D.O.R. part 1 of many yet to come


D.O.R. part 1 of many yet to comeWe start at a hotel building, as much as I try to get away from this it seems to draw me in. Is easy money and most of theses types of job I keep for 6 months give or take and eventually I move on to something else. Also is easy money if you’re not lazy. I work at this “Sunny Paradise” type of hotel is a 3 to 5 star hotel. I have been working here for about 6months now and I am actually surprise because I really didn’t think I be here this long. Sadly, I wont be here for very long anyways because I will be leaving shortly for a whole different type of career. I be traveling around driving over the road as a trucker which I am readlly really excited about. I am Vanessa most people call me Vee, (you should already know this like seriously how many times must I introduce myself). I stand at 5’2 150 but a solid 150 been packing up the mass since I am trying to go for trucker and I need to be a heavy size. I have black hair with white blond highlights short cut but my hair blows in the wind. No matter how I try to keep my hair nice and neat it never ever stays like that for long. I have black and green heavy frame glasses to help me see better with my brown eyes. I am a café con leach white that’s a light tan white for some of you basically tan but a nice even complexion. I am the security, the request runner and the mail clerk of the building I work for. I do whatever they ask as long as within reason I try to make myself useful so that I can get as much hours as I can possibly get. I try to do as much as I can to make myself useful for all the other department so if just if in case they run short I am the 1st person they call so I can **** that overtime. My payroll clerk must love and hate me who knows but I try to find every position possibly that I can get in for that extra dollar. One thing I enjoy about this hotel is that all positions are open there’s none of that ‘clause’ where you can’t work one department and not the other. Here they need people so if your willing to work one department and another they let bahis siteleri you since they need people at any given time. You can go from a full staff to barely 3 people working. I unsure to why because this is easy like really really easy. I think is the high amount of work vs the little pay we sadly are at the lower level of the pay. Not that matters to me because I find ways to make up for the shortness. Also, by me knowing that I won’t be here very long it makes everything else a lot easier and I can batter tolerant it. Worse case I get stucked working here for 1year but that won’t be so bad I get more experience in the hotel industry.I go about walking around seeing what needs to be done and if I can I get it done if not I find the department responable for it and have them make sure they get it done. Other then that my main job is the mail. Thank you the mail NEVER STOPS. I can have 100 packages in an hour go out to the guest I can have 100more come in, in the 1hr it took me to deliver those packages. So that part of the job for the most part keeps me busy and for the most part it gives me something to do. Which come to find out I actually enjoy doing the mail (note to self look into becoming a mail clerk later on).However, since the mail is not the only thing I do I often have to go and check in at other departments. One of the departments I Love to check in is the housekeeping department. I have abosuletly nothing nothing to do with housekeeping (HK) but there is one thing that draws me there. Ms.Ishara, shes a beautiful about 5’6 or so somehere between 200 or maybe 250 but she keeps her weight well maintain. Also at least a good 20 pounds are on each of her boobs. Also she has that ass! God. Black women are blessed they are bless to the max. I think God spend a few extra time on her cuz she is heavenly sent and I am a none believer. She can make me believe, if she wanted to but the things I wanna do to her is simply sinful. She has a short black hair she wear high up. Soft face and beauty heavenly black flawless skin. Everytime I see canlı bahis siteleri her I can’t help but smile bcuz my mind goes to places that really it shouldn’t go to (esp at work!)I am dressed in my black on black pants and polo shirt I tend to layer up my clothing to help me look a lil bigger then I really I’m so at times I can look a lil slopply and sluggish. I do that purposely bcuz the constant bending down and picking up boxes and carrying things around and throwing things around I don’t wanna wear tight ass clothing or my best clothing. I look like I am at work. I there to work not to look good I really don’t care for much impression which is an odd perplelx cause I normally do away from work . yet my rug appear seems to attract attention from my queens like a young hot muffin by the name of Christian (nice young fresh meat but I will tell his story at a later time.) I walk into HK to do my usual check in with Ms. Ishara, who is there sitting at her desk on the phone, on the radio number 1 and radio number 2 going back and fourth between her few employees talking back and fourth. Receiving information from one and passing it back to the other and delignating her orders between which rooms needs to be clean and which one needs to be inspected and be put on hold. She is a VERY VERY busy person. What I like most about her is how assertive she is in her job. The way she goes back and fourth and talks she always seems to have total control of it all, which is not always the case but she makes a really good job at making it appeal to be. She seems like the stay in your lane don’t dare cross it type but shes very sweet shes tender but she keeps that hidden maybe cuz of the ‘work’ amtopshere. Maybe she wants that tough type of appearances so that none of her employees test her or try to. Trust me she is not the type you want to test. I walk in the door and see her immedalty my mind goes into taking her throwing everything on her desk off on the floor grabbing her by her shoulders picking her up and pushing her up against her table and canlı bahis ripping her clothing up and pushing her back spreading her legs as I begin to kiss her….VANESSA!!!! She calls my name looking at me.‘hi’ is like all I can say forgetting what on earth did I came in here for. Not going to lie sometimes I go in there just to see her for a split second. I some what have developed one of those very very c***dish middle school crushes on her. Everytime she sees me or looks my way or I run into her I start turning all shades of red. I turn all kinds of red because my mind starts thinking of 10,000 ways to fuck her. ( this is 100% true lately I have been trying to avoid her). ‘Vanessa, what is it? You have one of your stories?” what is it come on?” she teasefully ask while responding back on one of the radio.“I just wanted to check in and let you know im here’ (that is NOT what I came here for I wanted to tell you that I think of ways to fuck u on a nightly bases I make plans of the night if I can ever have you it will be a whole day and a whole night and u will need to be taking out on a stretcher to the hospital for extreme exhaustion, I am heavy in thought fantiasing about her while looking at her and possibly turning all different kinds of red. Stupid c***dish crush)“vanessa whenever you remember what you actually came here for let me know ‘ she saids again this time responding to the phone.‘yes that’s right’ I mumble while slamming myself to the door forgetting to open it (how embarssing but this really is me in real life when I am crushing on someone I am a total cluts I trip over my own feet and slam myself against imageriny walls that I happen to forget were there).From behind me I hear her kind of chuckles as if she found that a bit funny.So let me just put this here I believe there is some kind of ‘tension’ between us or maninly from me a sexual tesnion’ A LOT OF IT…. Now I don’t know if its just me maybe wishful thinking bcuz I like her and I am just looking for reason for her to like me as a way to boost my ego but I really do think she either one knows I like her and finds it ‘cute’ to mess with me or hit me up with indirect comments because she knows im a bit of a perved mind (a bit, like who am I trying to lied to I am totally completely perverted in the worse way).

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