Subject: Devyn’s Struggle V2-23 This is a fictional story involving sexual acts between two or more men. If this offends you, why are you here? If you are under the legal age to read sexually explicit material then do not read any further. This story in no way represents any person living or dead. Any resemblance to any real person is purely coincidental. This story is the property of the author and no copying or posting to any other website is permitted without the author’s written consent. Please help keep Nifty going by donating to this awesome fty/donate.html Devyn’s Struggle V2 Chapter 23 Devyn had been sore for days and it took even longer for the bruises to fade. It was hard for him to not jump at unexpected noises. He kept expecting to see Tom breaking into the house. “You look tired,” Joe told Devyn one morning. “I did not sleep well,” Devyn said. He was watching Joe kneeling to give Barkley his food and some water. The dog was doing good at getting around with the injured leg. “It will take a little time,” Joe said standing back up and watching the dog eating. “That is probably true,” Devyn said. “He won’t be back here,” Joe said after seeing Devyn jump at an unexpected sound. “You keep telling me that,” Devyn said, “but he got out once before.” “He’s not going to this time,” Joe said and pulled Devyn into a hug. “This time he’s going away for good.” Joe’s strong hand was sliding up and down Devyn’s back as he was holding the teenager. Devyn felt so safe when Joe was hugging him like this. While in Joe’s arms, he felt like he was safe and loved. The physical contact just seemed to make the feelings Devyn had for Joe stronger. One thing Devyn had been worried about was Todd. He had wondered how his friend had coped with what Tom had done to him. He had voiced his feelings to Hannah. “I just don’t know how Tom found Todd,” Devyn said. “I don’t understand how Tom found me for that matter.” “Tom was a much more resourceful man than any of us thought,” Hannah told Devyn on the phone. “He had quite the net work of people feeding him information about vulnerable kids. You were not his first boy and neither was Todd. It appears from what I have uncovered that Tom had been paying someone in the juvenile court system for information about kids. His contact would keep an eye out for boys that were in a situation where they could be used by him. He just happened to find you a different way. That is how Tom found Todd and I am sure it is this contact that gave or sold Tom the information about you. ” “Wow how horrible for someone to sell information like that,” Devyn said. “Yes,” Hannah agreed. “He was a despicable man.” “I hope he doesn’t get out this time,” Devyn said. “Oh, he won’t,” Hannah said. “He got out on some sort of technicality. I am still looking into that. This time he went in front of Judge Hall. I have sat thru several of Judge Hall’s cases and I have never seen him livid like he was this time. To say he would be throwing the book at Tom would be an understatement. He is being held without bail until the hearing. Judge Hall said he was a clear and present danger to the public. He will be going away for a very, very long time.” “That is great,” Devyn said. “that is the kind of good news I could use.” “Now what are you doing this weekend,” Hannah asked him. “Just working on the farm with Joe,” Devyn answered. “how is he handling everything?” she asked. “You know Joe,” Devyn said. “He keeps everything inside. He’s being great but he doesn’t talk about it. If I say anything, he tells me he is okay.” “That’s my little brother,” she said. “He’s always trying to be a strong man. It is hard to get inside the walls he has built.” “If I had never come to live here,” Devyn began. “don’t start that,” Hannah said interrupting him. “None of this is your fault and I know no one is blaming you.” “if I had only gotten into the truck or ran straight for the barn,” Devyn began. “If you had,” Hannah interrupted again, “You and Barkley might have both ended up shot. That would have hurt Joe even more.” “I guess,” Devyn said. “I just wish there was something I could say or do.” “I was thinking Travis and I might come for the weekend,” Hannah said. “it would be good to see you both and Travis always misses you. He doesn’t spend enough time with his favorite uncle.” “That would be great,” Devyn said. “But there is this thing at the university Ethan was trying to talk me into on Friday.” “Oh,” Hannah said. “Is Ethan your boyfriend?” Devyn could not help but laugh. “No,” he said. “He isn’t interested in me. He likes his guys to be a little older than him so he has his sites set on someone else.” “Oh really?” Hannah said her voice amused. “He’s into Joe?” “Yeah,” Devyn said. “I’m hoping I can convince him to go but if you and Travis are coming…” bursa