CFNM Randy Summers COCKtail Waiter


As a student on a scholarship my finances are always a bit shaky. My scholarship pays for tuition and living in the dorm and food but I still have other expenses. I have no family anymore, so I am quite on my own when it comes to getting by in the world.

To supplement my income, I advertise in the Hollywood area for various “party services”, including waitering, bartending, and even some go-go dancing. I’m 21, 6’2″ with blue eyes blond hair and a slightly-more-muscular-than-swimmer’s build. I’m not too hairy; my body hair resembles fine gold threads, especially if I have a tan. I’m told that I have a very boyish face, which older ladies have told me makes an interesting contrast to the rest of me.

My balls are what they call ‘low-hangers” and I’ve been told my cock is bigger than average; about 9″ long, slim and straight. It hangs pretty low even when soft so I guess I’m both a grower and a shower. Girlfriends have told me that it’s nice to look at hard or soft. I tend to do a bit of manscaping; just to keep the family jewels looking neat and well groomed I guess I’m vain enough and figured I could use my physical assets to make some extra cash. I con myself into thinking I’m not a gigolo since I never actually ‘fuck for a buck’, so I figured party services was a safe and fun bet and doesn’t take up too much of my time. It doesn’t hurt that I’m almost always horny.

I must also confess that I have a high sex drive and jack off daily, sometimes more than once. Sometimes in preparation for a gig, I abstain for several days. I like going to a gig feeling really sex-starved.

A woman who said that she was a very successful entertainment business executive called. She was throwing a “hen night” of sorts for a few co-workers and business clients. Having traveled extensively in the U.K. she had been to these kinds of parties and thought it would be amusing to have a male server at an all female gathering. I told her that cocktail waitering for an all female group was my specialty. She asked if I had the usual cater-waiter clothes, which I do. She also mentioned that a traditional hen-night usually involved nudity at some point. I figured it was easy money.

The house was one of those ultra modern jobs far up in the Hollywood Hills with a spectacular view of the city below. Most of the walls seemed to be nothing but floor to ceiling glass windows. It looked like a fishbowl. The neighbors could probably see everything going on in that house.

I arrived early. It was going to be a really classy party. The parking valet directed me to the service door and my hostess was there to greet me.

“Randy, I’m glad you came early. My name is Veronica, but everyone calls me Ronnie. I’m so pleased that you look ‘as advertised’. You can’t always trust on-line ads. Let me show you around. The bar is well stocked and there’s the buffet.”

The bar was indeed well stocked with top-shelf liquor, wine and plenty of mixers. I had taken a bartending course a while back so I was sure I could make any of the more popular drinks. The caterer had already gone and all the hors d’oeuvres were in chafing dishes lined up on the buffet. I guess I was to be the only server. I noticed a dessert buffet with assorted pastries and even a chocolate fountain. There were some very clever serving trays with thumb holes in the center making them very easy to hold and balance. It was a very warm Hollywood night, so a lot of guests were expected to circulate on the deck near the infinity pool, so I would be kept busy going in and out of the house.

It was a great pool area. There even seemed to be some workout equipment and something that looked like a high bar. I guess that was used for chin-ups or something.

“Randy, as I mentioned, this is a hen night. It’s all women. You’re much more attractive than I expected. I didn’t want you to be nude at the start because I’m not sure how my guests will react. CFNM is much more popular in Europe and the U.K. I don’t want any of the ladies to be made uncomfortable. There are several very important business contacts here and I do want them to have a good time without feeling shocked or embarrassed. Can you ‘go with the flow’ and we’ll see what happens?”

“Well ma’am, I don’t think that will be a problem, especially since I’m starting out fully dressed. I’ll be sure to be respectful of all the ladies and play along with whatever the majority wants.”

The guests began to arrive in groups. It looked like it was going to be a large crowd. After a while it seemed that the party was going along fine…very mixed group of ladies…some younger, some older. Some were quite attractive, others, not so much…and really enjoying their drinks. Also a very friendly group…as I kept getting patted on the butt, or having my chest and shoulders touched.

