Subject: college ball-12 Jeremiah University is a predominately black college campus in Minnesota Maryland. It’s a large school, and very well received by the College Guide Association Of America. There was a large library, an auditorium, a sports center, a stadium, a student hall, an academic building where classes resumed, male and female dormitories, a clock tower, and several houses where the college fraternities and sororities pledge. (This story is the property and copywrite of [email protected]). ____________________________________________________________________________ COLLEGE-BALL-12 ONE The friendship had definitely changed between 18 year old freshmen Clarence Johnson and 19 year sophomore Derek Wilson. Most of the guys on the team didn’t notice the subtle difference as they continued to run ball, talk sports, hang out, and study together, –but anyone with an eye for detail could see the subtle looks, the flirtatious smiles, and the silent gestures that made their special friendship something more. Tyrome Smith noticed the difference almost immediately when he caught Derek sneaking into Clarence’s room late one night after everyone else had gone to sleep. Normally Tyrome wouldn’t have thought twice about seeing a teammate come out of another frat brother’s bedroom, but knowing Clarence’s sexuality coupled with the close bond he had formed with Derek over the months, left Ty with nagging questions. Like a jealous girlfriend he tip-toed over to Clarence’s bedroom door, then propped his ear against it to listen inside. He could hear them talking softly while listening to some low music. Not satisfied, Tyrome dropped to the floor and began peeking under the door. It took a moment to adjust, but soon he was able to make out the soles of someone’s feet standing near the center of the room. He scanned the area looking for the other set of feet when the door suddenly opened. “Just let me jump in the shower real quick…” said Clarence, looking back into the room as he nearly tripped over Tyrome’s body. “What the f…!!?” he questioned as he foot hit something in the floor. “I uh…” was all Tyrome could think to say aloud as he lay there on the floor looking up at Clarence whom had his bath towel wrapped snugly around his waist while on his way to the bathroom down the hall. Clarence stood in the doorway with his arms tucked under his chest as he looked at Ty bewildered. “What’r YOU doing here…?” he asked, looking down. Tyrome jumped up to his feet as he peered pass Clarence to see what Derek was doing in the room. “What’s HE doing here…?!” he countered, pushing by CJ. “HE was invited!” answered Clarence, as Tyrome and Derek stared eye to eye. “What’s he doing sneaking over here late at night…?” asked Tyrome, turning between the two of them. “What’r YOU doing sneaking around peeping under doors…?” asked Clarence. “Are yall fucking…?!?” asked Tyrome, abruptly. Clarence and Derek looked directly at each other, waiting to see what the other would say. “Well…, are you…??!” repeated Ty. “That’s none of your business!” answered Clarence, confirming Ty’s suspicions. “You fucking asshole…!” said Tyrome towards Clarence, feeling hurt and betrayed. Clarence was surprised by the hurt look in his eyes… “Am I missing something here…?” asked Derek, lost in space. “Shut the fuck up, De’…, ain’t nobody talking to YOU!!” yelled Tyrome, angrily. “Hey…, don’t talk to him like that…!” said Clarence, stepping in. “You fuckin’…! How could you do this to me…??” asked Ty, turning towards Clarence. “What am I doing to you…??!!” asked CJ, hunching his shoulders dramatically. “You do your thing, and I do mine!” “Wait…, are you two a couple…?” asked Derek, slowly catching on. “NOBODY’S FUCKING TALKING TO YOU, DEREK…! SHUT THE FUCK UP AND MIND YOUR BUSINESS!!!” screamed Ty, lividly. “Yo man…, keep your fucking voice down…!” whispered Clarence, pushing the door to… “So wussup…?” asked Tyrome, calming down after realizing the attention he might bring to them. “You fucking with Derek now…? You don’t wanna fuck with me no more…?” he asked, straight up. Clarence scratched his head as he looked form one teammate to the other… “Derek’s my boi…!” he said, leaving Ty in question. “And so what am I…?” asked Ty, wanting a straight answer. “You tell