Daddy’s “Accident”


All characters in this story are fictional and over 18. All activity portrayed is based on fantasy and between 2 consenting adults.


They had been out shopping all day. Daddy had bought her many lovely new clothes, shorts, skirts, tops and under ware. Of course she had insistent on opening her new Disney tee shirt and little denim shorts immediately and putting them on. She looked very pretty in those shorts, they were very snug on her tight little bum and the Minnie mouse tights just added to the effect. Throughout the day they had been for many drinks, cups of coffee for daddy and juice and milk shakes for little pooh bear.

As they set off for home the traffic started to build and after half an hour she had squirm in her seat. Daddy noticed her wiggling around and asked if she was ok.

“Erm… yeah, I think so,” came her reply.

He could always tell when she was lying.

“Do you need to go pumpkin?”

“No I’ll be ok daddy,” she replied.

Another half hour passed and the traffic had begun to ease off to the relief of little n. Only 10 more minute and they would be home. By the time they left the main roads she was almost bursting. There was now constant squirming and holding of her crotch.

“Don’t worry pooh, we’re nearly home.”

She could hear the concern in his voice, but there was something else there too. She disregarded it as her desperation making her not think straight.

They pulled onto the drive and she quickly hoped out of the car.

“uuhh,” she whimpered as she felt a couple of drops escape into her panties.

She ran to the door as quickly as possible causing a few more drops to soak into her panties. Daddy unlocked the door and she half ran half waddle through the door desperately trying to hold back the flood. All the time Daddy was watching her with a slight look in his eyes that showed he was amused and a little turned on by her predicament.

The faster she moved the harder it was to hold on. By the time she had made it through to the living room she was almost penguin-esque the way she was walking with her legs clamped together and her hands forced into her crotch.

“Baby girl,” came Daddy’s voice, “haven’t you forgotten something?”

He was of course referring to her shoes which she had not taken off at the door as she should have.

“Daddy… uuuhhh,” she replied as she turned to face him, obviously beşevler escort more concerned with reaching the toilet before a full blown accident occurred.

That pause was the end. With a final whimper she could hold it no more. Her body gave a shudder and then her pee began to flow. It was so intense within seconds in had soaked through her panties into her shorts. She could feel the warmth and wetness of her accident pouring into her shorts and spraying through her fingers.

She looked at daddy and the tears started running down her cheeks. She just looked at him as she peed herself, a growing puddle forming at her feet. She couldn’t believe she had wet herself in front of her daddy. Of course he had seen her pee before, he had often taken her to the toilet and cleaned her up afterwards, but this was different. This was embarrassment on a whole new level.

Eventually her stream stopped. She was still looking at daddy with tears in her eyes. The only sounds were the drip of her pee from her shorts into her puddle and the soft snuffle of her breath as she wept. But daddy just stood there looking at her in that way. The love and caring he radiated made the tears stop.

“Sorry Daddy, it was an accident,” she whispered.

“Oh baby girl, your lovely new shorts. Never mind they will wash, accidents happen.”

“But Daddy, I..”

“Shhh, it’s ok. Look, it happens to everyone at some point. See.”

What she saw next shocked her more than the fact she had just wet herself.

Daddy walked towards her, stopped a few paces away and began to pee. A dark stain appeared on the front of his grey trousers and spread rapidly down both his legs. Was this real? Her daddy was stood in front of her peeing himself as if it was nothing at all.

“See baby girl, everyone pees themselves, it’s nothing to get upset about. Do you want to know a secret?”

She nodded, too shocked to speak as she watched the stain still grow.

“Daddy likes peeing himself, and he really liked see you do it too. It turns daddy on.”

“Daddy gets turned on peeing himself and watching girls pee themselves,” she thought to herself.

She looked again and the stain on daddy’s crotch and noticed for the first time the bulge of his penis pushing at the material. She thought about what he had just done and the way it had felt when she had peed into her pants. The warmth spreading beylikdüzü escort across her little pussy had been nice, and seeing what it had done to daddy made her feel tingly. Maybe she liked it too. Seeing daddy so recklessly pee himself to show her she wasn’t alone had been special.

