Dad thinks I’m Mom (PT 2)


Dad thinks I’m Mom (PT 2)Dad thinks I’m Mom (PT 2)Part 1 is a must read so you can understand the story.Hi mom welcome back! How was your trip? How’s Auntie Lisa & the baby? It’s good to be back Amy, I missed you. I’ll tell you both everything at dinner.Help me take the suitcase to the bedroom. Yes dear.What’s the plan with Amy? I’ll tell you, but first I haven’t been fucked in a month, Donna said opening my belt. Close the door! No, leave it open enough for Amy to hear us & maybe peek her head in.Donna went right to town on me. My dick was in her mouth, she was deep throating me. Donna was almost tearing her cloths off as she sucked me. Suck me bitch. Shh I want to hear if Amy’s listening at our door. Donna pushed me back on the bed & mounted me. She whispered fuck me, fuck this is good. I’ve missed this cock. Donna was pounding me so hard I couldn’t hold back. Slow down I’m going to cum. Shh Amy’s by the door rubbing one out. With that I came in my wifes pussy. Fuck that was good.Donna didn’t even clean herself, she slipped on her panties & started unpacking. I want to saver your cum for as long as I can. We stayed in the bedroom for a few minutes giving Amy a chance to leave.At dinner Donna wore her dried cum soaked panties & told us all about her trip & the baby.What’s the plan? In due time, you’ve enjoyed yourself so far haven’t you? I’ll tell you this much. No fucking anyone for a week, don’t even beat off. I want you bursting with cum. A week? Well as long as you can make it. Remember I want you full of cum.—Amy, yes mom. I’m going out for a while, I’m meeting the girls at 6. I should be back by 9. Let your dad know when he wakes up from his nap. OK I will have fun.Oh Donna. Shit dad’s sleepwalking again. I’m Amy mom went to meet her friends, she’ll be back by 9.Dad came up behind me & was dry humping my ass. I haven’t been fucked in over a week. I admit this was making my pussy tingle. It’s only 6:20 WTF we have time.I pulled my pants down and bent over. Dad immediately burred his face right in my ass. He was tonguing my ass and my pussy. I loved his tongue. I was grinding my ass into his face. It didn’t take me long to cum. I turned around pulled his shorts down and went to town sucking his balls and dick, erzurum escort licking the precum from the tip of his cock. Dad reached around and was finger fucking me. Come over here Donna you slut I’m going to fuck you hard. That’s good to hear, just what I needed. Dad took me by the hand & we went over to his lounge chair. He sat down holding his cock up. Sit on my dick you bitch he told me. Gladly I thought. I put my feet back on the chair knees bent for maximum penetration. I lowered myself onto his cock. Oh fuck did it feel good. I was fucking him so fast and hard my legs were burning. Dad reached around and grabbed my tits squeezing them. I looked up and mom was standing there watching. OMG.Dad started pumping me faster. Mom was yelling what do you think you’re doing? Get off of him! I couldn’t move. Dad was holding my tits & pumping me furiously. Mom kept yelling for me to get off of him. Mom was standing there watching dad fuck me. Dad was saying I’m cumming, I’m cumming. FUUCCKK I’m cumming. Did he ever. I felt blast after blast of his cum filling my pussy. He just kept pumping me & cumming. Finally he let go of my tits, I jumped up. AMY WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Dad was sleepwalking. So you fucked him mom asked? Well……. I realized I was standing in front of my mom naked, from between my engorged pussy lips hung a strand of white cum, some of which had already leaked onto my inner thighs and onto the floor.Dad was sleepwalking and he….. So you fucked him? Mom asked again. Well you said not to wake him. So you fucked him? Dad thought I was you. It’s not even 7. So what! I came home early to see this? My daughter fucking her father. Go to your room Amy!Donna gave her husband a high 5. Donna went down on her husband to suck him clean. Mhhh Amy tastes good. Did you see all your cum dripping from Amys pussy? That’s why I wanted you to hold off & be full of cum. Good job.Amy has been staying in her room almost all of the time. She’d leave for school. She wouldn’t even come out for dinner. We let this go on for a week.Amy your dad & I want to see you. Mom what’s all this? Since your dad’s been fucking you & not me I’m going to fuck you too. WHAT?I’m, going to fuck you like you’re father eskişehir escort has been fucking you. Here Amy take this. What is it? It’s a hitachi wand massager. Amy plugged