I had not anticipated quite so much physical contact while I was fully clothed but after my recent almost pornographic adventures posing for an art class and a dance class and a recent bathroom cleaning job, I figured this was tame by comparison even mersin escort if I was the only male in the place. I secretly hoped I would stay dressed for a change. I stashed a small tote bag with my wallet and keys behind the bar. I went commando with no underwear and very snug pants with no back pockets. I wanted to show my cock and ass to best advantage since I wasn’t sure if I was going to be naked. Don’t get me wrong. I am an extreme exhibitionist, but a clothed gig would be a relaxing change of pace.

A surprising number of guests got very flirty with me, even going so far as to pull me close and kiss me on the mouth, usually managing to sneak in some groping of my ass or crotch. I also got quite a few requests for business cards. Naturally all the attention was causing some stirrings in my crotch and since I hadn’t jacked off for several days, I was working semi-hard most of the time.

The party seemed to be going quite well, relaxed and fun. I saw my hostess heading toward me, I assumed to give me a few more instructions on what to serve when she stumbled and doused my tux shirt with her drink. The party came to a complete, silent standstill. Everyone was watching us. “Oh, Randy, I’m so sorry, how clumsy of me.”

I was going to grab a bar towel to dry myself a bit; when she told me that I looked uncomfortable…standing there all wet…and should remove my shirt so that I could continue serving while my shirt was laundered.. Since it was such a warm evening it shouldn’t be a problem. She went to a wall, pressed a button, and an entire section of windows overlooking the pool area opened up just like a garage door. She guided me out on to the deck area. Everyone watched as I removed my shirt. My hostess took it from me and spoke to her guests. I gathered she had decided that I was going to get naked after all.

“I hope no one minds if Randy works shirtless. I don’t want him wandering around in a wet shirt.”

There was applause and a few wolf whistles from the guests. I had left my bow tie on and hoped it made for a nice effect. Now the ladies were getting much more aggressive as I waited on them…really groping my butt, thighs, and chest…and I was enjoying the attention and becoming aroused. As I had gone commando without underwear…there was nowhere to hide my growing cock. I was really enjoying the feel of my hardening cock as it rubbed against my pant leg while I walked around. I was so horned up from several days of abstinence I bet that if I stayed hard I could cum in my pants from just the friction! I could tell that the ladies were enjoying the view.

Between passing around trays of drinks and hors d’oeuvres I was kept running back and forth around the house. As it was a very warm night, I was beginning to sweat a bit. I caught sight of myself in one of the windows. My body was glistening and the effect was very sexy, if I do say so myself.

One of the guests, an attractive and classy looking older woman, came up to me while I was at the bar fixing a tray full of drinks to pass around. She looked very rich and very important.

“You’re name is Randy, isn’t it?”

“Yes, ma’am, it is.”

She placed her hands on my chest and started running her fingernails down my torso. I jumped slightly at the sensation, but had to admit that it was enjoyably erotic. My nipples even got hard.

“I’m Laurel. My, you’re a pretty thing; the face of a little boy and the body of a god.” “Well, I wouldn’t say that…”

“And apparently the dick of a horse!”

She had reached over and grabbed my crotch. I was a bit surprised, as she had looked so refined, but I kept my cool. I didn’t want to piss off any important guests and I was enjoying the feeling of her hand on my stiff cock, even through my pants.

“Randy, I’d like a drink, a very tall Tom Collins.”

I mixed her drink and handed it to her.

“Now I want you to do one more thing. I want you to stir it with your dick!”

“Umm, I’m not sure ma’am. My hostess told me she wasn’t sure if I should do any full nudity with this crowd.”

“Shh, I’ll move in real close so no one will see. It’ll be our secret. You want me to tell our hostess that I had a wonderful time, don’t you?”

I was told to be sure everyone enjoyed themselves so I figured I’d better keep this lady happy. I unzipped my fly and out popped my cock. I was already horny when I arrived and her blatant attentions had me rock hard in my pants. I had to really press it down to get it in the glass. The sensation of the icy drink around my hot cock was wild. I glanced around, sure that some of the other guests could tell what was going on. It felt illicit and very erotic. She took a quick lick at the tip of my dick. “Mm-mm, it’s delicious. I’ll be back for a refill later.”

I managed to stuff my dick back down my pants and resumed making the rounds with trays of drinks and food. The ladies were becoming more demonstrative. I was getting groped and pinched, kissed and licked. I had unwisely decided to kocaeli escort carry a tray of drinks in one hand and food in the other to save time and steps, but it left me unable to fend off any aggressive moves. I was back at the bar when Ronnie approached me.

