Chance Encounter


We are a conservative white couple in our mid 30’s. I am 5′ 7″, with blonde hair and I weigh 120 pounds. I have small breasts and a firm round ass. Most men find me attractive. My husband and I usually have a fairly average sex drive which we satisfy though our marriage. There are, however, occasions when I develop a crazed fever to be fucked. When this happens I am like a bitch in heat, open to any male. Fortunately this occurs rarely and can be satisfied by my husband if he is available.

On one occasion we were on the road traveling to Florida. My husband was driving; it was a steady monotonous drive. To pass the time, I unzipped his pants and began playing with his cock. I would stroke it and watch it harden and twitch. I unbuttoned my blouse and removed my bra. I did not want to distract my husband too much from his driving, but whenever he reached over and pinched my nipples, I would take his cock in my mouth and suck him for a few seconds. I would stop at the first signs of precum and return to a slow stroking and occasional licking to keep him near the edge of climax.

As we continued this way for over an hour, traveling through Georgia, I began getting more and more aroused. I could not keep my eyes off his hard cock. I would lick the glistening precum from his mushroom head each time I brought him to the edge. Now I needed his cock inside of me.

“We need to stop at the next motel,” I gasped desperately, “I need you to fuck me!”

My husband replied that he would stop at the next opportunity. I could not resist continuing to stroke and admire his cock as the fever in me grew.

When we finally pulled into a motel, my husband parked and turned to me. He reached over and grasped both of my bare nipples; squeezing them hard, he pulled me toward him. The pain mixed with my intense arousal as I took his cock in my mouth. He continued to pinch my nipples as I did a few deep throat strokes on his cock. As it turned out, it was one too many. He spurted his creamy cum in my mouth. In my fevered state I savored the taste of his love juice and swallowed, licked and sucked until there was no more.

Neither of us spoke as he zipped up his pants and I buttoned mardin escort my blouse. We silently went into the lobby to register.

A tall black man was finishing at the check in counter and I noticed his room number. As soon as we had been assigned a room number, I told my husband I needed to get some air and I would meet him in our room. When my husband went to the car to get our luggage, I hurried to the black man’s room.

When I got to his room, his door was closed. I knocked lightly. He opened the door and looked at me. He seemed to recognize me from the brief eye contact we had made in the lobby. I did not give him a chance to speak.

“I need to be fucked really bad, Mister, can you help me out?” I boldly blurted out.

After staring at me for a few seconds he answered, “Sure honey come on in, I can give you what you need.”

I entered and immediately began removing my clothes. He began undressing too. Naked, I lay on the bed ready for him to enter me.

“Hurry please,” I begged.

He answered in a controlled tone, “Don’t be in such a hurry baby. I want you to look at the black cock that is going to fuck you. And while you are enjoying my black dick I want to admire that round white ass of yours. Turn around on your stomach facing the side of the bed.”

I obeyed and saw a huge black cock near my face. It looked twice the size of my husband’s. I grasped the base with one hand, and held the middle portion with my other hand. Still there was enough cock to gag me when I took it in my mouth and started sucking. I was insane with the fever to fuck, but I lost myself in the feel of his large cock in my mouth and the taste of leaking precum.

“OK, now turn over,” he finally said, ” and let me hear you beg for black cock.”

As I turned over he spread my legs apart and pressed his cock into the wet opening of my cunt. I begged, I truly begged for his black cock. Finally, I offered to do anything if he would fuck me.

He pushed into me, and although he stretched me wider than I was use to, the heat of my fever dulled the pain of his entry and I began to climax. I muffled a scream which van escort ended in a desperate moaning as he penetrated even deeper as my orgasm subsided. He pushed deep into my cervix producing the most intense pleasure/pain that I had ever experienced. I groaned and tried to return his thrust as I fell into a strange orgasm that mingled desire and pain. My entire body felt the rush of orgasm as his hot cum spurted into me. I lay moaning in submission as his deep thrusts lessened and he finally stilled.

He spoke. “Promise you will return to me later, or I will hold you until I am hard again.”

“I promise,” I eagerly replied as I reached my hand up to his face and drew him down to kiss him.

I quickly dressed and put tissues in my panties to absorb the leaking cum. I returned to my room and went to dinner with my husband and then watched some TV. My husband went to bed early, tired from the monotonous driving. When I knew my husband was in a sound sleep, I left and returned to the black man’s room. I knocked. He greeted me.

I was no longer in heat, but the sight of his naked, beautiful ebony body triggered a tinge of excitement in my belly. I quickly undressed and he took me in his arms. He grasped my buttocks and pulled me against him. He kissed me passionately. I put my arms around his neck and returned his kiss.

When our lips parted, I looked into his eyes and simply said, “I am yours now.”

He led me to the bed. We explored each other’s bodies, my exploration ending at his massive cock, his at my white ass. I took his cock in my mouth and began coating it with my saliva. He was rubbing my ass cheeks.

“I have an intense ass fetish,” he loudly stated.

I removed his cock from my mouth and simply responded, “I am yours now.”

As I returned to his black stem, he began to probe my hole with one finger while rubbing the cheeks with his other hand. He apparently had a lubricant near by because he was easily slipping his finger into my ass hole with little effort. I felt a strange excitement and pleasure resulting from his gentle probing. It added to the delight of sucking his big ebony cock. Somehow ankara escort I sensed that his arousal was not only heightened by ass play, but also by my response to his play. I began to moan and hump my ass in rhythm to his probing. To my surprise this soon resulted in a surge of cum flooding my mouth. He immediately withdrew his cock as I savored the taste and swallowed the thick cream he had given me.

He spoke in a firm manner. “I do not want to cum completely; do not suck anymore! You may lick the wetness from my cock, but turn over on your stomach when you have finished.”

I did as instructed. He returned to probing me with his finger as I blissfully recalled the taste of his cum. Suddenly he withdrew his finger and gave me a sharp slap on the ass. I gasped but said nothing. He then proceeded to spank me. At first my only thought was to endure the pain, but eventually each sting from his hand ignited desire within me. I began a subdued moaning, a song of submission and desire. He responded with much harder slaps to my reddened cheeks. I continued my moaning and pushed my ass up, offering it to him.

He continued the hard spanking until the tone of my moan became a begging for his cock. He then grasped my hips, positioned himself between my legs and pushed his huge, hard cock into my well oiled ass. I suppressed a scream as he entered me, but soon the pain mixed with a submissive excitement and a strange sense of pleasure. I began to climax. He pushed deep into me and began spurting as I reached the peak of my orgasm.

When he withdrew he lay beside me. We kissed, and then I got up and dressed.

Looking into his big brown eyes I said, “I have to get back to my room now. We will be leaving in the morning, but before I go I would like for you to plant your seed in me.”

Keeping our eye contact, he responded, “I will unlock my door at 5:30. Come back to me anytime after that.”

I returned to my room. In bed with my husband I shuddered with tiny aftershocks of climax as I drifted off to sleep.

I returned at 5:30 that morning. When he fucked me I tried to respond to his powerful thrusting but eventually collapsed into a submissive orgasmic state of craving mixed with pain as he planted his seed deep in me.

My husband and I left that morning after breakfast. I looked back as we drove off and I pondered the three things that I had taken from this place – the black man’s seed that was in me, a new deep-seated craving and a telephone number!

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