in the hitachi wand. Do you know how this works? Amy said I heard their used like vibrators.That’s right. Amy laid down & lifted her nightshirt. I rubbed the wand all around teasing her. Then I turned it on low, Amymoaned a little. I mostly teased her trying to bring her to the brink of orgasm. I noticed her nipples getting hard, her face a little red. I stopped. OK Amy my turn. I handed her the wand. I pulled down my PJ bottoms & laid down. Amy lubed the head of the wand & went to work on my pussy. She was quite good at it. After all she is a girl & knows what she likes. Amy now had the wand on high. I was bucking my hips, squeezing my legs together. Amy kept working it on my pussy. I could see she was really turned on, nipples pointing, face red & breathing hard. Finally I came. Amy said that’s a good one, I can see you creamed your pussy.OK Amy your turn again. Amy laid down and spread her legs wide. Seeing that I thought I’d give it to her good. I started with the wand on low. Amy gasped. Amy was grabbing her tits, squirming around. It didn’t take her long to cum. She grabbed the wand and held it against her clit. She kept it there moaning, legs crossed. Amy released the wand. She laid there trying to catch her breath. Her clit was big, engorged with blood, pussy lips all puffy. I don’t know why but I went down on Amy. Seeing her clit that swollen. I flicked her clit with my tongue & Amy moaned. I could tell Amy enjoyed me eating her out, not just her moaning they way she shook and her cries for more. I ate her out until she came again.Look at dad. His dick is so hard the head is purple leaking precum.Did dad take your ass Amy? (no response) Amy did dad fuck you in the ass while I was gone? He did. Did you like it? Not at first, when I relaxed I really liked it. Oh I see, he fucked your ass many times? Well…..Amy it’s all out in the open, you know that I know. Just answer. Yes he fucked my ass a lot. He made you a three input girl like me. What do you say, we peg his ass! Sure Amy said, I’ve heard of that. With escort bayan that I grabbed a strapon. Lube his ass up. Have him get on all fours. I’ll fuck him first. Then he’ll be ready for you.I entered my husbands ass slowly he winced a bit. I worked the dildo in his ass slowly. Amy watched intently. You fuckin bitch he said. Looks like you’re my fucking bitch, I’m the one fucking you. I’m fucking your ass you little bitch. Amy was rubbing her pussy as I continued to fuck her dad. You like to fuck our ass so much so here we are fucking yours. I’m going to cum he said. You better not until I tell you that you can.I slowed the pace down to help him last. I saw him grab the base of his dick & squeeze to hold the cum in. His dick pulsated like he was cumming but nothing came out.Amy your turn. I slipped the strapon off & Amy climbed in. Amy lubed him up again & entered him. Amy said you fucking bastard, you took my ass now I get a piece of your ass. Amy slapped him on his ass & started fucking him hard. Amy said I can see why guys like this. I’m cumming he hollered. I motioned for her to pull out. We got on our knees. My husband turned around, with only a couple of strokes of his dick he came on our faces & our tits. We both cleaned his dick off with our mouths and tongues. Our faces were covered with cum. Pegging really stimulates his prostate. He really enjoys it. All guys should at least try a prostate massage. Retrograde ejaculation (squeezing your dick) is great. It gives a guy a second orgasm but shouldn’t be done often.We went to take a shower. My husband didn’t make it that far. He just collapsed on our bed. I took Amys hand and pulled her towards the bed. We too collapsed on the bed. Good thing it’s a California king.During the night I felt someone eating me out. I took a peek & it was Amy. I just laid there and enjoyed.A few days later Amys father & I were going to have sex again. Do you want to ask Amy or see if she joins us? I’ll ask her Donna said. Donna went to Amys room. Amy, AMY what are you watching on your computer & why the ear buds? Nothing as Amy slammed the top down. Were you watching porn? Amy mumbled something. Your father and I are going to fuck. Do you want to join us? Amys top was off in a flash. I take that as a yes.We now have family fun night at our house. It’s more then one guy fucking two girls. We have a variety of toys and we get to peg my husband.One day Amy will have a serious boyfriend. That will cut our fun by 1/3rd but who knows it may also add another player?

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