Daddy’s Babygirl Ch. 03


****This story contains explicit incest, and is solely a work of fiction. All characters are over the age of 18 years. I do not condone or encourage any illegal sexual activities, but I do enjoy writing erotica stories. I understand that this genre is not for everyone. I will be refining my characters and storylines as I go and hopefully get better at this. Please enjoy my third chapter. Your feedback is much appreciated. Angelgal76*****


Angel went to her bedroom to finish drying off from her shower with Daddy. She was humming to herself thinking of how hot it had been and how turned on Daddy was. She folded down the comforter and sheets preparing for Daddy to come fuck her. The night table beside her bed was full of lingerie and her favorite sex toys.

She decided to wear the Black Baby-doll with the cute lacy G-string panties. She was feeling horny as she waited patiently for Daddy so she decided to get her pussy nice and wet for him. She started by pinching her nipples through the fabric and as her nipples brushed against the lace they were instantly hard and very sensitive.

“Mmmmm.” she moaned.

Then she slowly moved her hand down to her pussy it was already starting to throb in anticipation. She put her hand in between her panties and started to rub her fingers up and down her pussy lips not touching her clit yet.She was moaning softly her hips lifting as she kept rubbing her fingers up and down her pussy lips getting so wet. She finally moved her finger over her hard clit adding just the right pressure. She wanted to make herself cum before Daddy came in so she would be ready for him. She looked up and he was standing in the doorway of her room in nothing but a towel.

He was instantly hard and removed the towel so she could see how aroused he was. He started to stroke Beylikdüzü escort his hard cock watching her moan and play with herself on her bed. He knew that she was close to cumming. She was wearing a very sexy Baby-doll with a scrap of lacy panties it was so sexy and watching her play with herself to get ready for his cock was very erotic.

‘Mmmmm Daddy I’m going to cum.”

She was so turned on by her Daddy standing in her doorway watching her again. She Came really hard.

“Ooooh Daddy!”

He continued to stand in the doorway stroking his cock watching his baby-girl cum, but this time he slowly moved towards the bed. He had to fuck her. He wanted to take her hard and fast. He got to the bed, she looked so sexy with her long hair flowing around her and the sexy lingerie.

“You are so hot Baby; I want you so much.”

He quickly removed the tiny lacy scrap of panties they were soaked as he did this she raised her fingers to her lips and slowly sucked off the pussy juice that was all over them while giving him a sassy look. He moved on top of her pinching her pretty pink nipples through the lacy Baby-doll and started rubbing his cock up and down her wet pussy lips teasing them both. He wanted her to beg him for his cock and couldn’t wait to plunge into her hot, tight, wet pussy.

“Tell me how much you want my cock Angel.”

“Please Daddy I need to feel your hard cock inside me.”

With her begging him for his cock he plunged into her. She moaned loudly.

“Mmmmm you feel so good Daddy.”

He started fucking her hot tight pussy slowly then faster as she moaned and took his full shaft. She loved how Daddy’s cock was big and filled and stretched her pussy hitting her g-spot causing her to gush her pussy juice all over his cock. He continued to fuck her Beylikdüzü escort for a long time causing her to have orgasm after orgasm.

“I want to fuck you from behind now Angel.” he told her.

He pulled his soaked cock out of her tight pussy as she obediently moved into position with her sweet ass in the air. He was going to fuck her hard and fast and it was going to be deep. He pushed his cock into her with one fluid motion then started to fuck her hard and fast. She was moaning loudly as he made her cum all over his cock again

“Ohhh Daddy it feels so good please fuck me hard don’t stop.”

He pumped his cock in and out of her feeling the familiar churning in his balls as he prepared to cum.

“I’m going to cum in you Baby.”

“Yes Daddy cum in my hot pussy Please Daddy.”

He came hard into her and she came again as well. He pulled out of her and lay down next to her exhausted from the vigorous activity. He held her in his arms and cuddled her close.

“Daddy loves you Baby girl that was amazing.”

“I love you too Daddy.”

They fell asleep wrapped in each other’s arms. Daddy woke up first they had shifted and were both on their sides, she was snuggled up against him her beautiful ass hugging his already stirring cock.

He gently started fondling her breast lightly pinching her nipple. She stretched against him and let out a moan of pleasure. He moved her hair aside and gently started kissing and nipping at her sensitive neck.

She smelled of sex and soap and her own womanly scent. He inhaled deeply enjoying the combined smell of her. She felt his cock rock hard against her ass then his hand playing with her sensitive nipple. Her body shivered as he kissed and gently nipped at her neck. MMMMM she said as she stretched against him again.

“Did Escort Beylikdüzü you have a good nap Baby?”

Her response was to moan and wiggle her ass against him. He moved his hand down her thigh caressing her gently moving lower to squeeze her shapely ass. His hand wandered lazily causing shivers up her spine. Daddy’s hands were steady and sure as her reached in between her legs and moved his fingers up and down her pussy lips. She was instantly wet moaning with pleasure at the touch of daddy’s hands on her. She felt so good so wet and ready for him. He shifted her legs so he could enter her from the position they were in. She felt daddy’s hard cock slide against her pussy then the head of his cock enter her and she moaned in pleasure. She was tight and wet and so ready for him to fuck her. He started slowly rocking his cock in and out of her.

“Mmmmm feels so good don’t stop daddy.” she told him.

He could feel her body responding to his movements and started to move faster. His cock slick and covered in her juices. He felt her body building as she moved against him with every thrust. She was moaning loudly and “I’m going to cum.” she moaned as her body exploded around him causing him to cum as her orgasm flooded around him.

They lay together entwined until their heartbeats slowed down.

“Such a good girl Baby, that was incredible.”

“Thank you Daddy.”

He had to go to the office because there were some meetings he had that couldn’t be rescheduled. So he left her room to get ready for his day whistling as he went. He couldn’t believe how much satisfaction he got from having sex with his Baby.

He wanted to have a discussion with her and find out what she knew about sex other than what they had already experienced and explore so many more fun and kinky things with her. He had a secret dominate side and wanted to see if he could explore it with his Baby. Her mother was going to be away for some Teachers conferences and workshops soon and it would be the perfect time to see if she was open to his dark desires…

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