“I think everything is going very well, Randy. I’m hearing a lot of compliments about you, as well as some very x-rated propositions! I understand that Laurel used you as a swizzle stick.”

“Umm, yes she did. I hope that was OK. You did say that you wanted me to go along with what the guests wanted.”

“Yes, she is the guest of honor and I want to satisfy her. I hope you’ll go along with some things I want to do.”

“Umm, sure.” I wondered what I had gotten into again.

I had refilled and was holding two trays and about to circulate again when Ronnie pulled me close and began kissing my neck. I could feel my cock throbbing and twitching to be free of its confines.

“I’ve read all your CFNM materials and you’ve given me very dirty thoughts. We might play some games with you. Are you up to being a dirty boy for me?”

She kissed me deeply on the mouth. I could feel pre-cum starting to leak from my piss slit. I could also see most of the guests were watching us.

“Yes, Ronnie, whatever you want.”

“Tell me what I want to hear.” She reached down and stroked my cock.

“Yes, I’ll be your dirty boy.”

I was so sexed up by this time I think I would have fucked her in front of everyone if she wanted me to. So much for me not calling myself a gigolo.

She turned to address the crowd of guests.

“Ladies…it’s such a warm evening and Randy’s been working so hard. He’s gotten all sweaty so he must be hot.”

There were shouts of “He’s fucking hot all right” and “Let’s see if he’s working hard!”

She undid my fly and yanked my pants down in one swift move. I had to struggle to keep from dropping the two trays I was holding. I was very turned-on and my cock was standing at full attention. That caused shouts and whoops from the crowd. I guess this wasn’t such a refined crowd. Ronnie slipped off my shoes and socks and helped me step out of my pants. I was stark naked except for my bow tie and at the mercy of the ladies. As I passed around more food and drinks I was surprised at how many of them stroked my dick or pulled on my balls. I don’t know why but I began to feel very exposed and vulnerable which was odd because I also felt incredibly turned on.

When I started advertising to do these kinds of gigs I figured it would be fun and kinda hot, but figured that I was the one in control of displaying myself. Unfortunately my hard cock sometimes gets me in to situations where I’m not in control.

Ronnie declared that it was time for dessert. I figured that meant for me to fill my trays with some goodies from the dessert table. I was so wrong.

Before I could object, several of the ladies grabbed the trays, took me by my arms, led me to the high bar and used what looked like jump ropes to tie me to the metal frame. I was not expecting this and I was a bit scared, but I was also fully aroused and fully naked in front of all these women.

I’m naked, hard and tied up in a house full of increasingly aggressive women. I was spread-eagled and couldn’t move my arms or legs. I wish I could say that I was in panic and lost my hard-on, but it was quite the opposite, I was so turned on that my cock was throbbing and drooling pre-cum. I wondered what the hell I had gotten myself into. Was I really becoming some kind of kinky pervert? I started to object, but Ronnie instructed me to be silent.

“Ladies, we obviously have something hot, but we need something sweet!”

This elicited whistles and cheers from the guests. Ronnie walked over to the dessert bar and returned with two large jugs. She stood behind me and began slowly pouring the liquid down my shoulders and torso. It was a thicker version of the liquid chocolate in the chocolate fountain!

Ronnie had a particularly wild look in her eyes. I don’t like not being in control of situations, especially those that involve me being naked and in bondage, but I also know when it’s not safe to object to a client.

Ronnie continued pouring the thick liquid over my body until everything but my head was coated and dripping with chocolate. This was something I had never done before and she was right; it felt wildly nasty and dirty. She didn’t miss a part of me, paying special attention to my cock and balls and even my ass crack.

Ronnie went to the dessert table and brought over a huge silver bowl of whipped cream.

“Chocolate always goes well with whipped cream!”

With that she filled a large serving spoon with whipped cream and flung a big dollop right at my chest!

The guests let out a cheer.

“All right, everyone take a turn. Let’s cover Randy with whipped cream!”

She didn’t need to ask twice. A line formed and soon the various ladies were flinging spoonfuls of whipped samsun escort cream at me. I jumped and squirmed as the blobs of chilled whipped cream splattered on my Pecs, abs, and crotch. Each time I squirmed there were whistles and applause.

