Dirty Comments 4 (dodgerh8ter)


Dirty Comments 4 (dodgerh8ter)I come to your, your still pissed at your bf from last night. we go to you bedroom and I take your clothes off and all the blankets on your bed leaving just the sheet. I tell you lay on the be face down ass up. you do it I get behind you and drag my finger nail over your ass cheeks, you moan. I tell you to keep your back arched as much as possible at all times. you say ok. I start kissing and biting your ass cheeks your moaning and breathing hard already. I spread your ass cheeks and place my wet tongue on your asshole again you moan. I start swirling it around your asshole you say OH GOD!! I lick up and down and suck on your ass you yell FUCK YES MY GOD!! I shove my tongue as deep as I can into your asshole you grab fist fulls of sheets sarıyer escort with both your hands and yell OMG YES EAT MY ASS FUCK!!! I slide my tongue down and into you waiting pussy hole. my nose is poking your asshole. I pull off and with my index finger I start rubbing your asshole. your breathing harder and say OMG FUCK RIM ME MORE PLEASE!! RIM MY ASSHOLE PLEASE!!! I place my mouth over your asshole and start sucking, you scream FUCK!!! MY GOD!!! as I lick suck and shove my tongue in and outta your asshole I slide two finger in your cunt. as I’m eating your asshole I’m banging your wet little fuck hole deep. your moaning and screaming YES FUCK YES!! I add another finger into your cunt as I lick esenyurt escort your asshole. your pussies so fucking wet it’s making that wet squishy sound. I back off and your breathing hard your assholes open just a little from my tongue being in there and your pussies dripping. I put some lube on my hand and start licking your asshole again, as I begin licking I slide 4 fingers in your pussy, you look back over your shoulder and yell you MOTHER FUCK!! I pull my fingers out and tuck my thumb in and shove my hand in your pussy. I almost got it all the way in yourmoaning and yell OMG OMFG!! I give one good push and my slides into your pussy your head pops up and you scream YESSSSSSS FUCCCKKKKKK I pull my hand out and push your head back avrupa yakası escort down, as I put more lube on my I tell reach back and grab your ass and spread it for me breathing hard you. your asshole open your pussy dripping I slap your asshole you scream I slap it again and again you yell FUCK MY GOD YOU MOTHER FUCKER!!! I place my hand at your open pussy hole and push it back in, you yell YESSSSS. my hand in your cunt to my wrist with my other hand I start rubbing your asshole. I’m working your pussy twisting and turning my hand as I fist your cunt. quickly I pull my hand out. you begin pissing or squirting as you yell OMG FUCK OMG!! I shove my hand back in now up to my forearm your yell and screaming your assholes gaping now. your breathing hard and uncontrollably. I pull my hand out and again you you squirt or piss. I shove my hand back in and work it in and out faster and faster you yell FUCK OMG FUCK all of a sudden your pussy spits my hand out and you fall flat on the bed shaking and pissing or squirting all over I leave you laying in a puddle on your bed soaking wet!!!!

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