ME, nigga!!” responded Clarence, getting angry with Tyrome’s game playing. “I’ve been trying to figure out where we stood for months…, and all you keep doing is pushing me away…, telling me you how you ain’t gay, and how you wanna keep fucking girls…!” “So Derek’s gay…?” asked Tyrome, looking back at his other teammate. “You don’t fuck with girls…?” he asked, eyeballing Derek directly. “That’s not the point…!” intervened Clarence. “YOU don’t want me…, but you don’t wanna see me with no one else either…!” “I told you this ain’t easy for me…!” defended Tyrome. “This’s all new to me! I ain’t never been with a guy before! I ain’t never did what we did together! How am I supposed to know how to act? Everything I know has been pulled from up under me!” responded Ty, getting emotional. Derek found himself sympathizing with him. Clarence was at a loss, not knowing how to approach. “All I was asking for was some time! Time to sort though my head what I wanted and how far I wanted to go! But you couldn’t wait…!” “You want me to wait while you throw all your whores up in my face!” yelled Clarence, feeling a little angry himself. “What am I supposed to do while you out fucking Karyn, or Tamika, or Leslie, or Mya, or Katandrah, or Cadellia…?! I’m just supposed to sit back and watch you have your fun while I sit in my room and twiddle my thumbs waiting for you to decide when to grace me with your presence…??! Fuck that! This’s supposed to be a two way street! If you want me to be your nigga, then be MY nigga!” Derek stood in silence as he watched the mellow drama play out before him. He’d always suspected that Clarence and Tyrome’s rivalry went deeper than just playing ball. Over the months Tyrome had started to show signs of jealousy, acting funny against him for simply being too close to Clarence. Now he knew why; –Clarence Johnson was fucking Tyrome Smith! “Yo man…, whats with all the yelling…?” asked Jason, standing out in the hall in his boxer shorts as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes. “I can hear yall all the way down the hall!” “Nothing…!” said Tyrome, brushing by Clarence as he practically ran to his room for seclusion. TWO Seymour College has been a thorn in the sides Jeremiah University for the past 3 years running. The only team that the Jeremiah Jaguars had yet to defeat, they would soon face them in the first round of games. The Seymour Wildcats ended last year with a nearly perfect season. For the past 3 years straight they won State Championships, beating Jeremiah out each time for second place. Their lead player (Darius Jones) was named College Ball’s VIP Of The Year two years running. He and Tyrome Smith (of the Jaguars) had an ongoing rivalry since their first year on opposing teams, with Darius coming out on top each time. Darius was 6-3, 21, 175 lbs of athletic muscle. Handsome, smart, strong, debonair, and talented beyond belief, he was sure to be this years top draft choice to beat. He and Tyrome had a hate/hate relationship which often resulted in the Jaguar’s loss, which was also followed by some demeaning task the team’s Captain had to perform. The first humiliation involved Tyrome conceding victory at a local press conference, which Tyrome took plenty of heat for by his peers. The second humiliation was Ty having to run naked across Seymour’s campus with all the Wildcats running behind taunting him. And the third humiliation to date (and the biggest) was Ty having to give his prized sports car up to Darius last year, causing him to get in hot water with the Alumni when it came to exchanging and upgrading his wheels this year. Tyrome saw Darius and his boiz checking them out during a few of their games, sitting conspicuously in the stands. Whenever Tyrome made a spectacular shot or a winning dunk, he’d look up into the stands in Darius’ direction to let him know he knew he was being watched. Darius would smirk, making some inappropriate comment to one of his flunkies who’d laugh out loud as Ty ran up the other end of the court with his team. During Seymour’s game Tyrome and the entire team of Jaguars went check out The Wildcats play. Clarence couldn’t help but be impressed by Darius’ command of the game on court. He was a strong presence, and the bursa escort focal force of his team. He