Donna, This Girl Still Haunts Me


I remember one young girl, and I don’t mean little kid, but at my age any young lady below 30 is a girl to me, well I’m old enough to be her daddy anyway. Donna was her name, beautiful child, just 22 yrs old at the time; this was about 5 yrs ago if I remember rightly. My wife Julie and I had been out for the day to some function or other, I think it was a school fete or some such, memory of mundane things poor, memory of horny things fucking brilliant, well you don’t forget the really good bits of life do you. Come the evening we wound up in a local pub with a few friends from the local community, men and women, some of them very close friends as you see later. In through the front door of the pub walks this young girl Donna all alone, say ahhh, thing is Julie knew the girl from where she worked then. To cut a long story shorter Donna joined our little crew at the bar and started drinking with us.

After a while we all got to know Donna better through Julie and through chatting with her, turns out she’d had a massive row with her husband of just 2 yrs over him and another woman, a friend had spilled the beans to her. The rotten sod was two timing Donna with some older slut it appeared, Donna’s description of the other woman shocked us and made us all quite sick, a very large mature lady of around 15 stone weight, a single mum slut to boot fucking any guy who’d have her. The thing is Donna was and still is fucking drop dead gorgeous, a very pretty little girl, about 5ft-4ins tall and everything in perfect proportion, lovely shapely legs and hips, beautiful rounded arse cheeks, slim waist and lovely firm upright tits, all topped off by a perfect cheeky looking pretty face with a lovely boyish short hairstyle. Donna looked like a very pretty and very cheeky schoolgirl at times when she broke into a smile.

How the fuck this tit of a husband could risk everything for a big old dog of a woman when he had a willing young beauty at home was beyond all of us. Don’t get me wrong I love bigger girls myself, and the bigger and hotter the better, but this particular woman really was a creature, horrible child. Julie Knew the other woman quite well, her house is like a farmyard, filthy and unkempt, she and her children are dirty and not at all wholesome in appearance or smell so Julie informed us. Donna on the other hand smelled and looked so sweet all of us guys there had a permanent hard prick when near to her. Jesus the things we were doing to her in our imaginations, we should have been locked up for fucks sake.

After a while it was obvious Donna was drowning her sorrows, she was getting quite pissed up on the numerous glasses of wine she was pouring down herself, and may I add we were encouraging her to drink. The more she drank the hotter she got; she began to flirt and tease with all the guys quite outrageously. Some of the female company were getting the hump over it some were not. Julie my wife, Megan another lads wife, and Janice my best mates wife, were actually encouraging Donna to get more drunk and winding her up sexually with lewd comments and suggestive dirty talk. Pete, Jan’s husband and me knew the score straight away; the girls were trying to seduce young Donna for us pervy guys and themselves to play with later. They were setting her up to get her revenge on her wayward husband and have some good horny fun in the process. Julie, Meg’s, and Jan also wanted in on the fun bit of it, all three are hot fuckers and are into swinging and the like, we’d all shared each others wives before. Janice is the best fuck you’d ever wish to meet, she’s a total nut case, absolute fully paid up nympho, Pete her husband is also a sex nut and twisted up to fuck sexually, but that’s all another story, probably too hot to publish.

To keep the story readable and cut it shorter, later in the evening we took Donna back to Pete and Jan’s house for a nightcap. To be honest us guys were a bit unsure whether or not to go any further with Donna in the drunken state she was, I mean we’d all got our heads together and decided we’d love to fuck her but we were a bit worried in case she cried rape in the morning when she was sober and thought about it more clearly. The girls didn’t have this concern, well girls know more about each other than we men can tell don’t they guys, and they knew that young Donna wanted, no needed, a good fucking to put her right and ease her anger with her husband, I have to keep referring to him as her husband because I can’t remember the fucking prick’s name, Ron, Reg, something like that what the fuck who cares.

