Crashing Eros Island


Contains some male/male sex, light reading.


It was mid summer and most weekends I could be found at the lake either fishing or messing about on one of my friends’ jetskis. It was a little hot for fishing that weekend so I had on my spandex shorts and a t-shirt and had the jetski fueled up for a morning of fun.

“Are you sure you don’t want to take it out first, I brought plenty gas, is your ride man.” I said, my friend Chuck was nursing a hangover.

“Nah, I’m good, I always forgot to not do shots when I’m up here then Amber offers and I do shots. I’ll live, gonna eat something then sleep this off. Hey, let me know if that throttle is still sticking though, Dave said he fixed it so it should be fine but you know Dave.” He replied then went back to his tent.

I had a good group of friends that I’d spend time with, my cousin Amber was a bit of a hellion and generally arrived with at least 2 bottles of vodka or tequila but I stuck to the beer so I could enjoy the mornings on the lake before it got busy. I set out as usual to the speed area, the throttle seemed to be okay so I let loose once I checked my lane was clear and had fun jumping on my own wake and screamed in joy as I did. The lake was huge so I never worried whether people could hear my frequent ‘fuck yea, woooooo’ as I did silly jumps. I rested a little then started out again, decided I wanted some high speed fun so I used the distant island as a marker and cranked the throttle to see what I could get up to. As I reached the jet ski’s top speed I thought I could smell burning but I dismissed it as a distant campfire and carried on.

As the island approached I tried to throttle down but nothing happened, I hit the cutoff switch and it didn’t respond either. I hit an outer marker, was going too fast to see what it said but at that point I was worried. I knew turning at the speed I was going would ditch me and likely kill me so I tried pulling out my safety line but that didn’t stop the engine either. I braced myself as the beach approached me at high speed, got into crash position and closed my eyes as the sand approached…

“Is he okay, I don’t see anything bleeding or broken?” Said the woman.

I’d hit the beach at full speed, knowing the handlebars would have hurt me pretty badly I had been kneeling on the seat when I hit but it still knocked me out when I landed.

“Ow, I’m so sorry, my throttle jammed and I couldn’t shut off the engine.” I replied, my head was a little fuzzy.

“This is signposted as a private island, why were you even close.” Said a man.

“I meant to turn way before your outer marker, I really am sorry. I will have my friends come and get me when I can see straight, I’m sorry to disturb you. I’m Marcus” I replied.

“No, you will rest and drink this, you landed pretty hard Mr Marcus. I know if you meant to come here you’d have landed a little softer. We’d rather not have anyone else come so we’ll tow you back when our boat comes to get us later.” Said the woman as she handed me a bottle of water.

With my vision returning to normal I couldn’t help notice they were all dressed in white, the women were in barely there bikinis and the men in loose white shorts. They were all pretty attractive too, all maybe in their mid 30’s. I counted 2 men and 4 women, including the lady who had spoken to me first.

“Master won’t like this at all.” Said the man who’d first objected to me being there.

“Oh hush Damien, Master does have compassion you know, he’ll understand.” The woman replied.

“I had a look at your jet ski, did you make repairs on it recently?” Asked a different woman.

“No Ma’am, it belongs to a friend who had our other friend fix it.” I replied.

“Well your other friend owes him a new engine, he used duct tape to connect some wires that really should have been replaced, it melted and caused a short that fried your electrics and jammed the throttle manifold. You’re lucky, if you hadn’t been going so fast that you were at that angle it may have got into the fuel and it would have blown you up. It’ll float but not much else.” She said, wiping her hands on a small towel.

“Well shit, thank you for looking.” I replied.

I got my cellphone out to text them and let my friends know I’d be delayed. It explained the dull ache by my life jacket’s pocket, the screen was cracked in two and my phone was bent almost in half.

“Um, does anyone have a phone I could borrow please?” I asked.

“Oh we don’t beylikdüzü ucuz escort have anything with us, we have food, water and emergency radio but we are dropped off then picked up at set times. We should take you to see Master.” Said the first woman.

I looked around as I was led inland, the island was clearly man made and had been set up to provide a cordon of privacy from the outside. Once past the several layers of trees and bushes I was led to a group of cabins with a small pool and a couple of hot tubs dotted around. Each had its own little canopy and table with bottles of wine and fruit. I spotted a few more women but respectfully averted my eyes, they were all topless, only wearing their white bikini bottoms. The first woman smiled when she seen me notice them. The man they led me to was inside one of the huts, it had an open side and was basically a big bed with a roof. He was propped up on a big pillow and was getting a blowjob from a blonde woman. She didn’t stop when the first woman announced our presence.

“Sir, this man had engine trouble and crashed on the beach, Maya confirmed he was telling the truth, he’s a little banged up but he’s not seriously hurt.” Said the woman.

“I have taken one of my yellow pills, I’m not calling the support craft early. Test him, if he’s clear give him the choice, if not he can sit on the beach and wait. I’ve not been out for 2 months, I will not be denied.” He said then closed his eyes to continue enjoying his blowjob. I was led away.

“So, a few questions, Maya is going to get her tester but are you single?” Said the first woman.