dribbled the ball down court, calling out plays and passing the ball to teammates he thought could do the most damage. Whenever his Shooting Guard, Small Forward, or Power Guard was out of reach, he was always reliable to take the ball to the hoop, man-powering his way through the pack to come out victorious on top in the end. Darius noticed the Jaguars sitting in the stands. He kept an eagle eye on them as he danced across the floor like a gazelle, helping their team trance across the Plymouth Panthers. After the game Darius made a point to track down Tyrome and his boiz through the crowds while they were leaving. He called Ty’s name aloud, causing the whole team to stop and turn around in his direction. “Wussup, Darius?” asked Ty, standing his ground as Darius Jones and his fellow Wildcats walked up in their uniforms like the big cojones’. “Sup’ Ty?” he asked, walking up to them just as they prepared to leave Seymour’s Stadium. “So THIS yall new boi, eh…?” he asked, nodding towards Clarence. Clarence smiled, reaching out to shake hands. Darius looked down at Clarence’s hand as if it were dirty, looking the 18 year old up and down as if he stank. “…that the best yall could do?” he asked with a chuckle, his entire team joining in behind him in unison. “Clarence Johnson was the top High School player in the nation, with the highest State score in the country! He led his High School team through 3 State Championships in a row…” defended Tyrome before being cut off. “Well incase you ain’t noticed playa…, that was High School, this is College!” pointed out Darius. “We play at a higher level! You sure HE up to it?” “He’s up to it, alright…, don’t worry about what my boi can do!” assured Tyrome, confident in Clarence’s abilities. “You willing to put your money where your mouth is?” asked Darius equally confident, having already beaten Ty in every bet thus far. “Your Rookie against my Rookie?” he asked, motioning for his Rookie to step up. Just then Demetrius Winters (6-6, 185, lite skin w/shoulder length cornrows) stepped up from in the crowd, towering over Clarence to by 2 inches. He smiled down at the opposing player, looking much like the cat who swallowed the canary. “ah…, what’s that I see on your faces…? Is it fear…??” joked Darius, bringing laughs from his team. “Yo, ain’t nobody scared of your `Lurch’ Rookie!” shouted Mikiah Washington. “Then shall we make a wager…?” quizzed Darius, hunching his shoulder as if waiting for an answer. “What’s the bet?” asked Ty, having lost a fortune on the last Championship game. “Something good!” smiled Darius, insidiously. “Depending on how much you trust your Rookie!” Ty looked over at Clarence questionably. Despite their personal feelings, he knew Clarence was a great baller. Clarence shook his head `no’, not wanting Tyrome to bet too highly a stake on him. “What’s the bet?” he repeated. “Follow me, –alone!” said Darius, leading Tyrome away from the crowd. “Yo, fuck that! Why can’t we hear??” asked Mikiah. “Cause THIS is a bet between Captains!” countered Darius. Once they were far enough away, Darius turned around to face Tyrome with a superior smirk on his face. Tyrome hated that look above all. “What is it, already? I ain’t got all day!” insisted Ty, having a long drive home. “Well…, I’ve already got your money, your pride, your dignity, oh yeah…, and one of your rides…!” Tyrome sighed at the loss of his car last year. The Alumni replaced his sports car with a cheaper one this year. “…what’s say this year we bet something a lot more closer to home? Something more personal!” “Like what?” asked Tyrome, curiously. “Like something I know you’d really hate to lose!” said Darius, vaguely. “Like what?” asked Tyrome, really curious. “Like…loser sucks the winner’s dick!” answered Darius. “What…??” asked Ty, looking at him like he was crazy. “What’re you, some kinda undercover fag freak or something?” he asked, put off by the highly unusual request. “Oh…, so NOW all of a sudden you not so confident about your boi’s abilities, eh?” asked Darius, skeptical. “Oh no, I’m confident…!” said Tyrome. “Then it’s a bet?” asked Darius. “Just think…, IF I lose like you claim I will, I’ll be sucking your dick!” The corners of Tyrome’s lips started to curl at the thought of finally beating Darius