Ch. 06: The shower


Donald and Jennifer joined “Red” and “Harlem” in the bathroom. Harlem was already in the shower, so the other three decided Jen could be one-on-one with the guys in the shower, one at a time until they tired.

She drew the shower curtain and stepped in, appreciating the look of his glistening wet black skin against the bleached white tile in the tub shower. She reached for the bar of soap and began to suds him up all over. “Girl, can you even take anymore?” he asked.

“”I guess I must be some kind of nymphomaniac, because the more I get, the more I want,” she replied as her sudsy hand found his manhood and began stroking it to life again. “What do you want next?” she asked. “Use me anyway you like.”

She watched his cock leap in her hand and said, “Whoa, you’re ready for more pretty quick!” He found and pulled on another condom, several packets having been left around the bathroom from the night before. She dropped the soap and turned her back to bend over and he pulled her to him as he sunk his black pole, rigid and ridged, smoothly into her snatch.

While he stroked his cock within her sugar walls, he clutched her shoulders and pulled her hair. She shuddered and trembled with more orgasms, and when he withdrew he slipped his shaft in her asshole. He was the largest so poker oyna far, but she was relaxed and loosened up, so she was able to accommodate most of his length. To distract herself, one of her hands went automatically between her legs, and her fingers stroked her clit. With her other hand she leaned on the walls of the shower, because her knees were so damned weak and shaky. When he came with a grunt, they traded places, her under the stream of water, and he stepped out while Red stepped in.

“My old lady never, I mean never, gives me oral. Sweetheart, would you give me something to remember for the next few months?” She smiled and dropped to her knees, the water cascading over her shoulders and plastering her hair to her forehead, cheeks and back. She looked at his cock lovingly, hungrily, then stared up into his eyes and held his gaze as she opened wide and took every last inch of him into her mouth, down her throat and pushed her nose up into his pubic hair. Her bottom lip touched his ball sac and she moved her lips back and forth at the base of his cock. She slipped him out and put her head deep between his legs, licking at his anus and then up over his balls and slowly, up the length of his stick again, exaggerating his length. She moved her lips and teeth along the side of his cock like she was canlı poker oyna relishing corn on the cob, and then she allowed her saliva to pool in her throat, drooled copiously over his cock, and began to suck and lick with intent, as her hand encircled and squeezed and stroked his beautiful, creamy white cock. She opened her eyes to gaze at him again, and made love to his cock the way every wife should.

She concentrated her efforts and regulated her strokes and licks until he grasped her head and burst forth, coming and spewing in her mouth, over her lips and down her throat. He pulled her to her feet, cleaned himself off with soap and gave her a brotherly hug. “That was something else. I hope your husband realizes what a woman he’s got.”

He exited the shower and Jennifer stayed in, washing her hair and lathering up all over. His last words gave her pause. How many husbands really wanted a wife who would fuck and screw and be gangbanged by strangers? She loved her husband to distraction, but had this need to express herself sexually that he just couldn’t appreciate.

She was going to put this weekend behind her and go home, prepared to pamper and love her husband, and repent of the sins of the past two days. She knew she would suffer guilt pains, deservedly so, but she was prepared internet casino to pay penance by doing everything else perfectly for him and for the children. She’d had her wild fuck fest, and she was sore and tired. Please God, she thought, let this weekend and the memories I have of this weekend, stave of any more longings or wanderlust.

Donald knocked politely and peeked around the door of the bathroom as she toweled dry. “The guys are taking off. How are you?”

“I’ll be okay. This was everything I wished for and more,” she whispered. She gave him a tired smile and a long hug. “How long can you stay?” she asked.

“Actually, you wouldn’t believe it, but it’s still pretty early. I think I’ve got at least two hours.” He smiled, “We could curl up together and eat that Chinese food you brought…it’s cold, but I suddenly feel ravenous! Or I could take you out to a diner…but something tells me you are exhausted.”

“Let’s stay in. We’ll see what’s on TV and order a pizza if the Chinese food doesn’t do the trick. I really just want to lay quietly in your arms and talk.”

“Say…when’s my turn in the shower? I don’t get to see you soapy and slippery, on your knees or bent backward?”

“Of course you do. Can you get away tomorrow morning early? My conference doesn’t start until after 9 am.”

“Perfect. Just us two, right? No more surprises?”

“No more surprises,” she said as she combed through her wet hair. “Now go get that Chinese served up, Lover!”

The End

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