Carmen and Her Daddy Ch. 02


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Chapter 2

When she woke up her father was not on the couch with her anymore. She could hear some noises coming from the kitchen and figured he must be making breakfast. She sat up and started to stretch. She stopped suddenly as she remembered the conversation from last night. Did that really happen? She was a little mortified with herself. How could she actually propose those things aloud to her father? Had they actually agreed to…have sex with each other? She cringed as she wrapped her mind around the idea once more. As she started imagining what all they might be doing she began squirming on the couch. She was starting to feel excited. Whether at the idea of finally learning what sex was or just being that close to her daddy, she didn’t know. But if he still wanted to try it, she was still willing to learn. Did he?

When she got into the kitchen she saw breakfast was already made and her father was cleaning up.

“Hey sweetie. Go ahead and eat up. I already finished. Sorry, I wasn’t sure when you would be up. How did you sleep?”

“Good. Thanks for breakfast Daddy.”

“No problem sweetie. You are going to need your strength after all. That is, if you still want me to be your teacher.”

With that he turned and smiled at her a smile she had never seen before. She was glad that he still remembered and she could only nod in response. Then her father dried his hands and walked over to her as she was picking at her food, too anxious to eat much. She was unsure whether or not she could actually go through with all of this. She had always chickened out and ran away when it came to sex. So much so that she didn’t even know what sex was really. Now she was going to go through with it with her father? It just seemed crazy. Then her father’s voice interrupted her thoughts,

“Come meet me upstairs in your room when you are ready to get started. I can’t wait to help my baby girl.”

With that he kissed her forehead and walked up to her room. She definitely couldn’t eat now. She was distracted by the power in her father’s voice. He didn’t even ask her if she wanted to start today. There was something different about him now. Like he was still her father but something more. Not only that, but she was feeling differently about herself as well. She felt calm but frenzied. As scared as she was she was about to walk up to her room and do whatever her daddy told her to, and she was going to do a good job at it. Just like when she was a little girl, she wanted to do what her daddy told her to…

She slowly but purposefully marched up the stairs to face her bedroom door, which was closed. Then she turned the knob and entered the room. Her father was sitting on her full size bed amidst her still ruffled blankets and pillows. He was wearing only his flannel pajama pants from last night. His chest was broad and smooth, and Carmen couldn’t help but stare at it. He had a determined look on his face. She stood in her black silk nightgown and awaited his instructions. She felt herself being overcome by an overwhelming desire to yield to him, but she didn’t understand it all yet.

He motioned with his hand for her to join him at her bed and she came over to him. He reached his hands out to her when she got directly in front of him and placed them on her fleshy, rounded hips. He lightly squeezed her hips and as he did so his thumbs pressed into her pelvis and she nearly lost her footing. To be held… handled this way was something she had never felt.

“First we will need to get comfortable with each other’s bodies. We need to explore everything. That way when we go farther we will be able to enjoy it. I won’t ever do anything that makes you uncomfortable. O.K. sweetie?”

He was softly squeezing and releasing her hips as he spoke in a trance like voice. Her mind was spinning and all she could manage to say in her nervous,excited state was,

“Yes Daddy.”

“I’m going to undress you. You are going to be completely naked. After that I’m going to touch every part of your body so you can get used to it.”

He removed his hands from her hips and reached to the bottom of her silk nightgown. He grabbed the material and stood up as he lifted it up over her head to expose her body, now only covered by her black silky panties. His eyes became engorged, as well as his penis, Carmen could see. He had a tent in his pants sticking straight out at her. He tossed her nightgown aside and looked at her body. He soaked in her smooth and flawless skin, stopping for a long time to take in her beautifully rounded breasts. Just exactly a handful for him. He was staring at her panties for a long time before he finally snapped out of it and looked up into her eyes Antep Bayan Escort as he spoke,

“Your body is perfect honey.”