and humiliating HIM for a change. “Okay man…, it’s a bet!” agreed Ty, shaking hands with his enemy. “I advise you to get in some practice…, my dick ain’t nothing to sneeze at, and I like DEEP throat!” “Oh really? So it’s like that?” asked Darius, laughing aloud. “Yeah, its like that!” said Tyrome, seriously. “You can have the money, the car, whatever…, –but I’m really gonna enjoy watching you choke on my fat 9!” he added, walking back towards the crowd. “Naw man…, I think it’ll be YOU choking down MINE!” countered Darius, as Tyrome took his team away. “What yall bet?” asked one of Darius’ boiz. “Aww fuck that muthafucker…!” flagged Darius, leaving the bet private. “What was that all about? What yall bet THIS time?!” asked Mikiah, nervous for his team Captain. “It’s private!” said Tyrome, walking towards his car. “I don’t like being put on the line like that!” complained Clarence, not liking what he just witnessed between the two Captains. “Don’t worry about it!” said Tyrome as he opened his car door. “Just make sure you get more points that that big ape next game, or else…!” he said nervously, getting into his Corvette. Derek walked up just as Tyrome sped off out of Seymour’s parking lot. “Don’t let it get to you, CJ…, Ty and Darius’ grudges go back farther than you or me!” he said, tapping his friend on the shoulder. THREE Wildcats and Jaguars always gave heated battles. People came from states away just to see the two teams rival. Most bet on the sure thing, while others (die hards) bet on the upset. The score was 56-50 with the Wildcats in the lead. But the real battle wasn’t on the score board, it was between the rookies as Clarence Johnson and Demetri Winters fought for the highest score between them. Each time Clarence got the ball in his hands Demetri was there to block his shot, reaching higher than Clarence’s jumpshot to knock the ball back into his teammate’s hands for the rebound. Whenever Clarence tired to block Demetri’s shot, the 6’6″ tall (surprisingly agile) player easily out jumped Clarence to dunk in his face in front of him. By halftime Darius was grabbing his crotch at Tyrome, indicating that he was expecting to get head from him very soon. In the locker room Coach Brown encouraged his team to “give it their all!” He explained that tonight’s game wasn’t a must win, but that they needed to keep the scores close to let Seymour know that they are still contenders for the Championships, they wouldn’t be scared or bullied off the court by their 3 previous wins. During the break, Clarence kept an eye on Tyrome, noting how nervous he looked. Not because of the game, but because of the bet he made with Darius. Clarence wondered what they bet, knowing Tyrome should be used to losing to the Wildcats. Why would he make a high stakes bet when he always lost? What could he have bet that would cause him to sweat so nervously? Clarence didn’t like the thoughts that popped in his head. Back in the game, Demetrius continued to maul over Clarence, blocking his shots, stealing his rebounds, and out shooting him at the basket. This turned out to be Clarence worse game EVER (high school OR college). He scored a measly 15 points, and that was mostly from foul shots. By the end of the game the Wildcats beat 117-105, with Darius scoring the game’s high, and Demetrius beating Clarence by nearly 20 points. The Jaguars went back to their locker room defeated for the first time this season, their tails tucked between their legs. Coach gave a good pep talk about how the team did well despite losing, and that they HAD to treat this defeat as a challenge to do better next time. No one felt like celebrating as they stripped down and headed for the showers, Tyrome sat on the bench dreading his payoff for losing the bet. Several of the players patted him on the back, knowing he had to do something degrading (such was the nature of their bets). As the team headed out to the bus for the ride back home, Darius stood outside their locker room doors awaiting them. The Jaguars walked by him carrying their bags and gear in duffle bags over their shoulders, saying nothing but giving him angry glares. Darius bursa escort bayan stood his ground, undeterred as he waited Tyrome’s exit. Ty came out during the second wave of players, along