Deeper Love


I really didn’t plan on things with my stepsister Candace getting this far out of hand, but damn it, they had! At first, it was innocent flirtation. She would be coy and cute and make comments about me, about my brains, about … other things that she found appealing about me, but not too bluntly. Then, she began teasing me, just a little here or there. Accidental flashing, accidental post-shower streaking, accidental mooning … accidental bending over in a short skirt with no panties on, that sort of thing. There was nothing accidental, of course.

One day, I made the mistake of confronting my eighteen year old stepsister, and well, things got worse. Somehow, step by step, she got me to confess my attraction to her. Then, of course, she worked my pants down to my ankles, and before I knew it, my cock was in her mouth. Then, somehow, I found my cock balls deep in her pussy. The real shocker was when she got me to fuck her in the ass. All of this was despite dating my girlfriend of six years, Molly Maguire (and yes, that was her actual name). Now I, who had only strayed twice before, and that was before Molly began putting out for me, was cheating once again, this time with my stepsister, who was more like an actual sister to me than anyone else … We really had grown up together.

“Look, Molly, I want you to know that … I will try to break it off, but it won’t be easy. Candace is … everywhere at home. Hard to avoid. Hard to escape. I never meant to cheat on you, baby. Sorry. If you want to break it off, I understand,” I told Molly, who wiped away her tears and looked away from me for a moment.

“Jack … Jack Hartman … here’s the truth of things. You’re not going to be able to break it off with Candace. You might think that you can, but I’m telling you now, that it won’t happen. You said it yourself. She’s always going to be around. Family reunions. Birthdays. Weddings. Funerals. Everywhere, honey. That’s just reality. You can try, but she’ll wear you down. You’ll cheat again with her. I believe that you’ve been faithful to me before, aside from those two times before we became intimate, but this … this is a long-term deal, sweetie. There’s no getting around this. I just…

“I just need time to decide if I can cope with this. Can I accept knowing that not only might you slip and end up in bed with your stepsister, but you will end up in bed with your stepsister. I need time to figure this out for myself. Please give me that time … and in the meantime, for your own sanity, don’t resist Candace. Just let her have her way. I don’t know if you’ll still have me when this is all done, but I know that there’s no point in denying that you’ll always have Candace,” Molly fought back her tears yet again, as she admitted her honest feelings to me at last.

I didn’t know what to tell her, how to make her feel better, but I hugged and kissed her, and at least she didn’t pull away from that. I held my girlfriend close, even as she basically told me that she wanted time apart from me. It hurt, but that was the reality, and I had hurt her by cheating, so, what else was new? I loved her deeply, but what did I feel for Candace? What kind of love was that? What could I say or do? What would happen next?

Well, what happened next was something that really made my life complicated. Candace told me, upfront, that she never planned to let me go … never. She would always be intimate with me if she could help it. She wanted me to know, ahead of time, that I was stuck with her and there was no escape from her plans for me. She wanted to be with me … for life. One way or the other, she wasn’t going to give me up at all.

“Sis … this is crazy! I mean, what about boys? Girls? A dating life? Marriage? All that jazz. This is just plain nuts! You want me to be your booty call for life, and what happens if Molly takes me back or someone else gets with me? What then? Are you going to be the other woman, permanently? What if you find a better guy? You see where I am going here?” I tried to talk her down from this kind of lifetime commitment that had no hope of going anywhere, at least anywhere that I thought that she would desire.

All that I got out of Candace was her playing that goddamned Leann Rimes song, “Can’t Fight The Moonlight.” You know, that song … the one with lyrics such as “you can try to resist, just to hide from my kiss, but you know, oh, you know, that you can’t fight the moonlight…” That song kept playing, over and over, in our house. Mom and Dad had no idea why it kept playing, but I did and so did Candace. They just knew that it drove them both berserk, hearing it day in and day out.

Things came to a head one Saturday morning at the laundromat, where I got stuck somehow “babysitting” Candace, even though she was of age. She started playing that very same song and I tried to cover up my ears, but she wouldn’t hear of it. Candace pulled back my hands from my ears and started making out with me in public, leaving no question in the eyes of the other patrons that we were lovers, of course. Worse still, her lips were so soft, so hard to resist kissing them, her tongue mecidiyeköy eskort was so wet, her kisses so sweet, that it was really impossible to deny her apparent claim on me. Finally, however, I opted to confront her head-on.