She was too enamored by his reaction to feel much embarrassment. All her fears washed away for a moment as she enjoyed the sight of a man pouring his eyes over her body. She enjoyed the way he controlled everything. He knew exactly what he wanted. She was very comforted by that, and even more excited by it.

He rubbed his hands along her shoulders and down her arms and she shuddered as his touches came closer to her breasts. Finally he reached the soft delicate skin of her chest and lightly rubbed his fingertips all over. Then he grabbed onto her firm breasts and squeezed slightly as he massaged them. Carmen started to breathe heavily as she became more and more excited by these new sensations. She closed her eyes in order to enjoy the attention her body had never experienced. She loved the way her father’s hands felt rubbing and squeezing her. He felt so powerful and she felt so weak to resist.

“Does that feel good baby?” He asked through his own ragged breath.

“Yes Daddy.”

Was all she could manage to say in response as he continued to rub all over her.After several minutes he turned her body to face the waist-high dresser that sat directly beside her bed. She was looking at the wall behind it when he took her hands and placed them on the top so that she was leaning over. He ran his fingertips all along her back slowly from her shoulder blades all the way to her panties over and over again. Each time he got to her waist line he ran his fingertips further into her panties to rub her ass a little more. He stood up and scooted his body directly against hers. She looked back to see him grab his penis, still inside his pants, and lay it directly between her ass cheeks as he moved into position so it would be pressed firmly against her. He bent down to press his stomach and chest against her back and wrapped his arms around to her ample breasts again. All the while he was pressed up against her plump ass. Even through their clothes she could feel how big her father was.

He began to gently grope and massage her young breasts again while he was hunched over her. He put his forehead down on her back and she could feel his hot, jagged breaths steaming out onto her. Her own breathing was erratic and her body was quivering, partly with excitement and partly with something she had never felt before. Her mind was too cloudy to think. Her arms were almost too weak to hold her up. She panted in time with his hot breath on her back.

She began to feel a new sensation as her father was now very subtly grinding himself up and down her ass cheeks in rhythm with his hard breaths. It’s very slight at first, almost as though he has no idea it’s happening. She can feel all of his hardness pressing deeper into her panties until they are pressed tight to her skin. She can feel even more of him slip between her cheeks and push harder against her. He slowly begins to move his hips just a little bit faster and even a little harder against her. His hands go from massaging her breasts down to grab onto her hips again. His hands grasp her firmly and fit perfectly.

“Does that feel good baby?” He asks with a voice that sounds surprisingly cool for someone she thought sounded like he was losing control.

“Yes Daddy.” She managed to squeak out.

Just as she feels he is about to lose control he slows down to an almost unnoticeable pace before stopping completely and standing there completely still. She almost thinks about turning to ask if everything is ok, but decides against it. She has no idea what she’s doing anyway so she decides to trust her father. He finally stands up and lets out a long sigh. He takes a step from her and stands there looking down at her. She looks back to see his face and is unsure what his expression could mean. Oh no, she thinks to herself with fear, I messed up again! Distraught but determined not to be a bad student she asks her father,

“Did I mess up already daddy? I’m sorry. I can be better if you just tell me what I did wrong. Please daddy, tell me what I did wrong. I didn’t hurt your penis did I?”

He was chuckling as though she had just told a silly joke but not in a mean way Carmen could tell. She waited patiently for her father to tell her what she had done wrong. He gently lifted her by the arm and stood her upright. Looking straight into her face he responded with that same authoritative voice,

“Sweetie, you shouldn’t call it a penis. It’s too clinical sounding. When you are with a man sexually, when you are with me, you should call it a dick or a cock. You should call your vagina a pussy as well. Sexual words will turn you both on. It helps with foreplay and makes things hotter. From now on I want you to call this daddy’s dick.”