with Clarence Johnson, Coach, Derek Wilson, and Mikiah Washington. “So Ty…, you ready to make good on our bet, or what?” asked Darius, folding his arms across his puffed chest. “Don’t you kids have anything better to do than to humiliate each other over stupid bets?!” asked Coach Brown, knowing the history between the two boys. “Nope! Nothing better in the world!” smiled Darius, grinning charmingly. Coach Brown shook his head as he said goodbye to Tyrome and followed his team up the ramp and out to the bus. “You SURE you wanna do this, Ty?” asked Clarence concerned, and feeling responsible. Tyrome swallowed hard, then nodded his head meekly. “I just wanna get it over with!” he said, nervously. “Wait a minute, man…!” intervened Mikiah, stepping in-between the two men. “…what WAS the fucking bet?!?” he inquired. “You boi here bet that his rookie would out score my rookie!” announced Darius. “We KNOW that…, what did yall bet?” asked Mikiah, sorely. “We bet the only thing I haven’t got from him yet…” said Darius with a cocky grin. “…we bet a blow job!” “NO WAY man! Fuck that! Bets off!!” defended Mikiah, pushing Tyrome back to safety. “Yo, a bets a bet!” yelled Darius, wanting his blow job in full. “How could you make such a bonehead bet?!?” asked Clarence to Tyrome. “I thought you would win!” defended Tyrome honestly, causing Clarence to feel even worse. “Well you ain’t sucking no dick, and that’s that!” said Mikiah point blank as he stood in front of Tyrome, blocking Darius’ view of him. “Hey, your boi lost fair and square!” said Darius, looking forward to stealing away any dignity Tyrome may have had left in his body. “Or are the Jaguars as bad a liars as they are ball players?” “He’s right, Miki’…, we lost!” said Tyrome, facing facts. “You can’t be seriously considering sucking this nigga’s dick, Ty…?!” asked Mikiah, hoping differently. “If we had beat…, I’d hold HIM to it!” said Tyrome, honestly. “I can’t welch on a bet!” “Fuck that..!” defended Mikiah, taking up stance. “…I say we fight this mother fucker! It’s just him against us! If he’s still standing when we done, I’LL suck his mother fucking dick!!” “No, man..!!” yelled Tyrome, stopping anything before it started. “Get on the bus…!” he insisted, knowing what he had to do. “Ty…!” called Mikiah, willing to fight for his friend’s honor. “Go man!” insisted Tyrome. “Tell Coach I drove down…, I’ll be following behind yall in my car!” “Come on, Miki’…” said Derek, pulling Washington along as the reluctantly headed up the ramp so the two Captains could get down to business. “Let ME do this for you…!” offered Clarence, whispering into Ty’s ear. “You know I’m the GAY one, I don’t mind…!” “No…, it’s MY bet, I’ll pay it off!” insisted Tyrome. “Want me to wait for you?” asked Clarence instead, not wanting to leave Ty alone. “We could drive back to J-U together.” “Yeah…” said Tyrome, tossing his car keys and his duffle to Clarence. Clarence gave Tyrome a sad look of concern as he quietly followed his teammates out to the bus. Derek was understanding when Clarence informed him that he would be riding back with Tyrome instead of traveling back with the team on the bus. “So where we doing this?” asked Tyrome, wanting to get it over with. “We could go back to my frat house…, do it up in my room…?” suggested Darius, knowing Tyrome would never go for that with the reat of the Wildcats there to taunt him every step of the way. “…OR…” he added with a knowing smile. “…we could go into the winning team’s locker room?” “Let’s go!” said Tyrome, following Darius into the Wildcat’s locker room. Inside he could see the floor was littered with wet towels, jock straps, debris, and empty Gatorade bottles from where they dumped it on each other’s heads after the win. They found Darius’ locker as the 21 year old stood directly in front of it. Ty noticed a wet spot growing at the end of the long lump in Darius pants as he reached down and tauntingly rubbing his mound to tease Ty, trying to make him feel like less of a man for having to perform fellatio on another man against his will. “As you can see…, I’ve been anticipating this blow job for awhile now, I hope I don’t get too excited and cum too soon…, unless you’re willing to blow me twice?” “Fat fucking chance!” said Tyrome, hating Darius