“Uh, yes I am.” I replied. I felt a sharp prick in my arm.

“Sorry, easiest way to get a sample when you’re not expecting it.” Said Maya, she held what I could only describe as a Star Trek tricorder looking device.

“Have you ever had any STD’s?” Said the first woman.

“No I haven’t. What’s with these questions?” I asked.

“He’s clear, very healthy too.” Said Maya.

“Well, here’s your choice. This is our island of Eros, it exists for our private pleasures and enjoyment away from the prying eyes of the close minded and non-believers. You’re attractive and seem respectful enough to join us. We have strict rules that must be obeyed and since Master doesn’t want the support craft here early we’ll forgo our usual entry requirements on the understanding that when you leave you won’t tell anyone what goes on here.” Said the first woman.

“Non believers has me a little worried, this isn’t some cult is it?” I said.

“No, there are people out there that don’t believe sex is something that should be cherished and enjoyed, they view it as dirty or taboo when it feels so wonderful to explore other men and women.” Said Maya with a smile.

“Well, I don’t fancy sitting on the beach while you’re all having fun, talk to me about these rules.” I replied.

“They’re simple, we’re here to enjoy one another, you may explore, once you are given consent, any man or woman you please. Master is always to be respected, if he summons you to join him, be it to help please a woman with him or please him, it would advisable to not keep him waiting. You’ll find most of the time he’ll take 2 or 3 women, occasionally a man too but he’s been away for 2 months on business and Kelly missed him. She’ll likely keep him busy most of the weekend. Our main point is ‘consent’, if a man or woman says no, don’t take it personal, there will be at least 4 or 5 more women who will say yes.” Said the first woman.

“You said men too, are all the men here bi?” I asked.

“Yes, you are too?” She replied.

“Has been a while but yea, I’m really open minded, not much I’ll say no to.” I replied with a grin.

“Good, I am going to give you to Damian to start with, he’s in a grumpy mood because he’s not had anal in a while but if you make him happy he’ll make sure you enjoy as many women as you can handle. Sound good Damian?” She said to one of the men from the beach.

“Uh, sure yea.” He replied.

My clothes were taken from me and I had a quick shower then Damian led me to one of the huts. I was worried I’d not be able to perform in front of others with it being so open but most people were just relaxing or already engaged in their own little trysts. I shouldn’t have worried about performing, I was there to receive apparently. Damian was already hard by the time he took his shorts off, he got me on all fours, lubed beylikdüzü üniversiteli escort me up and slowly fed his cock inside me. It had been a long time since I’d had any anal play, my ex used to love fucking me with her strap on but it wasn’t the same as a cock. He was gentle with me at first but once I was used to him he pounded me, groaning as he enjoyed himself. I noticed a few women stop to watch but most just looked and smiled then carried on with their own thing. Damian didn’t last too long thankfully, he shuddered then groaned quietly as he filled my ass then slowly pulled out when he was spent.

“Oh, thank you. Most guys here don’t like to receive, blow jobs are fine and pretty much all the women like anal but is just different with a man you know? Jenny, would you like to ride my new friend here?” He said to a very pretty brunette.

“Ooh yes please, if he’ll have me that is.” She replied.

“Uh, of course.” I replied.

Damian cleaned himself off, patted me on the shoulder then left me alone with Jenny. She didn’t waste any time, she cleaned the cum dribbling from my ass then sucked me to hardness. She took off her bikini bottoms then mounted me, slowly lowering herself onto my cock. She felt wonderful and I enjoyed her large breasts swaying as she rode me. A few minutes into it a blonde woman approached and kissed Jenny, she asked me if she could sit on my face, I of course said yes and enjoyed her shaven pussy when she lowered it to my mouth. By the time I had cum, Jenny had climaxed at least twice that I could hear, my hearing was blocked once or twice when the blonde came on my tongue, she squealed when she squirted and quickly jumped off me when I choked.

“Oh I’m so sorry, not many guys can get me squirting so I don’t expect it. I’m Claire, when Jenny is finally done with you I’m going to get you a little pill and you can fuck me if you like.” Said the very red faced blonde who sat on my face.

“I’d love to.” I replied.

I tried to think of a reason I’d say no but my brain went blank. Jenny had sucked me back to hardness after Claire gave me a little pill, some form of Viagra I assumed, to swallow with a mouthful of wine but as I slid into the sexy blonde Claire from behind I looked around and couldn’t see one single woman I’d not enjoy having sex with. After a few minutes of fucking Claire from behind she asked to switch to her back and talked to me as I fucked her.

“I could see you looking around, you have questions, I can tell.” She said breathlessly.

“I’m just wondering why some people are just relaxing. If I had this place to come to I’d never want to rest, you’re all gorgeous women, even the men are attractive.” I said, slowing my pace.

“Well all of them seen things like you to begin with, I promise every man here has had every woman at least once or twice, some have their favorites but you’ll eventually slow down. I’m not saying you’ll tire of sex but you appreciate abundance by relaxing and savoring your time eventually. With Alex over there it took months, he’s fun though. More questions later handsome, make love to me, I’m enjoying this.” She said.