As he spoke he grabbed her hand and wrapped her small fingers around his dick and tightened her grip on it so she could feel how hard it still was. Then he continued to explain,

“Daddy’s dick gets hard when I think about you. Everything you do makes me hard. You haven’t done anything wrong or hurt me in anyway. When a man has an erection it won’t go away until he cums. Cumming is when a man or a woman has an orgasm. You, a woman, can cum several times during sex and keep going. Daddy, a man, can only cum once before his dick isn’t hard anymore and he can’t have sex again for a long while after. A few minutes ago I got very close to cumming because I was so turned on. So I had to slow down because I didn’t want to stop yet. The only thing you did was turn me on too much.”

Carmen was very glad she hadn’t done anything wrong, but she was feeling confused with all the new information. She was more confused by her own feelings. She was experiencing things she had never thought about before. Suddenly she felt very stupid for never learning more about this stuff. Then again, if she had she wouldn’t have this opportunity with her daddy now.

“You seem a little unsure. Why don’t we turn the focus onto me? I will show you what to do with daddy’s dick. Does that sound ok baby?” He asked her.

“Yes Daddy.” She obediently replied, eager to see and feel his dick more.

With her permission he sat her on the edge of her bed and slipped his pants off right in front of her face. Staring directly at her was daddy’s dick. It was very big and very hard. It pointed straight up and at her face as though it was inviting her over. She was confused about what she was seeing. Not only was it more than twice the size of her teenage boyfriend’s but it also looked very different. It had a very loose cover of skin over the end of it. She was pleased to see it wasn’t very hairy down there. Her father trimmed his hair just like she did. She felt her pussy start to tingle again like it had done earlier. Seeing daddy’s dick turned her on. She was blushing and made a slight squirming motion to try to sate her pussy and learn more. She wasn’t sure exactly how to please it but she knew it felt good to rub it against the bed and between her legs, and right now that was good enough for her.

“Daddy’s dick is not circumcised. That means that I have this extra skin on it that some other men won’t have.” He explained to her.

He grabbed her hand placed it on his dick just below the top of it. She was stunned by how hard it felt as she squeezed it. It was hard but at the same time soft. He grabbed his hand around hers and pulled it back towards his body exposing the tip and demonstrating the way the skin worked. As she stared at it in amazement he went through various details explaining what each part was; the shaft, the head, the skin.

Then he took her hand and placed it under his dick to cup his balls. These were very much different than she had ever imagined. He took his time to explain to her how sensitive they were and showed her how to massage them gently, rolling them in her palm. After her technical lesson he sat down on the bed next to her to teach her how to handle his dick.

“I’m going to teach you how to touch daddy’s dick like a good girl.” He spoke softly yet firmly.

As soon as she heard him say ‘good girl’ she fought back the urge to reach into her panties and rub everything she could reach. She wanted to be daddy’s good girl. She tilted her head down slightly and looked at daddy with her most eager face, awaiting his instruction. She was still very nervous but she was incapable of steering her body away from the excitement she was feeling. Every time she tried to experience her body she felt like she was running towards the top of a mountain that she could never quite reach. Sitting here with her daddy she knew he could get her to the top of that mountain.

“Watch me,” He said.

Then he took his big hand and grabbed his dick. Her eyes were big and round while she watched her daddy start pumping his fist up and down on his own cock. She felt silly for just a moment as she realized just what she had done wrong all those years ago with her teenage boyfriend. That feeling quickly passed as she was entranced in the lesson her father was giving her. It seemed more rough than she had imagined a man would want to be with such a sensitive organ, but he certainly didn’t seem to mind.

As he was stroking his own cock she let her eyes turn up to see his face. His hard features were now turned into expressions of lust and desire. Their eyes met and it sent a jolt of pleasure straight to her pussy. It was so very bad but yet so very good at the same time. He took his own hand off his dick and placed hers on it. He gripped his hand over hers and she realized then just how very big daddy’s dick was. Even if she used both of her hands she wouldn’t be able to cover the entire length of it. It was also very big around, in fact, as she wrapped her delicate fingers around the shaft of his cock she saw that her fingers would not meet all the way around. There was something so erotic to her about how big her father was compared to her.

