pretty boy.”“Yes?”, I asked not so sure what would come next.“Can you please come and help us?”“Course, with what?”, I asked.She just turned back into the camper and yelled from inside: “Come, you will see.” Ok, this is something. A little bit creepy though. It’s like those fairy tales where a lonely traveller gets lured by a beautiful lady who turns out to be a witch or something similar. In the end, the traveller is most of the time dead or crazy. But these are just stories. Right? Undecided, I made my way to their camper. I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to enter the camper, so I was waiting in front of the open door.I couldn’t see much but what I saw left me speechless. The back of the camper was like a living room with a fairly sized double bed. The camper was obviously high enough to stand upright in it. You could stand upright! Everyone who was once in their life camping knows what a luxury this is. The camper even got a fluffy white carpet! How ridiculous this sounded when I compared it to my van. I shifted slightly in order to get a better view of the bed. I suddenly realized that Claire was laying in it, still reading or watching something on her phone. Her shorts, which were already really short, seemed to have slipped even higher when lying down. I was able to see both of her perfectly shaped ass cheeks peek out. How lovely it would be to squeeze them.Before I could fantasize more my view was suddenly blocked by another pair of shorts right in front of my eyes. I quickly looked up to see Cathy knowingly smiling. I swiftly said: “You wanted some help?”

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