“Sis, are you crazy?” I asked her directly.

“Crazy for you, babe. Look, I don’t care that it’s taboo. No, actually, I do care. I think that it makes things even sexier. Look, see my latest ink here?” Candace then showed me her tattoo … her tramp stamp that actually read “Property of Jack Hartman.” My eyes bugged out at that part, of course … that was a serious crush indeed.

“Sis, what if I get back with Molly?” I tried to bluff her, not telling her that Molly already knew about us … I certainly wanted to bed her, but I didn’t want to lose Molly, and part of me definitely still felt disturbed by my attraction to my own stepsister.

“Look, honey, it’s just this simple. I’m yours. I don’t care about your girlfriends, your wives, or whatever else you have. I’m yours. I only know what my heart tells me, and it tells me that I belong to you. I would not have gotten that ink on a whim, baby. So, if you want to get back with Molly, that’s fine, but this is no mere booty call, on your end or mine. I’m yours. My pussy. My ass. My mouth. All of it is yours. My womb is yours. I will not deny it to you, ever, for any reason whatsoever. I might be only eighteen, but I know what I want in life and I will not change my mind.

“Haven’t you ever figured out how stubborn I am? Well, that extends to you, big brother. I’m in love with you and I’m going to seduce you, time and again. With or without Molly, and personally, I hope that she comes back to you, because you’re going to need some action whenever you stupidly resist me … plus, she makes you happy and I want my brother happy. So, that’s the deal, baby. You’re stuck with me … for life. Deal with it,” Candace made her intentions plainer than she ever could.

Two weeks later, I was dating Molly again, of course. That girl came back to me just like that. I wasn’t sure if perhaps she had convinced herself that it was all over between Candace and me, though it really wasn’t. I just knew that Molly “made me happy,” much as Candace said. I didn’t know what to tell her about Candace now. If she was in a bubble, I didn’t want to burst it. I didn’t even know how to fight off Candace’s affections, as she kept pushing her way back into my life, of course. I just knew that I loved both girls … but Molly made me happy, and Candace, well she just wouldn’t leave me be.

Things came to a head when Molly blurted out, during the nice veal parmigiana dinner at Sorrentino’s, a very fine family ristorante downtown, “Are you going to ask me to marry you or not? Why else even take me to Sorrentino’s? That’s where girls go to get proposals.”

“Fine, I hadn’t gotten around to the ring yet, but I absolutely want to make you my wife, so, here it goes … Molly Maguire, will you marry me?” I finally snapped and asked her, sincerely, but with real concerns still about my stepsister, if she wanted to be my bride.

“Yes, but on one condition,” Molly answered me, much to my shock … I felt it coming, the demand, the ultimatum: give Candace up or I won’t marry you … could I tell her the truth?

“It’s Candace, isn’t it? Sorry, I can’t promise you that. I can promise you anything else in the world, but I can’t promise to give her up! Damn it, Molly, I love you, but all she has is me! I love her, too, you know! I’m Big Brother and how I can break her heart? How can I break yours? I don’t like breaking people’s hearts. I don’t have it in me, babe! I just don’t!” I snapped yet again, revealing more than I intended.

“You misunderstand, honey. My condition is about Candace, but it isn’t that you drop her. It’s that you keep her. I’m serious, babe. I mean it. I will not enter this family, this marriage, with bad blood in the family, in the tribe. I will not go to a wedding where the groom’s sister is heartbroken and can’t stand the sight of me. I had to do a lot of soul searching before I took you back, and in the end, what I realized was this … did I want to be with the kind of man who loved his sister so much that he couldn’t drop her, couldn’t break her heart, as you say, no matter what the consequences? Or did I want to be with the kind of man with a heart so cold toward his family that he could ruthlessly crush his own sister just to have the perfect wife and life that made him happy, but at the cost of his sister’s happiness?

“You put her happiness above your own. Now that, baby, is love. That’s true love. In the end, baby, the bottom line, is that you love us both. This was never about lust or playing or cheating or getting one over on me. This was about a girl that you love … and another girl that you love, and how you want both of us happy and you’re struggling, from love, to achieve just that. Many men love cheat, yes, but not many men love like that. Many men never cheat, but they still love so shallowly and selfishly, going through the motions and taking what they can from women without caring zeytinburnu escort a dot for their feelings.