Daddy moved closer to her now and wrapped his arms around her. She could feel him pressing into her now very wet crotch with his penis. That’s when she noticed she was feeling turned on as well. But this was her daddy. Daddies don’t get turned on by their baby girls, nor do they press there crotches against them under the pretence of giving a cuddle.

“Why don’t we get you out of those wet shorts, eh?”

“Erm, ok daddy.”

He undid the button of her shorts and peeled the wet fabric down her legs. Slowly and gently he removed her shorts.

“Those tights and panties will need washing too.”

He reached up and began removing her tights. He left them and her skirt in a wet pile and then took hold of the waistband of her panties. She flinched back a little.

“Come on now baby girl, you can’t keep wet panties on, let daddy help you.”

Reluctantly she let him pull her soaked panties down.

She could see he was looking at her pussy. She had a light covering of pubic hair on her pubis but that was all. His eyes were locked onto her slight pussy, staring at the moisture clinging there, not all of which, she had to admit, was pee. Her panties came off and were added to the pile. She could feel daddy’s breath on her exposed skin. It was warm and felt good. He stayed kneeling there and she closed her eyes enjoying the feel of his breath. She felt his hands on her thighs. They were rough but gentle. Daddy’s hands.

She had always been close to her daddy but this was something different. She felt him move closer by his breath on her skin. He must have only been inches away from her pussy now.

“Will you let daddy taste you?”

She hesitated only for a fraction of a second. Would it be so wrong for her to let daddy? He was her daddy after all, why should he not.

“Uh-huh,” she replied.

She felt his tongue brush against her pussy. It was like a jolt of electricity passed through her. This was wrong, she knew that, but it felt good. It felt right.

He could taste the mixture of pee and her juices on her lips. bilecik escort She was turned on as well. He had wanted this for such a long time. He moved his tongue further along her slit up to her opening. He began to probe inside just a bit and then moved back towards her clit. He could feel her trembling. Again and again he ran his tongue from her clit to her lips and into her opening, each time probing deeper.

He juices were flowing freely now. She was excited. The taboo nature of the act making her excited. Then he stopped. Why? Before she could speak he was on his feet and lifting her onto the sofa. He lay her down on her back and began to undo his zipper.

“Will you let daddy be with you? Will you be his special baby girl and let him make love to you?”

She nodded her ascent. With his zip all the way down daddy’s cock came free. It looked so big and was glistening with his piss and pre cum. Without pause he lowered himself down to the level of her pussy and with one clean thrust drove himself deep into her. Her soft pussy was like heaven to him. Nothing had, or ever would compare to the feeling of fucking his baby girl.

She felt her lips part and daddy’s length fill her it hurt at first but as daddy thrust his hips back and forth she felt her muscles relax and a tingle grow with in her. He leant down and kissed her affectionately on the fore head before whispering in her ear,

“Daddy loves you very much. You are so special.”

More and more daddy thrust into her and the tingle grew with each movement.

“Daddy, it feels funny.”

She gasped the words out breathlessly.

“I know baby, just let yourself go with it.”

Her breathing became sharper, his thrusts faster. The tingle had grown and felt like it was going to burst out of her. She did as daddy had said and went with it. It spread out from her pussy in waves. Small at first but growing. As the orgasm built within her she could feel daddy moving faster and faster. She felt the waves reaching a crescendo and just as they broke through her she felt daddy’s hot fluid fill her.

He kept thrusting as his cum filled her pussy. His groan of ecstasy was animalistic. He felt his baby girl contract around him with her own orgasm. It was the best feeling in the world. He had never felt so close to her before. Eventually he stopped and withdrew from her. She was still shaking and he drew he off the sofa and into his embrace. They sat there for a while in silence until he whispered,

“This is our little secret now baby girl, OK?” he felt her nod her head against his chest.

“How about I draw us a bath and we get cleaned up, then we can get into bed and have a story? Would you like that?”

“Yes please daddy.”

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