Once in Pete and Jan’s house things moved very quickly, the other girls were hot as fuck for young Donna as well, hot to watch her being fucked and hot to join in, all three, Julie, Jan, and Meg’s like a bit of female company as well you see, a nice hot lesbian romp, specially with a tender young girl like Donna, almost virgin to them Donna having no children at that time. All us guys were flirting and sort of falling over each other to denizli escort get close to Donna, as one got up to get a drink or go to the loo his place next to her on the sofa was soon filled by another guy. The girls were also getting very friendly with her, taking turns to sit the other side of her, comforting her with a gentle fondle of the shoulder or the knee. Donna was responding to all the fuss and attention, allowing the fondling and touching by both men and women without a hint of concern or inclination to stop it.

Pete being the youngest and most handsome bastard of us guys really started the ball rolling with Donna, assisted by his lovely horny depraved wife Jan. The rest of us, Megan, Julie, Sam Meg’s husband, and me did our bit by indicating to Donna that if she wanted a bit of fun it was no holds barred with us pervy lot. We did this by swapping partners so to speak, Donna watched with deep interest through her drunken haze as I gently kissed Megan lovingly on the lips while running my hands up and down her back and fondling her lovely plump arse cheeks, beautiful big girl Megan all chunky and cuddly but not too fat and flabby, strangely flat chested for such a big girl but who gives a fuck with the rest of what she has to offer. Sam meanwhile was gently and sensually caressing one of my wife Julie’s huge tits while kissing and hugging her, it turned me on like fuck I don’t know about Donna, he was slowly running his middle finger in a circular motion around her big erect nipple which was standing proud in her flimsy top, Julie wriggling and moaning. Both women were moaning quietly or breathing loudly to add to the effect, although I suspect such behaviour was quite involuntary rather than deliberate on my darling wife’s part, she loves her tits being played with.

Pete was sitting with Donna stroking her neck gently and running his fingers through her short soft hair in whispered conversation with the girl, while Jan stroked her knee and upper leg allowing her hand to go further up with each stroke, gently running her fingers up and down the young girl’s inner legs, waiting for the signal to either stop or carry on from Donna, hoping of course for the latter. The latter she got, each time Jan ran her fingers up Donna’s leg the young woman opened them a little wider allowing the sensation to go higher and higher with each stroke of Jan’s fingers on her flesh. We others were of course watching very closely the event unfolding on the sofa while trying to pretend we weren’t aware of what was going on at first. Both Sam and I with a bone-on you could prise a door open with, and Julie and Meg’s as hot as fuck. Pete was now so close to Donna, his face touching hers, whispering sweet seduction to her, Jan was now almost at the goal, her fingers right up under Donna’s dress teasing her inner legs just inches from her cunt.

At that point Donna lost control, she grabbed Pete’s head and kissed him passionately, climbing onto him in wild unrestrained lust. That was it, Donna was hooked, things moved at lightning speed thereafter. As Pete and Donna kissed and fondled with passion and abandon, Jan went all the way up with her hands lifting Donna’s dress as she did so. There was an audible gasp from the watching crowd as her most beautiful upper legs and thighs came into full view along with the bright red silky, and very tight fitting panties that were filled to the brim with a lovely looking mound between her legs. What made things worse was the fact that Donna’s knickers were soaking wet already, a huge dark wet patch covering the whole of the mound area and between her legs, she’d been juiced right up with all the sexual arousal. This was plain to see even through her tights, Jan gripped Donna’s tights and knickers together with both hands at the waist band and began to pull them down, Donna lifted her arse to allow the underwear to be removed, she moaned loudly, “Ohh yes, do it”, as she felt her underwear sliding away from her young arse cheeks.

What greeted us then was a sight most beautiful, Donna’s young cunt slit topped by a lovely triangle of fluffy pubic hair, even with her legs still closed as Jan removed the tights and panties from her ankles Donna’s cunt lips were swollen and open with arousal already. Pete got up and lifted Donna further back onto the sofa, she had a look of pure pleasure, love, and submission on her pretty face as he unbuttoned her dress slowly down the front and removed it from her. Julie had left Sam’s side by this time and as Pete carefully folded Donna’s dress and hung it over a chair, (strange how you remember these silly little details, and strange how Pete actually bothered to fold the dress neatly not just chuck it to one side), Julie unhooked Donna’s bra and removed it very gently and sensually, the young girl was naked, and she looked fucking out of this world laying back on that sofa, her legs slightly open with her right leg cocked slightly to one side revealing just antalya escort enough of her arousal swollen cunt lips to cause beads of sweat on my forehead. Donna lay there silently waiting for the first instalment of her revenge session. Folks I kid you not, she was even more perfect naked than she was dressed, built like a model, pure white skin without a blemish, everything in exact proportion.