Her father began controlling her hand for her. He was sliding her hand up and down on his big cock. She relished the power she had over her father at that moment. His face was begging her, pleading with her to give him what he wanted. Now she was in control. A sudden boldness overtook her and she starting pumping her daddy’s dick harder and faster. She was breathing as hard as he was, partly from excitement and partly from the physical effort it took to continue stroking her daddy.

He finally took his hand off of hers and let her have the control. He grabbed onto her shoulder to pull her in towards him and sank his scruff face into her neck and collarbone. He was breathing erratically and seemed to be lowly whispering pleas to her. His hand wandered down her chest and grabbed onto her breast hard and he started massaging it as he was losing more control of himself. Carmen was having trouble keeping up her pace with her father caressing her body and nuzzling her neck and chest. She couldn’t help herself as she started wiggling her hips and trying to grind her wet pussy onto anything it could find.

“Daddys gonna cum soon baby, don’t stop.” He said with authority.

She snapped out of her trance when she realized that she didn’t even know exactly what that meant. Eager to see what would happen when her daddy came and proud of herself for making him feel so good she set her eyes down to his cock. She watched in amazement at the sight of the pink head of her daddy’s dick disappearing over and over again into her hand while she brought him to orgasm.

Suddenly he moved his hand from her breast and ran it up along her neck until it was raveled in her long soft hair. Once in the middle of it he grabbed a handful and held it there. Not pulling too hard, but not being gentle about it either. He grabbed her so hard she couldn’t fight against the pull and her head leaned back. Then she heard her daddy grunting and letting out small growls. She loved the noises of her daddy in ecstasy. She knew he must be cumming when he bit the top of her shoulder near her neck and puffed out heavy breaths from between his tightly squeezed mouth. She got excited at the thought of making her daddy come and let out some small squeaks of pleasure herself.

Everything her father was doing was exhilarating her. She couldn’t sit still. She needed some relief from all the pressure that had been building up all morning while taking lessons from her daddy. Her father grabbed her arm to let her know to stop stroking his dick. That’s when she realized her hand was very wet. She looked down to see what had happened and saw that not only was her hand covered in a clear gooey substance but also her father’s stomach and there was even some on the bed and her legs. What is this? She wondered to herself as she looked at her fathers naked body sitting beside her on the bed.

“That’s daddy’s cum. That’s what happens when a man has an orgasm. He shoots out his sperm. That’s how you know you have made daddy cum.”

He told her matter-of-factly. Then he continued on in a deeper and more fatherly voice,

“You were a very good girl for daddy Carmen. You made me feel so good.”

Hearing her father’s words sent a chill down her spine and straight into her pussy. Her head was spinning now and she wasn’t sure how she was going to continue her lessons. She couldn’t focus on anything or pay attention to anything other than the aching between her legs. Her father lightly rubbed her shoulders as he looked into her eyes. She was pleading with him in her head. Begging him to do something, anything to bring her relief. He stood up from the bed and grabbed a shirt to clean them up with very quickly and stood back in front of her again once they were done. Then he reached his hand out to her cheek and stroked it gently with his thumb while soaking in the sight of his 18 year old virgin daughter sitting before him waiting for her next lesson.

She sat on her bed as still as she could while her father towered over her stroking her cheek. She fully appreciated his size then and it reminded her of when she was a little girl and she used to lay with her daddy and watch tv or ride on his shoulders at the park. Something about the way he knew exactly what she wanted at all times was her biggest turn on. He knew exactly how to give her what she wanted, and knew that she wanted to give it back to him. She sunk deeper into her submissive role as daddy’s girl and shuddered when she heard him say,

“It’s your turn now. I’m going to take your panties off and make you cum baby girl.”

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