more and more. “Let’s just get this shit over with!” “Eager, eh…?” teased Darius, unzipping his pants. “I can’t blame you…, I WAS voted VIP two years in a row! If I were you, I’d want to suck my dick!” he joked, sitting down on the bench as he pulled down his pants to reveal his jock. “As you can see I left on my jockstrap on for you…, I thought you’d really like smelling the sweat from my balls while you blow me!” “You’re such an asshole…!” said Tyrome, getting down on his knees between Darius’ legs as the 21 year old 6 foot 3 inch ball player leaned back against his locker and waited. Tyrome took a deep breath before reaching up to peel back Darius’ wet jock. Daruis’ fat dick popped out into view, bouncing around before settling in a somewhat side slant like the Leaning Tower Of Piazza. Ty would never admit it aloud, but he was quite impressed by the Captain’s package as it sprung up 8 and 1/2 inches high. He could instantly smell the musky aroma invading his nostrils like a toxin. “You gonna suck it, or just stare at lovingly…?” asked Darius, looking down at Tyrome from above. Tyrome rolled his eyes as he tuned Darius out, then leaned forward and took his dick head between his lips. Darius stifled a satisfying moan when he felt Ty’s warm mouth envelope his meat. They’d been rivals for so long, that it was instantly gratifying just watching his biggest competitor stretch his lips over his dick and start bobbing his head like some cheap female groupie. Darius was surprised that Tyrome didn’t put up more of a fight, giving in relatively easy as he sucked along the dick as good as any girl. Tyrome scrapped his teeth across Darius’ dick a few times, purposely giving a bad blow job to save face. He didn’t want Darius knowing he had experience sucking dick before, then go around bragging it to his friends. If he had to suck dick, it would come with a lot of teeth marks, –Darius’ dick would look like a wad of chewed gum by the time he was through. Tyrome started off doing as bad a job as he could. “Watch the teeth…!” warned Darius, wrenching in pain a few times as Ty’s treeth sank into the sides. Tyrome thought it was funny when Darius jumped from a scrapping, it joyed him to know he was causing the man discomfort, using his win against him. Darius braved through the bad blow job, content with the knowledge that he had Tyrome’s last shred of dignity in the palm of his hands. He clenched the sides of the bench for support as Tyrome fumbled up and down amateurishly. He figured the benefits of the blow job far outweighed any pain he had to suffer for it. Darius sat back and enjoyed watching his toughest competitor suck his dick. Darius had never had a man on his meat before, but couldn’t possibly think of anyone he’d rather have swinging on his pipe than Tyrome Smith. He and Tyrome were team Captains, both equal in many ways. Darius only won because his team was slightly better than Tyrome’s, on a more level playing field, the game could have gone either way. But making Tyrome suck his dick totally demoralized him, putting him on a lower level. Darius couldn’t believe Tyrome actually went through with this bet, had it been him he definitely would have welched, no way would he have the reputation of sucking another man’s dick (bet or no bet). Knowing that Tyrome probably was feeling the lowest he ever felt before, made Darius smile wider with confidence that HE was the better player of the two. “Yeah, nigga…, suck that dick! That’s what I’m talking about!” he said, wanting to antagonize Ty further. It wasn’t good enough that he had the man right where he wanted him, he HAD to ripe his manhood from him too, grinding him under his feet. Tyrome lobbed his head lazily as he sucked halfhearted, trying to ignore Darius’ comments. He had no problem eating Darius’ manhood, having had experience sucking Clarence’s big 12 inch anaconda. Not many people could deep throat 12 inches of thick solid negro meat, but he had done it successfully on more than one occasion, bringing Clarence to arousing climaxes escort bursa using nothing but his mouth and skills. He looked up to see Darius removing his shirt over head, his brown muscular torso coming into view as Tyrome admired his muscles. Darius looked down into Tyrome’s eyes, catching him