escort “No, you take him over there,” Hannah said. “We won’t be there until late afternoon.” “Oh, that will work,” Devyn said. “The event will be over by early afternoon.” Devyn was wishing he had a sister like Hannah. He felt better after talking to her. She was still looking into the Todd situation and was going to make sure the kid got the help he needed. “You know,” Devyn began over dinner on Wednesday night, “Ethan was telling me about this prospective student’s event they are having on Friday.” “Oh,” Joe responded. “Ethan thought I might want to go over and check it out,” Devyn said. “He thought it might help me to decide if I wanted to go to college.” “That sounds like a good idea,” Joe said taking an interest. “You need to go to college and that is a nice school.” “Yeah, so how about we both go over there on Friday,” Devyn said. “It would be an excused absence for me and you could do with a day off from the farm.” “I don’t know about leaving Barkley,” Joe said. “You could take the truck and go on your own.” “Lee will come out and check on Barkley,” Devyn said. “I already checked with him. I think we should both go.” “Oh, I don’t know,” Joe said. “don’t worry,” Devyn said,” you won’t be bored. I’m sure that Ethan will be happy to hang out with you.” “Won’t he have classes,” Joe asked. “I guess not,” Devyn said. “It was his idea.” “You and Ethan might be able to get to know each other better if I am not there,” Joe said. “Besides, I should stay home and work on stuff.” “Ethan is not interested in me,” Devyn said. “Hmmm,” Joe said thinking. “I don’t want to give him the wrong impression.” “He knows exactly where he stands,” Devyn said. “That doesn’t me he doesn’t like you and won’t want to hang out with you. Give him a chance. He is a good guy and he likes you.” “I don’t know,” Joe began. “Come on Joe,” Devyn interrupted. “Go with me, get to know Ethan and take a break.” “You really want me to go?” Joe said. “Of course,” Devyn said. “It will be more fun with you and you need a day away. I think we both do.” “Alright,” Joe said. “We will go.” “Great,” Devyn said. After the morning chores on Friday, both Devyn and Joe cleaned up and headed to the university. They met Ethan at the Student Union and then Joe and Ethan walked Devyn to the prospective student orientation. “You two have fun,” Devyn said as he was leaving them. “We will,” Ethan said. “So what would you like to do?” Ethan asked Joe after Devyn left them. “You don’t have to hang out with me, you know,” Joe said. “Hey, I know I don’t have too, but I do want too.” Ethan’s voice was sincere. “How about we walk over to this local coffee shop. You can have some breakfast and some coffee.” “How did you know I didn’t have breakfast?” Joe asked. “I know these things,” Ethan said. “Plus Devyn mentioned something about leaving early and not eating.” Joe followed Ethan across the campus and down a couple of blocks to a coffee shop. “What will you have?” Ethan asked. “Just a regular cup of coffee,” Joe said. “I’m not really too into all that fancy stuff.” “Okay,” Ethan said. Grab a table and I’ll get the coffees.” Ethan quickly returned with the drinks and breakfast for them both. “I got a regular cup of Joe for the sexy Joe,” he said flashing Joe a grin. “The food is actually good here. I was not sure what you wanted, so I got a couple of things that I like and you can have whichever you want. I also brought a couple of fattening breakfast sweets for a sweet guy.” “You are funny,” Joe said. “Thanks though. It does smell good.” “I’ll get seconds if you want,” Ethan said. “You need a little more weight.” “Are you stating I’m to skinny?” Joe said taking a drink of the coffee. “Nope, but you know it would not hurt for you to add a little too your frame. You look more lean than the last time I saw you. It’s nice to give a guy something to grab.” Joe looked at Ethan and lifted an eyebrow as Ethan grinned. “I hope you understand…” Joe began. “Yes, yes, I know,” Ethan said. “Devyn already told me to not get the wrong idea.” “I just want to be sure we understand each other,” Joe said. “No, I know exactly where I stand,” Ethan said honestly. “I would like there to be more, but if we are just friends, then that is what we are. Sometimes great relationships develop from friends.” “You aren’t going to give up are you?” Joe asked. “Not that easily,” Ethan said. Joe smiled and lifted a fork full of the breakfast to his lips. “Now that is attractive,” Ethan said. “You should smile more. You have very sexy lips.” “Joe popped the food into his mouth and chewed. “mmmm,” Ethan said. “knock it off,” Joe said laughing. “hey making you laugh is all part of the service,” Ethan said. It took Ethan a little work but he bursa escort bayan eventually got Joe to open a little bit. “So, your father didn’t