“You’re the other kind of man. The kind who loves so much, sometimes, it spills over and you end up loving more than one person. You’re the kind who cares deeply about people. The kind who doesn’t want to hurt someone whom you love and you fight hard not to hurt anyone. You’re a protective big brother. You’re a loving boyfriend. You have a big heart, a lot of love, more than I have ever seen from a man before … So, honey, I must insist that you be true to yourself, or I can no longer love or respect the man that you are enough to marry you. Keep your sister. Keep me. Love us both.

“That’s what you want to do, deep inside, as much as you’ve fought against it. Now you know and accept the truth. You are who you are, babe. You’re the most loving, caring man that I know, and I have never felt safer and happier than being with you. If that means sharing you with your stepsister, so be it. I’d rather share a man like you than have a thousand shallow men to myself. Is it strange? Is it risky? Is it unorthodox? Yes. But it’s also the most loving, romantic solution that I can imagine for the three of us.

“So, how about it? Let’s take this adventure together, you, me, and the sister who holds your heart captive, too. Sometimes, love is so powerful and so great that you just have to share it,” Molly stunned me very much with the depth of her feelings and thoughts.

“Well, when you put it that way,” I smiled at her, my fiancee, at least she was now, “Your proposal is acceptable.”

“Oh, no, this was your proposal. I just brought it into the daylight, dear. I just insisted upon honest sharing, that’s all. And it’s very acceptable to me. Yes, Jack Hartman, I will marry you. And as for the rest, well, Candace, are you coming out or not?” Molly shocked me again by having my stepsister join us at the table, much to everyone’s surprise, of course.

“Now, don’t get any ideas of threesomes or anything greedy like that. You’re a great guy, but that doesn’t keep you from having kinky desires. Nothing wrong with that, but I’m just not threesome material, at least not yet. Maybe in a few years, and if it happened, it would be with you and Candace. There is literally no other woman that I trust not to try to steal you away. Can we have your word on no other women? I can promise you that there will be no other men. It’s just … a V, for now, at least. I’ve read up on Vs and Candace was nice enough to show me some real polyamory literature.

“We won’t share you with a third woman, though. That would just be cheating, plain and simple. This is just you, me, and your stepsister, whom I hope to bring along for the wedding night and honeymoon. Yes, she’ll be tagging along, if that’s okay with you. But since I’m not ready for threesomes, your lovemaking with her will have to be in my downtime. Afterward, well, we’re kinda hoping to move her in with us. Three to a bed. Again, we’d take turns with you. At times, you would be with her. At times, you’d be with me. No condoms, which is another reason to keep it to the three of us. No birth control. I think that you can see where this is leading,” Molly continued.

“You … and she … you both want to have my babies,” I stammered out, more than a little shocked.

“Well, yes, we do. Look, honey. This is love. This is what you want. This is what she wants. And, yes, babe, this is what I want, too. It’s basically polygamy in this case, except not formalized with her. She’d essentially be your girlfriend or your second wife. So, what do you say to this … proposal? It might not quite be the ultimate male fantasy, but it’s more than I ever expected to agree to do, baby. From two heterosexual women, well, it’s about what you can expect at most. If this were just about getting your rocks and you taking what you want, that would be different … Here, you’re giving as well as taking. Right, Sis? Come on, Candace, speak up!” Molly turned to my stepsister now.

“There’s only one thing that I would contradict, Sis … I’m not straight. I’m bisexual, but I will respect your desire to keep me at arm’s length that way. I totally get it. Sharing a man is an incredible act of selflessness on your part and I will never forget it. Just as I won’t forget the brother who loved me enough that he couldn’t swear me off, even while proposing to his girlfriend. That’s … hell, that’s more love than I could have expected from any man but you. You loved her too much to lie to her and me too much to give me up. It really wasn’t just lust between us. If it was, you could have lied to her or given me up. I didn’t dream the love after all.

“Face it, bro. You hit the jackpot. You have two women in love with you and the heart to love those two women back in a way that makes them feel safe in sharing you. As for the threesomes, a girl can dream, but I won’t risk our relationship, our dynamic for a fantasy. It will just have to be a fantasy, at least for now. If you ever change your mind, Sis, let us know, please! We should absolutely be the first and only people sultangazi escort with whom you have that threesome,” Candace urged my fiancee now.