“Ladies, on the dessert table there are a lot of small pastries and cookies. Feel free to top them with the chocolate and whipped cream from Randy.

There were squeals of delight from the crowd. There was a charge for the dessert table. The ladies crowded around me; some using cookies or cupcakes to scoop chocolate and whipped cream off of my body. Some were much more brazen, licking my body as though I were a giant ice cream cone. My mind was reeling. I felt tongues and mouths all over me, licking, sucking and even biting. I felt like dessert for a tribe of cannibals! My whole body was tingling. I wanted to break free, but not to run. I wanted sex! I wanted to fuck someone’s mouth or grab my dick and bust a nut!

When the feeding frenzy died down I noticed Laurel whispering to Ronnie. Ronnie made an announcement to the crowd.

“Ladies, our guest of honor has decided that she wants to have Randy for dessert all to herself.”

This elicited loud ‘boos’ from the crowd.

“Now, now, this is her party after all but she doesn’t mind if you watch!”

Ronnie brought over a large bottle of champagne, shook it, and took aim at me. The ice cold champagne hit like an electric shock. I heard myself howl. She used the champagne to rinse a lot of chocolate and whipped cream off of me. I was rock hard and so turned on by being stared at and practically eaten…my cock was tingling and drooling pre-cum.

Laurel sidled up along side me, and proceeded to massage my chest and arms and thighs…she said this was the most fun party she had ever been to. She said it was liberating to be able to just “use” a man for her amusement.

She pinched my nipples and squeezed my balls…not enough to hurt, but enough to make me squirm…my squirming and struggling against the ropes brought giggles and applause from the rest of the party.

She stroked my cock…first just running her long nails along the shaft…then wrapping her fist around my cock and slowly stroking…than both fists…then with just her two fingers…stroking and teasing just under the head with her long, sharp nails.

The women at the party had crowded in around us for a close look. The air was feeling hot and stifling. I could feel the sweat pouring down my body. All these women were sipping there drinks; whispering to each other, making rude comments and staring at me like I was some kind of animal on display in a zoo. I don’t know how I lasted. It was maddening. I wanted her to grab my cock and really pump it so I could get release. I found my hips bucking uncontrollably trying to get her to make me cum.

This served to draw more laughter and applause from the other guests. She released hold of my dick and left me there squirming against the ropes and sweating with my cock bobbing up and down.

Ronnie called out that it was time that everyone else got to “cop a feel”. I heard myself pleading that this really had gone far enough and I could only take so much. My balls were aching; I was leaking pre-cum like crazy and really needed to shoot my load. This caused a burst of laughter and catcalls from the crowd.

One by one, each of the other ladies came up to have her way with me. A few of them just ran there hands along my body, some grabbed my ass, really digging there nails in to my flesh. A few just gave me soft kisses, but one gal kissed my very deep and hard and then slapped my face and laughed. The crowd cheered. Some ladies came up and stroked and slapped my cock causing me to really struggle against my bonds. This brought more laughter, more applause. And I wondered why my cock was still so hard.

Eventually the crowd had had enough of toying with me. It was deemed time for Laurel to finish me off. She bent down and lightly flicked my piss slit with her tongue. I thought I would go crazy. She then licked her way up my abs to my chest while stroking my cock. When she reached up and bit my nipple…I shouted “FUUUCK” and let loose a huge rope of cum.

This brought cheers and whoops from the ladies.

I was standing there, recovering, naked, sweaty and bound. It seemed to me that I passed out for a while. When I came to I looked around and realized that all the guests had gone. I was alone and pretty much helpless. I called out to see if anyone was there. I squirmed and struggled to see if I could get loose from those damn jump ropes.

Ronnie reappeared…kissed me on the mouth…complimented me on my “performance” and said that I had helped her close a very big and very lucrative motion picture deal with Laurel.

She snuggled up to me, running her hands over my chest, abs, ass and cock. She gave a playful tug on my balls which made me yelp. She continued kissing me, saying that for a woman to have an attractive young man so completely under her control was extremely intoxicating and deliciously perverse. I swear that while she was kissing me and whispering to me that she had one hand under her skirt and was fingering herself. I was beginning to think that she wasn’t going to let me go. Was she going to rape me? Did I want her to? I was amazed to feel my cock stirring again.

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