looking as he smiled down at him. Tyrome thought Darius was a very attractive ballplayer, –his handsome looks, athletic body, and strong sex appeal definitely got him more than his share of the ladies at Seymour University. Tyrome started to feel privileged to suck Darius’ dick instead of dreading it. He liked the feel of it sliding in and out of his slick mouth. Unconsciously he took the dick deeper into his mouth, wanting to give the man pleasure. “awww shit, yeah..!” groaned Darius, surprised by the unexpected gift. He’d had countless blow jobs by hundreds of girls starting from junior high, but nothing felt as rewarding and gratifying than having his biggest male rival on his knees between his legs, sucking his prize penis. Despite not wanting to like what he was doing, Tyrome couldn’t help but start to get excited over the feeling of having another man’s dick in his mouth, –even the dick of his hated enemy. Somewhere during the blow job Tyrome forgot that he was supposed to be doing bad on purpose as his enthusiasm started to show through. Darius quickly learned that he was in for a much better time than he originally anticipated as Tyrome’s mouth went deeper and deeper. Tyrome could taste the sweat on Darius’ shaft as he sucked up and down the hard column, inhaling the musky scent of his pubic hair through his flaring nostrils on the down strokes. Wanting to feel Darius’ dick in his throat, he suddenly went all the way down on it, locking his lips around the hairy root. Darius gasped aloud with excitement as his entire dick was suddenly engulfed. Tyrome buried his nose in the sweaty pubes before pulling back his head, slowly dragging his sensual lips up the shaft as he started to suck feverishly about the head. Darius suddenly found himself clenching the bench to hold on. “Damn man…, I didn’t know you were a REAL faggot…!” teased Darius as he watched Tyrome enjoy his punishment. Tyrome blushed but said nothing as he closed his eyes and continued to suck. “I could’ve been getting my dick sucked all these years had I known you were a fudge packer!” Tyrome secretly blamed Clarence for his degradation, had it not been for Clarence secretly turning him out (back in chap-1), he wouldn’t be in this position right now. But as hard as Tyrome wanted to oppose his desires, he couldn’t deny the hardon throbbing in his pants as he willingly sucked his opponent’s dick. Having grown a definite desire to suck dick since first tasting Clarence’s meat, Tyrome found himself wondering if Darius’ cum tasted any different from Clarence’s? This prompted him to work harder as he put more effort into getting Darius off, sucking harder and going deeper with each and every plunge. “Damn man…!” gasped Darius, feeling the suction increase in Tyrome’s cheeks. “…you REALLY want this shit, don’t you?” he asked, grabbing the back of Ty’s head as he pulled his face into his sweaty groin and held him in place as he stood up. Tyrome knew he was in for a rough fucking Darius’ dick started to throb in his throat. Holding Ty’s head in his hands, Darius started to pump his hips back and forth as he piston his dick in and out of Ty’s throat like a bullet, his hairy balls slapping repeated against the Jaguar star’s chin. Spittle started to drool from the corners of Ty’s stretched lips as Darius fucked in and out. After a few minutes of intense facial fucking, he withdrew his dick and began slapping it against Tyrome’s face like a club. Ordinary Ty wouldn’t have liked that, but his lust had already taken him to another place as he opened his mouth lewdly to allow Darius to beat the head against his extended tongue. “Damn, you a freaky as nigga!!” declared the baller, shoving his meat back inside Ty’s gaping mouth. Tyrome felt the head punch down into his oral ring as it went back to fucking in and out of his throat. Tyrome felt his own dick bending painfully in his pants, trapped in an uncomfortable position as it throbbed and threatened to burst. He didn’t want to touch it for fear that he might cum and give Darius even more ammunition against him. He felt Daruis’ dick swell in Ty’s mouth as it started to pulse and throb. Tyrome knew from sucking Clarence’s dick that this meant Darius was about to nut. Darius picked up the pace as he humped into