cook is waiting

cook is waitingHi friends. I am 23 years old M. one day while i was travelling in train towards to banglore . i saw a girl -27 opp to me she came wth her dad. at late night i saw her she was sleeping opp to me in the upper birth. there was a light in hatay escort near by coach , so tat i could find her clearly… my sleep gon away … after some min she also woke up… we she sleeping. i would be able to see her white boobs later escort hatay she dmiled me me too did it… After some time she again turned around and slept i thought she is trying to show her boobs. i was seeing her wthout taking my eyes.. She hatay escort bayan first touchrc her syomack and saw me .i smiled her next she touched her hair and saw me i smiled . next she kept her two hand in left side boobs and saw me. my cook became full charged and he was ready to fuck… But this is 1st time for me so i got shevaring and later i went to toilet and made me refersh and slept but stil i remembr her if u r in this website lz mail me to dear

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