I lost track of time as I made love to Claire. After her, Maya asked to ride me, she was a really fun redhead and I really enjoyed watching her pert breasts as she bounced on my cock. As darkness fell my energy levels were spent, Claire came back for me and led me to a room that had clothes and lockers and handed me a cellphone from her bag.

“Call your friends number and give me the phone.” She said. I did as she asked.

“Hey, is this Chuck? I’m so sorry I sat on Marcus’ phone and broke it, his jet ski broke down too so we’ll tow him back in the morning, k bye sweetie.” She said in a trashy sounding valley girl accent. I had to hold back a laugh when she started talking.

“Did he sound concerned.” I asked.

“He sounded drunk and replied oh okay.” She said in her normal voice as she put her phone away. “Please don’t tell anyone I have that, is supposed to be left with the support boat but last time one of the idiots dropped it so it stays with me. Come, I’ll show you where we sleep. Do you mind staying with me tonight, I love morning sex and I’m having fun with you.” She asked.

“I’d love to.” I replied.

Claire and I showered in the group shower room and once we were dried she took us to a room with lots of comforters and pillows and found us both a corner. beyoğlu escort I was out fast, Claire snuggled next to me and I was asleep almost instantly. I woke pretty early the next morning to Claire sucking my cock, I got hard pretty quickly and she smiled as she crawled up my body to kiss me then take me inside her.

“Let me ride you for a few minutes then we can move to a hut so we don’t wake everyone.” She said.

I didn’t last long when we got to the hut, she came a few times before I was done though. The rest of the morning went pretty much the same as the day before, I don’t think I had to ask anyone once but I had sex, thanks to lots of fruit and those wonderful pills they fed me, with at least 12 women, all of them gorgeous, all women I’d only dream about having out in the ‘real world’.

I heard a bell chime and everyone went to shower, Claire came to collect me and took me to Master once I had showered and dried off, she left me alone with him.

“Well my friend, thank you for respecting everyone, you’d usually see more of me but I’ve been unable to come here for a couple of months and Kelly has been making up for that. I’ve spoken to Claire too, she’s one of my seniors, she likes you a lot and thinks you’d fit in, even Maya gave a thumbs up and she’s a tricky one to please. Come for dinner at my house tonight, Claire will give you the address, you’ll meet everyone with their clothes on but we can talk about you becoming a member. I will express though, discretion is paramount, you will be asked to sign a non disclosure agreement, if you break it we will come after you and I promise it won’t end well. I hate even saying that but I care about the tranquility of this place and won’t have anything disturb it. Does this sound okay, would you want to join?” He asked.

“I would love to Sir, I appreciate the consideration.” I replied.

“Well good, Claire will tell you more tonight but I’ll get my support craft to get your jet ski to Claire’s boat, she’s going to tow you to your camp then I will see you tonight.”

“Thank you again Sir, I am really sorry I intruded but you have been a very gracious host and I can’t thank you enough.” I replied honestly.

Claire’s boat was gorgeous, she got me as close to shore as she could and I used the paddle she gave me to get the rest of the way in. Chuck helped me load it onto his trailer.

“It’s hosed man, that idiot Dave owes you a new engine, he’s lucky it didn’t blow up on me.” I said as I showed him the damage. He was pretty mad.

“Fucking duct tape? Oh he better have this replaced by next weekend.” he said then started to call him.

“So where have you been, that blonde that dropped you off was hot, Chuck told us some chick called him and said you’re okay, was that her?” My friend Jay asked.

“Yea, just a fun group of people, they helped me when I crashed.” I replied.

Thankfully they were all too hungover to quiz me much more, I packed up my tent, said my goodbyes and drove home.

That night I pulled up the address Claire gave me and headed out following my GPS to a pretty affluent part of the city. When I pulled up I had to double check the address but I spotted Claire talking to Maya and made my way inside. Everyone was dressed pretty smartly, I felt under dressed in my slacks and polo shirt but nobody said anything. Claire hugged me and held my hand as she led me through the house to the lounge, stopping to talk to people, some of whom I’d been inside a few hours prior. As the evening went on I learned most were business professionals, lawyers, doctors, CEO’s. I was an IT tech and couldn’t help feeling little.

“You’re not here to feel anything other than relaxed my dear, no matter what we do out here we are all just followers of Eros on our island. I promise not one person here will ever look down at you, especially how good you are with your tongue.” She said with a smile then kissed me.

“Hey, didn’t you get enough of him already?” Said Master, grinning.

“I’m just making sure he feels welcome Sir.” Replied Claire with a smile.

I signed their paperwork and got to know more of the people, they were all really nice and said they couldn’t wait to have me at the island again. We’re there pretty much every weekend, Claire has labeled me as a favorite, I’m still free to be with other women as they request but she is allowed precedence if I’m in demand. A few months later Claire had me move in with her too, she owns 2 law firms and asked me to stop working just to be with her, we still go to the island though and she’ll bring women to me so I don’t feel guilty. I often feel like sending Dave an anonymous ‘Thank You’ card but after he burned his own shop down with another of his crazy shortcut repairs I don’t think he’d appreciate it.

As for me, I’m about as happy as they come these days…

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