“Yeah, I agree with that. And since you’re both so generous with me, let me say for the record that if either or both of you meet another man and start … feeling that kind of feeling for him, as long as you tell me first … I’ll give my blessing for a serious relationship with that man. Or woman, for that matter. I know what you said, but bear that in mind. I just want to be told upfront and openly, not have it done behind my back. I know that sounds hypocritical, given how Candace and I started,” I announced before Molly put her finger to my lips.

“It might be hypocritical, except for the fact that you weren’t ready for the avalanche of emotions that would come from a sister like her throwing herself at her loving and protective big brother, who was used to spoiling her and giving her … her way. That’s a tidal wave of feeling that was overwhelming to you, and in the end, you were honest with me, just as I was with you.

“Look, I appreciate the offer. I don’t expect to ever take you up on it, but I appreciate it. It shows a great deal of selflessness on your part and a willingness to risk the scorn and contempt of society, to risk wearing the cuckold’s horns and whatever else society would say of you. You’re a better man than they’ll ever be, just as your sister and I are better women, dare I say, than most. Most men would take this deal and never make any attempt to reciprocate. You’re an even bigger, more loving man than I thought.

“I swear to God that if that ever happens, I will do exactly what you proposed and come clean right away with my feelings. I promise you, baby, I will do just that. I will not go behind your back and I will not humiliate you. I will respectfully inform you and explain how I feel about him. And it would be a him in my case. I just don’t go for girls.

“Which brings to mind another point. What if you fall for another woman … and you don’t go behind my back or hers? I think that it’s only fair that in that case, you get … license to love her as well. You’ve been so … great about this. But here I am, acting as if the future is all sealed and all determined and that only two women will ever love you like this. That’s … just plain silly, isn’t it?

“May I have your permission and Candace’s to amend that ‘no third woman’ rule to allow a third woman if Jack comes forward about it ahead of time and tells us that he’s in love with her and that she’s in love with him? Is that okay with you guys?” Molly shocked me yet again.

“Works for me … and I make the same promise, too. I won’t go behind your back. I won’t cheat. I won’t have an affair. Man or woman. I will come clean with you. Period. I can’t be sure in my case if it would be a man or a woman. But I do agree with Molly about amending that rule. It’s not fair to you to shut the door this early on, without knowing who might come in and out of our lives. What if I fall for a woman and she also falls for Jack? I would love to be able to share her with Jack if that’s what everyone wants, after all. Tell me truly, what are your thoughts and feelings, Jack, honey?” Candace surprised me as well.

“Well … you showed me once again how selfless both of you really are. Just when I thought that I had seen the full extent of your unselfish, caring, sharing ways, you outdid yourselves again. So, that’s the deal, we’re agreed? No others for any of us unless we come forward and get everyone’s blessing. Deal? We’ll be faithful, but leave room for expanding the circle of that polyfidelity? Let me abridge my previous proposal by asking … ladies, will you both marry me?” I proposed now to both of them.

“Yes!” Molly told me with a very real lip lock.

“Hell, yeah, bro!” Candace exclaimed in her response, kissing me like crazy.

“By the way, I have the same tramp stamp as Candace now. It completely matches, even down to the color of the ink,” Molly whispered to me as we paid up, getting a very curious look from the waiter.

“You know, I’m gay and never thought that I would say this, but if you ladies ever decided to share him with a man, I’d consider a trial relationship. If it helps, I’m a Top,” the waiter, who looked like a lean version of Mario, winked at us, much to our shock.

“Honey, you’re … not … bisexual yourself, are you?” Molly teased me, just as Candace slipped her hands down the back of my dress pants.

“Now, now, ladies, don’t ask, don’t tell,” I teased them back.

I didn’t know if it was the flirtatious gay waiter or what, but all that talk of “downtime” and no threesomes didn’t last the time that it took us to get to bed. While Molly was still very straight and not up to doing anything with Candace, the ladies both attacked and ravished me like she-wolves or lionesses going after their prey. I didn’t know if they had slipped some Viagra into my burgundy wine, but they certainly did their best to raise the dead, more than once. I wasn’t sure what had happened to them, but I did went a round, stopped, recovered, went another round, and end up passing my dick back and forth between them so as not to deprive either one. By the end of the fourth round, I was pretty much wiped out. The girls had drained me completely in more ways than one.

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