understand your being gay?” Ethan asked. “No, not at all,” Joe said. “I guess his reaction was like Devyn’s father. Has Devyn told you anything about that?” “Not much,” Ethan said. “I know they did not understand him being gay so he is living with you.” “That is an understatement,” Joe thought. A loud Joe said, “He kicked me out. I was just lucky that I had a good friend that let me stay with him for a while. I ended up bouncing around a bit but landed on my feet. I actually learned some useful skills by being out on my own.” “That is good,” Ethan said. “Maybe you can show me those useful skills sometime.” Joe decided to ignore Ethan’s suggestion. It was written all over the college boy’s face what skills he wanted Joe to show him. “How about you?” Joe asked. “I mean how did your family react.” “They were sort of surprised, but they accepted it. There was no drama like with you and Devyn. My dad said he would rather I be interested in girls but only because of how hard life might be for me. Mom, well she is still hoping for grand children. But she is oaky if my future man and I adopt or whatever just as long as she gets to be grandma.” “That is great,” Joe said. “You are lucky.” “Your dad must have forgiven you or came to terms with it. I mean you got the farm and all.” “Actually he never did come to terms with it. He left everything to my sister. Hannah however was always supportive and understanding. She split everything fifty fifty. She believed that is how it should have been.” “that is one heck of a sister,” Ethan said. “I would like to meet her sometime.” “Maybe you will,” Joe said. Those words made Ethan’s heart skip a beat. It let in a ray of hope that he had not felt until that time. He was falling more and more for Joe and he was hoping that the man might let him into his life and his heart. The two left the coffee shop and strolled over to a nearby park. They walked in the shade and continued talking and learning more about each other. Ethen could not stop from dropping in several sexual suggestive comments and was rewarded with a smile from joe and a twinkle in the older man’s eye. “You just never quit do you,” Joe said after one of Ethan’s flirting comments. “I’m definitely not a quitter,” Ethan said. “anything worth having is worth fighting for and you my man are definitely worth a fight.” Joe discovered that Ethan was smart, caring, and silly. He was easy to talk to and easy to be around. Joe felt no pressure with the younger man and he could see himself enjoying spending more and more time with him. The two ended up walking back to the campus housing. “this is my building here,” Ethan said. “I have 3 roommates.” “Wow that must make things cramped,” Joe said. “come on up and take a look,” Ethan said. “they are like small apartments. Much better than the freshman dorm. Devyn might end up living in one if he goes to school here.” Ethan led Joe up the stairs to the second floor and to his apartment. They walked into the small living / dining area with the small galley stile kitchen to the left. Two other doors opened off of the living area. “My bedroom is on the left and the two other guys have the one on the right. I’d show you the bedroom, but Allen is probably sleeping. He has a night job, so he sleeps a lot during the day.” “Hmmm, and here I almost thought you were inviting me up for…” Joe said wagging his eyebrows for emphasis. “Just what kind of guy do you think I am,” Ethan said pretending to be shocked. “I am not that kind of boy. You have to buy me dinner first.” Both men broke out laughing. “You are a nut,” Joe said. “well, I hope you like a good nut.” Joe lifted his eye brow at the double antandra. “you are bad.” “Yes he is,” a tousled Allen said coming out of the bedroom he shared with Ethan. “Hey Alan,” Ethan said. “this is Joe.” “Hi,” Joe said. “Dude,” Alan responded. “You could have at least dressed a little bit,” Ethan said. “We do have company.” Alan was wearing only a pair of boxers as he walked to the kitchen. “He doesn’t mind,” Alan said. “And I know you don’t. You like the show.” “whatever,” Ethan said. “So, is this the new boyfriend??” Alan asked sitting down on the couch with a bowl of cereal. “Joe is just a friend,” Ethan said. “Too bad,” Alan said. “He’s a nice lookin’ dude.” Joe felt his face growing red. It had been a long time since he had been around guys that were this comfortable with each other. “Ah, I made him blush,” Alan said grinning. “He is even cuter.” “Knock it off,” Ethan said a little annoyed with his roommate. “Oh come on dude, you think he’s cute. You are so into him.” “Alan!” Ethan snapped. “Okay, okay,” escort bursa Alan said. “don’t get your panties in a bunch.” Ina more serious tone Alan told Joe, “Ethan is a good guy and I do think he likes you quite a bit. You could do worse