Pete had his trousers and pants off in seconds it seemed, as Julie gently fondled Donna’s perfect young tits, Jan parted the girls legs gently and Pete knelt on the edge of the sofa in front of her between her wide open legs. Donna moaned out a repeat of her earlier request, “Yes, do it”. Without further delay or request Pete guided his rock hard member to Donna’s now wide open cunt hole and gently worked it all the way in, Donna let out a moan of pleasure, “Ohh yes, all of you, just do it”, then began to moan and grunt quietly as Pete fucked his cock in and out of her beautiful cunt slowly but firmly. Jan began kissing the young girl passionately as her husband fucked his cock into her, Donna responded and their tongues were in each other’s mouths. Megan bless her had lost it, she was sitting in a chair with her skirt right up, legs wide open, knickers to one side, and three fingers up herself, moaning and whispering filth and obscenities the like I’d never heard before from her sweet lips in the general direction of the event on the sofa.

Julie was sitting on the arm of the sofa as close to the scene as she could get with a very dirty little grin on her face studying the whole event closely, encouraging Pete, Donna, and Jan’s love making with a string of filthy instructions of her own. Pete by this time, about 8 or 9 minutes of fucking the young woman non-stop was getting hotter by the second, he was really pumping his cock in and out of her young cunt hole quite fast and hard. Donna was grunting loudly and crying out with pleasure, encouraging Pete to fuck her harder, fuck her all night, do anything he wanted to her she was very hot indeed. After about another 5 or 6 minutes Pete could control himself no longer, he fired his load inside Donna with a loud yell of pleasure and several big shunts to empty the contents of his bollocks into her. Donna squirmed and wriggled about as she felt the hot cream filling her young cunt.

Sam went next, I of course as is my pleasure, had volunteered to go last as usual, I do love a wet well fucked cunt to insert my throbbing organ into, it’s the noises the squelches and slurping sounds as you fuck a cream filled cunt that get to me, the lovely loose feeling as well helps do it for me. No sooner was Pete up and away from her, Sam was between Donna’s legs for his turn, he grabbed his shaft at the base and aimed it into the lovely wet hole, as his helmet vanished inside a blob or two of Pete’s spunk was squeezed out around Sam’s slowly entering tool, Donna’s inner thighs and arse cheeks were glistening wet with her love juices which were dribbling out of her as Sam’s cock fucked in and out of her cunt hole. Sam’s turn with Donna was like a re-run of Pete’s, gentle start building up to a frenzy of lust at the end, Sam didn’t last as long as Pete, about 5 minutes less. Megan bless her was still finger fucking herself and had her little tits out as well by this time as she watched her husband fuck the young woman. Julie and Jan had traded places, Julie was kissing and loving Donna while Jan studied the event. As Sam shot his load into Donna with a loud yell Megan flung herself back into the chair and screamed out as she brought herself to a massive orgasm which seemed to last ages as she twitched about moaning.

My turn came at last, my cock was aching it had been hard so long, well it had been up and down like a yo-yo actually, strange how your dick does this when witnessing such an event, one minute it’s rock hard with lust, the next half hard with love for the girl, or seeming to take a rest break. The others could have warned me some way, I’d been studying the event watching the other two cocks fuck Donna, but hadn’t really studied close enough. As I gently slipped my cock up her cunt hole expecting a nice tight young girl even after two loads had been fired into her I got a shock, I nearly fell in she was so deep. I don’t wish to boast, it’s not an issue that worries or concerns me, but I did have the biggest organ of the three men there that night, thicker and a bit longer, not by much where Pete’s concerned though. Young Donna had the biggest and deepest cunt hole I’d ever known for a girl her age who had yet to give birth to a child, it felt fucking massive, my cock slid right in up to the makers name with no effort at all. It was fucking epic, mind blowing so fucking this beautiful slim young woman without a care in the world, normally I would be feeling the depth and taking care not to plunge too deeply into a girl this age and frame size. But young Donna could take everything izmir escort I gave her and still cry out for more. I don’t have a clue how long I lasted inside her, another of my quirks I time everyone else to the minute virtually, but my own stint, well I don’t know felt like about 10 minutes could have been less, could have been more.