Tyrome handsome face. Darius knew where he wanted to plant his seed as he shoved his dick all the way in up to the balls and unloaded. Tyrome felt wave after strong wave of thick sperm gush straight down into the back of his throat. Darius groaned heavily as his cum was unleashed. He ground his dick down into Tyrome’s throat as his balls drained. Tyrome locked his jaws around the pulsating manhood, cumming himself as his dick pulsated in his pants as Darius came down his throat. “Awwww fuck…!” moaned Darius, pulling his dick slowly from Tyrome’s mouth as he collapsed back onto the bench in front of his locker. Tyrome looked a little dazed as the dick disconnected from his oral cavity, the head and shaft all shiny wet with his spit. Darius grabbed his shaft and squeezed the last drop out of the tip as it slowly dribbled down along the side of the head. Instinctively Tyrome wanted to lick the salty semen away, to swallowing it down along with all the rest of the seed in his stomach. But he held back, kepping one last shred of his dignity as Darius flung the pearly seed to the floor. “You gotta good hot mouth, man…, we could use you at a few of our frat parties if you’re interested?” asked Darius, wanting another chance to dump a load in Ty’s throat. “Naw man…, I’m good.” said Tyrome, standing on his feet. “You sure…? You looked like you were enjoying yourself there!” questioned Darius, his dick still hanging outside of his jock as he slumped back against his locker. “Nobody who’s never sucked dick before can deep throat like that their first time out!” “We done here?” asked Tyrome, wanting to get out before his cum started to noticeably stain his pants. “Til the next bet, yeah.” smiled Darius, watching Ty walk away. FOUR Clarence was sitting in Tyrome’s Corvette, listening to hip-hop music while waiting for Tyrome to finish up. When Ty came out, he noticed he was walking funny. Clarence kept an eye on him until he reached the car, getting in on the passenger’s side. “You okay?” asked Clarence, concerned. Just then Darius appeared, walking out of the same exit. He looked over at the two Jaguars sitting in Ty’s car and smiled. Both men looked back at him as he headed over towards his own car parked opposite theirs. When he opened the door to get in, he playfully grabbed his crotch and squeezed for Ty’s benefit. Tyrome blushed as Darius got into his old car, a sleek gray Mazda VXL 4.0, and within seconds he had the car started and was zooming out of the parking lot. “Yeah…, I’m fine.” said Tyrome, lowering his head. “If the cum stain in your pants is any indication, you must’ve done really well in there!” said Clarence, trying not to sound jealous. Tyrome looked down to witness the large wet stain marking his crotch. “So I see you liked it at least!” Clarence fully expected Tyrome to become pissed, or go into denial mode about liking dick, but instead he was surprised when Tyrome simply broke down and started to weep, blowing his cool as well as his hard nosed image. “Yo man…, it’s alright…” said Clarence, placing his arm around Ty’s shoulder protectively. “My career’s over!” cried Tyrome, fearing the worse. “It’s only a matter of time before word spreads that I sucked Darius’ dick…, and then he’s undoubtedly going to tell them all how crazy I went over it by swallowing his nutt like some kinda whore! That shit wasn’t even in the bet!” he said, realizing how overboard he’d gone. Clarence felt a little uneasy hearing how nuts Ty went over another man’s dick. “You could always lie man…, you don’t have to admit to doing anything with anybody!” advised Clarence. “Even you..?” asked Tyrome, knowing Clarence was his biggest secret. “I’d never put you in a position to have to!” said Clarence. Ty looked at Clarence with new vision as he eyed him from across the car. Clarence smiled back at him, making him feel comfortable at an uncomfortable moment. Going with the mood, Ty leaned over and kissed Clarence gently on the lips. “What was that for…?” asked Clarence, pleasantly surprised. “Cause I wanted to.” smiled Ty, having a choice. “Want me to drive?” asked Clarence, sitting behind the wheel. “Yeah.” said Ty, relaxing in the passenger’s seat as the quickly left the parking aol

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