Dominated by a married guy!

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Dominated by a married guy!If you have read my previous posts you’ll know that I’m a big cock crazy man-whore. I’m thirty years old and I’ve been a cock slut since I was 12 and been taking it up my ass since I was 17. So I’ve had my share of cock. And from the beginning I’ve been a submissive bitch. I like the whole thing of being abused by a superior man. Call me a whore, slap and spank my chubby ass and humiliate me for my tiny 3 inch dicklett! Initially it was my mouth that served as a willing pussy. First for my neighbour and then for virtually all the guys from my class from ninth to twelfth grade. Drinking cum was the best thing for me then. That is till I took my first cock up my ass when I was 17. From then on both my holes have been used and abused by many. Young, old, single, married, you name it. After college I was settled in with a nice job in bangalore. I shared this apartment with this nice guy who had an idea that I was gay. After the first year he got married and moved out. (I had the chance to be with the lucky couple once, I’ve written about it in my previous post!) So here I was, a slutty fag with insatiable hunger for cock, with aan apartment to myself. So what do I do? I go on a cock rampage. For the next ten days I had a different guy using me, every night. And on three of those days I had two guys using me simultaneously. I didn’t care who they were or what they did. I would meet them online and ask them over. I took load after load of cum, down my throat and up my ass. After ten days of intense pounding I was exhausted. I thought that this might be getting out of hand and decided on a self imposed break. So for the next two weeks I was off cock. And to boost refrained from cumming too. That was probably not a good idea. Because after close to 15 days of not cumming I was horney as fuck. So I went back online. I had a hoard of messages but none of them caught my attention. When I was online I got one which said:*married top looking for sub bottom *I’ve been with few married guys before and usually it’s just them looking for a quick bj that their wife won’t give. Once I’ve even blown a guy in his car, after which he asked me esenyurt escort to get out and drove away. Am not complaining since a cock is a cock! But today I was looking for more. But I wasn’t getting any. So I decided reply. *sub bottom ready to be used in any way you see fit *I got an immediate reply and after chatting for few minutes we decided to meet up at my regular pub. Since the pub is close to my place I got there quite early. Am dressed in my usual way, pair of jeans and a t shirt. As a rule no underwear and cleaned and lubed. Now this pub is where I meet guys before I get used as their cum rag. And it’s a small joint and all the four waiters know me. Know me well. I guess a beer for swallowing one load of cum is a fair deal. So as soon as they saw me, one of them came over. I told him I was there to meet someone and didn’t have time to please the gang. “but I guess I have time for one beer “He gave me a wry smile and went inside. I waited for a min and went into the staff rest room. He already had his pants down and was stroking his beautiful 7 inch cock. I wasted no time in getting on my knees and taking that gorgeous piece of Man meat in my mouth. I sucked him good for about ten minutes. Once he was about to climax, he grabbed me by my hair and face fucked me till he stiffened inside my mouth and dumped his gooey warm cum down my throat. I licked him clean and I cleaned up and headed back out. As I sat there drinking my well earned beer I saw this guy walk in. He was slightly taller than me and well toned. He has seen my pics and said he was looking for a chubby bottom. He slid in opposite me. His only condition was that it should be discreet. He told me that he was 28 and been married for three years. But their sex life was very vanilla. And he wanted to explore the wild side. I told him I was okay with anything except blood and cbt. He said he didn’t even care if I had no cock. Well he was quite close. After a beer we headed back to my place. As soon as we got in he sat down on the couch and asked me to get down on the floor next to him. I did so. “take off my shoes bitch “Once it was off he put his socked avrupa yakası escort feet on my face and rubbed it all over. ” take off my socks and suck on my toes. I wanna see how good you are before I let you near my cock. “Like a good bitch I did what he asked me to. I sucked and licked his toe for a while. Then he got up and asked me to strip him. So I got up and started taking off his shirt first. I could see that he worked out. Not the disgusting bulging muscles type though. Then I got back on my knees and undid his zop and belt. I pulled down the pants. He was wearing briefs which sported a healthy bulge. It had a spot of pre cum at the tip of the cock. I put my fingers on the elastic and pulled it down to reveal a semi hard 6 inch cock. I couldn’t control any longer and put the tip of his cock in my mouth. It tasted awesome as it hardened inside. He pulled out and it had grown to its full length of more than 8 inches. It was a beautiful sight. He asked me to lick his balls and suck on them to earn his cock. I was glad to. I took in his muskyness. I gave special attention to each of his massive balls which was gonna feed me later. Then he sat back on the edge of the couch and put his leg up. “lick my asshole. “And I got down to rim him good. And also licked the patch from his hole to the balls. I could sense he enjoyed it from all his moans. I got him all horned up with my tongue deep inside his hole. He pulled me up by my hair and forced my face onto his cock. After gagging once I was able to take him all in. I deepthroated him for a good while. He was finally about to bust. He shot one thick rope of cum straight down my belly before he pulled up and shot 4 more loads of jazz on my tongue, finally ending with couple on my face. He held me in place and wiped his cock clean on my face. And slumped back on the couch. I thought this was it. Although this was one of the best face fucks I have received. I got up to clean my face. “where the fuck do you think you are going bitch.Am not done with you “I was excited at this and my tiny erection was going crazy. ” sorry anadolu yakası escort sir” and sat back down. He leaned over and *slap “strip bitch”I took off my jeans and t shirt. He saw my tiny cock and smilled and said”no wonder “” turn around and bend over “I did so. He came up behind me and felt up my chubby ass cheeks. *spank spank… Two on each side. “looks like you’re all lubed up and ready to go bitch “” yes sir “*spank spank… ” how dare you assume your worthless ass deserves my cock “” sorry sir “” just for that you deserve few more of these “*spank spank spank spank… This went on till my cheekcheeks were sore. Then he got his belt. ” you ready for more bitch “” yes sir “He spanked me with his belt about ten times on each cheek. I was sure I won’t be able to sit for the next two days. Then I felt his dick against my ass hole. He probed in with the head first. Then few more thrust and he was almost all in. He pulled me by my hair as he began shagging me like a whore. He fucked me for another good twenty minutes. With few grunts he let go of his second load of the day inside my ass. He left his cock inside as I could feel his cum drip down my thigh. He turned me around and again wiped his cock clean on my face. As he let go I slid down on the floor exhausted. He slapped my ass and said “bitch I’m not done with you yet “Wow he wanted more. I was all for it. He got back on the couch and put on the TV. He pointed to the floor between his legs and I crawled over. He asked me to take his soft 6 inch cock in my mouth. So he watched TV with his cock snuggled inside my mouth. Within few minutes I could sense his cock stiffen. I wonderswondered how his wife was able to walk if he went on like this. Of course he didn’t, that’s why he’s here. He pulled me off his cock and led me to the bedroom. He asked me to lie down on my back. He pulled my leg up over his shoulder and fucked me missionary style. Since he had cum twice already he lasted for nearly 40 min. Eventually be came. And filled my ass for the second time. He pulled out and headed to the shower and I was still in bed. “bitch get in here and clean me up “I immediately got to it. Lathered him up with special care to his cock and ass. In the shower he asked me to kneel in front of him. I was hit by a stream of his warm piss. He peed all over my face and chest and belly. Once he was done i towelled him down and he got dressed. I was still nude admiring his cock. As he left the door he said “you make a fine bitch. I’ll be back for more “

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