There you are running thru my mind. Kicking up all kinds of emotions. Do you have any idea what you do to me? When I think of you get tingly all over. I think of all the ways I want to touch you and be touched by you. I am going to tell you what I want to do to you when we are together.

I want to unbutton your shirt and caress your chest. I want to lick you nipples and suck on them until they are hard. I want to kiss your neck and take a little nibble or two. You will sit on the couch so I can straddle you and sit on your lap. I will remove my shirt so you can see my breast. My nipples are hard before you even touch me.

I have a bottle of heated body oil that I pour in my hands and rub on your chest. It is making your skin warm.

You reach around and unhook my bra revealing my breasts to you. You take the oil and pour it in your hands. You caress my back, spreading the warming oil.

You reach up and draw my head down to you. We kiss. Softly at first, then it gets more passionate. Our tongues dance, your kiss has so much desire behind it. You pull back, I want to kiss you more but you have other ideas.

You esenyurt anal yapan escort kiss my neck as your hands caress my back. You bite me, hard enough to cause pain gentle enough to bring pleasure. Wow that feels good.

I want to feel more of you.

I stand up and remove my skirt, but keep on my lace panties. I sit back on you lap and feel a nice bulge. I reach down and caress you. I kiss you again.

Your hands are playing with my nipples making them hard again. You draw one into you mouth and suck on it. Your hands continue to caress my breasts and one moves down to caress my bum.

I undo your pants. I stand up so you can remove them. I like what I see and lick my lips. I want to taste you and feel you in my mouth. You sit back down and spread you knees apart, I kneel in front of you. I reach for you and caress you.

I want you.

I pull you towards me as I lower my mouth and lick around the rim. I like the taste of you. I like holding you. I slowly take you in my mouth just the head and suck on you. I take you further in, you are leaning esenyurt escort back you like watching me take you in my mouth. I take you deeper. I remove you complete and lick you like a lollypop, my favorite lollypop.

I lick the vain on your underside and lick your sack. I gently draw them into my mouth and suck on them. I lick my way back up to your tip. And take you in my mouth. I take you all the way. You buck your hips slightly pushing you deeper.

You stop me and want me to sit on your lap. I stand and you lean forward to remove my panties. As you do your tongue licks my mound. You move my feet apart so you can lick my lips as I stand before you. Your hands are on my bum, drawing me to your mouth. I am running my hands in your hair. You place one of my feet on the edge of the couch to allow you better access to your treasure.

Your tongue finds my clit and you suck it into your mouth. I moan with pleasure. You make my knees weak. You know I am getting close, I want to feel you in me.

You close your knees and position me to sit on you. You are holding yourself so I cannot esenyurt eve gelen escort sit fully on you. You like teasing me with your tip. Letting it slide in and out of my wetness. Slowly you allow me to take you deeper, building the feeling for both of us.

When you are fully inside, I rock my hips rubbing my clit against you. You reach up and caress my breast, and suck on my nipples. First one, then the other. Our tempo is increasing.

You move your hands to my hips to increase the motion, getting you deeper. My hands are on you shoulders, I reach down and kiss you. You buck your hips getting even deeper still. We are both about to cum. you reach around and play with my bum. You slide a finger inside and match its movement to ours. I dig into your shoulders. You buck harder and deeper into me.

I climax. It lasts so long. It feels so good having you inside of me.

You move us to the floor in such a way that we don’t separate. I am on my back and you draw up my knees. You sink deeply into me and still push deeper. I can feel another climax building. I rub my clit. You are ready to climax. I raise my hips and wrap my legs around you.

We are cumming together. It feels so good. AHHH… You grunt and cum deep inside me. I moan with pleasure as I coat you with my silky lotion.

You reach for the blanket on the couch and cover us with it before you collapse in my arms and kiss me.

Ummm you feel so good inside me.. a perfect fit.

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