than to date him.” “What makes you think I am even gay?” Joe asked. “Oh dude,” Alan said rolling his eyes, “first you are here with Ethan. Second, I saw you checking out this bod, so I know. You spent a little too much time on this chest and this basket.” Alan moved his hand over his tan chest and down to cup his cock and balls in his lose boxers. “Hell,” Ethan said. “I have been telling you all term that your basket isn’t that impressive.” “Sure, sure,” Alan said grinning. “I thinks you protests too much about how uninterested in it you are.” “Geez!” Ethan said in exasperation. “He thinks he is God’s gift to the world.” “Well the ladies they like it,” Alan said. “they just don’t know any better,” Ethan said. The three sat and talked and joked until Alan had to run off to class. “Your roommate seems cool,” Joe said after Alan had left. “yeh, he is a good guy,” Ethan agreed. “But not gay?” Joe asked. “No,” Ethan said. “He is straight but completely fine with having a queer roommate. In fact, I think he likes that I am gay. It is less competition for him that way.” “I never thought of it like that,” Joe said. “Devyn will be showing up in a little bit,” Ethan said. “I gave him directions to here when we last talked on the phone and told him that maybe I could get you back here to relax.” “You sure think ahead don’t you,” Joe said. “I try,” Ethan said. “So, before he gets here…” Ethan paused knowing that he was about to take a step that there was no taking back. “Yes,” Joe said. “Well, I want to…” Ethan began but his nervousness overtook him and he did not finish the thought. Joe smiled at how nervous Ethan had become. The college student had gone from all bullish confidents to uncertainty in a few seconds. Joe let down the walls that he had built around his emotions. Leaning closer to Ethan, Joe slid his arm around the younger man. He brought his lips to Ethan’s and kissed him. Ethan responded with enthusiasm as the two embraced and kissed for a long minute. They broke apart and looked into each other’s eyes. “I hope we can do that again,” Ethan said. “Me too,” Joe said. Leaning forward Ethan said, “no time like the present.” The two kissed again. Joe’s arm went around Ethan and his hand slid up and down the younger man’s strong back. Ethan cupped the back of Joe’s neck and held the man tight as the kiss grew longer and longer. They broke apart and dropped back down into their respective seats. “WOW!” Ethan said. “You can say that again,” Joe agreed. They sat in silence for a long minute and then Ethan took Joe’s hand into his own. “I want to see more of you. I want us to really date.” “I think I already knew that,” Joe said. “So can we go out sometime?” Ethan asked. “You know I am a lot older than you are,” Joe said. “Stop being hung up on our age,” Ethan said. “Besides, you aren’t that much older.” “So how about next Friday night?” Joe asked. “Yes,” Ethan said almost bouncing off his seat. “It’s a date then,” Joe said grinning at the younger man’s excitement. The door opened and Devyn came in with two other guys and he saw Joe and Ethan holding hands. He felt a wave a jealousy, but it was soon replaced with happiness for his friend. “Joe squeezed Ethan’s hand briefly and then pulled away. He looked at Devyn who’s lips quirked up into a smile. Joe hoped his young friend was happy for the way things had gone with Ethan. “We found this kid lurking outside the apartment,” the tall blonde guy said. “yeah,” the other blonde said. “He said he was just waiting for you.” “guys,” Ethan said. “that is Devyn and this is Joe. These are my roommates Mitch and Larry.” “So he was waiting for you?” Mitch asked. “Sort of,” Ethan said. “He and Joe came over to look over the campus. I was entertaining Joe while Devyn went to the orientation.” “He can be a very entertaining fellow,” Mitch said. “He has been a lot of fun,” Joe said. “Hmmm,” Larry said. “Perhaps we should take the guy, um, Devyn and go grab some…” “No, we need to get going,” Joe said. “I have chores to get done.” “Alright,” Ethan said. He was a little disappointed that they were leaving but he was also excited about the new possibility between them. “Thanks for a fun day,” Joe said. “Any time,” Ethan said hugging Joe. Joe returned the hug. He saw Devyn looking upset but when Devyn saw Joe looking at him, he smiled. Devyn felt another wave of jealousy at Joe and Ethan hugging. He wanted it to be him in those arms. He knew that Joe did not return those feelings so he needed to be happy that Joe might have found someone. He gave joe a smile hoping the man would understand that he was happy for him. Copyright 2020 by Keith yates att) all rights reserved. No copying, reposting, or distributing is permitted without the author’s written consent.

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