After we men had finished our first session with Donna the girls had their fun with her taking turns to finger fuck her, kiss her, fondle her, love her, Donna was responding kissing them in turn, sucking their tits as they huddled around her naked body. Jan stood in front of her at one point and young Donna buried her head between Jan’s legs licking and kissing her big wet cunt hole. Julie had Donna spread out on the floor and was licking the men’s cream out of the young girls cunt like a thirsty cat with a bowl of milk. Eventually Pete and Jan took Donna to bed with them at about 1.00am, Julie had phoned her parents and cleared it with them to look after our kids for the whole night, they’d been baby sitting for us. Sam and my wife Julie spent the night together in the spare room, Sam’s wife Megan and I stayed downstairs and fucked and slept together on a sofa bed, a lovely experience for both couples, first time we’d actually swapped partners and been apart for a whole night, we’d swapped many times before but only for an hour or so.

Megan was fucking fantastic, beautiful big girl, loves it up both holes, well all three if you count the one with teeth in, Sam’s favourite kink that, watching his lovely wife take mouthful’s and face painting with other guy’s spunk. I actually developed a very strong bond with Megan that night, before then I’d looked on her as just a dirty fuck for our swinging sessions, after we were firm friends, lovers even, the same went with Sam and Julie I think which was nice, none of us had or have any inclination to pull out on our wives for the other, but Sam and I now know we have the all clear to fuck each others wife when we want really, even if the other guy isn’t about at the time, no secrets of course we always tell afterwards. Julie and I had been that way with Pete and Jan for years, all lovers together.

What Pete and Jan did with Donna in bed that night I’ll never know for sure, but I can guess, they will both have made very sensual love to her for a very long session or two, both of them being total sex nuts and totally depraved they often go all night on and off in this sort of situation.

In the morning, well about 9.00am I think, Pete and Jan came downstairs and announced that Donna wanted to see both of us other guys in the bedroom. We obliged without hesitation and Sam and I had a beautiful threesome with Donna for almost an hour, playing with her, fucking her, she really was out of this world. So much to offer for one so young, lovely surprise again, Donna loves anal as well, we both took turns in both of her well-loosened holes. Such fun, fucking her until nearly ready to cum then pulling out for the other guy to take a turn in her and so on until Sam and I could take no more and both finished inside her one after the other.

We had a lovely intimate chat with her as well, she told us how she came to be so sexually experienced, so big in the cunt department, and the arse hole, explaining why she could handle so much fucking without a problem. It appears her dad and her uncle, his brother, were fucking her regularly from when she was a very young teen until she left home at 18 to live with the guy she eventually married. We sympathised at first, she told us no need, she loved every perverted bit of it, they didn’t rape her, she wanted it, she admitted to fucking her uncle a few times between leaving home and getting married. Donna was adamant though that this was the first and only time she’d been unfaithful since she married.

As we were leaving the bedroom Donna gave us instructions to send Julie and Megan up to play with her if they wanted to, of course they wanted to, Julie and Meg’s vanished upstairs in a flash when I said, “Donna wants to fuck you two girls again now”. All three came down about three quarters of an hour later, all looking very flushed and happy. Donna sat and chatted for a while with all of us together, she admitted that she’d loved every dirty second of her wild night and morning, and said she’d not felt so sexually satisfied in years, she also said she felt a bit sore down below another thing she’d not been used to for a long while. Donna’s revenge was complete, she’d got drunk, got fucked big time, and by God did she enjoy it.

At about mid-day Donna left us to go home, the rest of us stayed on for an hour and talked about our lovely wild night and morning with her. That was the one and only time any of us had sexual relationships with Donna, we met her again socially and Julie and I were good friends with her for quite a while until she left Julie’s work place and moved further away. But Donna never volunteered for a re-run or even one-on-one session and we didn’t press her to, her choice. She did tell Julie all about the outcome of her night with us, her husband was frantic with worry when she got home, he was on the verge of calling the police to report her missing, he thought she may have harmed herself with the grief of finding out about his affair.

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